Football 11/6


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Friday was the time of the football season the whole community of Visalia waits for. It was time for the El Diamanté Miners to face off with the Golden West Blazers for something more valuable and symbolic than a trophy, the saddle. This game never fails to fill the Groppetti Stadium. The game began to kick into gear in the second quarter with a touchdown by senior running back, Keylan Liles, with a 6-yard run. Golden West later answered back to that touchdown with a field goal. The Miners did not go into halftime without making a statement that they meant business with a 32-yard pass by junior quarterback Joey Vink to senior wide receiver Kamarea Stephens for a touchdown. In the middle of the third quarter, Joey Vink scored another passing touchdown, meeting up with junior, Mason Garispe, in the end zone, making the score 21-3. By the time the final whistle blew and the time struck zero, the Miners came up on top 28-10, bringing the saddle back to its rightful place on campus.

Australian Horse Race 2015


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People nationwide in Australia were watching the Melbourne Cup and thousands had perfect view in the Flemington racecourse on November 3, 2015 in Melbourne,  Australia. The Melbourne Cup is held on Tuesday of every November every year and is an annual public holiday in the state of Victoria. This historical event is known as “the race that stops a nation,” Australia’s most prestigious horse racing event.The twenty-four horses competed for a prize money of $6.2 million Australian, which is $4.4 million U.S dollars.

At the races, women mostly wear dresses and colorful hats and some even participate in fashion parades on the field. Marquees are exclusively for VIP guests including local, national, and international celebrities. Champagne, wine, and gourmet finger foods are usually served on this event

A French horse named Max Dynamite, ridden by Frankie Dettori came in second and another New Zealand horse, named Criterion, came in third. The Darren Weir-trained beat the unbeatable favorite Japanese horse, Fame Game. However, Fame Game has  22% success rate; Fame Game has won the Melbourne Cup 34 times out of 154 races.

Michelle Payne is the first woman jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most famous race. She was riding New Zealand’s Prince of Penzance, a 6 year old horse, in a 3,200 meter race. After MIchelle claimed her win, she quoted, “it’s unbelievable, it’s a dream come true.This is just awesome.”

Student Threatens Fresno State Through Social Media


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Monday, November second, Fresno State’s Christian Pryor was arrested for threatening to shoot up the campus. From Los Angeles, Christian Pryor, eighteen years old, was a freshman who played football for Fresno State. Pryor was released just this morning, and now faces serious charges.

Through social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., news travels extremely fast, so people are kept up to date on what is happening in the world. Fresno State student, Michelle Peres says,”A lot of people are freaking out and it’s a little scary”. Michelle Peres also said, once she heard the news,”I left my class and I don’t really want to be here for the rest of the day.

Pryor sent out messages through the app called “Yik Yak”. Yik Yak is an app that allows post messages anonymously. According to the Chief of the Fresno State Police Department, David Huerta,”The texts contained information as to the time it would occur, a little bit of information about why the individual was going to do it, and the kind of weapon the individual was going to use”. Huerta also added that the police department “took this information and quickly were able to track down the phone number that delivered the Yik Yak. In working with the company itself, we were able to get an IP address and more information”.

Hours after the messages were posted, Christian Pryor was arrested. Fresno State’s Provost Lynnette Zelezny, stated “”As soon as we were alerted that the suspect was in custody, and we were assured that the person in question acted alone, we notified the campus that classes would continue”. Pryor faces “state and federal charges”, and now is held with a $20,000 bond.

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MTV Music Awards


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The European MTV awards was held on October 25, 2015. There were a lot of nominations and categories. There were also many performances. This year’s MTV Awards brought a lot of entertainment to the people.

Some of the performers were Justin Bieber- nominated for Best Male, Biggest Fans, Best Pop Award, and Best Look- Ellie Goulding who is up for many awards that include Best Female and Best Song, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis  who are nominated for Best Video and Best Look, Tori Kelly who is up for Best New Act and Best Push Up, Twenty One Pilots who are up for the Best Alternative, Martin Garrix  up for Best Electronic, Afrojack who is up for Best World Stage Performance, Andrea Bocelli who was not nominated for any awards, Ed Sheeran who is up for many nominations, Jason Derulo up for the Best Male and Best World Stage Performance, Pharrell Williams up for Best Male. Most of the performers were nominated for awards.

The two hosts were Ruby Rose and Ed Sheeran. Justin Bieber took home all of the awards he was nominated for and also the two biggest.

The 2015 MTV EMAs were held at Mediolanum Forum  in Assago, near Milan, Italy. It is the third time that the awards have been  held in Italy and second time Milan has been the host city.



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unnamed (2)Discrimination is a treatment or consideration of making fun of a person for who they are; even animals get discriminated against.

For instance, race, class, and perceptions of discrimination are made by police officers. According to the Crime & Delinquency page, there has been research that has shown that “Blacks are more likely than Whites to hold unfavorable opinions of criminal justice agencies in America, but the literature has rarely examined whether social class also affects these opinions.” which I agree with personally. Some cops  take it too far and begin to abuse a person(s) by either their race or on their apperances. There has been videos placed on the internet of police officers brutally attacking someone who is already in handcuffs obeying their words. To me, that absolutely makes no sense on why they want to hurt a human who is a different race and is not doing harm to anyone.

Not only police discriminate, but people in general as well.

The way people dress is their way of expressing themselves. Fashion can be an art to that person. People around school who dress like “gang members” automatically are labeled as someone who is not smart and is most likely to end up in jail. Some of those kids are actually really smart and have their future planned out.

I am a Mexican and people assume I speak Spanish. I do not speak Spanish because my mother felt that I needed to know English. Also, when people speak Spanish there is always that one person to say “We are in America, go back to Mexico with that crap.” Those are hurtful words.

I have a few friends who have had a job interview and did not get the job because of their shape, size, and/or looks. They have heard through another person they did not get the job because they are too fat or something that is based on their looks.

Regardless of how many laws are made, discrimination will never be stopped.

Not only do humans get discriminated against, but dogs do too. The two dog breeds that get discriminated the most are Pit bulls and Rottweilers. Those dogs are protective and loving as much as any other dog. Dogs have feelings too and some owners think it is okay to raise them to be harmful to other dogs or even humans. Dog’s personalities are based on the way their owners bring them up. I own three Pit bulls and all three of them are loving and playful dogs who would not hurt a fly. When company comes over they get scared because they are Pit bulls ,but they should not assume they are mean dogs right away.

Discriminating people by their race, age, weight, height, appearance, or any other reason is not okay.

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How Distracting Are Shoulders?


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School dress codes dictate what students can and cannot wear, as deemed appropriate by school administrators and school district officials. Some of the banned items include clothing with “writing, pictures, or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane, or sexually suggestive; which bear drug, alcohol, or tobacco company advertising, promotions, or likeness; which promote violence, illegal activity, or relate to gang affiliation or activity; or which advocate racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual orientation prejudice,” and spaghetti straps.

These dress codes, far from just at El Diamante, have been recently criticized as being sexist because they place more restrictions on women’s clothing than men’s. However, this sexism may go further than just the writing of the dress codes. Banned items that are traditionally worn more by men are less enforced than those worn by women. For example, many male students at El Diamante wear large armhole tank tops without issue, as well as sunglasses indoors, both of which are banned by Visalia Unified School District (VUSD) dress code.

In order to see where our student body stood on the reported sexism of school dress codes, I took a student poll. The poll included 183 students from eight different homerooms. I asked them all a simple question: “Do you think school dress codes are sexist?” If a student believed they were, they would raise their hand. Out of the 183 students polled, 148 of them believed school dress codes were sexist. In other words, 81% of polled students believe that school dress codes are discriminatory against women.


81% of students believed that current school dress codes are sexist.

Besides the data represented, many students, both male and female, also informally expressed contempt for the idea that women’s shoulders are a “distraction” to learning. This trend continued without regard to class, such that freshman and sophomores held the same opinion that juniors and seniors did.

This data argues strongly against the school district’s belief that female bodies are a disruption to the “learning environment” and shows that most students do not agree with the current dress codes. It also contradicts the claim that school dress codes are fair and do not discriminate based on sex.

While the school district is unlikely to change its mind on the issue, one thing is apparent: the students of El Diamante do not support the current policies.

Boys Miner Polo


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On Wednesday, October 28, the El Diamante boys varsity water polo team took on the Redwood Rangers. This away conference game was highly competitive between the Miners and the Rangers. Unfortunately, the Miners ended the game with a defeat. The Rangers won with a score of fifteen goals, and the Miners lost by a score of eight goals. On Thursday, October 29, the Miners played against the Lemoore Tigers in a home conference game. The game ended with a close score of eleven to twelve. Sadly, the Tigers took home the win. Catch the Miners play the Hanford West Huskies in an away conference game this Tuesday, November 3, and the Golden West Trailblazers in a home conference game this Thursday, November 5.

What to Look for in a Teen’s First Car


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As kids start getting older, they start getting to the stage where they want their parents to purchase their first car. Several parents who don’t support their teens with financing the purchase of their first car, still offer advice to their teen as a first starter. Various drivers need different things out of their vehicles. A perfect car for adults may not necessarily be the best choice for a teenager without much experience on the roadways. There are a few factors for teens to consider when looking for their first purchase in a vehicle. Young adults haven’t had enough experience behind the wheel, so it might be best if they don’t drive large cars right away. Drivers between the ages of 16 and 17 are somewhat overrepresented in fatal crashes, according to the NHTS (National Traffic Safety Administration). Most parents want their kids to have the smallest car possible because they feel if their teen drives a large vehicle it may be hard to control. To protect teens and their passengers, it would be safe to purchase a small vehicle so that way it would be easy to handle.



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The NBA started on October 27, 2015 with the Pistons defeating the Hawks. Two more followed that, officially tipping off the NBA. This season is going to be full of nice moves and buzzer beaters. Each team has playmakers and have a chance of making some noise this season. Even the Lakers have a pretty good team and could possibly contend for a playoff spot. In addition to all the returning playmakers, there is a lot of young talented playmakers ready to live their dream and make their mark in the NBA. Young Talent such as Jahlil Okafor, Justise Winslow, Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell and a lot more. Some rookies took no time to dominate like their known for, such as Jahlil Okafor with 26 points and 7 rebounds. Unfortunately, some rookies had envisioned their first NBA game to go a lot smoother than it did. Emmanuel Mudiay had 11 turnovers not seeming to get comfortable in his game against the Rockets. In a video game that would even be a horrible game. If my player in the game obtained 11 turnovers I would have to restart the game and try again, but consequently for Emmanuel, he doesn’t have a restart button. That’s how it is for rookies sometimes, some are just quicker to getting their “sea legs.” Even with so much new talent to watch who can forget the players you know are going to lead their team to their full potential. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and more returning stars are going to do amazing things this year. For players of this caliber it’s exciting to see what they will do because anything is possible for them. Records, buzzer beaters, you name it and these guys are capable of doing it. It’s just a matter of waiting to see who shines more because all of them will shine regardless. Overall this NBA season will be a privilege to watch and I can’t wait to go home and watch tonight’s games.       

El Nino


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As you may have seen already, the weather has irregularly popped out of control. After suffering through this drought with no rain or clouds to be seen, October brought us a huge a surprise. After seeing the large amounts of precipitation combine with thunder and lightning, some of us will wonder why.

El Nino is a climate phase that unusually increases temperatures, because of an increase of temperature in ocean water. Countries that lay upon the pacific ocean, that are usually associated with agriculture, are most affected by El Nino. During this climate phase Mexico and the Southwest United States receive higher amounts of rainfall in the winter and cooler temperatures, while the rest of the U.S. can receive less amounts of precipitation and higher temperatures.

Most people from California are excited for the higher amounts of rain, however, many problems can occur with the high amounts of precipitation. These include coastal floods, tsunamis, and flash floods in areas such as the Sacramento area. Mud slides are a huge problem for people who live on hills in southern California because the ground is so dry from all the fires it will create mud and leave them with devastating results. And lastly, sedimentary buildup in reservoirs will lead to water not being able to absorb which will lead to flooding.  

If you check the weather today major precipitation is heading California’s way, however, many of us are not prepared. To help prevent major damage to your home clean your gutters from any blockage, cover up any leakage in your home, and make sure your yard can drain the water that is heading your way. For safety reasons check your car headlights, your car battery, your breaks, and make sure your windshield wipers are strong enough for the rain that can come this way.