Halting Holiday Hunger in Tulare County


Guest Writer

The holiday spirit is strong at El Diamante this year, particularly with the girls’ basketball team. The Lady Miners are holding a crowdfunded campaign to raise money for low-income families. Hosted through the website booster.com, users can either purchase a custom-made T-shirt for $20 or donate directly to the effort. While purchasing a T-shirt only allows a portion of the purchase to go towards the fundraiser, any direct donations will be used solely for the campaign. All funds raised will go toward the purchase of groceries for the holiday season for families that could not afford them otherwise. Delivery will take place on set delivery days, with the first on December 23, 2015 and will continue into 2016. The team expects to deliver groceries to ten families per delivery day. The drive will expire on December 31, 2015.

To determine which families are needy, the coach of the team is requesting that all suggestions for families be sent to his email (tcastro@vusd.org).

This campaign was created as an effort to directly impact the community, especially those in need, and was chosen by the team as a whole. While the coach began the administrative aspects, the team collaborated to design the T-shirts, schedule the deliveries and donation deadlines, and advertise the campaign.

The booster campaign can be found at the following address: https://www.booster.com/eldmpom.


Day of the Dead


Staff Writer

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico and around the world. This holiday is about family coming together, praying and remembering  friends and family members who have passed away. It is celebrated on November second.

Day of the Dead is celebrated worldwide with many people; there are a lot of parades with this celebration and many dress up. Some of the celebrations take place in the actual cemetery with lots of food and toys for the dead. There are also   altars there to show respect and are full of color.

In the altars there are a lot of different types of foods. Some of the food that they  have in the altars are the classics like pan de muerto( type of bread they use for this celebration), enchiladas( tortillas with a sauce to go along with it and other sides dishes you could mix it up with), pozole( pork with hominy) , mole ( a sauce that can be spicy or sweet with chicken) ,sugar skulls, candied pumpkin,chocolate pumpkins and skulls, and atole( hot cup of masa gruel) . There are also offerings that they put in the altar so they dead can use to clean themselves up or on their journey to the other world.  Some of the offerings are also the four main elements of nature, water, earth, wind, and fire.They are represented with light weight objects. Some people make a trip to the cemetery or stay at home and make their  altars there  or they go to the cemetery and built it there and decorate it with all sorts of colors and flowers to show their respect for them and how they still remember them.

Day of the dead is a celebration for everyone to participate in.  I think it’s great that families participate in this to bring the memories back.

War Changes People


Staff Writer

FullSizeRenderOn far too many occasions, America has gone into war with other countries, fighting for a cause in which it ends with no one true winner. Both men and women on both sides of the argument return home with different outlooks on life. Some become more free-spirited, while some come home and live the stereotype of being the far-too-strict-parent. War, whether or not the person actually goes into combat, changes people.

A big issue that a lot of veterans face recently is coming home and having an inner battle with post traumatic stress disorder. The trauma took ahold of their way of thinking and now veterans must mentally suffer for the rest of their lives. Up to 11% of the returnees from Vietnam suffer from PTSD. Roy R. writes in his article Success Story: Roy “You can’t take a 19-year-old brain and subject it to the constant threat of death or injury by rocket fire and expect it not to be affected.” Mr. Harding, a history teacher at El Diamanté high school and veteran, says “…I have seen the results of people going and coming back and it does change people; hence the problem that we have seen in the military about our wounded warriors with higher suicide rate is a very serious problem and hopefully they can get some help.”

On the other hand, some veterans acclaim that fighting for their country has actually made them a better person. Some return with a better appreciation for life. Floyd Jones, a returner from Vietnam’s Air Force, says “I went into it thinking what the h*** am I doing with myself. I came home thinking at least I know what I’m doing with myself now that I’m home: I’m going to live life to the fullest.”

Those who leave their families to fight for their country come home with different perspectives on what really is living. No doubt, war changes people.



Staff Writer

DSC_0624Run they said, it will be fun they said. If someone ever tells you running is fun, please slap them.

Someone broke into my house the other day, and now my best friend is missing again. As any good friend would, I did probably the worst thing I possibly could have done. And yes, I did track down the kidnappers, and yes I was captured. I thought that since I was doing crossfit and a lot of running that I would be fine, but it turns out these people have top grade military gear. Never get into a war with people who have no care for the human life. Unfortunately I made that mistake and now my best friend, Izzy, and I are on the run.

As we stop behind a gas station in downtown Los Angeles to drink some water and catch our breath, we hear footsteps running in our direction, so we duck behind some of the boxes just laying around.

“Where did they go?” asked a scratchy voice.

“Man, I don’t know, maybe they kept running,” answered the tiny baby man.

We saw them shrug and then they kept running, the other way of our hiding spot. We ran towards the forest, and as soon as we stepped into the foliage, there was a snapping noise and up we went into a net. Our captors ran towards us and stopped as soon as they formed a circle raised their guns and shot. That was when I jolted awake.



Staff Writer

I want to go to college. I have always wanted to go down this path and make something of myself. However, this past school year, I have made the decision to graduate early from high school. I had made the decision to do this because of two reasons. When I was little, I lost both of my grandpas, which affected me and made me not talk to my friends and family. Contributing to that, this past school year, I lost my close relationship with my friends.  When my friends started to not talk to me, I began to be filled with anger and sadness. When my friends and I began to drift away from each other, I wanted to avoid them at all costs, which came to the decision of myself graduating early. Later on I began to rethink on graduating early, and then I realized that  graduating early and all the challenges I will face has a whole new different meaning on why I want to do it.

When I was a little kid, about six or seven, I lost both of my grandpas two years in a row. In 2006, my dad’s dad had a heart attack and fell right outside, in front of his house. My mom’s dad had past away of old age, on his bed. I remember being called out from school to go to the hospital for my my dad’s dad. In a very compacted room, I saw my family saddened from what had happened. My family was coming in and out of the room to go see my Huelo for the last time, and there I was in the room unable to say my final goodbyes to him. In 2007, when my mom’s dad passed away, it was on my dad’s birthday. That day, we went over to go see him and he was still alive and well. Then late that night, I wake up in my grandpa’s house, and I remember seeing my entire family crying their tears out. Just like my Huelo, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to my grandpa. After these tragic events in my life, my parents saw me shutting down and not talking to anyone.

After my grandpa’s death, throughout elementary and middle school, I never talked to anyone. Recently this past school year, I felt like I my friends and I were disconnecting. I would notice that they weren’t talking to me as much as they would. I didn’t know what was going on. I felt invisible. I finally just gave up on our friendships. I would get so angry that I would take my anger out on my family. I had no one. However, my cousin started helping me get through this. She would offer me advice and hang out with me during lunch. She helped me realize the reason for my friendships ending. She helped me realize the thing that needed to fix was myself. I needed help working on my social skills. She helped me then and continues to help me and I thank her for it everyday.

After what I realized, I am not graduating early just so I can avoid my friends. I’m graduating early because it is something I want to do, something I want to accomplish on my own and say that “Yeah, I did graduate early”. I also want to do this because I feel once i’m out of high school, I can maybe overcome this fear of talking I have. I want to make my family proud and be the youngest and final one to graduate on my dad’s side of the family and be the fourth to graduate on my mom’s side. I’m very excited to accomplish this and try my hardest this year.

Even, though I’ve decided to make this decision, there will be tough obstacles that will try to prevent me from accomplishing my goal. In order for me to graduate early, I must go through the requirements my high school tells me to do. Right now I am taking Office aid, Chemistry, Journalism, American Literature, Spanish 3, and the ERWC class. I’m also taking a COS Math class and Economics and Civics as a Pre-first. Overall, this year will be challenging, some of my family members and my friends are saying not to graduate early because i’ll miss out on my senior year, but in the end, I won’t let anything or anybody get in the way from achieving my goals.

Black Friday


Staff Writer

unnamedWhat is Black Friday? Black Friday is an event that is held the day after Thanksgiving. It is also known as the first day of traditional Christmas shopping, during which crowds of consumers are drawn to special offers by retailers.

Black Friday lands on Friday, November 27th, 2015. There are sales you cannot miss out on! This also is a kick off  to the holiday shopping season. A majority of the stores come out with ideas to attract early customers. Many customers will stand outdoors for hours until the store is opened up. Almost every store has items that are popular and everyone wants. In the past few years, stores began to start on Thanksgiving evening and some on Wednesday.

Retailers begin to publish their advertisements in the Thanksgiving newspaper, the week of Black Friday, or even late October/early November. Also, some stores would then have an additional Black Friday doorbuster item that is only revealed on their websites.

Some stores will have Black Friday sales online the same time as their in-store sales goes on. Amazon and Deals of America have a Black Friday sale going on as well. There are also many other Black Friday deals on other websites, too.

Black Friday can be dangerous because there are wild and crazy people in this world. People can fight over an item that they want. So stay safe!

Black Friday Tips:

-Park smart! You should always park where other stores are not having a Black Friday sales. Trying to find a parking in the store you are shopping at will take time, and you will miss out on being an early bird.

– Do Not take your children out! taking your children out on Black Friday can lead up to them getting lost in the crowds. They will complain that they are tired and want to go home, or they can be very energetic and will take up your shopping time.

– Trying buying items that would normally be pricey. If you buy expensive items they would cost less. Items to buy would be phones, televisions, computers, and other electronic that would cost a lot.

Stay safe and Happy Black Friday!


Ronda V. Holly


Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, Ronda Rousey v. Holly Holm faced-off in an UFC fight.  Ronda was undefeated until she faced this opponent. For many, this fight was very exciting to watch since it included a knockout. The fight took place in Eithan stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The event was expected to bring in more than 50,000 people and set the UFC record for live attendance.

Holm knocked out Rousey to win the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion  and many are saying that the belt is not right for her because she’ll take a couple of months off, and that is bad for her future. She should be  using it for her advantage, to help her do more.  The winner was Holm, and Ronda wants a rematch to prove that it should have been her.

Ronda is 28 and Holly is 34, height s5’4 and 5’8, and they both weigh 135 lbs.  The first round, Ronda came in strong, but at the end, Holm ended it with 10-9 still very close. Second round, Ronda comes in with a few punches and Holly has a different technique than her, but at the end Holly comes in  with a head kick that knocks Ronda out.

More than thousands bought tickets to watch this event and see what the outcome was.

Now Ronda wants a rematch, and it is now official that they are going to have a rematch soon. Ronda is afraid that if she doesn’t get a rematch she will lose the license of her promoters.  

Girls Basketball Starting Strong


Staff Writer

FullSizeRenderOn Monday, November 30, girls basketball played their first home game against Tulare Western. The girls played strong games against the opposing team with freshman and junior varsity wins, and varsity with a very close loss. The wins and close to win was a great way for our girls to start the season.

Freshman had a score of 26-15, junior varsity had a score of 39-32, and varsity had a score of 56-55.

The varsity girls’ game was one that you would have been sad to miss because the close game all throughout and the one point loss after double over-time made for an exciting game to watch.

The girls basketball teams will be playing again on December 8 against Porterville at home. The freshman girls’ game is at 4:30, the junior varsity girls’ game is at 6:00, and the varsity girls’ game begins at 7:30.


3 Year Old Dies


Staff Writer

For years now we have been trying to make gun control laws, but only for the reason that shootings have occurred in public areas due to emotional rage. Although for those who go against Gun Control laws, specifically of the suggestion of removing all weapons, now have another reason to be afraid. Recently in South Carolina police investigations are becoming viral over the death of a three year old boy. In their home in Suburban Charlotte, SC the three year old, Savion Barrow, was home with his mother, his mother’s adult friend, and ten year old sister. His mother explained to the Rock Hill Police Department of the incident explaining that Barrow was in his mother’s bedroom when he fired the semi-automatic handgun at himself, and his mother claimed she had been in the bedroom watching television along with her friend when she heard the gunshot and once turning around she saw he was on the bed with the gun. His father was not home and as for his sister, she was claimed to have been  in another part of the home. Barrow was rushed to the Piedmont Medical Center where they tried to save his life, but was later pronounced dead from the incident. Barrow’s situation is not the first, therefore, it has a high impact on gun control laws and what changes should later be enforced.




Dog Show In Philadelphia


Staff Writer

The Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s National Dog Shows were on November 14 and 15 from 8:30am to 5 p.m at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks and sponsored by the famous petcare company, Purina. This event was broadcasted nationwide on Thanksgiving Day by NBC and hosted by actor John O’Hurley. More than 1,700 dogs competed in various categories, in addition and for the first time this year, the competition will be adding the breeds Bergamasco, Spanish Water Dog, Miniature American Shepherd, Lagotto Romagnolo, Berger Picard, Cirneco dell’Etna, and Boerboel, including these breeds is a total of 40 new breeds. The Dogs will be judged in – Best of Breed, Best of Group, Ultimate award, Best In Show. The American Kennel Club, will donate money to the University Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine, for canine research on new diseases.

During the show children were given the opportunity interact with the caine competitors and to see how they prepare for the show. At Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in hall D, Metro Kids Family Fun Zone had been set up with face painting, caricatures, and many more family entertainment events.

A four-and-half-year-old Skye Terrier named Good Time Charlie won the “Best in Show” title, taking home $4,000, a huge trophy, and capturing the audience’s hearts. David Frei, the show’s host told People magazine, “Not only a great Skye terrier and a great show dog, but Charlie is fun for everyone. He makes us all smile as we look at those big ears, his beautiful coat, his long and low shape and his happy personality.”