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The student body population is not motivated at all. I’m not talking about senioritis, I’m talking about the entire school as a whole. It’s actually really sad, now instead of doing the work assigned and trying to do their best, kids are just sitting in class and earning F’s or doing just barely enough to pass the class.

This kind of apathy isn’t acceptable, not in High School and not in the real world. Habits that are formed in our teenage years will stay with us for a very long time. If you are slacking now, you will in real life. There is no switch to flip when you’re eighteen and say, “Well, even though I got bad grades and didn’t do anything worthwhile in high school, this college will accept me and I can get a job.” No! That will not work.

High school sets a precedent for the rest of your life, in high school you discover your career and the best way you work. Without that, without actually trying to do something, most students will simply become nothing, and have no dreams to aspire to.

Even if they do have dreams, they won’t have the motivation to achieve them. Once lethargy wins, it’s easy to let it win every time. Unfortunately most kids have already let it win, just look around you in class. It’s very easy to pick out the students who don’t care. They are the ones staring blankly at the wall and fighting with a teacher over a grade that they don’t even deserve.

The most ironic thing is that the kids that I’m writing about won’t take time to read this.

Teens today


Staff Writer

It is fascinating to look at the lives of young adults back in the day compared to how they are now. Teens are so wrapped up in the “here and now” that they rarely take the time to look in the past. How did it get to the point they are today? There have been some major changes over the years that have already and will continue to impact the teen generation.

The term “teenager” did not even exist until the 1940s. They were not a separate entity from adults. Instead, they were part of the adult world often working. According to Joel Hilliker from The Philadelphia Trumpet, in the 1900s only 6% of teenagers graduated from high school. The rest were already functioning as adults in the home or workplace. By the 1950s teens were a whole separate culture. They were more focused on fun, rock ‘n’ roll, and fashion. In the new millennium, teen culture has taken on a whole new face.

Perhaps the greatest difference in the new teen culture is how they spend their leisurely time. Often their first inclination is to turn on the TV, listen to their ipods, get on the computer or text message their friends. Consider how much time is spent in front of a screen or some kind of electronic device. Lack of caution easily leads to unintentionally spending hours doing literally nothing. Augie Chavez, a 93 year old man who spoke at our school’s graduation last year representing the Kiwanis club, reflects that there is “too much television and things like that where the kids, instead of being out and doing physical work, just come home and watch television.” Nicole Nino, a typical teen today, stated, “I would die without technology.” These technology advances that consume so much time are fairly new to society. For instance, according to, the first computer made for personal use was manufactured in 1974. Television and cell phones are also fairly new inventions and young people’s lives evolve around these things for both social and daily life. The teens before the 2000s still had just as much fun without this technology. Mrs. Miller, who graduated from high school in 1965 explains, “We were involved in sports, plays, going to games and going to dances after the home football games.” They were involved in a lot of the same activities as young people are today without the huge reliance on technology as the source of their entertainment or connection with others.

Moral expectations have changed as well. For instance, many adults these days see teen sex as inevitable. “The attitude of, ‘well they’re going to do it anyway, so they ought to do it right,’ pervades not only modern parenting, but modern education in general.” This approach is seen when condoms are handed out at public schools. The whole idea of sexual intercourse being normal outside of marriage is a relatively new concept in youth culture.

Another big difference is seen in respect shown towards family and community. Augie reflects, “As a teenager I was more respectful, not only to my parents but to the general public. I could see grown men that wore hats all the time that always tipped their hat to a lady and helped them with their chairs and I grew with that heritage. I’m always polite to ladies and help them with their coat and I like that.” Respect towards authorities and peers has nearly vanished.

Education in the early 1900s was much different than it is today. Many of the kids survived through high school but others had to quit school early to wordk. Augie ha to leave school his sophomore year to help provide for his family. “I had to get all my education on my own. I’ve had to work hard all of my life since I was 15 years old.” It is rare to find a teenager today that has to stop school to help support their family.

Another contrast is the famous artists teens enjoy. It is highly unlikely that you will see an older person rocking out to Ke$ha or Lady Gaga. Instead, they had their own versions of these artists. My grandpa’s generation enjoyed Elvis, Ray Charles and Fats Domino. Mrs. Miller comments, “I liked the bad boys, like the Rolling Stones because their music had a harder rock beat to it. The Beatles and the Jackson Five were a big deal to every underclassmen as well.” It will be fun to see what music takes on in the next generation.

Both Miller and Chavez have healthy advice for teenagers. Augie suggests to “Love your country and become patriotic because it takes more than waving a flag to be a patriot. Advocate the things that made our country great.” He also advises to “Respect your parents and work hard, because work never killed you early in life. Work is good for your body.” Mrs. Miller states, “Enjoy your years; never hurt anybody.” Their advice for teenagers is valuable and will reap benefits if they are taken to heart.

Rebecca Black


Staff Writer

“It’s Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friiiiiday. Everybody looking forward to the weekend, weekend.” Gotta be excited for Friday. Rebecca Black’s new hit “Friday” has gone completely viral on YouTube and has received near 100,000,000 hits. Holy F and G’s. This song has been one of the most mocked, yet most watched, videos on YouTube for the last month. Many people believe that this video is an unintentional parody; I, on the other hand, consider it a masterpiece. All you have to do is listen to all the meaningful words behind the nasally voice of Miss Rebecca Black to notice what goes through the average twelve year old’s mind. “Partyin’, partyin’”…no. No seventh grader knows what a party even is.

At one point in the beginning of the video Rebecca Black is waiting at the bus stop, then up rolls, not a bus, but a car driven by her twelve year old friend. Then she sits there debating on whether she should sit in the front or the back, when obviously there is only one open seat and that is in the back. I, personally, wouldn’t be debating over which seat to take, because I would be too busy running away from the little girl driving. I guess in music videos there is no legal driving age.

Finally, she gets into the car and then decides to stand up in the back while driving on the freeway. I’ve never tried standing up but I have a feeling that I would most definitely fall. Then while singing in the back of the car she says, “Have my friend on my right side,” and completely ignores her friends on the left. Not gonna lie, I’d slap her if I was the friend on the left. Not to mention that her friends may be the most awkward people I have ever seen. It just flows perfectly with the awkwardness of the entire song.

Then, for all those kids who don’t know the calender, Rebecca Black informs us that indeed the week does go Thursday, Friday, Saturday, then Sunday is the next day. That part of the song is not only informative, but also extremely entertaining. “Yesterday was Thursday, now it is Friday…tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.” I can hear that being taught in all the elementary schools now, what a helpful song.

Then, my favorite part, is the random 50 year old black guy. What’s a song without a random adult rapping in it? That’s right, it’s not a song at all. “R-B Rebecca Black.” That’s the intro by the rap star. There is nothing less creepy than a 50 year old man calling out the name of a twelve year old girl. I’m not entirely sure what the man is rapping about, but it sounds like he is rapping about switching lanes on the freeway with a car on his side, how exciting. “We, we, we so excited.” Not to mention this man wrote this very intelligent song. Embarrassing.

Then finally RB arrives at a party of seventh graders. What? This looks like party of the decade right year. Then all of a sudden she arrives on stage and is jamming out her song and has the whole crowd fist pumping. The crowd is going crazy, crowd surfing and dancing around. What a beautiful end to a beautiful song.

RB also another single “Prom Night,” don’t listen to it though.

Human nature?


Staff Writer

The traits of man have always seemed to be of good nature and fine acts, except for a few flaws. Yet for many years, people have had to deal with the evils of these traits such as lying, cheating and stealing. Each of these acts creates a number of problems for people, yet some people don’t ever have the conscience telling them to change. For some reason, certain people from every age group seem to be accustomed to such acts and are very willing to continue to make those choices.

The concern that one might consider very strongly is the act of stealing. Many people have participated in this practice and will go to very far lengths in order to possess whatever it is that they desire. Unfortunately, the emotions felt by their victims seem to have no effect on whether or not they will still take what is not their property in this society today.

Many students on campus have had problems with stealing. When asked about the event of his car’s break in, John Fortino, a senior at El Diamante, had this to say: “I had my wallet taken from me which had 3 credit cards and 80 dollars. I was angry once I found out that I was almost a victim to identity theft because of the use of those credit cards.” Fortino has had quite a lot to deal with. Another victim of theivery is Brett Cocagne, a senior at El Diamante. He had his car window smashed at a church parking lot and had his guitar and electric violin stolen. When asked about the emotions he felt, Cocagne had this to say: “I was shocked and disappointed. I was especially mad because I worked hard to save up money for that guitar and now someone just took that from me.” With such dispappointment one would have wonder who would do such a thing. So when asked about what he might say to the person that did it, Cocagne responded, “I would have no words to say. I would only want that person to pay for what they did in some way.” Cocagne and Fortino have both had a lot to deal with, when losing things that were both important and valuable to them.

Clearly, stealing has a great negative outcome on the people that it affects. So why do people still do it? Whether it is human nature or the fact that people don’t care about the possible outcomes, it seems that these selfish crimes will continue to occur. Hopefully people will change in the future so that no one will have to face the devastation of losing what they value most and what they’ve worked hard for all of their lives.

Our house on fire

Art Editor

Society has been subject to lofty warnings of global warming, kept preserved by the intense memory of Al Gore’s film “The Inconvenient Truth.” While some still hold doubts about whether our world is slowly sizzling, another basic truth cannot be denied; Earth is in growing trouble. The environments most take for granted- beautiful coasts, forests, and water bodies- are in great decay and we stand guilty. It does not matter if one is a tree hugger or stylist on Fifth Avenue, this is a universally scaled problem that does not only scream for concern over nature, but for concern over the quality of life for future generations. Unless Earth’s current residents all lighten their environmental footprint, their children will live in a world extremely different than today.
For those who fall asleep in Biology class or need a refresher in ecology, this is a desperate wake up call. An ecosystem consists of both the abiotic and the biotic, which is everything inanimate and dead, respectively. When the abiotic factors of an ecosystem are disturbed- as through human interventions of irrigated water, toxic air from above cities, and chopped trees- negative effects upon all the biotic are induced. For everything is connected, whether through a food chain or species interdependence. Moreover, every ecosystem also has a keystone species, an organism which, if lost, causes a total shut down of other life. The crucial fact is that we are NOT the keystone species. The global path of life can live without us and it is US who cannot live without it. In other words, when decimating fellow inhabitants on this planet, humanity puts its own existence in danger. Essentially, what goes around comes around. So as factory fumes are sent into the atmosphere and ocean temperatures rise and acidify, we are digging our own graves. Yet if that fate seems too far away, consider this. Do you enjoy scuba diving and seeing brilliant coral reefs, eating seafood and exercising outside? These are only privileges of the present, of today. Tomorrow your children may know nothing of them, unless mankind changes its ways.
The future lies in the present little details. Right now vacationers shrug at the far off possibility that global warming may raise sea water over their favorite Pismo Beach. Communities shrug at the thought that someday landfills will run out of space and trash will become a commonplace sight, like the filthy 15th century roads. There is belief that man is invincible, is advanced, and is dominant. Yet if one looks around and shakes off the distractions of the daily routine, the signs are already appearing. High gas prices. Harmful air quality. Toxic pesticide. Radioactivity. Dead coastlines. Closed National Parks. Water contamination. Unbalanced food distribution. Weather changes.
As a citizen of this planet, it should be a duty to make choices that will benefit and preserve it. Simply by recycling, eating healthier foods, favoring alternative energies and conserving water one can make a small scale impact. This is more than the future of camping and butterflies. This is about the future of human beings, so that they can even reach a far time where fear of the Apocalypse is justified. E.B. White says it all, “I am pessimistic about the human race because it is too ingenious for its own good. Our approach to nature is to beat into submission. We would stand a better chance of survival if we accommodated ourselves to this planet and viewed it appreciatively instead of skeptically and dictatorially.” In a greater sense, man may be at the mercy of himself.

Miner Alumni Greatness

by ASHLEE M. ZWAHLEN Staff Writer

El Diamante has set a few high bars throughout its history. Many motivated students have walked these grounds and have become successful after their time as a Miner. Some attend their dream school, others pursue their dreams but it’s the fact that they started off as a Miner, that truly exemplifies our school’s purpose of achieving excellence. I was honored to have the opportunity to converse with some of our successful alumni including: Cody Corona and Angelo Soriano as they explain the beginning of a long journey ahead and the impact El Diamante has on their hearts.

Cody Corona-Class of 2006 Cody Corona graduated from UC Santa Barbara in June 2010, with a major in Communication and minor in Professional Writing. He maintained a 3.6 GPA and made the deans list on four occasions. At El Diamante, he participated in athletics, playing football in the Fall and Track & Field in the Spring. He also held office in student government his Freshman year, and was involved in several clubs. Various AP classes occupied most of his junior and senior year.

What is your occupation? “At the moment I’m an Assistant Account Executive at an advertising agency. My company, Gotham, does national advertising -commercials, social media, print ads, etc. -for Denny’s, a restaurant you may have heard of. My team executes all the commercials you see on TV and the billboards you see around town. Go eat at Denny’s!” Who has been your motivation from the beginning? “I always want to win. I’m very competitive and I won’t stop trying until the game, the test, the day, the year is over. I’ve always been inspired by winners in athletics and in the business world. For example: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jerry Rice, and in the business world Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and John Carmack. Of course, I’m always motivated by my family.” Who has inspired you?

“While I was attending El Diamante, I had the life-changing opportunity to be taught by Mr. Roehl. He no longer teaches AP English at El Diamante, but learning from him formed a strong foundation in my educational, professional, athletic and spiritual life. He encouraged his students to think critically, explore the deeper meaning of the literature at hand, and have fun. I wish he was still at El Diamante so the current students may learn from him.”

Angelo Soriano-Class of 2008 In high school, Angelo was a part of the Choral Department as Choir President, singing in Concert Choir and Chamber Singers for Mr. Sorber, Drumline Captain all 4 years for the El Diamante Marching Miners with Mr. Tackett and also participated in El Diamante’s first four musicals, while performing four years for Tulare County Office of Education’s summer musical program. In these 4 years, Angelo trained in The City Performing Arts Academy attending dance conventions throughout California.

It was apparent that Performing Arts was his calling. Angelo recently acquired a talent agent in Los Angeles called DDO and is currently working for the Walt Disney Company. This last Christmas, he performed at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL in the ABC Parks Christmas Parade behind Disney channel actress and singer Debby Ryan from, “A Suite Life on Deck.” These days, he works in Disney California Adventure dancing alongside Mickey Mouse in a show called Disney Dance Crew, simultaneously singing and dancing Disney Channel songs in another show entitled Disney Channel Rocks! He was recently casted in the reopening of the show called Disney Junior: Live on Stage where he can perform with his Disney Junior friends.

Who was always there to motivate you? “My motivation came from a bunch of people. Anyone who became a part of my life inspired me in some way. My parents are the ones to always be by my side when it comes to performing. Early on though, I owe it to John Sorber and Mike Tackett for helping me grow greatly as a performer and they were ones to inspire me. My dance teachers David Rosales and J.P. Christensen from The City Performing Arts Academy were the ones to shape who I am now as a person and performer. Ultimately they help push me to become a professional entertainer and motivated me every step of the way, until today.

”Could you always see yourself as successful as you are today? “Did I always know what the future would look like? No, and as far as I know, it’s only getting started. I am only 21 years old and hope to build a great one in front of me. The future is what we make of it and to be able to answer that question means that I might be saying I am at the peak of my game and I know I have room to grow. No, I didn’t always know what my future would look like but it’s normal for me to just hope for the best and maintain what I have now with fantastic work ethic, great attitude and the support of the people I cherish in my life: People who value me as much as I value them.” For you present Miners, I hope you are motivated to pursue your dreams. With hard work, a steady goal, and a little faith, you too can be who you want to be.

Teachers are babysitters

Staff Writer

Inspired by a satirical email I received from my mother, who is a teacher, I have decided to write an article regarding the pay of teachers.

Every person has heard this assumption, most agree with it and some are angered by it. Let’s face it: teachers are babysitters. Teachers’ hefty salaries are driving up taxes and they only work 9 or 10 months a year. It’s time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do – babysit! We can get that for less than minimum wage.

The reason parents send their children to school is just to give them something to do while they are at work. It is the teachers’ jobs to entertain them with classwork and tests and then continue to occupy children at home with homework. Anyone could do this, right? But let’s take a look behind the scenes of what else teachers do. They make lesson plans every week to lay out what they are going to teach and assign, they grade papers, they fill out report cards, they provide office hours to help students who are struggling and some even provide extra help outside of school to those who really need it. Let’s remember also that teachers do not get paid for the extra “babysitting” they do during lunch, before school and after school. These are some extremely dedicated babysitters.

Now let’s look at how much these babysitters should be paid. Let’s give them $3.00 an hour and only for the hours they worked, not any of that silly planning time or any time they spend before or after school. That would be $19.50 a day starting at 7:45, ending at 3:00 PM and including approximately 45 minutes off for lunch  — that equals 6 1/2 hours. So each parent should pay $19.50 a day for these teachers to babysit their children. Now how many students do they teach in a day…maybe 30? So that’s $19.50 x 30 = $585.00 a day. But remember they only work 180 days a year. No one wants to pay them for any vacations.  That’s $585 X 180= $105,300 per year. Oh snap! Hold on a second, my phone just died because I was using the calculator.

Do not forget about those special education teachers and the teachers with Master’s degrees. I supposed we could pay them minimum wage which is $7.75, and for fear of too many decimals and the life of my cellular device we’ll round it off to $8.00 an hour. That would be $8 X 6 1/2 hours X 30 children X 180 days = $280,800 per year. Wait a minute — that’s not right. The average teacher’s salary in America is $50,000. So $50,000 ÷ 180 days = $277.77/per day ÷ 30 students=$9.25 ÷ 6.5 hours = $1.42 per hour per student. My phone is dying again from processing all of this information, but that is an extremely inexpensive babysitter and they even educate your kids. What a deal!

The difference between a teacher’s salary and a “babysitter’s” salary is very drastic in comparison. Do not forget: the hours we counted did not include pre-firsts, office hours or preparation over summer, before school or after school. It does not include the time teachers take to do lesson plans, grading, report cards or the time to help struggling students. Let’s face it, without these babysitting teachers we would be hopeless. So stop ragging on teachers and what they do and appreciate them for their dedication and hard work to help us learn and grow as students. At least they cannot spank us like our real nannies used to do.

Top 10 graduation gifts

Layout Editor
As the school year approaches its end, it comes that time for seniors to begin thinking about graduation plans. It’s that time of year to consider getting together graduation announcements and planning parties for friends and family in celebration. Along with parties come gifts, but these gifts differ from those at birthday parties. One can expect various gifts, but there are some that are more specific to college and moving on with life. High school students can get anything, but here are the top ten graduation gifts:
10. School Supplies- This can range from notebooks, pens to even paper. Anything helps since school supply prices are so high today.
9. College Spirit Gift- Now that seniors are aware of their college choices, it’s time to start supporting their future school. From foam fingers to sweatshirts with the school logo, it’s time to help them start representing their new school.
8. Digital Camera- Memories don’t necessarily always last forever, but with a camera, one can record memories that will then last a lifetime. Making memories in college will be exciting and easy with the help of a digital camera.
7. Mini Fridge- Not all schools provide ways to refrigerate food, but a mini refrigerator can fix that instantly. It’s an easy way to help the student keep food in their dorm and to save money, not having to always eat out.
6. Laundry Detergent- Students are no longer going to have parents doing laundry for them. It’s now their responsibility to get clothes clean and laundry detergent will help get the task completed.
5. TV- Most dorms on campus do not provide televisions in the rooms. What they do provide are the cables to hook up to a TV, but it’s up to the students to provide the TV.
4. Oh the Places You Will Go- Just because a student’s technically an adult, that doesn’t mean a Dr. Seuss book here or there isn’t needed. Although this book is written for children, it is certainly relevant to adults.
3. Daily Necessities- The list can go on and on, but major necessities vary from toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne (or perfume), shampoo, soap, socks, underwear, and etc.
2. iPod- Music is always something to have. When the students are cramming for a test at twelve in the morning, they’re going to need the help of music to keep them up and awake. They will also need music when you go workout.
1. MONEY- Going out into the world alone is going to be challenging. Not every person is going to get a job when they arrive to school, so any donations of money will aid in the financial process. From gas to food to necessities, money will be greatly needed.

Music review: Mumford and Sons

Opinion Editor
The newly recognized band, Mumford and Sons, formed in December 2007. The members of Mumford & Sons have shared a mere goal, which is to make music that has meaning without getting wrapped in the seriousness of fame. Four men in their early twenties from West London, have honesty in their lyrics, romance in their souls and pure enjoyment in their voices. The four men include Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane who bring old fashion style passion to their now embellished careers. They create a confident sound that reflects the tunes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with the amazement of Kings Of Leon.
The energy within Mumford and Sons forces audiences to gravitate toward their impeccable way with words and truth that lies within their warm lyrics. The four friends were playing a number of instruments in various bands throughout London during the summer of 2007. They were united to perform spontaneous versions of Marcus Mumford’s earliest efforts at song writing, performing in front of crowds of friends in folk clubs. They were brought together through their love of country, bluegrass and folk music. The four decided to make music that sounded proud and loud.
“It was a very exciting time and though we loved it and were in awe of the music going on around us, we didn’t consider ourselves contenders in the pretty daunting London music scene. There was never any idea of competition, just pure enjoyment,” says Marcus Mumford. They took so much pride in their live music so much that they would practice their sets on pavements outside of venues.
They booked their first rehearsals in the late autumn of 2007.Out of this band rehearsal came their first band songs: Awake My Soul and White Blank Page, which are on their newly released album , Sigh No More. As soon as they had their first rough sets of songs, they toured around to venues that wanted to experience the bands rapture of modern folk sounds. Right away, they won the approval of their audiences with their music. They engage with their instruments, their band mates and their crowds. Word of this fairly new folk band spread quickly. The band toured throughout Europe in 2008. They sold out London’s Luminaire in July, only half a year after they created Mumford and Sons.
Their first American tour followed in support of Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit. Their eponymous ,EP, debuted the same month as their Luminaire show. The song Love Your Ground followed in December; while The Cave And The Open Sea was released in May. With each song, the music of Mumford & Sons grew radiantly more enjoyable, with a concentrated look on their intimate lyrics. Their success continued to build. Then came the time to record their debut album. Markus Dravs recorded Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, Björk’s Homogenic and The Maccabees’ Wall of Arms and he saw similar potential in Mumford and Sons. He took them to the legendary Eastcote Studios where Arctic Monkeys, Brian Eno, Tindersticks and Laura Marling have recorded their music on its vintage equipment.
“The album begins with the extraordinary title track, Sigh No More, a statement of intent that references the romantic language of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, as they sing: ‘Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you / It will set you free / Be more like the man you were made to be.’ Amongst darkly reflective tracks such as Thistle & Weeds and ballads like White Blank Page, Winter Winds and Roll Away Your Stone, by contrast, show the band’s sprightlier side.”
As the album moves on, this spark never dies. Little Lion Man – a track that Zane Lowe named the “Hottest Record In The World Today” on a recent Radio 1 show – is a spiel about regret and disclosed heartbreak: “Tremble, little lion man / You’ll never settle any of your scores / Your grace is wasted in your face / Your boldness stands alone among the wreck.” And finally, after a wild lashing out in the incriminating fable of Dust Bowl Dance and After The Storm arrives, this is the only track Mumford and Sons wrote in the studio, away from the live stage they knew so well. It stands as an incredibly moving final track to an masterfully completed album – the story of a man scared of what’s behind him and what’s before and creates a considered conclusion to the band’s debut album. Mumford & Sons’ live reputation goes before them and now their debut reveals the extent of their passion and majesty on record.

Do you have what it takes?

Staff Gopher
    If you are thinking of participating in sports next year here are some guide lines you should follow.
1. Sport Physical
    This is the most important requirement of all. The sport physical is a test conducted by  nurses and doctors to test your physical ability to play a sport. The test given by the medical professionals is actually multiple small tests combined into one. The exam will include checking your height, weight, eye sight and other similar tests. Now, you can go to your regular doctor to get this exam, but also you can actually get the test done here and it is much cheaper. El Diamante High School actually has a day dedicated to athletes to have them get their sports physical done for the next year. This day typically happens in the first or second week of May, so don’t miss out. Remember you must have this done before your sport starts, if not you cannot play, so make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute.

2.Have the right equipment for the sport
    Every sport is different so in turn different equipment is needed. The main equipment for any sport is running shoes and athletic gear to work out in, except for swimming and water polo for these sports swimsuits, goggles, swim cap and towels are required.  The best way to get the right equipment is to check with fellow athletes and your coaches to see what is needed to get.
3. Check to see when your sport has pre-season training
    All sports have a pre-season to get their athletes back in shape and prepare them for the season ahead. This tends to happen a couple months before the actual season starts. To find out when your sport’s pre-season starts make sure to pay attention to the bulletin to see when your sport has a meeting or you can ask your coach.
4. Be dedicated
    Being apart of a sport is a privilege.  Be sure you have the time for the sport, this means going to every practice, game, tournament and every event for your sport.
5.It is not about winning it is about the fun of the game!
    Make sure to have a positive attitude and to enjoy yourself.