Lady Miners Suffer a Loss Lady Miners vs. Lady Titans


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On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, the Lady Miners took on the Frontier Titans. The game started sharply at 6:30 pm in our home gym. With the advantage of playing home, our very own Lady Miners won the first set by 3. After that, the Frontiers took the lead, beating us in the next two sets by 8 points. With a chance to tie the game, the Lady Miners fell short, losing the last set by 9. The final score was Frontier 3, El Diamante 1. The next home game is on Thursday, September 24 at 6:30 pm. Be there for an exciting match!

Girls Tennis 9/8 & 9/10


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On Tuesday, September 8, El Diamante’s girls tennis played in Hanford against Hanford High School. El Diamante won all nine games against Hanford. The varsity team played six matches and all six players were able to win their games in the least amount of sets required. Furthermore, three matches were played by Anindita Rajasekaran/Madison Hofer (5-0 ending in injury default), Kasandra Medina/Stephanie Aguilar (8-1), and Emily Gonzalez/Libby Fish (8-0). The team’s next match will be played at home, on September 10, against the Redwood Rangers.


On Thursday, September 10, El Diamante’s girls varsity tennis played against the Rangers from Redwood High School at home. The girls were unable to pull off a win against Redwood, losing all nine games. Six singles matches and three doubles matches were played as usual. Furthermore, Alyssa Terry, from El Diamante’s girls varsity team, was the only player able to win one of her sets and continue onto her third set with Redwood’s Juliette Garcia. The three matches were played by Anindita Rajasekaran/Ariah Suniga (1-8). Stephanie Aguilar/Libby Fish (1-8), and Jenna Toor/Caitlin (0-8). The team’s next match will be played on September 14 at Lemoore High School.

Can You Really Trust People?


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Can you really trust people? If you drop your wallet on the ground, do you really think people are going to return it with everything inside? No, because people will take either most or all of your money. If you are super close with someone, feel like you can tell them everything, and they break your trust by telling your deepest secret, most people would not trust them again because they broke your trust. You want people to be able to trust you, so you should be thoughtful, amiable, and honest to someone in order to gain their trust. If you are mean, disrespectful, and not honest with them, you are not going to earn their trust. That is why honesty is a very good characteristic to have. If you do not trust anybody, you could always trust your family because they will stick with you  through it all. They may not want to, or enjoy it, but they will support you. Treat people the way you want to be treated. People should be able to think of you as a reliable, dependable person. If you do not treat them with respect, you will not get treated with respect back. If your closest friend were to give you a present, and later on you discovered it was stolen, would you return it?  You do not know where they got it. They could have robbed a house, and gave you the present to hide any evidence of them stealing it. All in all, be careful with whom you trust and tell your problems too, not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair” -unknown.Trust is very important, and it matters to everyone.



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In modern day society, social media is a big thing, whether we want it to be or not. Originally, social media was made as a way to communicate with loved ones who lived far away. Nowadays,  we use it to set up plans, share important news, connect with others and post pictures. Many of us, when posting pictures of ourselves,  edit the photo to make our appearance better. This could be seen as a good thing for some, but is it really a good thing? There are so many filters to enhance the colour of the photo, it often times ends up looking slightly unreal. Not to mention there are editors that allow us to rid our skin of acne, but in reality, they are still there. When your photo gets liked by someone you know in person, and go somewhere with them, does that make you feel insecure about your appearance? However, photoshop and photo editors are not the only things that could have both a negative effect on one’s self confidence. Many girls and women wear makeup, that is just a part of life, but does that affect their self esteem? Often when women wear makeup they feel more attractive, but when the makeup comes off, how do they feel about themselves? I personally think filters and photo editors are great, when used to a certain extent. One should feel comfortable with their appearance without changing it up completely.

Tupac’s Death


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This past Sunday marked the 19th anniversary since Tupac Shakur’s death. The famous rap star  was shot after leaving Mike Tyson’s fight at the MGM Grand, where Tyson defeated Bruce Seldon for the heavyweight championship. That would be Tyson’s last ever heavyweight championship victory. Before leaving MGM Grand that night, Tupac, Suge, and their entourage beat up a rival gang member, Orlando Anderson. Suge Knight got 9 years for taking part in this attack. After leaving the fight, the whole entourage was headed to a strip club, when out of nowhere a car pulls up and starts shooting at Shakur’s car. Both Tupac and Suge were hit but Pac got it worse, getting hit four times. The shooters were never identified, unfortunately. After fighting for a long and painful six days, the rapper was pronounced dead on September 13, 1996. The cause of his death came from complications from his gunshot wounds (Cardiac arrest). To this day, 19 years later, the case still remains unsolved.

High School Relationships


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There are all types of relationships these days. In high school, everyone is trying to figure out who they are, and who they want to become. There are many pros and cons of relationships in high school. Some grown ups would say high school relationships are just for fun or for figuring out ourselves. I think being in a relationship in high school is good for us. You always have someone to talk to and they will always be there for you, if you have the right boyfriend/ girlfriend. It also teaches us to be better communicators and learn to consider the feelings of others. You can learn what you like in a person and what you don’t like for the next time to make it a better relationship. However, today’s idea of “ highschool sweethearts” is an urban legend. We teens think when we have been together with a guy for over a year that means we will “be together forever.” Hate to break it to you, but there is a 4 percent chance that you will marry that person. I feel love is a very strong word and should only be used when you truly are feeling that way; we can not convince ourselves we love a guy/ girl just because we are dating them. That word can mess with a fragile teen’s heart and totally damage a person when they breakup, because you think, “how can someone say they love me and move on to the next girl just like nothing?”  Well that’s what we do, we just decide one day we want something new and we move on from it. Having a relationship as a teen allows us to learn the flow of relationships, grow as an individual, and prepare for the world ahead of us. You may not find “ the one” in these next four years, but we have to be ok with that. We all go through this experience together, we all move on, and we all try to find love. In high school, we are trying to prepare to go to college and we do not need any distractions, although it might be fun to skip homework and go to get ice cream and stay out late. It is even better to have an education to fulfill your dreams, then you can be ready to have a successful, enjoyable relationship.

Air Quality


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Every year, the valley goes through difficulties. Whether it is extreme heat, or not enough water for crops, nothing in the past couple years can compare to what we encountered last week. On Tuesday, September 8th, citizens in the valley noticed the air was unusually foggy looking. However, this “fog” made it difficult to breathe, as well as slightly burning people’s eyes.The online air quality meter was at the second worse that it could be! This was the result of multiple forest fires in the Sierra Foothills.  Most sports practices were cancelled in the valley, and people with breathing issues, such as asthma, were told to stay indoors. Over the next few days, the air  got increasingly worse. Doctor Lauren Hiyama, who works at the Visalia BAZ and Allergy center, commutes everyday from Fresno and observed the way that the air was changing when he would drive to and from work. He also gained information on it by seeing his patients that day, and hearing how it affected them. On Thursday, September 10th, he said, “It’s unbelievable. You can cut it with a knife, it’s so thick”. Most sports activities in the valley were cancelled, and all school outdoor activities were cancelled. Some cities even cancelled school, such as Clovis and Fresno. People were told to stay inside as much as they could and people with allergies and or asthma were told not to go outside or exercise.  Once the week was almost through, the air began to clear, and the air quality improved drastically. It was almost as if the entire valley was on lockdown. However, everyone is thankful that the air has cleared, and that the fires are dying down.



Volcano Eruption In Japan


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On Sunday, September 13, 2015 Mount Aso unexpectedly erupted in Kumamoto on the Island of Kyushu in Japan. According to the Sadayuki Kitagawa from the Japan Meteorological Agency,”the smoke rose not only vertically but also horizontally,”releasing thick clouds of ash high into the atmosphere. Citizens were told to immediately distance themselves about 1.25 miles of the volcano.

Mount Aso is a popular hiking attraction and hundreds of people were able to evacuate safely with no issues. There were no homes within the evacuated area, and no one has been injured or killed.The government tells everyone to be cautious due to the possibility of a second volcano eruption, erupting up to six tenths of a mile.

According to Japan’s National Public News Network, twenty air flights were rerouted or canceled due to the danger level of the volcanic particles being thrown up in the air. Japan’s Airlines announced on their website,”flights from and to Kumamoto are experiencing irregular operations, at the moment.Our flight operations are subject to the eruptions Mount Aso.”

Last year in August of 2014, Mount Aso erupted and even in past years the volcano erupted quite frequently too. Mount Aso is approximately 128 kilometers in circumference and is 1,506 meters high. Japan is accustomed to frequent volcanic eruptions and emergency evacuations, since Japan lies on the so-called “Ring of Fire,” which means a tectonic zone where many volcanic eruptions occur.


Twitter Gets Sued


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Twitter is being sued for invading their user’s “privacy” by replacing links with their own “” links in the direct messages of their users.

Resident of California, Wilford Raney, filed a class-action lawsuit against Twitter this week. The case is costing millions of dollars in damage.

According to Wilford, the company advertises that the direct messages or DM’s between users is absolutely private, but in reality, Twitter reads all messages even though they do not have users permission. The lawsuit claims that this action violated the rules of Electronic Privacy Act and California Invasion of Privacy Act.

The issue that Raney claims is that Twitter replaces a link with their own short link that uses its domain address. His reasoning is that when Twitter replaces a link in their messages, it is the same as if they were reading them.

He also notes that Twitter then masks the short link, and instead shows a more readable version of the link to the users. For example, a link to a New York Time’s article will show as linking to the newspaper’s own link-shortening service at

The lawsuit states that any normal Tweet is open to the public and that Twitter is entitled to read them. It advertises its Direct Message service,” Direct messages can only be seen by the people included.”

It pursues damages equal to the profit made by Twitter due to its “unlawful conduct” or $100 dollars from each member of the class action lawsuit each day. It also seeks legal damages of $5,000 dollars from each member every day and other unspecified damages.


Can Hand Sanitizer Get You Drunk?

Can handsanitizer get you drunkby ANDY ALVAREZ

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The answer is YES! Hand sanitizer can make you drunk, but could possibly be worse than the normal alcohol adults drink. Also, drinking hand sanitizer can even be lethal. Recently, in Kansas City, Kansas, there have been numerous amount of phone calls to hospitals and poison control stating their child had drank hand sanitizer. One incident states a six-year old had given herself three or four squirts of the hand sanitizer. Nhaijah Russell said, ”It tasted good, like strawberry”. Some teens and pre-teens just drink the hand sanitizer because they are either being dared to or they are really trying to get drunk.

Even though this is recent, this is not the first time its has happened. According to new analysis by the Georgia Poison Center, in 2010, till now, poison control centers everywhere in the U.S. have had numerous phone calls stating that children, under the age of twelve, were swallowing the hand sanitizer. According to, hand sanitizer contains from 45% to 95% of alcohol.

Two to three squirts of hand sanitizer, can even cause alcohol poisoning. Georgia’s Poison Center director, Dr. Gaylord Lopez, said that “wine and beer contain about 12% and 5% alcohol”, which is a lot less than hand sanitizer has in that small bottle.

What effects can the few squirts of hand sanitizer have one one’s health? Well, 6 year-old, Nhaijah Russel’s blood alcohol level was beyond the normal level at .179. Alcohol Poisoning can cause drowsiness, confusion, and vomiting. It can also cause brain trauma, due to the confusion and drowsiness, but in life threatening situations, one can stop breathing.   

In the end, to avoid this from happening, Lopez states to keep the hand sanitizer out of reach from little kids because what attracts their attention is the color of the bottle and what the flavor shows on the bottle. He also says to try other solutions like “non-alcohol based products or sanitizing wipes can also be used”.

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