Selena Quintanilla Perez


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Como una flor

Selena blossomed into a star

Whose angelic voice radiated within stadiums

Through the hearts of millions upon millions of fans

A laugh that played like a rhythm

We now wish we could listen to that laugh on repeat

A heart big enough to carry her people in

Filled with unconditional love for all

Selenas familia was everything to her

Tight pants and bras with little sprinkly things

Selena stayed on the top of the world

La Reina,nothing could knock her down

Selena Quintanilla Perez

Una estrella caida del cielo

Vive para siempre

En los corazones sus fans



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How many suicides is it going to take for people to realize that words and actions hurt ? Suicide is the third leading cause of death among humans between the ages of 14-25 years old and the sixth leading cause of death among children between the ages of  5-13. Every 13 minutes someone decides to take their own life. Thousands of young people die every year, not by the hands of others, but instead, their own.


Many warning signs and symptoms of suicide feelings are very similar to the symptoms of depression. Parents should be more aware of their child’s thoughts and feelings. Always have their eyes open for change in eating and sleeping habits, withdrawal from friends, family, daily activities, violent or rebellious behavior, or running away, drug and alcohol abuse, unusual neglect of personal appearance, personality change, difficulty concentrating, or a decline in the quality of school work, fatigue, and complaints about emotions. As you can see there are a variety of warning signs that everyone should look out for in your loved ones. Most teens after making a suicide attempt say that they did it because they were trying to escape from a situation that seemed impossible to deal with or to get relief of bad thoughts or feelings. They say it’s not necessarily about wanting to die, it’s about wanting to escape whatever it is that is hurting them. And so, at that very moment dying seemed the one and only way to escape.  Most who end their own lives or attempt to do it, do it because they are trying to escape feeling hurt, worthless, and or lost. Others may be worried about disappointing friends or family members. Some might be angry, ashamed, or guilty about something.  And some may feel unwanted, unloved, victimized, or like they’re a burden to others. Whatever it may be is getting the best of them and causing them to want to end their life. In every single one of those cases, taking your own life does not solve anything. It only contributes to the problem even more. You ending your pain, causes the pain of others who love you. And once this is completed, there is no going back and it can’t be undone.


Some might say taking your own life is a selfish act because you aren’t thinking about how it would make others feel. Suicide is many things. It is tragic, heartbreaking, incomprehensible and frustrating. But one thing suicide is not is selfish. I’ve heard this argument countless times over the years, and the record needs to be set straight. People who agree that suicide is not a selfish act are not trying to say that suicide is ever okay or the right thing to do. Those who attempt to take their own life don’t do it to hurt anyone, their intentions are to take away the pain. Depression feels like you are trapped in a black box with no fresh air to breathe,no light,you’re all alone, and it feels like nobody can hear you call for help. As days pass the box gets smaller and smaller until you can’t take it anymore. If you thought that your only way out ws to kill yourself, what would you do? Spend a lifetime in a trapped dark place, barely breathing, and terrified of what comes next ? Or escape by any means necessary. A simple “Everything is going to be okay” doesn’t help someone who is stuck in a dark point in their life. They are convinced that there is no other way to stop the pain they are feeling. Suicide will never be understood by strangers or loved one. It’s harrowing to believe someone you love could ever think for a second that he or she is now worthy of living.


The crazy thing is that you never know how someone is really feeling. Anyone could be depressed and plan on killing him or herself. It could be anyone around you. Not only that but you never know what someone could have going on at home. On social media, around school, or even to their face, be careful when you say something to someone. There’s a lot of people who don’t take suicide as serious as it should be taken. If you know anyone is suffering from severe depression and or is planning on killing him or herself, let someone know right away. Get professional help. You can always help calm the person down. Sometimes a person who wants to end the pain just wants some strong comfort and to be not only told but shown that they are not alone.


If you or anyone you know is thinking about committing suicide please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741.

Another Win for the Lady Miners


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The Lady Miners rivaled against the Hanford Bullpups on Wednesday the eleventh. The Lady Miners went into the game confidently and have no doubt that they could execute exactly what needed to be done. As soon as the game began, the girls put away multiple goals and begin to create a lead. By halftime, the Lady Miners were up 7-0., completely shutting out the Hanford Bullpups. The Lady Miners maintained their lead throughout the entire game and won the game with a score of 11-1. The Lady Miners executed their defense beautifully and ran their offense and put away their shots. The Lady Miners had a great game.



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They kept coming, an endless hoard of them. Ghouls, ghosts, zombies, all the horrid creatures to walk the face of this earth. A never ending stream of them. What could I do? They were all coming at me, to my front door. I watched their approach in silent horror from my side window, frantically, desperately trying to think of a solution to my seemingly disastrous problem. In a quick haste, I grabbed a lamp, ripping the socket from the plug with no care to the damage it would do to my wall. I approached the door slowly and carefully. Peering out the door I got my first good look at them, the same horrible monsters I saw out my window, only now they seemed smaller almost childlike. I took a deep breath in before flinging open my door, my lamp poised to attack the terrible creatures.
“Trick or treat!”, they screamed. In that instant whatever reverie had consumed my conscious was broken. What was I doing? I almost attacked a group of kids, mere trick or treaters with a lamp of all things. It was then I noticed the children were still standing there, staring at me expectantly.

“Sorry I’m all out of candy, must have forgot to turn off my lights sorry, again.”

I closed the door and returned to my couch, thinking maybe I should get some sleep, but the Halloween marathons were always appealing. I ended up falling asleep on my couch only to wake up the next morning with no recollection of my strange reverie from the night before, nothing but a vague recollection of breaking my wall socket. Other than that, it was just one strange dream for one average night.

Trump to Meet the Mayor of San Juan

puerto rico


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There was one question that was going around in regards to president Trumps Puerto Rico agenda, and that question has been answered. In the middle of “Hurricane relief efforts” Trump is set to meet with the mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz. “I will use this opportunity to reiterate the primary message: this is about saving lives, not about politics,” Cruz said in a statement.

Cruz, who has criticized the Trump administration on several occasions in regards for the pace of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria, announced that she will be attending a short briefing with the president. Cruz has previously called on the president to speed up the delivery of food, water, medicine and fuel to the storm destroyed island. She also argued against  a statement from Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, who said the U.S. government’s response is a “good news story” due to the success of its relief efforts.  ¨Damn it this is not a news story” Cruz told reporters last Friday.

Texas Tech Officer Murdered By Student

texas tech


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Officer Floyd East Jr. lost his life after the arrest of  Hollis A. Daniel, a 19 year old student, who was busted for drugs at Texas Tech University.

East, 48, had worked at the university for almost three years. Police said he was married with two children.

Campus police searched Daniel’s dorm, where they found what they called “drug paraphernalia.” Soon after the cops’ arrival, Daniels returned to the room, was arrested and taken back to the campus police station.

As he was being processed he “pulled his gun”, and shot Officer East in the head. Many police documents that were filed noted that Hollis was not handcuffed when left in the briefing room.

Police had found the officer with his body cam missing. Daniels had fled on foot and was later found near the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum. He was charged with capital murder of a police officer.

The school has held a memorial service in memory of East, and also launched a fund to support his family.

Teens Arrested After Crashing Stolen Car

crashed car


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On October 7th, two teenage girls were arrested in Visalia after crashing a stolen vehicle and fleeing from the scene.

Visalia Police spotted a stolen vehicle near Houston Avenue and Burke Street where they tried to conduct a traffic stop, but the vehicle refused to pull over. Police continued on a short chase with the stolen vehicle before the chase was called off due to high traffic and pedestrians in the area.
Officers continued to patrol Visalia, while keeping their eyes out for the vehicle. Shortly after the chase officers found the car in a field near McAuliff Street. As the officer was approaching the scene at least three teenagers in the vehicle fled on foot. The officer was able to detain two females, but could not locate the male. The females were booked into Tulare County Juvenile Detention Facility where they were booked on suspicion of  auto theft, evading police, possession of stolen property and resisting arrest.

CBD Protecting from CTE


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Cannabidiol is the helmet within the brain, and is the the way to save our athletes from the worst brain injuries, like CTE. This rising problem in physical sports where concussions are the risk of the game. This substance Cannabidiol (CBD)  is known to be a neuroprotectant, meaning when ingested it can protect the brain from injury/trauma when taking a blow to the head. CBD is found in hemp, but has no signs of psychological disorientation, like a high that weed delivers. I have been playing football 7 years, and as I have grown older, big hits are on every play. Concussions are just another part of the game, but helmets can only do so much. There are researchers that are on the brink developing this breakthrough because CBD can eventually save our athletes from brain injury, and in extreme cases, death or suicide when CTE is severe. That being said, just wearing a helmet isn’t cutting it anymore. CBD could protect our youth’s brains all the way to the NFL.

American Horror Story: Cult ( Season 7 )



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American Horror Story has been giving an outstanding production of horror stories throughout its six seasons airing so far. All of the seasons of this show have been unique in their own time period and all contain their own style of horror. This season is set in the present day 2016 – 2017, right after the Presidential Elections, where Donald Trump has just been chosen. Returning actor from the previous season, Sarah Paulson, is playing the role of a married mother in her lesbian relationship. This season is definitely hitting on the current strength of the LGBT community in 2017’s America. Not only does this season do a great job placing current day subjects into their show, they also pick some pretty relatable phobias that surprisingly a lot of people have. The use of the phobia triggers in the show are very effective in the fact of making you feel like you’re going to hurl. I have a lot of confidence in the season to come, so far it is looking pretty outstanding and is doing a nice job of projecting America after the election.

Thunder vs Rockets


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On October 3rd, the Houston Rockets took on the Oklahoma City Thunder in a debut preseason matchup. With the Thunders new additions in the starting line up, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony played a great game. Both put up double digit numbers in points, and with Westbrook sitting the game out, they were able to fully showcase their skills.


On the other side, the Rockets got to see their new backcourt duo in James Harden and Chris Paul. Chris Paul looked at home in his debut with the Rockets, making great passes and scoring 11 points. James Harden had a great game like normal, scoring with ease on any defender.


Both teams played a great game, but the Rockets walked away with the win. In a final score of 104-97, the Rockets were a better shooting team, with more assist, and had more fast break points. The Thunder played their style of basketball, out rebounding and playing great defense. In a night without Westbrook, this matchup is nothing what the regular season will live up to be, and both teams have a great season ahead of them.