Triple-Double Monster


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Russell Westbrook has been on a complete tear lately. He does not just get a triple double in certain games throughout the year, he gets triple doubles on a daily basis. Has has had a triple double in 6 straight games!


Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, is the last person to have 6 straight triple doubles in a game since Michael Jordan who had 7 in a row in the 92’ 93’ season. To go along with that Westbrook is averaging a triple double with 31 ppg, 10.9 rpg, 11.3 apg. With those stats he is the first person since The Big O averaged a triple double in the 72’ 73’ season. Westbrook is on pace to average a triple double since The Big O, nobody is denying it.


Westbrook is a monster on a mission and he will never run out of energy. Like Lebron James said, “He is an energizer bunny, he never runs out of energy.” Westbrook will get what he is striving for, and he is nothing far from getting what he wants.

Aroldis Chapman Returns


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The New York Yankees are happy to reunite with the left handed closer, Aroldis Chapman. The Yankees spent $86 million for a 5 year contract with Chapman. Chapman had the opportunity to stay close to home in Miami with the Mariners or even the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he chose the Yankees.


28 year-old Chapman will work behind Dellin Betances to close the ninth inning. The Yankees want to shorten games so they can hold a lead and try to advance in the play-offs. Now that Chapman is a part of their organization they have a chance to make it past the first round.


Chapman increased his value in this year’s World Series, proving that he can be relied on for multiple innings. Even though he had to come in hard in games 5, 6, and 7; he showed his ability to come in before the ninth inning and proved his capability.


Aroldis Chapman is going to be an excellent asset to the Yankee’s bullpen. They are going to need him a lot during post season and the play-offs.

Klay Thompson’s 60 Point Performance


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Shooting guard Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors set a new career high in points scored. His 60 point performance came off of 21 made shots and 10 made free throws. Out of the 21 made shots, 8 of them were from beyond the 3 point line.


The Warriors fast paced offense allowed Thompson to fill the lanes in transition, resulting in layups and 3 point shots. Throughout the game, Thompson only dribbled the ball a total of 11 times. Golden State’s ball movement and down screens helped give Klay Thompson open looks. Thompson did not play in the 4th quarter because the Warriors had a large lead entering the final quarter. Thompson displayed that he is one of the best shooters in the NBA with yet another outstanding shooting performance.

The Chiefs Took Down the Big Bad Raiders


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On this week’s Thursday Night Football contest, the Oakland Raiders took on the hot Kansas City Chiefs. The final score ended up being 21-13, with the Chiefs taking the victory. The MVP candidate, Derek Carr, was not playing one of his better games. He recently injured his pinky and the injury seemed to plague him in this game. Another big factor was Kansas City was just playing incredible defense, as their defensive backs are some of the deadliest in the game.


Kansas City played an incredible game, with Tyreek Hill taking a punt in for a touchdown. Kansas City’s young guys have really stepped up this season and they have found a lot of young talent. The Raiders could not get it going, their defense did all they could, while their offense just never got into a rhythm. While some are looking at this as the fall of the Raiders, this is more of a stand from the Chiefs and both teams still have a great chance to make a big playoff run.
Once Carr recovers from this injury, the offense is going to get back to their old self. It is going to be exciting to see what both teams are going to accomplish.

EL D Wrestling takes on TU


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On Wednesday, December 7, 2017 El Diamante wrestling team wrestled Tulare Union here at the Miner gym. The Tulare wrestling team had a hard time trying to handle our El Diamante wrestling team. Out of all the weight classes, ELD won all except two weight classes.


One of the most intense matches was Dylan Mota, our 220 weight class. He won his match in the second round by pinning his opponent. Dylan said even though they won this match they need to improve to keep winning their matches to make it to WYL Championships. Their next match will be December 10, 2017 in Chukchansi vs. Madera South.

El Diamante tops Tulare Union 53-42


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On Thursday, December 8, 2016, the Miners took on the Tribe in a non-conference game. With this win, the Miners improve their win streak to three games and record to (5-1), leaving the Tribe with a record of (1-3).


The story of the night was El Diamante’s Junior guard Seth Hall scoring a game high of 14 points. During the Miners 22-6 run in the first half, Hall went three for four from downtown during this run. Senior Diego Lacey also contributed on the offensive end scoring 13 points. Junior captain Jake Gonzalez added seven as well as freshman Kaleb Daglesh.


A big reason the Miners had won was because of their defense limiting the Tribe’s offense to under 50 points which is El Diamante’s Coach Moore goal for every game. If the Miners continue to play like they are currently playing they have a good chance at competing for the WYL title.

The Beautiful Benefits of Music


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“Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers that think people own it.” -John Lennon


When a child is given their first instrument, they’ll most likely have a lost expression, almost like they have the “well what do I do with this?” look.  From that point on, how the child decides to experiment with that instrument, could change their point of view on music for a lifetime.


Studies are showing that music education can make anyone (particularly children) smarter in the classroom and possibly raise their IQ. When playing an instrument, students can understand mathematical and scientific concepts easier than someone who doesn’t play an instrument at all. For example, it’s shown in a recent IQ study that a handful of trained piano students performed 34% higher on math test than non-trained students and those who trained for 9 consecutive weeks had an IQ raise by nearly three points.


In a study led by Ellen Winner at Boston College, professor of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that there were changes in the brain as children who underwent 15 months of weekly music instruction and practice. Students improved sound discrimination and motor skill tasks.


Overall, music can benefit your child’s abilities in everyday tasks such as discipline, learning a new skill, and being involved in the world of music, which is something to be proud of.

Jeff Franklin Purchases Tanner’s Real Life House


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The famous home in San Francisco from the 80’s sitcom Full House  has been purchased by the shows producer and creator, Jeff Franklin. The house is located in the lower Pacific Heights, at 1709 Broderick street. It was built in 1883, and the house itself includes a master suite, three bedrooms, and three and-a-half baths. Franklin had purchased the house back in August of 2015 for $4 million and decided that he should revive the home’s former appearance that many of the fans know as it was shown in the 1980’s opening credits for the show.  


Many of the shows fans were shocked to see that the iconic home hit the market in May of 2015, and that it had a completely different look. Franklin says, that more than 200 fans of the show take pictures in front of the house every day. There had also been a party, hosted by Jeff  Franklin himself, for the cast in celebration of the shows spinoff on Netflix, Fuller House.  The second season is to debut on December 9.
Jeff had mentioned that he has future plans to reconstruct the entire house so that it is up to date. He also has intentions of using the house for filming and will release it to the public some day. He is looking forward to making the house apart of  Fuller House  and  is glad to be able to preserve it for the fans. There will be at least six months of construction work  to get it “up to code”,  and Jeff is also pleased to inform that the door of the house, which was painted green by the previous owners, is now back to the color red from the opening credits for Full House.

The Alchemist


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When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” -from The Alchemist.


This Alchemist has crossed the boundaries and has taken a life of its own, creating an inspiring movement all around the globe.


The story is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago, who travels from his homeland in Spain to discover the meaning of his dream, only to find that he must go to the Egyptian desert to find his treasure. Along the way, he meets three people who all direct him in the path he must go to continue on his “personal legend”. No one is sure if the treasure is real or if Santiago will be able to overcome the obstacles that he faces on his quest. What starts out as a journey to find priceless goods, turns into a discovery of the treasure within himself.


Santiago’s journey, the people he meets, the dreams he has, the omens he encounters, and the nature he speaks to are all things we can relate to – things we have either forgot about or merely dismissed as childhood fantasies. The Alchemist is all about following your “personal legend” and pursuing your dreams, regardless of any obstacles, and about being spiritually connected with the universe.


After reading this book, it has set me back on the right path towards achieving my dreams that I have set on hold or gave up on because I was told they were “absurd”. We always try to do what everyone expects of us, like pursuing a career we hate just because everyone else is doing it too. Recognizing my personal legend, being spiritually connected with the world and the people around me, understand why things happen, and, most importantly, not being afraid of challenges or even failure are just a few things this book has taught me.


It is maktub, “it is written”, that Paulo Coelho writes this book, shares it with the world, and affects so many lives that come in contact with it. This masterbook is a legend and a precious gem. It is definitely a book I recommend for anyone who is lost on their journey in life or would simply like to clear their mind of the bewildering stress of life.

Is Social Media Hurting Teens?


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Social media gives us the ability to communicate with others on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. We are able to share pictures, information, and even the occasional rant. While social media may seem like a fun way to interact with others, it has unfortunately become a stage for cyberbullying which can cause anxiety and depression in teens.


Anxiety and depression have always been issues with young adults, but now the number of diagnoses has skyrocketed due to the abundance of social media we have today. CNN and Time Magazine have both done studies on the increase of anxiety and depression in teens. They both credit the increase to social media. In part, this is due to the various forms of cyberbullying. We can post or say hurtful things to someone that are on display to everyone. For example, there is a blog on Reddit that is specifically for posting embarrassing or cringe-worthy videos of people. These people are shoved in the spotlight for doing something embarrassing. Because of this, this person’s self-esteem may drop and increases their chances of being  depressed later on. Social media is not only a platform strictly for bullying, it is also great for communicating with others. We can give information to people who need it. We can also receive information like the latest news or what is going on in the world. Although, social media is useful for communicating, too many teens use social media for calling others out or “putting someone on blast”.


Yet another reason teens use social media is because they care too much about what others think of them. Most teens, including myself, worry about what others say or think. On Twitter, there are different kinds of posts that present other people’s opinions of us. There are the classic “fav for a tbh” and “send me an emoji and I will share my opinion of you” posts. These have given many of us anxiety wondering what that person really thinks of us. The anxiety can get even worse if the opinion is negative because that person will now try anything they can to make people like them. Studies show that anxiety has surpassed depression as the number one diagnosis in teens. Social media has reinforced the idea that we need to know other’s opinions of us. On the contrary, there are certain people that need other’s opinions to do their job. The Presidential Candidates, for example, took to social media to see how popular or unpopular they were. Companies that sell products need consumer reports to know whether or not their product is selling well. Teens, in some ways, are similar to these examples because most care about other’s opinions when they really should not.


Social media was intended to be a fun, new way to interact with others, but it has inundated teenager’s lives. Unfortunately, social media is now a large part of teen’s lives for all of the wrong reasons.