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There is a constant Popular Apps and Games... Shelby Jehlechange in preference of apps from day to day. One day it is all about Angry Birds and Temple Run… I know a blast from the past! Think back to when those silly little games were all the rage and people played games like Fruit Ninja until their eyes bled.

Now as much as I’d like to say Trivia Crack and Fat Booth are the main games now, but that is not true. We have within about a month and a half moved on to Evil Apples because like Trivia Crack, it is a friends game. This is just like the adult game Cards Against Humanity but on your phone, so no matter where you are you can stare at your phone more and play silly cards with all your friends.

Even though at this point in time we are totally into games that are “group games” where you can play with friends, we have also received many other apps that you may not really know about. If you have an iPhone and it is up to date at iOS 8.2 than you might have noticed the new Apple Watch app. Is this app really necessary? Unless you have the new watch you do not really need it on your phone. This app just takes up a bunch of space on your phone and is not needed unless you actually are planning on having the expensive watch, so therefore you get this undeletable app that does nothing for you.

Your phone has access to all kinds of fun and new apps and games that you may not even know about. Now that all of the “older” games that we onced played religiously are done, we move to more grown up games such as Evil Apples and Trivia Crack where you can play and play with all your friends forever and ever. The next time you are checking out apps on the app store or just seeing the new updates on your phone, give them a long look over and see what is useful and what is not. Maybe the Watch app is not what you need but who knows the Health App could be. There are so many new games and apps out there go visit the app store and see what you can find, what is new, and what is old news. Who knows maybe you will be the one to discover the cool new app that will take over everyones life.

Where It Ends


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Power to the people

And peace to the broken

Faith to the deceitful

And love to the unspoken

Rain will bring flowers

And flowers bring beauty

A heavy heart will bring power

And our love, no further  a duty


Sunrise will bring glory

And a brand new start

Everyday a different story

Everyday a work of art


So when we hold up a fist

When we all pull through

We’ll know we are where it begins

We, are where it ends too


Golf on March 12th


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On March 12th, El Diamante’s golf team took on Redwood, Mt Whitney, Golden West, Hanford, Hanford West, and Lemoore. The boys ended the match in fourth place out of all of the teams. Parth Verma finished with the best score on the team, at 80. Reno Gonzalez finished with second best score of his team members, 86. Greg Kikorian followed right behind Reno with the score of 87. Jered Hernandez followed with his score of 97. Jonathan Daniel followed just behind him with the score 98. Seth Bausman finished with the score of 112.

Greg Kikorian told The Dig, “We all had a rough day, but we know we can do better.” The boys pushed through their rough patch and did not finish too bad. Best of luck at your next match Miners.


Opinion on Horns the Movie


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Horns TommyIn the movie Horns, the main character, Ig Perrish, played by Daniel Radcliffe, started sprouting horns out of his head after his girlfriend was mysteriously murdered and left for dead after being sexually assaulted or raped. Ig is ultimately blamed for the death of his girlfriend, Merrin WIlliams. As Ig begins to grow horns people begin to confess their sins to him, even their deepest darkest secrets. He basically brings out the worst in people to see their true selves and he does it unintentionally. As time goes on he grows more and more into the image of the devil and although the devil is seen as evil, he is not. This movie is filled with little hidden metaphors and all sorts of clues to the idea of morality and good versus evil in terms of religious ideas. Although the movie is not at all religious, it does take the idea of evil from a religious perspective. The movie in my eyes is about a boy who is given a supernatural gift in order to find out what happened to the girl he was destined from his childhood to be with for eternity. He brought out the worst in people the same way I guess the devil would in people, but he used it to find what happened the night his girlfriend was killed. Although he was a fallen angel in the end he still was redeemed for rooting out the real evil in man. It showed, although he had reached a point of total evil, he could still be redeemed for all of the bad, and that showed that all those people, no matter how much evil in their heart, could still be redeemed. Unless you let the evil in your heart control you the way it did to Lee Tourneau until that was all he could think. He was so evil, not even Ig could bring out the worst in him, because he was already so far gone. He lied to physical embodiment of evil. The movie was so dark, I loved it. It brought a really bizarre idea out and made it almost glow. Although the movie was dark and weird, it still hit home to something everyone could relate to because of the way the people in town acted. The movie was kind of gruesome in some parts especially the way the murderer kills Merrin, but honestly it really does add to the theme and feeling of the movie. You can almost feel the evil that surrounds everyone in the movie and it makes you put hope into Daniel Radcliffe’s character even though he’s the fallen angel. It really gives new perspective to what truly might be right or wrong.

Power Outage


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Last Thursday ourPower outage kaley school experienced something from another world: a power outage. Now at home this unnatural occurrence is usually followed by an outpour of “Oh no, right in the middle of the day!” or “I can’t see a thing!”. But for some peculiar reason, when the lights flash out during Mrs. Jolly’s fifth period class, all hell breaks loose. Now why is that?

It’s as if straight from the plotline of a movie. The power goes out and everybody is supposed to hit the deck, there’s a war coming. But that, in the real world, is usually not the case. Our generation has been bottle fed by the biggest curiosity nutrient: the media. Every out-of-the-ordinary thing that hits the interesting valley town of Visalia attracts every single person’s focus. In part for good reason. We have a thirst for this stuff, we are ready for the zombie apocalypse hiding behind the corner or the war zone in our backyard. We feel, for some odd reason, that at any moment the world will turn.

But no, this power outage was solely a power outage for the school (not to demote the victim of the fatal crash that sadly triggered the scene), but the students themselves could not control themselves.

I feel even more pity for the freshman classes, those rampant monsters were up and screaming before they could see the smoke billow in the clouds. It basically just makes people uneasy. And  when people are uneasy, chaos inflicts society. A dive into the abnormal and atrocious ways that people in today’s age are totally and completely immersed in a want-to-be fiction lifestyle which involves non-stop action and drama. Most people live by the idea that everything is a live action film that start themselves. But is this really helping the situation or causing even more of a disturbance? Nonetheless, no matter what unfortunate and death defying occurrence happens, always remember, curiosity killed the cat.



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Let me start by tellinSuper - Seth Ruizg you that this article is about a movie. Obviously, it is called Super. Like many people have, I have seen my good share of movies and I know a great movie when I see one. Super, is one of those great movies that you have to watch. One warning. You have to be able to stand really weird and awkward scenes. This movie is a great flick because it is about a man that loses his greatest possession and becomes a hero to get it back. It has very many gruesome moments that I find pretty awesome.

The whole premise of the movie is a guy trying to fight for what he lost. In the movie he is conflicted with fighting bad guys and dealing with various things. This movie does brush over religion a bit. I recommend not watching it if you cannot take a joke towards religion. I love this movie because in a weird awkwardly awesome way it really is a great movie. It has a good plot and a great protagonist played by Rainn Wilson. You may know him as Dwight Schrute.

The actor, Rainn Wilson, does an amazing job playing the role as the protagonist and you really believe it. He is the only actor that I see making the role perfectly. Like I have said before; you must be able to take jokes, profanity, and some sexual content to enjoy this movie. It is that kind of movie that you would love to watch the male protagonist take back what he deserves. I greatly recommend watching it if you can take the scenes as normally as I can. It is on Netflix; so give it a watch and let me know what you think.

NCAA on Syracuse Violations


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On Friday, March 5, the National College Athletic Association, better known as NCAA, made public a 94-page report on violations made by Syracuse College’s athletic department. The report comes after an 8-year investigation of self-reported violations dating all the way back to 2001. The violations include academic misconduct, with athletic staff completing classwork for players, extra benefits given to students, and also the failure to adhere to drug policy, among other infractions.

The university has since taken their men’s basketball team out of any postseason play this season as a form of self-punishment. Still, the NCAA took further action by suspending Syracuse basketball head coach, Jim Boeheim, for 9 ACC games, taking away 12 scholarships, placing the university under a five-year probation, and ordering the nullification of all wins wherein an ineligible player participated. This penalty could drop Coach Boeheim down as far as 6th all-time in wins, who was previously behind only coach Mike Krzyzewski and needed only 34 more wins to reach 1,000.

Coach Boeheim and the university, however, are said to be planning an appeal to the NCAA’s decision. Syracuse’s chancellor, Kent Syverud, released a statement saying that, “Although the university recognizes the seriousness of the violations it has acknowledged, it respectfully disagrees with certain findings of the Committee.” Syverud says that the university does not agree that it, “failed to maintain institutional control over its athletics programs, or that men’s basketball head coach Jim Boeheim has taken actions that justify a finding that he was responsible for the rules violations.”

Boston Marathon bombing trial continues


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On April 15, 2013, two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring nearly two hundred and sixty-four people. The bombs exploded twelve seconds apart and were hidden inside pressure cookers, which were hidden inside of backpacks. On April 18, 2013, an MIT police officer was shot in the MIT campus by the alleged bombers. On April 19, 2013, the bombing suspects were identified by the FBI as two brothers: Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother of Dzhokhar, was killed in an incident with police prior to his brother’s capture on April 19. Dzhokhar was found later that day hiding in a boat in Watertown, Massachusetts; he was taken to the hospital in serious condition after police fired at him. He is now facing the death penalty in a federal-level case.

Though the attack was nearly two years ago, opening statements began on March 4, 2015. Dzhokhar has pleaded not guilty to over thirty federal charges. His defense is likely to argue that he was an innocent participant in his older brother’s sinister plan, while prosecutors argue he was an active participant in the bombing.

The case has focused heavily on information on the shooting of Sean Collier, MIT police officer, and new footage from the Tsarnaevs’ car-jacking at a Shell gas station in Cambridge. The car-jacking victim, Dun Meng, was able to escape his capture on April 18, 2013, and has presented his side of the story during the trial.

If Tsarnaev is found guilty of the federal charges, another trial will be held to determine whether or not he will receive the death penalty. The possible trial will be small, but its outcome will affect surviving Boston marathon victims and victims’ families.



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I once dreamed of a mansion

Hidden away in the forest

The trees stood like giants

Watching my every move


The branches were like arms

Reaching out

To my cold and friendly hands

As if they were trying to lure me


But I proceeded forward

Numerous lights in the distance

Caught the attention of my eyes

The giants tried to warn me.


Their snake like vines

Slithered behind me

And wrapped themselves

Around my thighs


As if shouting no

They tried to pull me away

I pulled out my pocket knife

And violently cut the giant off of me.


A faint moan shook the earth

As the vines slithered away

I seeked sanctuary

In the lights that were presented before me.

Like a rebellious boy.

I ran away from the trees.

Ignoring their soft moans

But I felt as though they were screaming.


When I made it to this light

It was a mansion

So grand so tall

Full of joy, no despair at all.


Without hesitation or question

I walked towards its magnificence

What secrets will I uncover?

When I open these doors


I pushed with all my might

The doors swing open

In pure awe

To what my young eyes laid upon


A wonderful ball!

Not the kind you bounce

But the party kind

Where everybody is sweet and nice!


A woman appeared in front of me

Offering me a drink

My favorite soda!

A delicious Coca Cola


It was only a couple of minutes

Till I was enjoying myself

Everyone having a grand time

Dancing under the bright chandelier.


Then my eyes caught a group

Different from the crowd

Quiet and mysterious they are

They all wore masks, sealing their identities.

They all stared at me.

Feeling a discomfort shiver go down my spine

I looked down at one’s hand

My pocket knife!


Scared from head to toe.

I ran to the main doors

This time seeking sanctuary

Back to the forest.


As I grew closer,

A giant reached his vine out to me.

But the door slammed in front of me

And I felt an object peirce me.


I fell on my back

And the group of masked figures

Made a circle around me

As I regretted leaving the forest that protected me.

SeaWorld Affected by Blackfish Documentary

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According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, the release of 2013 documentary Blackfish played a significant role in the company’s decline within the last year. The documentary, which linked the maltreatment of orcas in SeaWorld facilities to the deaths of its trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010, led to a drop of 4% in park attendance in 2014, which then played a big role in the company’s overall 6% drop in revenue, which translates to a loss of about $1.4 billion.

PETA director of animal law, Jared Goodman, commented that “[p]eople who care about animals are disturbed to learn the truth behind captivity at SeaWorld, and abusing animals for profit will soon be something that’s relegated to the history books.” SeaWorld, however, is now responding to the negative publicity brought upon by the documentary and, in a conference call on Thursday, announced that they are planning on a new marketing campaign to change the perception and reputation that Blackfish has brought upon on their company. Board Chairman and interim CEO of SeaWorld, David D’Alessandro says that, the campaign, which will be launched in April, will be a “reputational campaign that helps restore our reputation,” and that it is “ a campaign about the truth of SeaWorld.” D’Alessandro says that the campaign targets those who “wants to know our side of the story” and that this campaign is about “changing mind-sets and making sure mind-sets stay changed, recognizing that the opposition is not going to stand still as we do this.” In addition to this campaign, SeaWorld had also revealed last year that they were planning on a Blue World Project, which would almost double the size of the current orca environments in SeaWorld San Diego, and that they will establish a committee of scientists to oversee their orca programs.