A Student’s Account of Saturday School


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You are not going to persuade me into agreeing with assigned saturday schools, just as the same can be said for most-all of the student body, if not teachers as well. Apart from those truly deserving of punishment (whose opinions will inflict no change), due to neglecting respect for teachers, those pertaining to the group named “habitual truants,” and the failing members of the student body, Saturday School attendees consist of those being punished for what they deem neither fair nor reasonable. And so the classes, complete with students bitter over their forcible assignment, and teachers falling under nearly the same category, are teaching not patience, not respect, not acceptance, but a deep resentment for the system that is taking away the beginning of their most cherished day of the week. But the real catch 22 of the matter is not that Saturday School is often named unfair. As every cliche will prove, a lot of things in life aren’t fair. If what the Saturday School system is truly meant to do is chastise and/or punish, then should the time not be spent actively doing so? We waste entirely too much much time in the education system to begin with. You want to create a better campus, complete with students who actually maintain concern for their lives on school property? Have those being punished actually do something productive. What a thought. No matter how much we would love to deny it, the staff at this school have power over the student body. So actually use that power to benefit both parties. Stop limiting Saturday school activities to drone-like work. Sitting quietly for four hours will not teach students a lesson. I promise. It will simply breed bitterness. You want change? Then make it happen. Saturday School should entail labour. It should consist of cleaning our campus, scanning papers, making copies, setting the clocks to their accurate times. Just have us do something productive. Anything, really. Wasting students’ time,  just as wasting teachers’ time, does nothing for us. Vice versa for the rest of our staff. We have here an opportunity to actually benefit our campus. All it essentially entails is swapping absent mindedness with labour. Period.

The Super Bowl


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Super Bowl... Shelby Jehle

The Super Bowl has come and gone, almost as if it never happened. The parties are over, the food’s all gone,  the screaming over your favorite team has died down, but let us just take a moment to recap this crazy game, as well as the commercials.

The Game: No matter what team you were rooting  for, Seahawks or Patriots, it was obviously a crazy game. One minute you are eating dip, thinking the Seahawks have the game, and the next you are flipping the chip bowl with excitement as #15 Jermaine Kearse makes a game changing catch last second and the odds of them losing become miniscule. Then, out of nowhere the Patriots #21 Malcolm Butler comes from out of nowhere and makes the game winning interception that sent every Seahawks fan into speechless anger. All that can be said was everyone expected the Seahawks to win and then all of a sudden the game was over with a 28-24 win for the Patriots.

Commercials: Everyone, everywhere comes together to watch the Super Bowl, but the game is only part of it. The commercials are looked forward to every year by all. Usually they are always funny and sometimes odd, but not this year. It seemed like the 2015 Super Bowl was determined to depress. Every commercial had a sad tone to it, silencing the room, making people think hard about some serious topics such as bullying and how we should be loving each other, as well as Nationwide’s mini story about a boy in an accident that would never get to experience life,  and Budweiser’s puppy getting lost and almost not making it home. This year turned out to be a very sad year, basicly trying to make people think about some more important things than having fun watching Doritos and Pepsi commercials.

Though this game had some crazy moments and the ending caused screaming and yelling all across the country, both happy and sad, we can all say it was a very interesting game and the ending was not expected. Both teams worked very hard and deserved to be there competing for that Lombardi Trophy.

Top Eye Candy for Football


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Kayla Yasuda.. Top 5 Eye Candy

People watch the Superbowl for the game. Other people watch the Superbowl for the eye candy. I am part of those people. Do not get me wrong the game is just as interesting, but have you seen the backup quarterback for the New England Patriots? Actually, not just the backup quarterback, but there are a few attractive men on that team. And those men need to be appreciated for those well put together faces of theirs. So this is my way of saying thank you, to their mom’s and dad’s for creating a fine piece of work. Here is a list of the top 5 hottest men on the field.

The fifth man goes by the name of Bobby Wagner. He is an American football linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. This man has a babyface, I love babyfaces, do not get me started. Men with babyfaces never age and will always look innocently adorable throughout their years. If you look at Bobby Wagner, his football profile pictures capture a small twinkle in his eyes; a very good looking man on the Seahawks.

The fourth place is taken by the famous quarterback for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady. This quarterback is known for his good looks and reputation on the field, not to mention that this year Brady won his third MVP award. Unfortunately this man is taken by the gorgeous Gisele Bündchen. That name even sounds majestic. I would say a married man still gives hope but nobody can compete with her. Nothing wrong with admiring from afar.

Cooper Helfet takes the title of the third hottest man. He is number #84 for the Seattle Seahawks and they did a very good decision by signing that man. Helfet looks like he should be on the cover of GQ. He is only 25 years old which means that there would be no skepticism if he ran away with a high school journalism student. But lets get real this student is 18, I’m not being illegal now.

The runner up for first, but still a great place to be, falls to Julian Edelman. And once again we have another player for  the New England Patriots and by player he is the wide receiver and punt returner. Edelman looks like a rugged lumberjack with beard scruff made by the gods. His beautiful blue eyes give him some major points too. And when he takes a picture in a suit do not even get me started, I never even knew shoulders could look so good.

First and Final place goes to my husband, Jimmy Garoppolo; the backup quarterback for the New England Patriots. This man. This. Man. His parents were born in Cuba so he is one hot piece of Cuban ancestry. He is attractive as it is, but when he smiles it is like looking directly at the sun. You want to look directly at it, but the severe heat will destroy your vision. Especially when he grows out his hair a little; its like perfection. He is also a very young man at the age of 23 and still has a future ahead of him that involves me. And even though this article is very much of an opinion that is a known fact!

How to Deal with Annoying People at School


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Let’s be honest, school is filled with annoying people. Whether they are classmates or even teachers you are bound to meet someone who is just completely irritating. However, some people are unaware of their not so great trait, while others are completely aware of how annoying they are and for some odd reason find their trait to be humorous? Well, either way school is mandatory and we have to find a way to deal with these obnoxious people!

Let’s start off with the Patricias. Patricias are people who are unaware of how annoying they are. Patricias are the kinds of kids to just constantly talk to the point that when class is over you know more about what they did last weekend than the actual lesson you were supposed to learn. Although Patricias are annoying, they are not the worse, a simple “shut up, you’re annoying” here and there will just about solve the issue.

Relatively to Patricias are Taylors, Taylors are the kinds of people who think its ok to talk back to the teacher and think the world revolves around them. However, Taylors do not necessarily apply to girls, but anyone. As well as, Taylors can be handled almost the same way as Patricias because they do not realize how annoying they are. Therefore Taylors can be handled by addressing the problem face to face and proving the world does not revolve around them.

Then there are Marks. Marks are the absolute worse. They are the kinds of kids who will kick the back of your chair and constantly make jokes that are not even remotely funny. They are the kinds of kids who will feed off your anger and try to be even more annoying. Even ignoring them is hard to do, because lets face it, most of us would go crazy! The thing about Marks is that every one of them is different, yet most of them can be stopped the same way. One person can not change a Mark, it takes a group effort. In order to stop a Mark the whole class needs to ignore them and silently bring them down. It may sound harsh, but think of it as a lesson to them. However, there is something to keep in mind before taking this advice. Every Mark has a reason behind their annoyingness, and a reason could be a lack of attention. So, ignoring a Mark can actually make things worse. I guess the only true way to stop a Mark is to actually get to know them, and I mean become a good friend of theirs. If you befriend them and just ask how their day is going, you will be able to fill that emptiness in them that lacks attention.

Lastly, how to deal with annoying teachers. Hate to break it to you, but you just have to  suck it up. Sadly, because you are not allowed to change classes based on your judgements toward a teacher. The only thing you can do is buy them their favorite food and respect them.

All in all, there is a solution to every problem. So, when it comes to dealing with annoying people at school, know that there is a way to stop the Patricias, the Taylors, and even the Marks. Now, you know how to deal with annoying and possibly form a friendship as a result of it.


Movie Review of Gone Girl


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Gone Girl, while praised for it’s vivid film talent, in my eyes, was a little more inadequate than masterful. I had watched the stars go up on stage during the famous Golden Globes to receive the famed award, and in that moment I thought to myself “This movie looks pretty good, it might be worth my time.” I’m here to tell you that it’s not. The entire movie is filmed in this grey hue as to make the already morbid plot seem like it’s attending it’s own funeral. The only good thing I was able to pull from this pathetic excuse of a thriller was the ability to see the devastatingly handsome Ben Affleck work his magic. Another famed character would be that of Neil Patrick Harris, from which his psycho ex-boyfriend viewpoint is not like any other he has played. There was no way I could take him seriously and for that, his dramatic role was not up to par.

Now I don’t want to spoil any part of this rancid film, but I will tell you the twist and turns could easily be calculated way before they were revealed. It’s as if they didn’t want to hide things from the audience that would normally keep them more intrigued. I was under the impression it was going to be a suspenseful and as much as a thriller as the famed Michael Jackson had danced to. It was solely devoted to a sad attempt of surprise and nothing more.

I honestly cannot understand how this movie could have won so many awards and be regarded with such high standards. There are plenty of other movies that were deprived of their spectacular film merit, mainly ones that had the shining light stolen by this ghastly feature.

This three hour movie was not worth my time, not only because it showed so many viewpoints that contradicted what the main plot was, but the ending alone made me want to erase my memory for having famished the last three hours. It was such an unbelievable let down especially for me to begin watching with such high hopes.

I would highly recommend not depleting your energy.  Instead of satisfaction, I ended that movie feeling angry, depressed, and above all with a sour taste on my tongue.

Deli Delicious


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Deli Delicious has definiteDeli Delicious (Seth Ruiz)ly changed my views of sandwiches and how they taste. Anyone can throw a sandwich together and have it taste mediocre, but not too satisfying. Therefore, people go to places like Subway, Jimmy Johns, and Port of Subs to get their taste of a good sandwich. I have had every one of those listed places, and not a single one comes close to the quality of the sandwiches at Deli Delicious. At Deli Delicious, the prices may seem a little high for the sizes you can buy with 7 dollars; but it is all worth it. As soon as you take your first bite you will immediately understand why I prefer Deli delicious over any other sandwich joint.

You are probably wondering, “How is it better?”

Well let me tell you my curious citizen. As soon as you take the first bite of one of their sandwiches you will know how it is different from the others. For one, they stuff the sandwich with the condiments and every inch of the sub is filled with what you want. At a place like Subway, the first bite you take may not have that pickle that you have longed for. The same goes for Jimmy Johns and Port of Subs. These sandwich places only fill the sandwich with minimal fillings and it feels like a Taco Bell burrito; the first few bites are full of deprived tortilla. At Deli Delicious, every bite is filled with what you want and it all comes together beautifully.

Their veggies are fresh and their bread is always firm and full of tasty wonders. Make sure to always order something different. The way you build your sub is based off your size. All you have to do is tell them what size you want and the rest is up to you. You do not pay for the meat; but rather the size only. At Subway, you are paying a very high price just to have roast beef. this is another reason why I love Deli more than its competitors. If I have not convince you yet; there is one more thing i should mention. Are you tired of buying chips with a sandwich all the time?  Well, at deli Delicious you can buy some fries to go along that amazing sandwich. Their fries are as good as any and they fit along perfectly with any sandwich.

Next time you go to lunch, make sure to give Deli Delicious a taste test. Its next to Shanghai and they give a discount with the evidence of a student ID card from El Diamante. I guarantee you will want to go there almost every lunch.



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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe worry of finding a formal date, finding a dress, or paying for dinner can cause a lot of stress for people. Well lucky for you, I have the perfect solution! Here is the checklist for the best Anti-Formal. 1) A great group of people 2) Goodwill suits 3) WinCo ingredients and 4) a game plan. In place of formal I held a “Casino Night” at my house. Some of my friends didn’t have a date or enough money to go. With a budget of $15 per person I was able to throw an antiformal for my friends. It felt a lot more special because we all had something fun to do together and was more intimate with a comfortable environment. I prepped by picking up decorations from party city where I also picked up casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. Then everyone took a trip to goodwill to make their own suits and find some dresses. We all had great luck for this snazzy night. I even scored a fondue fountain for $5 (this calls for chocolate covered strawberries). We also had dinner to plan, so a trip to winco was necessary. We grabbed some appetizers like cheese and salami then a veggie tray. For the main course, we grabbed few bags of pasta with a side of garlic bread then bam! Dinner is of the checklist. Now to really go with the theme, we added a jazz record for our background music. This night was a complete success and there was no regrets for missing formal. I encourage people that there is no reason to mope around when school dances like this come around. You just need a little bit of creativity and you can have a better time than you might think!

The #LikeAGirl Campaign


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The stereotypes have been around for centuries, and surely, they will be around for many more years to come. Girls have always done things “differently”. The female’s ability, or lack there of, to run, hit, kick, or throw has been said to be lackluster compared to those of the opposite gender. But, when did doing something “like a girl” become such a negative thing?

On Superbowl Sunday, Always aired their #LIkeAGirl campaign commercials and asked the millions of viewers just that. The commercial featured teenagers, both male and female, being asked to kick, hit, throw, and run “like a girl,” and their performances demonstrated the stereotype society has had for females for centuries. But then, a group of young girls were introduced to the audience. They were asked to do the same things, but they demonstrated running, hitting, throwing, and kicking “like a girl” differently. Rather than conforming to society’s stereotype, they showed the power and strength females really possess.

Always states that as females go through puberty, “their confidence plummets and many never recover.” Always wants to change that. The company wants to take the insult out of the phrase “like a girl” and put some confidence back into females. Always is on a mission to prove the stereotypes wrong and make doing something “like a girl” an amazing thing.


‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ sequel to be published in July


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TKAM - Ruby A

The novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee has remained a popular classic since its publishing in 1960; a sequel to this critically-acclaimed novel is to be released on July fourteenth of this year, in both paper and electronic format.

The sequel, titled “Go Set a Watchman,” was actually written before “To Kill A Mockingbird” in the mid-1950s. In the sequel, protagonist Scout Finch often refers to flashbacks of her childhood experiences with racial prejudice. As a first-time writer, Lee was encouraged by her publisher to first write a novel from the perspective of a young Scout. With this advice, “To Kill A Mockingbird” was published in 1960 and became a major success; the sequel was set aside and never returned to.

“Go Set a Watchman” includes many of the main characters of Lee’s first published novel, which is likely to capture fans of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” In the sequel, Scout Finch returns to Maycomb, Alabama from New York to visit her father, Atticus Finch. Scout must sort through her personal and political feelings about her hometown, her childhood, and her father’s new perception of society. Lee’s novel captures the harsh racial tensions that plagued society during the 1950s and is highly likely to be a popular read for many individuals.


Girls Basketball at Lemoore


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On Wednesday February 11th, the Lady Miners faced off against Lemoore. The game took place at Lemoore, and got off to a slow start. The Lady Miners’ defense was hit hard by Lemoore’s offense, as the Tigers took a 17-3 lead in the first quarter. The Lady Miners put up a fight scoring 49 points in the last three quarters. However, it was not enough. The Miners’ could not overcome the deficit of 14 to beat Lemoore. The game ended in a loss 65-52.

The Lady Miners’ fought hard this season in an attempt to make it to playoffs. Sadly, this loss ended their opportunity to go to the promise land.

Camille Pangget stated, “It was a disappointing loss that ended our chances for playoffs.” It is saddening to see the basketball season already coming to close, and we are all looking forward to see the Lady Miners’ in action next year.