Why Grad Night Should be a NO GO!

Why Grad Night Should be a NO GO! Shelby Jehleby SHELBY JEHLE

Staff Writer


I know that it seems a little harsh and last minute considering that grad night is just around the corner for all the seniors, but I just have to say… Grad Night is dumb! I know that the park is attempting to create a fun night for all the seniors that they will never forget, but from what I have seen, I do not want to attend and will not be attending this completely rule infested night.

I completely understand having rules but from what I have read of the dress code and what you are allowed to bring, I just think this night is way too strict. First rule that really bothers me is the “dress to impress rule” on the paper, given it states you must look nice for this all night event where nobody will even be seeing you. Instead of allowing comfy jeans or sweats at this roller coaster park, the park wants dresses and skirts that can fly up while you ride rides. You are only allowed to wear jean type clothing if you wear capris for girls and a nice top, and guys are forced to wear khaki style pants and button down shirts. If this was a graduation or special event  then maybe I would understand the fancy clothes and shoes, but it is not, this is riding on a bus and roller coasters for hours on end! I would expect a well known theme park to enforce comfort and respectable jeans and t-shirts that are safer and more comfortable, over dresses and stiff pants that tend to make people feel uncomfortable and self- conscious.

Some of the other rules that really get me going fall under the “play it safe column”. This park is only allowing tiny baby bags for girls to carry their things as well as not allowing cases on your phone. What if you are walking through the park or waiting in a line holding your phone and all of a sudden someone bumps you and your phone drops to the ground, and because it is not in its Otterbox, it cracks a million times and no longer works. Who pays for that? Again, I completely understand some of the rules on here and get why they are enforcing them, but a few select rules on this page are just ridiculous. I know the park as well as our school wants to impress and look nice, but you do not have to force certain clothing on kids in order to do so!

All in all, I guess Grad Night is not stupid, it is just not very well thought out. The event itself is cool if you like roller coasters, but this park is just way too inconsiderate, especially since these rules are not enforced on a daily bases at the park. Honestly, they check all bags and items before park entry anyway so might as well subtract some of these rules about bags and phone cases and just check those things upon entry. This will ensure safety as well as helping students avoid having to measure their bags for maximum smallness.

Let me just say that if you are considering attending Grad Night, just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, because you will most likely be pretty uncomfortable and self- conscious in your dress. The only saving grace is if  you are willing to go spend money at the Six Flags shops (because that form of clothing is acceptable), and unless you are cool with the risk of dropping your phone and not having enough room in your tiny bag to store it safely. The last thing I would like to say is most of the rules are fine, but some of these are just going overboard, we as seniors and ADULTS, know what is acceptable to bring and what is not acceptable to bring. If you really need to be told not to bring weapons, drugs, and alcohol as well as glass and aerosol cans, then I am not so sure you should be allowed to go anyway! So to all you Grad Night goers, good luck and have fun in your dresses and khakis. I hope the night is everything you have been waiting these long four years for.

Is Cheer a Sport?


Staff Writer

I would call it the most controversial debate at our school, but it seems everyone believes the same thing – cheer is not a sport.

If you would have asked me my freshman year of cheer if it was a sport, my answer would have been a resounding yes. It did not matter what you had to say about it, to me, cheer was a sport. But now, after three years of constantly being told “cheer is not a sport” and seeing tweets stating how much “our cheer team sucks” and being told to sit down when they announced the cheer team as a sport at the winter rally, I no longer stand up for it.

A sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which a team competes against another for entertainment. Does cheer involve physical exertion? Yes. Does it require skill? Well, can you lift a person in the air or balance on someone’s hands while they are moving? No, we do not compete. No, some people may not find our performances entertaining.

Cheer may not be a sport, and just as I respect your right to your opinion, shouldn’t you respect the cheer team? When the football team loses a game do you tweet about how much they sucked? When the basketball, volleyball, or swim team is not victorious do you knock them down? No. Just because you do not see cheer as a sport does not mean the team deserves to be bullied. Yes, our team makes mistakes when we perform and yes, sometimes girls fall, but that does not mean our team deserves so much hate.

Every single person has the right to their own opinion. At our high school, cheer may not be seen as a sport, but each member of the cheer team is held up to the same standards as other athletes. We must participate in weight training, maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher, be at practice, and participate in games and other functions. The cheer team may not gain your approval, but we do deserve respect, just as every other team and athlete is given.

Varsity Softball


Staff Writer


This last Wednesday our Varsity Softball team played a tough game against the Mt. Whitney Pioneers. Our girls put in a lot of hard work and dedication to this game, they played their hearts out and ended up leaving the game accomplished. The final score was 12-4, with El D on the winning side. Deidra See and Rylee Pierce were the stars of the day. See hit one home run, while Pierce hit two. Senior Cassie Carlisle had a few words to say, “I’m proud of my team and how we performed on the field. I think we could have done a little better, but I’m happy that we won.” The softball team did great and their performance on the field was outstanding. It was a tough game, but the girls pulled it off. They are now 16-8 overall and 5-2 in league. Their next game is Friday April 24th versus Hanford.

Trans Man to be on Men’s Health Cover


Staff Writer

Aydian Ethan Dowling of Eugene, Oregon might be the first transgender man ever to grace the cover of Men’s Health Magazine. He is winning the Men’s Health’s “Ultimate Guy Search” with more than 34,000 votes, a nationwide contest looking for a man that “possesses all of the qualities that make up today’s well rounded, active, health conscious and thoughtful guy.”

Aydian Dowling is a transgender man and activist for the transgender community.  He has documented his story on his YouTube account in an effort to support other transgender people in their transition phase.

As this news is released into the media, it had both positive and negative responses from the public. Being that Dowling is winning the competition by a landslide of votes, it is apparent that many are thrilled at this milestone for the transgender community and are open minded to new things. While others argue that they do not want open acceptance and tolerance of transgendered individuals in the media because it “contributes to the erosion of family values” says one anonymous critic. An ignorant statement and insufficient argument since nobody I have ever heard of has ever complained that equality for others has somehow harmed their “family values.” The only reasonable critical arguments might be that Dowling may not technically be a man, and therefore may not qualify as a spokesperson for a magazine that covers nutrition, fitness, and medical information specifically for male bodies.

Voters have until June 21 when Men’s Health will decide who makes it to the next round of the competition. Regardless of the decision made, it should be made based off of reason and not idiotic ideas of intolerance.

Aaron Hernandez Trial


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Former New England Patriot tight end, Aaron Hernandez, was convicted of murder at the beginning of the 2013 season. He murdered semi-pro football superstar Odin Lloyd. On Wednesday April 18 we waited for the verdict of Aaron Hernandez and whether he would be found guilty or not-guilty. The verdict came to an unanimous decision of Hernandez serving a life sentence without parole. This once in a lifetime event caused the sports networks to fall into shock, and disappointment. Feeling disgraced, the former Patriot had to take the stand in front of the people of the court and Odin’s mother. Mrs. Lloyd finds forgiveness for Hernandez. Aaron shocked us all by making the wrong decision. Hernandez went from playing in the National Football League to spending the rest of his life behind bars within a correctional facility.


Mortal Kombat 10 Review

Mortal Kombat 10- Seth RuizBy SETH RUIZ

Staff Writer

To start off this review I just want to say that if you love gory games, then keep on reading and enjoy the bloodbath. This game series from the very start was all about tearing someone open and watching their blood pour out. This game, just like the ones before it, comes up with even more exciting cinematic death scenes in the 10th edition to its series. It always astonishes me how they always have a brilliant way to completely annihilate your opponent. I have played Mortal Kombat’s 5-10 and I can honestly say that 10 has the most brutal fatalities so far. Fatalities is a little mini game that you can do to make your character completely kill your opponent. They are enabled at the end of every fight so you can teach your opposing friend or foe why they should not mess with you.

Although the fatalities are the trademark of this game, let me go into more details about how it is a strong 9 out of 10. One of the things that always makes me see the game as a great new installment to the series is its graphics. If you are not sure what that means in the video game realm, its how well the game looks. The graphics are substantially better in my opinion. The characters are more realistic looking and the fights look more real than before. With this generation of graphics, you will never look at this game as “Fighting stick figures”. If you have not tried out any of this game’s series, I strongly recommend it to those wanting to play with a friend and decimate them in combat. The one reason I am giving this game a 9 out of 10. It’s story. Although it is a great game to play, its actual plot always amazes me with boredom. They did the same thing in Mortal Kombat 9 and it also seemed to haunt me with boredom. The one real reason to play it is to unlock cool features. Overall, I give this brutally fantastic game a 9 out of 10.

Movie Review: Beetlejuice


Staff Writer

beetlejuice kaley

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Daringly exuberant and unbelievably different, Beetlejuice displays a wide range of crazy characters, intense storyline, and the utmost of all catch phrases. Now this is not your everyday film watch, this is one of those movies you have to prepare yourself for, because you will definitely be sucked into it’s array.

The plot consists of a very loving couple who move into a big mansion, eventually however, they get in a crash and end up attached to haunting the very house they once lived in. After some exuberant owners move in, the couple unsuccessfully scare them away and call for the help from the rambunctious Beetlejuice (whom is not what they had hoped for). It’s a sick and twisted vision of a dark and horrifically hilarious tragedy. I can honestly say I have yet to watch anything that  has even stretched close to the originality in this flick.

While the plot is morbid and risky, the characters are equally authentic. Many times compared to dull museum art, the new homeowners have a very wretched and dark daughter who likes to wander about the house. A very curious and mystified teenager (played by Winona Ryder) eventually befriends the presumed horrifyingly scary ghost couple and their helper Beetlejuice.

A developing and unbelievably imaginative plot twist incompasses all of the elements that leave the viewer feeling a sprightly and unnatural sense of satisfaction.

The ending alone is both heart wrenching and rare in its beauty, so much so that I fun this movie to be one of a kind. It’s safe to say Michael Keaton, who plays the role as Beetlejuice himself, easily stole the show and imprinted a name for himself in filmmaking. Just don’t find yourself repeating the famed trigger: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Miner Baseball 4/22


Staff Writer

This Wednesday our Miners displayed their talents by defeating the Mt. Whitney Pioneers in a suspensive late inning win. The viewers were on the edge of their seats until the final pitch and the Miners ran out to the field jumping on Blake Hernandez and Carter Hoffman for the winning hit and run!

Julian Rubio pitched with velocity throughout the entire game allowing just four runs. He struck out six and left the Pioneers begging for another chance. Isaiah Espinoza began the Miner’s winning rally with a walk, Adam Chavez advanced him to second with a bunt, and Espinoza scored the tying run on a single by Matt Montelongo, who advanced to second on the throw home in the 7th. Blake Hernandez followed with a ground ball which shot out to the outfield due to an error, allowing pinch runner Carter Hoffman to score the winning run! The Miners didn’t let the umpire halt their excitement as they ran to congratulate and tackle the players who saved the game!

Once the players climbed out of the dog pile they created, Julian Rubio had a chance to say how he felt, “This game was the craziest I’ve ever experienced. We started off strong and connected then we fell flat in the middle innings. After falling behind the intensity returned and we knew what we had to do. We, as a team, have one goal and we’re going to achieve that goal. We proved ourselves that game.”

El Diamante is 6-1 in WYL, a half-game ahead of their rival, Redwood Rangers. Our Miners host the Rangers on April 29, come support our Miners!

Addicted to Being “Social”

Hannah J Fb Myspace articleby HANNAH JOHNSTON

Staff Writer

When I was in fifth and  sixth grade, MySpace was all the rage. My older siblings had a MySpace and so did most other teenagers. MySpace was the beginning, for me at least, to the take over of our society by social media sites.

What ever did happen to MySpace.. Well, once we teenagers were introduced to something new and improved – Facebook – MySpace slowly lost it’s users and it’s market worth.

MySpace was sold to a music company and is now a site for users to listen to music and featured artists. Basically it is nothing that it used to be.

Once Facebook hit the web it became the new hit social media site. I was in about seventh grade, and every single one of my friends had a Facebook.

Facebook hit its peak. . . and now it’s slowly diminishing  like it’s old enemy, MySpace.

Facebook has been over run by parents and even grandparents, and the social media site’s main source of popularity, teens, have stopped using it.

Yesterday it was Instagram, then it was Twitter, and now Snapchat.

Our society feels the need to connect over these social media sites constantly. We have become addicted to not only the social media websites, but the devices that allow us to be on our favorite apps and websites 24/7.

These “social” sites aren’t really helping us be social. Rather they are preventing us from communicating.

Some may deny the addiction they have for their phones, or Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever the most popular social media site is. But just try to leave your phone at home for one day and see how challenging it is to function.

Women’s Hormones

Women'sHormone-Juliaby Julia Rodriguez

Staff Writer


Hormone therapy for women has been around for a while, but is still relatively new to everyone. It is highly controversial and is being tested to discover new risks and pros. First, heart disease is the number one killer of the average adult woman as of right now. It is an even larger killer of women than cancer. So doctors and researches have been working together, attempting to create a hormone therapy trial that will hopefully pro-long women’s lives and minimize the risk of heart disease.

Women are most at danger to heart disease after beginning menopause, so that is where these hormone trials would begin. However, after a large widespread trial of hormone therapy about ten years ago called Women’s Initiative, it was found the menopause hormone therapy raised the risk of heart disease. Many doctors were fearful that this trial scared many younger women from trying hormone therapy, because the women who participated in that trial were mostly a decade older than the average age of menopause starting. Therefore, that trial could not be technically one hundred percent accurate.

Since then there has been several different hormone trials; all varying in physical types, test subjects, time period, age, and accuracy. Time is the only way to determine results from a hormone therapy that focuses on age, so no results can be held fully accountable. Does this mean women should rush out and try hormone trials when beginning menopause? Certainly not, because nothing is for sure yet. But- it also does not mean they should never try different things in order to increase their life expectancy, it just may be a wise decision to only dabble in known researches that have factual results.