“Is Bill Cipher The BEST Disney Villain?”




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Disney has always been known for their characters as well as their villains. In fact, most of the villains are even as popular as the heroes in the films! Although Bill Cipher from “Gravity Falls” isn’t technically ranked among the other Disney villains, I believe that Bill Cipher might be the BEST villain Disney has ever created.

Bill Cipher was created by Disney’s Television Animation company, compared to the “illuminati” symbol on the one-dollar bill. He is said to be an evil dream demon in the show “Gravity Falls” wanting to cause chaos and confusion to the entire universe. According to many people in the show including character Ford Pines, Bill would do anything to get into the other dimension and spread his “weirdness”. Ford working with Bill in previous years proved Bill Cipher to be manipulative and cunning. But there’s far more to this villain than meets the eye.

In the article Monstrous Nihilism: An Analysis of Bill Cipher and His Effects on the Characters of Gravity Falls, author Natali Cavanagh stated, “Bill represents the impossibility– and danger– of the idea of the absolute.” This is very different than other commonly-known Disney Villains, for example, the antagonist Maleficent from the movie Sleeping Beauty is special because she was different from the other female characters in Disney’s older movies. Famous actress Angelina Jolie (the actress who starred in the 2014 adaptation Maleficent) says, ““When I was little, [seeing Maleficent] was like when you look at Marlene Dietrich for the first time. She was so elegant and so strong and seemed to be having a great time. She always seemed … like she had a secret like something else was going on and you couldn’t get close enough to her to know what that was, and so she remained a mystery.”

This description of a famous Disney villain is very different from Bill Cipher. Bill Cipher is not someone who does evil for revenge (sometimes he does get mad at people and terrify them with his madness, but that is not his main goal). Because Bill’s goal is to annihilate the entire dimension, his reasons are “he destroyed his own dimension”. Well, why? Because he is a character of impossibilities; he denies the roles of reality and breaks through that chain, unlike any other villain that we know of created by Disney. He doesn’t care what happens to anyone, even if people are suffering or die upon his grasp. Bill’s favorite tactic is madness, spreading his illusions of perception beyond all logic, but to him, it’s just a game. Just a fun little world domination for the sake of boredom.

Although there are similar villains who fit some of the roles listed here, such as the Queen Of Heart (Alice In Wonderland), Chernabog (Mickey’s House Of Villains), Kaa (The Jungle Book), Oogie Boogie (Nightmare Before Christmas) and several others, NONE of them match up to the true villainy of Bill Cipher.




Angelina Jolie

Honor Code




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Honor codes are implemented in schools to prevent plagiarism and cheating on campus, but some question whether these honor codes are really working. Most students are unaware that their school may even have an honor code in place, much less follow the rules. This lack of acknowledgment is an easy thing to blame the effectiveness on, however, it’s further than that.


A student would much rather copy work than actually have to do the work themselves, the reason a student cheats is that of the risk/reward chance. Chances are they won’t get caught, but if it’s likely they are to be, they won’t. Honor codes do not work in my opinion, unless the code is student enforced. The chances of being caught become much greater when it’s the other students reporting the cheating happening on campus.

The Highest Scoring College Football Game, Ever



by Justin Vink

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146 points later, and this became the craziest college football game in recent history. 7 overtimes, 10 overtime touchdowns, a failed 2-point conversion by LSU in overtime number 7, and a game-winning touchdown and 2-point conversion by Texas A&M the drive after. Because of the overtime rule that you have to go for a two-point conversion after the third overtime, so that games don’t go on forever, LSU scored but missed the 2-point conversion on the first drive of the 7th overtime, giving A&M an opportunity to score and clinch the win with a pass from Kellen Mond to Kendrick Rogers for the game-winning two-point conversion. Earlier in the game, real late in the fourth quarter, on 4th and 18, the Aggies of Texas A&M seemingly were short of the first down, but the refs called it a first down, angering a lot of the LSU Tigers fans at home. It was later known that the TV crew had accidentally made the infamous yellow first down line two yards ahead of where it was supposed to be, and that is why it seemed the refs blatantly missed the call. Then, a few plays later, on the definite last play of the game, Aggies quarterback Kellen Mond converted another great play, hitting receiver Quartney Davis for a 19-yard touchdown, sending this game into overtime. From that point on, the teams traded scores, seemingly copying each other. Twice the first team to go out, one time LSU and the other time A&M, kicked a field goal, having to sit on their sidelines and hope the second team didn’t score. Both times, the other team kicked a field goal to match the score. Then, 4 other times, both teams either scored and converted the PAT, or a two-point conversion, or scored and missed a two-point conversion. Then finally, the game ended in the 7th overtime when LSU scored and missed the two-point conversion, and A&M later both scored and hit the two-point conversion. This game was extraordinary, never has a modern football game looked like this before. Usually, if a team has scored 70 points, it’s because they’ve blown out the other team. Only five days earlier, on national television in Los Angeles, California, the NFL had a game of its own like this, where the LA Rams beat the Kansas City Chiefs 54-51, an almost unheard of score, one that almost broke its own record as the highest scoring NFL game ever, being the only game ever in the NFL where the losing team had over 50 points. It seems that defense is dying in modern football, and passing offenses and scoring quickly is becoming a new phenomenon. Can the defense make a comeback, or will it be lost forever?


Saints Versus Cowboys


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The Cowboys have won three straight games. The Saints have won 10 straight. One has to end on Thursday. My money is that the Cowboy’s streak will come to an abrupt end. The Saints haven’t lost a game since week one, a 40-48 shootout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints last four games have catapulted themselves into legitimate Super Bowl contention: a 45-35 win against the previously unbeaten Los Angeles Rams. A 51-14 road win against a 5-3 Cincinnati Bengals squad. A 48-7 win against the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles team. Then on Thanksgiving night a 31-17 divisional win against the streaky Atlanta Falcons, a game where they turned Atlanta over 4 times and Drew Brees only had to throw the ball 22 times for 15 completions and 4 touchdowns. The Cowboys come off an impressive win against the reeling Redskins on Thanksgiving, 31-22. Newly acquired receiver Amari Cooper had 8 receptions for 170 yards and two touchdowns. Keeping it real, they aren’t very many ways the Cowboys can win this game. The Saints also boast the #1 ranked rush defense in the NFL, only allowing 72.3 rush yards a game. The Saints also have one of, if not the best offenses in the NFL. The only way the Cowboys can win this game is if the Defense gets to Drew Brees, which could happen because the Cowboys have a vaunted defensive line led by DeMarcus Lawrence; who has 8.5 sacks on the season. Dak Prescott also has to play perfectly. No interceptions. No fumbles. No third down mistakes. He has to play the game of his life to compete with number nine across the way.

The Effects of Microwave Cooking




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Since the arrival of microwaves, they have become an invaluable tool and a common kitchen staple in nearly every home in the United States at a modern date. They are indeed conveniently quick and easy, especially as it merely requires a meager amount of time and energy to prepare meals, utilizing the appliance is a strategic method of effectively managing one’s schedule. Although they are popular in this rationale, some are—however—cautious of microwave cooking, claiming that it produces toxic radiation; when plastic containers are heated it releases toxic chemicals and potentially raises the risk of cancer, or zapping will render the food to lose its nutritional value and ruin its quality. Regardless of those beliefs, they remain unproven myths. While the heating devices do in fact use radiation, it is not the kind that is seriously damaging to one’s health. To do so, people will have to be exposed to microwaves for a lengthy amount of time in a controlled space, which is an unlikely case for a regular individual. Additionally, plastic containers are still the subject of debate on whether they actually deem harmful; whatever the case may be, it can be easily corrected by using specifically microwave-safe labeled food containers. As for the conception that microwaves destroy minerals and vitamins, most cooking methods (with the exception of steaming) that involve heat always reduce some nutritional quantity anyway, because when the water in the food is evaporated, it takes along the nutrients with it. Thus, the optimal technique to prepare food while retaining its nutrient content is through a short cooking duration and using liquids as minimal as possible. In comparison to frying, boiling, and other cooking procedures, microwaving is actually more advantageous in preserving essential nutrients as it meets more of those standards if done precisely. Hence, cast the fears and concerns over microwaves, as there is no legitimate reason to be wary of using them.


Spongebob Creator Dies

By: Noel Brito

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Creator of Spongebob, Stephen Hillenburg died yesterday afternoon, November 27th, after suffering from Spongebobhis ALS condition. People all over the world grieved because they grew up watching Spongebob. Stephen had created Spongebob with a sense of humor for the kids at home. Nickelodeon, the network for children had shared the news while everyone who had helped to produce Spongebob had grieved together over the loss of their creator. The cast, people who had starred in the show, and producers had continued to make the process of showing Spongebob on tv.

Biggest NBA Disappointments


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This NBA Season has been filled with plenty of surprises through the first quarter. The Milwaukee Bucks are finally living up to their sky-high expectations with cornerstone Giannis Antetokounmpo as they now own the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference standings. The Denver Nuggets also are the #1 seed in the west right now. This year has also seen teams that were supposed to be Championship contenders, simply not living up to the hype.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves (13-12)


The Timberwolves were supposed to take the jump this year to NBA contender. They finished with the eight seed last year in the playoffs, but that was mostly blamed on injury. This year, the issues started with Jimmy Butler demanding a trade in September. He was unhappy and it was evident on the court. All the problems were on his shoulders, so when they traded him in November they should have improved. They didn’t.


  1. Washington Wizards(11-14)


The Wizards were supposed to be one the top teams vying for Eastern Conference supremacy with LeBron going out west. They started the year very poorly, losing 7 of their first 10. There were talks of trading John Wall and Bradley Beal, and firing coach Scott Brooks. To their credit, since then they have turned around and time will tell if the slow start will matter come April.


1.Houston Rockets(11-13)


The Rockets were supposed to be able to beat the Warriors this year. They came devilishly close last year, losing by 7 to Golden State in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals last season. Instead, the Rockets have regressed to a .500 team. They added Carmelo Anthony in the Off-Season…..and then benched him after 10 of those games. They lost Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah-Moute in the off-season, their best wing defenders. The main problems have been health and depth. They need to turn it around if they want to make a serious run this year.




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“Honey, you’re too good for him.”

It’s a lot easier to listen your voice saying advice,

When you don’t have to take it.

I took you at face value,

And you know I’m nothing

Without you.

Dreams don’t seem as good when you’re falling apart in them.

Let’s piss them off for fun.

Brandish their little girl with a gun.

Look what you’ve done.

Their little princess shot out the sun.

Shards of starlight,

Pierce through my blush.

Catch your Z’s in my eyes,

Feel the molten rush.

Lead rain,

Digging into my knees.

Praying for someone to

Replace me.

Dice fall where they may,

Does it really matter when you’re just faking your


Sunshine slices my skin,

Slashing its way from my heart.

Waking me up every inch it travels,

Cutting my ocean apart.

“So that’s what it likes.”

“Waking up.”

“I’m not going to stay like this, you know.”

“Eventually, I have to fall apart again.”

“Just kiss me goodnight. I promise I still feel it.”

“Please don’t go.”

She’s gone.


“Why is ‘Land Of The Lustrous’ such a good anime?”




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Anime has become more common of a category for people’s entertainment around the world, with new series and ideas coming up out of nowhere to produce these enchanting stories. But the new anime that came around December 2017 of last year is by far one of the most interesting and creative ones I’ve ever seen, and more people should know about it too.

For starters, “Land Of The Lustrous” (also known as ‘Houseki no Kuni’) is a CG anime based on its previous manga by Haruko Ichikawa. It was produced by Japanese animation studio Orange and was written by Toshiya Ono and directed by Takahiko Kyōgoku.

“Land Of The Lustrous” takes place far in the future, where three forms of human life roam the earth: the Lustrous (immortal beings embodied by gemstones), the Lunarians (moon people who seek to harvest the Lustrous for jewelry), and the Admirabilis (beautiful creatures who live in the sea). One such Lustrous named Phosphophyllite (nicknamed Phos) is looking to what to do in her life besides doing nothing, while the other Lustrous fight the Lunarians in intense battles because of how strong their gemstones are. Kongō-sensei, the teacher of all the Lustrous, gives Phos a job of assembling a history of their kind. Bored, Phos looks for help on what to put in the book. But when Phos meets the Nightwatch Cinnabar, Phos sees their story as sad, for Cinnabar is an outcast and lives in isolation because they’re a danger (the Lustrous don’t have genders, instead they are referred to ‘they’). On a course of interesting adventures and fun laughs, Phos tries to help Cinnabar find a new job.

Positive critic reviews were upon “Land Of The Lustrous”’s release, saying that it is one of the most “inventful” and “fresh animes” to come in years. The characters are unique and are relatable in a way that is entertaining. It was a turning point for future CG anime and is one of the best visual works in TV anime.

So, why does this make this so good? It’s mainly because of its originality. The scenery of the whole place is truly an enchanting sight and the characters are well-developed in a number of ways, especially Phos. Phos was voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa (English-voice by Sarah Wiedenheft) who helped create her character into the person that would eventually become Phosphophyllite. I see her as the most relatable character in the show, being so young and fragile, yet is bored all the time and can’t seem to do many things right because of how weak they are. Of course, there are a ton of interesting characters to watch and learn from, Phos has always been the most interesting out of all of the Lustrous characters.

Overall, the story is intriguing and the animation is way beyond what many people would think about when watching anime. It is very detailed, and the beauty of it all brings “Land Of The Lustrous” to the many reasons why it is such an incredible anime to enjoy.

Twisting veins



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With the pain flowing, the burning raging

The green liquid drips down.

The teeth slide back in and now nobody can tell.

Gone is the monster, gone is the trouble, gone is life.

Known to have hair of snakes and eyes of stone,

All is wrong. They flee in fear

People and monsters

Pain for the blade slicing through,

The golden liquid pooling at my feet.

How can I die?

I am immortal, the immortal monster hunter.

I am