Critical Role Animated Series




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Throughout the mid-’70s and even into the ’90s, the tabletop game known as Dungeons and Dragons was met with mass propaganda, as was anything new in that era. But after nearly 50 years, the game has broken a world record. Somewhat. In March of 2015, the web series known as Critical Role started going live. It was essentially a bunch of incredibly talented voice actors (who have voiced characters in pretty much anything animated) and a play D&D together for 3-5 hours an episode. The series has had two seasons over the years, the first being 115 episodes long, while the second has 50 and is continuing its story and premieres on Twitch every Thursday (this isn’t just an ad, there is some news). How the series broke a world record, is when Critical Role announced how they would be doing an animated special, and launched a Kickstarter for $750,000. As of now, the animated series has raised over $8.2 million dollars, making it the most successful crowdfunded product in history, and the time for donation isn’t even over! As of now, there is the talk of an 88-minute special, with talks of other stories further on. Critical Role and D&D as a whole have succeeded in a way that literally broke records. As a player of Dungeons & Dragons and a fan of Critical Role, this animated series might just revive my broken heart after the next Avengers.

‘#RebelsRemembered’ One Year Anniversary




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It’s been 1 year since the finale of the show “Star Wars Rebels”, which aired from 2014 to 2018 of last year with 4 seasons filled with loveable characters and flashbacks to the original trilogy created by Lucasfilm. The series finale was something many fans were looking forward to, and now a year later we still remember how great of a show this was.

“Star Wars Rebels” was an animated Disney XD show that took place 14 years after the events of Order 66, following the story of the Ghost crew (the Ghost is the name of their ship). Orphan Ezra Bridger comes across Kanan Jarus, the leader of the Ghost crew, and finds out that Ezra is force-sensitive, and throughout the series, Kanan trains Ezra the ways of the force and to help him become a Jedi. The other characters in the show also play a role in the story’s plot; pilot Hera Syndulla, brute Zeb Orrelios, artist Sabine Wren, and prankster Chopper. Together they are all a family fighting against the Empire and working with the Rebellion to bring peace to the galaxy once again, coming across dangerous enemies, familiar faces, and lost secrets that changed the fate of the Ghost crew, as well as everyone else in the galaxy.

Overall, “Star Wars Rebels” was a great show to grow up with, even though it had a rough start at the beginning. The characters are loveable, the backstories are tragic, and the returns of many characters were featured in “The Clone Wars”, which drew a lot of fans to watch more. It was such a good show, and it was sad to see “Star Wars Rebels” air the last episode on March 5th, 2018. This show deserves so much love for the overly complex characters, so make sure to go check it out!

Call of the Void




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When standing atop a high place (such as on a balcony or bridge), peering over the edge, are you ever struck with a strong compulsion to leap off, despite never once harboring suicidal thoughts? It’s a strange sensation that is more familiar to a lot of people than they like to admit (if anything, perhaps it will give them comfort to know that it’s actually a common sensation). The apparent outcome to such a situation, say for instance if one caves into such impulse, is most likely death – or if not the case, then perhaps a terribly painful injury. Anyhow, however daunting that prospect is to the majority, that strong desire is persistent, overwhelming one’s entire being for a split second, before reality hits and one scrambles for composure; now, one is anxiously concerned of themselves, guilty and disturbed for having such grim intentions.

So long as you assume control of your body and such whims don’t get the best of you, bearing these outrageous, yet fleeting urges from time to time is totally normal and therefore shouldn’t trouble you. Jennifer Hames, a graduate student at Florida State University’s Joiner Lab, along with her colleagues, in the Journal of Affective Disorders, in which they closely inspect the peculiar feeling, term it as the “high place phenomenon.” In their study, they discovered that in their 431 subjects, roughly a third of their sample disclosed of experiencing the phenomenon, and concluded that high anxiety sensitivity – the feeling of dread over bodily sensations associated with anxiety – played a large part in susceptibility; although, intriguingly, about fifty-percent also reported of never having suicidal tendencies. Ultimately, Hames and her team speculated that it could only be linked to cognitive dissonance – the state of holding contradicting thoughts. Suppose that in a scenario in which one approaches the edge of a balcony, but then instinctively recoils; the alarm signal that causes one to jolt away is a coping mechanism because you’re situated on a high place, a railing might be keeping you safe but your brain expects you to fall. Upon realization, uncertainly, one will grasp that there was no imminent danger after all; and as they try to assess and make sense of the circumstance, the only logical interpretation of the behavior was that they must have backed away because they were averting themselves from the temptation of jumping over and falling.

Hence, people sometimes misinterpret instinctual signals; you did not want to plunge and possibly die, only that you thought you did.  Some may perceive it as a suicidal tendency; however, that is certainly not the case, as Hames deduces that it “actually affirms their will to live.”




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“Unplanned” is a movie by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman that just hit theatres. The movie revolves around a woman named Abby Johnson who works in an abortion clinic. Being a Pro-Life based movie, it showed the horrors of abortion, as well as how women were treated before and after the procedure. The rated-r movie is filled with gruesome scenes that depict how abortion really works, not recommended if the viewer has a weak stomach. The movie does a good job of portraying the struggles a woman must go through, be it surgery or even just pills. The movie was overall cheesy and personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to many people. It does well with older crowds, as most people going to see the movie are above age and even mostly elderly.

Cardi B Drugging Men




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A three-year-old Instagram live video resurfaced this week in which the rapper discussed drugging and robbing men to “survive” during her days as a stripper.

Cardi B has recently admitted she did do it, she would take them into the back and then they would be drugged. Her response to the video was, “I never glorified the things I brought up in that live I never even put those things in my music because I’m not proud of it and feel a responsibility not to glorify it”. Her statement flirted with a quasi-defense of the behavior, claiming the men were people she had been dating and were “conscious, willing, and aware,” which is obviously not true if they were drugged.

College Scam




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The college admissions scheme revealed Tuesday is the largest of its kind ever prosecuted, federal prosecutors said and features 50 defendants across six states, millions of dollars in illegally funneled funds and a handful of the country’s most selective universities. Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin among dozens charged in alleged college cheating scam, which were cheating on ACT’s and SAT’s. Igory Dvorkiy, who administered SAT and ACT tests in LA, were both accused of accepting bribes to allow Riddell to take the test. Parents hired the singers to cheat and paid them $15,000 and $75,000 per test.

Huffman, who was an academy award nominee, has been charged with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud. She is accused of paying $15,000 to Singer’s fake charity to facilitate cheating for her daughter on the SAT’s. People also bribing coaches for sports was a problem. A second part of the Singer’s scheme was to bribe college coaches and athletics officials. They paid the coaches to let their daughter attend the school even though they were not even an athlete.

Loughlin and Huffman and 48 others were charged in a $25 million college admissions scam.

Brazil School Shooting



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Eight people were killed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A school named Raul Brasil in the town of Suzano, was targeted this Wednesday early morning. Two men were wearing hoods and carrying rifles and began to shoot at staff and students. More than 10 people were injured, and 6 students and 2 school officials had died. The 6th had died on the scene and 2 died at the hospital. Sources had confirmed that the two shooters had committed suicide right after.  

Choose You


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Isn’t it funny?

How much you stare at me now that she’s gone?

Like you finally regret leaving a good girl,

Leaving me broken and crying in the dirt.


It takes two to dance, but only

Me to steal the show.

I said there was never anything to fear,

But baby,

Now I’m down below.


They say three’s a crowd,

But I’m wearing the king’s crown.

Kingdoms don’t last,

Only cities run by queens ever last.


I gave you every last piece of my heart,

Every last card was played by the queen of hearts.

You claimed every last piece of my heart,

Let the dust settle on the art.


Just heard you still wish you were mine,

Now just let me remember.

Even after all this time,

When were you ever really mine?


You only wish you were mine because she

Broke your heart.

Think back to when you broke mine.

Remember when you swept me under the rug,

I’ve grown unavoidable after all this time.


I’m still polite,

So please and thank you.

Please go away,

And thanks for turning something broken into something new.


Catch my eye,

And you’ll see me look away.

Try to say my name,

And I’ll leave you with nothing left to say.


So say what’s left,

And just walk away.

I don’t want to do this anymore,

So just throw it away.


Strike a match and set our past ablaze.

Just sew up the cuts and let the rest fade.

If we were meant to be, then let it be.

Look forward and stop looking back at me.


I loved you.

And some days I still love you.

But I’m thankful for me too.

Me over you.


So choose you over me.

Choose new over me.

Choose one over two.

Choose you.



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Pink petals gently falling, the sweet fragrance of flowers tenderly infusing the air;

Only in the spring do the Sakura trees flourish for they are rare.

A season longed by some individuals, a time when the sun shines so bright.

The frigid months of winter, followed by the warmth brought upon by the Tree of Life.


How many times have the cherry blossoms become reality, sprouting their true colors?

Too many to comprehend, a beginning to all of those warm months ahead.

The birth and the end.


Each blossom is a symbol of life – it blooms, it grows, and it eventually dies;

But its delicate beauty lingers by and by.

The brevity of each bud’s fluorescence,

The intensity of each and every shade is the very definition of life.


Generations have passed under the Sakura,

The brief blooming of the blossom representing a life lived meaningfully,

Not just a single soul, but thousands upon thousands living peacefully


Cherry blossoms are the signs of age,

The Sakura is the flow of time,

The seasons passing as swiftly as they came.


The endless flux of hours,

The countless days,

The neverending cherry blossom flowers.


The ephemeral allure of the Sakura, lasting until the end of time.

Starbucks Nightly Donated Food


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Starbucks in San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, and Chicago, are testing out a Mercato food line. The plan is to donate leftover food throughout the night, to decrease hunger and food waste. Clever right? The plan is basically killing two birds with one stone. However, the marcato food line started back in May of 2018 and the valley has yet to pick up the new trend. It is true that the food line has only been out for less than a year, therefore it’s still under a lot of testing and innovations. Once, more Starbucks stores across the countries contribute to the marcato food line into their own areas, it will hopefully inspire other stores to start a food donation as well.  Now, Starbuck is not the only cooperation that donates food, Panera also relieves some hunger with their end of the day doughnation. Their bagels, cinnamon rolls, and bear claws are filling many stomachs across states. Pizza Hut has also been donating their pizzas, breadsticks, and pasta that have been errors in orders through their harvest programs. It’s safe to say Starbucks is not the first restaurant to donate their food. In fact, many restaurants have been donating their leftovers for years, so what’s stopping other grocery stores and fast food chains from donating their food? In all honesty who knows, and hopefully, more stores start donating in the future.