Pros And Cons of Being Famous


Staff Writer

Too often celebrities are lavished with an easy-going lifestyle and obtaining anything they desire.However, celebrities are constantly being watched and almost never have a peaceful moment to themselves. Is being famous really worth it?

You are adored by many fans worldwide and many want the chance just to see you in person. Clubs give you exclusive access to VIP sections and will even sometimes pay you just to be there, so they can receive more business and more people. You get to attend red carpet events such as the Emmy’s, Teen Choice, Oscars, premieres, etc. Since you are famous you have connections, you obtain many opportunities to date or even marry another celebrity. When you’re famous, you receive offers to appear on magazines or new job offers. Most celebrities can afford expensive luxury items such as mansions, planes, cars, clothes, plastic surgeries, etc.

You never receive any privacy because everyone wants to sneak into your exclusive life, paparazzi especially .Their sole purpose is to take pictures of everything you do, even if it means breaking the law. Bodyguards are absolutely a must because some overly obsessed person could try to kidnap you and hold you for ransom, or even worse, kill you. Sometimes paparazzi gather in huge hordes to discover what you are doing and if your story can be a hit. If they make one small error, their entire career can crumble within a blink of an eye. Chris Brown was said to be the next Michael Jackson for his unique voice. In 2008, he physically punched his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and this incident went viral. This incident damaged his name and he lost quite a bit of fans, however, he was able to save his status as a rapper in the industry.You are expected to follow society’s “standards” and to be this perfect icon from everyone, whether it’s a bad or a good role model. Directors and record labels would want you to look a certain way by being more Asian, Mexican, American, skinnier, prettier, fatter, or to change your voice. Everyone wants to get close to you and would want to be your friend so they’ll be noticed hanging around you.

There are always pros and cons about any job, it just depends on the person whether or not this is something they want to pursue.

4 thoughts on “Pros And Cons of Being Famous

  1. Very good topic! I would like to say that a number of people have actually gained their fame through acts of rebellion. Following the saying “Any press is good Press”

  2. It’s very interesting to see how some of these celebrities live. They have almost no limits to what they are allowed to do or what they think they are allowed to do. It drowns their judgement and doesn’t allow them make very awesome choices. Good article Reina!!

  3. I think you brought up some good points. I think so many people look at the celebrity life in such a one-sided manner. They really don’t have any clue how complicated it can be. Regardless of the ”They have so much money.Why is this stuff so upsetting for them?” reasoning people use to try and justify their actions or downplay the celebrities’ problems. Or maybe they are aware of it now with the rise of the internet. No one can do anything online without it potentially being a big trend. After all, you rarely hear people say that they wish to be famous anymore.

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