Ronaldo vs Messi: Who’s Better?


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Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi came into the world of soccer, people knew they would be stars. They have worked very hard and have earned their spots as the best in the world, but the question remains, who is better? Ronaldo, the 31-year-old Portuguese star, and Messi, the 29-year-old hailing from Argentina, have been associated with this question since the start of their careers. It is difficult to decide who is the better player, as they both have their specialties and weaknesses. The only way to determine  who is better is to analyze them both and come to a conclusion.


To start off, we will analyze their physical attributes. Ronaldo, who stands at 6’1,  is known for his work force and fitness level. He uses his head at a very dangerous level. He is a deadeye when the ball is in the air and in front of the net. With his height, he has a tremendous amount of pace and makes deadly cuts. He takes off so fast; he can often leave defenders unaware of him in the dust. He also has a rocket for a leg! When he shoots, it is fast and hard, and will be in the back of the net before the goalie realizes that he kicked it. Messi, on the other hand, stands at about 5’7, and is not as dominant with his head as Ronaldo. Messi makes up for his height with having blazing acceleration and footwork, as he is one of the fastest players in the world. His height makes him a nightmare because he can move into small spaces and and take shots most players cannot even dream of.


On to their scoring talents, Ronaldo is deadly accurate and considered the best finisher in the game. He is a pinpoint shooter and places the ball exactly where he wants it. He has slowed down a bit, but, in his best days, he could dribble his way through all 11 players and make the keeper look silly. He has the ball on a string when he dribbles, still passing the defenders with ease. Messi is the better dribbler, as he can weave his way through traffic and take a shot off and score with ease. He hardly ever loses control of the ball, which is exactly what you want in an attacker. His quick footwork paired with his creativity off the ball makes him a deadly source for play-creation. 


On to passing: Messi takes the cake, plain and simple. It is seen in his career assist total, just watch Messi play one game. Ronaldo is not known for his passing, but he is definitely not bad at it. Messi can find his teammates and make the hardest of passes look easy, and his teammates make him look even better by being some of the best goal scorers in the league. At Real Madrid, Ronaldo holds down that attack, and is easily the best goal scorer on his team.


They both have a great passion for the game of soccer, but when Ronaldo plays internationally, one can see that he loves what he is doing. He gets fired up and often very emotional on the pitch, emphasizing his passion for what he is doing. Messi had a hiccup in his career where he got tired of  Argentina losing and retired from international play for awhile. While this doesn’t have an affect on who is better, passion does help a player.


So, the undying argument between fans of each player remains: who is better? Personally, I believe Ronaldo is the better player. I also am full bred Portuguese and have been a fan of him since I started watching soccer. If you interviewed every soccer fan in the world, most would say Messi is the better player. They are both the two best players in the world, but there will never be an official decision who’s better.

The Phantom of the Opera


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The Phantom of the Opera, based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, is an amazing musical.  I have had the opportunity to see this terrific play. It is a beautiful, romantic play, with a twist of thriller. The opera’s opening music, by Andrew Lloyd Webber, immediately gives the audience chills with its eerie, yet beautiful tones.


The Phantom of the Opera plays worldwide; many authors and producers have created remakes of Leroux’s work. This is definitely an American all-time favorite musical since it started showing in 1986. Not long after its first appearance, this play made it to Broadway in 1988, where it continued to grow and be performed in many other countries.


Many members of the audience enjoy the musical, and claim that the chandelier drop is their favorite scene of the play. This musical has a wonderful storyline with great music to get and keep people interested. Webber’s music ties the three hour play together, creating an environment where it is almost impossible to become uninterested. The musical almost always receives a standing ovation, because this is an exquisite, must-see musical.

Trump Voter Fraud


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Donald J. Trump seems to be citing unsubstantiated urban myths and contested academic study to paint a false narrative about rampant voter fraud. Trump called on supporters to turn out in droves on Election Day to monitor polling places, telling them they need to be vigilant against widespread voter fraud and a rigged outcome.


“Voter fraud is all too common, and then they criticize us for saying that,” he said at a rally Tuesday in Colorado Springs. “But take a look at Philadelphia, what’s been going on, take a look at Chicago, take a look at St. Louis. Take a look at some of these cities, where you see things happening that are horrendous.” Trump’s language has stirred increasing fears of intimidation of minorities inside polling places.


Trump claimed “people that have died ten years ago are still voting,” citing a report that found 1.8 million deceased people remain on voter registration rolls. But the report did not find evidence of wrongdoing, and numerous studies have found such voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.


For weeks, Trump has been warning about rigged elections. He urged his supporters in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 10 to monitor polls and “watch other communities, because we don’t want this election stolen from us.”


In a speech in Wisconsin on Oct. 17, Trump provided some details and purported evidence to back up his claims about the prevalence of voter fraud, particularly by non-citizens and people casting ballots on behalf of deceased voters. But his evidence is lacking in authenticity.

Living as a Muslim-American in Contemporary Time


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After the horror of 9/11, Muslims had succumbed to the worst possible stereotype; it altered the view of Americans towards Muslims. People begin to deem them as murderers, more specifically anyone that is Muslim is a killer rather than the real perpetrator. Minneapolis, Northern Virginia, and Staten Island are areas that are concentrated with Muslims. From an interview, Muslim-Americans had expressed that after 9/11 it is harder to be a Muslim living in America. A young girl, Hamse Warfa experienced harassment due to her religion. There was no specific ring leaders, except the man that brought the controversy to light, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was known to have an opposition towards immigration and enforces the stereotypes. He suggested that racial profiling is an effective strategy to prevent terrorism, and he went as far as attempting to ban all Muslims from the U.S. In other words, Trump has aided the nation to normalize hostility and suspicion of Muslim-Americans rather than fighting against it. Irrational Americans seem to want to target the majority, rather than the individual that had really committed the crime. Basically, Trump is enforcing racial segregation, something that America had been fighting against for many decades to maintain equality among all U.S. citizens.

Make America 1919 Again?

by Jessica Yu

Staff Writer

Three days after Trump’s 2005 comments about sexually assaulting women became public, Nate Silver, an American statistician and writer, posted a picture of what the map would look like if only women were to vote on November 8th; if this were the case, Hillary Clinton would win the presidency by a landslide. Conversely, Silver makes clear, if only men were to vote, Donald Trump would take the cake.


Almost immediately after Silver tweeted the pictures, “#repealthe19th,” as in the amendment that granted American women the right to vote, began trending on Twitter.


Although many Trump supporters, like user Michael Maier who tweeted, “Give out nice enough handbags and most broads would gladly trade their voting rights for one. #repealthe19th,” utilized the hashtag to discriminate against women, the vast majority of tweets were from users disgusted by the sexist hashtag; pro-choice group NARAL tweeted, “First they want to take us back to the 1950s… now they want to take us back to the 1850s?!”


Given the things Trump has claimed about women, it is no surprise that the female demographic is not in his favor; however, because the 19th Amendment is not going anywhere, he still has a chance of winning the election… Stay tuned, America.

Heroin Epidemic: An American Wakeup Call


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Is today’s choices ruining the next generation’s future? A heroin epidemic has barged its way into the American system and so far its demands are through the roof. Skyrocketing by over 60%, the epidemic is moving fast, and so far it’s stopping nowhere soon.

In Cincinnati alone, one hundred and seventy six deaths were counted in the matter of only six days because of heroin overdoses. Yet, it is not just the heroin itself that is causing these deaths. Heroin is an opioid drug, the opioid in the heroin is what causes people to be relieved of pain. Even though the drug might make you feel good, opioids can be fatal. Opioids are the leading cause of deaths in heroin overdoses. They look and smell similar; however, they have a completely different effect.

Not only are adults affected by the drugs, but babies are also greatly affected by this deadly drug. At Cabell Huntington Hospital in the therapeutic unit, nurses are taking care of babies vomiting, seizing, and crying for hours on end; born addicted. It might take hours, days, weeks, or even months for the addictions to pass.

This epidemics death toll is constantly on a rise. Babies, teens, and adults are being affected by the deadly drug and sadly, heroin is taking the lives of innocent bystanders. Heroin is the ugly truth of a hard, cold drug, and not many people know how powerful it is. Awareness is key: post your pictures of the shocking effects of heroin, because just maybe, it can help prevent another person from making a wrong decision.

More Clinton E-mails Leaked!


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The 21,501 emails released as of Tuesday morning contained candid conversations about policy, personnel, and the contentious primary race between Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Clinton concerns, and even Obama’s “line in the sand”. All emails were hacked from the inbox of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair. According to the hacked emails released by WikiLeaks, the former first daughter discovered, and shared her concerns involving conflict-of-interest, suspected cyber spying, and other issues.


The Hillary Clinton email issue has been a concern since she started the campaign, and has only gotten worse as more and more emails are being hacked, and released.  Ed Henry spoke on “America’s Newsroom” about the most recent WikiLeaks release of the Hillary Clinton campaign emails.


Henry said that the eleventh leak of John Podesta’s emails, which came out on Tuesday morning, “contains interesting details on the campaign’s narrative on the Benghazi terror attack and strategy for showing support for Israel. There was an email exchange among John Podesta , and other aides, where Hillary Clinton was being coached on, in their words, ‘how to stir up some moral outrage against Republicans at this Benghazi hearing several months ago,” Henry reported.


The emails also show Clinton aides debating early in her campaign how strongly she should voice her support for Israel. The emails also showed that  Clinton  had public and private positions on Wall Street, on whether she was speaking at campaign rallies or giving closed-door, paid speeches to financial firms like Goldman Sachs.


There are skeptics that do not believe Russia had anything to do with the leak of WikiLeaks. The blame was immediately put on Moscow after the first dump of emails, back when Clinton was running against Sanders, which showed the DNC in cahoots with the Clinton campaign, tipping the scales against Bernie Sanders. This news shocked Bernie Sander’s supporters, who were only grudgingly accepting Hillary’s campaign and having the former first lady over the top.


When the intelligence aides in the Clinton camp hinted the leaks came from Russia, it turned the spotlight to Donald Trump’s “Too close for comfort” ties to Putin. They suggested, and still as of now, that Trump and Putin were working hand-in-hand to undermine the U.S. democracy. Trump denies this, and Clinton’s emails continue to be leaked.

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire


Staff Writer

When Dan and Phil announced that they were going on tour, their fans were elated. They were so excited that most of their tickets sold out. That being said, obviously not all of their fans were able to go. Dan and Phil, however, thought ahead for their fans.


They had created the “The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire Tour” movie. It’s arrival was announced on September 21st of this year on Dan’s channel, it is not actually being released until October 5th. The movie was released on YouTube and can only be watched through YouTube Red. If you have YouTube Red, all you have to do is go to Dan’s channel, danisnotonfire, and the movie will be there. If not, all you have to do is subscribe to YouTube Red for $9.99 per month.


This movie follows Dan and Phil on their tour, taking you to all of the places they toured and their experiences there. This movie also takes you behind the scene of the tour and shows you bloopers, how they spent their time on the tour bus, and their struggles. It shows what Dan and Phil thought about the tour, and the fans they met along the way.


This movie provides their fans a chance to relive the memories and highlights of the tour. It also shows the people who were not able to go what the tour was like. This way, those fans are not missing out on Dan and Phil’s very first tour.


Dan claims that “It was the biggest adventure of our whole lives.” In their “A chat with Dan and Phil about their documentary!” video. They put a lot of effort into the film and they had very little privacy due to the constant filming. “It was violating,” Dan jokes, “but we did it for you.” And that should be a big enough reason to watch it.

LA Shooting


Staff Writer

Two men were arrested early Sunday morning for the murder of three people and the attempted murder of twelve people. The first gunfire happened in a house that includes a Jamaican restaurant at about 12:30 a.m., which is located a few blocks south of the Santa Monica freeway near the Crenshaw neighborhood.


Police tracked down Mowayne McKay (33 years old), and Diego Reid (25 years old). They were found at the hospital where they had sought treatment from gunshot wounds. The eye witness accounted other evidence such as videos which led the police closer to to the suspect’s McKay and Reid, who were charged with three murders and twelve attempted murders.


At about 12:30 a.m. the first shot was heard, some people around the crime scene thought that it was a drug deal gone wrong. The injury to those twelve people were not meant to happen; those 12 people were celebrating a birthday party at the Jamaican restaurant. Three of those who were  injured were put in critical condition. On Sunday the police were still trying to obtain the most evidence they could in order to solve the crime.


The officials are not able to identify any of the dead at this point, saying the victims’ families had not yet been notified. The owner of the restaurant said that they are only open on Saturdays, but he decided to let some people have a birthday party there on Friday night.


Saturday’s shooting occurred in a year of rising crime in Los Angeles. According to The Times’ Crime L.A. database, the West Adams district has seen 109 violent crimes over the last six months, but no homicides until now.


In mayor Eric Garcetti’s statement, he said the Los Angeles shooting was “the latest example of a senseless gun violence epidemic that causes so much pain and sorrow in our city and across the nation. Our thoughts are with the families mourning or praying at bedsides today,” Garcetti said. “We must take action against easy access to firearms and the thoughtless, indiscriminate, murderous use of them.” Most people are now going to try to keep their loved ones safe because they do not want them to end up like those poor people who got murdered just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

CIA Cyber Attack Russia

By Adam Escobedo

Staff writer


The United States is planning a cyber attack on Russia for alleged Russian interference in the presidential election. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been asked to give the White House option of cyber operations to harass and embarrass the Kremlin leadership. The CIA has gathered documents that can expose unsavory tactics by Vladimir Putin.


NBC News reports that retired Admira,l James Stavridis, said, “It’s well known that there’s great deal of offshore money moved outside of Russia from oligarchs,” he said. “It would be very embarrassing if that was revealed, and that would be a proportional response to what we’ve seen”. This is what the US might use against Russia.


When asked about the situation, Vice President Joe Biden told “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd that, “We’re sending a message to Putin and that it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.”


The operation is being prepared by CIA’s Center of Cyber Intelligence, documents indicate. According to officials, the team is composed of hundreds of staff members, and they have the budget in the hundreds of millions.


Two former CIA officers who work in Russia told NBC News, “We’ve had enough of the Russians, there is a lot we can do. Step one is to remind them that two can play at this game and we have a lot of stuff. Step two, if you are looking to mess with their networks, we can do that, but then the issue becomes, they can do worse things to us in other places.” It is risky for the U.S. to perform a cyber attack against Russia. In the end President Obama will have the saying whether he will authorize the CIA operation.