American Horror Story Season 4


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Some people can’t wait until October to celebrate Halloween, but others are excited for different reasons. On October 8, it is announced that American Horror Story Season 4 will premiere. This feature is a horror television series that is directed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. There is no rating on the content of this show, but it does contain profanity, violence, and sexual content.

American Horror Story is distinguished from any other show based on the setup. The way the show works is called an anthology series. Each season has a set of different characters, setting, and plot line. The season went from a Murder House, an Asylum, then a Coven. Some actresses and actors are recurring for the seasons, and some are not in a season at all. The interesting part about a new season is finding out who plays what and how they adapt to the new atmosphere.

Season 4 is creating much excitement and expectations with the chosen setting, Freakshow. The circus appeal definitely contributes to the horror genre of the show, because we all know clowns are not something you mess with. Lets just say that with this given atmosphere there are many things that you can incorporate with the plot line.  This upcoming season consists of the stereotypes of a typical circus family: the bearded lady, the superhuman, and the conjoined twins. Yes, conjoined twins. We are all wondering how this is going to play out, an actress playing a character with two heads;  not to mention the character that has three breasts, but that is a different story. There are so many unique aspects that are revealed so far that it is painful to wait another day. Many rumors are spreading focused on the plot line but no one knows for sure. The best thing to do is wait and see, as hard as that sounds.

Our Level of Incompetence


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I’ve come to a conclusion, one much like those I’m positive plenty have had: human beings, in all of our knowledge and beliefs, are completely unorthodox creatures. In fact, we are unorthodox to the point that we are, essentially, incompetent. This is a broad statement, and I suppose in some cases not entirely true. But, as most would agree, it is the majority which is given consideration, and therefore it is from the majority that I have found this to be a truth.

We have created this idea that success is given only to those which have met our specified means of measurement: money, education, popularity. But you see, the problem with having a set limit of success is that from it we bare failure. That is not to rid us of our knowledge of it, however; the existence of failure is a definitive knowledge most-all living creatures are accustomed to. What is meant in this is that we have so glorified this idea of success, that it is never met. We are a culture that is never satisfied, and when satisfaction can never be guaranteed, we are left with the belief, that despite our best-laid plans, all we will ever be, is mediocre. It seems mediocrity goes hand-in-hand with best-laid plans; neither reach the potential we have hoped for them.

They say that there is no such thing as a selfless act. Even if intentions are entirely-based on pleasing others, the pleasure we find in helping another rids the event of its selflessness, for we feed on that pleasure. We have become so dependent on satisfaction that never, truly, is it reached. We are incompetent in our search for it, just as we are incompetent in our desire for it. We are unorthodox in our ceaseless desire. We are incompetent in our unorthodoxy.


Crocodile Pit Suicide


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Once Wanpen Inyai was reported missing on Friday by her family, no one would have ever guessed where she would be found. Due to reports of her actually being depressed, the 65-year-old women decided to commit suicide in a crocodile pit. The witnesses later told authorities that Inyai just simply took off her shoes that Friday afternoon and jumped into the pond swarming with crocodiles.

There are reports saying that this is not the first suicide that has happened at the farm. The farm staff said that the last suicide they had dealt with was in 2002 where another women also committed suicide the same way as Inyai. Staff at the farm and zoo used sticks to try and stop the attack, but the dozens of crocodiles did not hesitate one bit once she first stepped into the pit. Unfortunately the staff was not able to stop the malnourished crocodiles. Reports say that the pond Inyai had jumped into was about 10-feet-deep and housed with about 100,000 crocodiles which dozens fed off of her.

Police found her health care card the next day in the pond filled with crocodiles. Also finding leftover tissue confirming her death that same day. No one officially knows how the woman was able to step into the crocodile pit when the pond is surrounded by a fence. Also when the gate is supposed to be guarded by employees to make sure that the tourists who visit are safe.

Nobody also knows why one would want to commit suicide in such a horrific and devastating  matter. As her family reports they seem to blame it on her depression that they noticed. Even though they do not really know the reason why she decided to jump into the pit. They hope to assure more safety to the tourists, so another devastation as such as these past two reports won’t happen again. Also a man earlier this year  tried to commit suicide in sort of the same matter as the two women just with a different type of animal. Fortunately, they were able to stop him and rescue him from the tigers home.

43 Dogs Die in a Fire


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On September 11, 2014, there was a suspected arson attack on the Manchester Dogs Home in Europe.The block that was on fire was block 5 which is the shelter’s medical departmen,t which then led to the kennel being caught on fire. Within hours of this upsetting event donations started pouring in. There was an appeal fund set up by the newspaper for the Manchester and Cheshire Dog Homes charity. Even as the fire was still going civilians were trying to help the firefighters and endangering themselves. As they were investigating how the fire started, a fifteen year old boy was arrested on the suspicion of arson. Thankfully one-hundred and fifty dogs were rescued, but forty-three  died. As the city was mourning, there were many organizations set up to try and help raise money. Some of the residents said that they could hear “yelping” as the fire broke out. As a dog owner myself, I know that heartbreaking noise that they make when they’re hurt so I couldn’t imagine what if would be like hearing almost two hundred dogs making that noise. Right now the kennel is running on donations from the public.

Nicki Minaj: Idol or Negative Influence?


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Last Friday it was said that Nicki Minaj was not allowed to talk to students at her former school, LaGuardia High School. This raised many questions and confusion. Nicki Minaj says she was turned down when she asked to speak to the students who currently attend. The board claimed that the reason she was not allowed was because the purpose of her visit was for a TV show and they did not want their school involved. Based on the content of the rapper’s music and videos, it is understandable that they would not want her there.

Many teenagers view her as an idol, and perhaps they would have wanted to have her there. I, on the other hand, believe that if a school is going to take time out of their students’ education to have a celebrity on campus, it should be a highly influential individual. A person who has gone through a lot, has accomplished a lot of great things, and is a positive influence, should be the one to speak to teenagers.

High School is a very important part of one’s life. It is at this time when we are more likely to fall under peer pressure and it is a great idea to have a speaker who can set an example to students of how they became successful. Rappers, who talk about unimportant things, use vulgar language, and whose music serves no purpose, is not someone who I feel deserves my time or any other teen’s when our major worry should be to get good grades and graduate. I feel that the board for LaGuardia High School made a good decision by not allowing their former student to speak on their campus. Perhaps if it was not going to be recorded, I’d have a different perspective. Nicki Minaj, however, planned to bring in cameras to record the event. This is what causes me to think that her main intention was to gain more fame. Many celebrities do “positive” things just to look good in the eyes of others. In my opinion, the most truthful and honest gestures are those that are done when one does not care if there is a camera in front of them or not.

Russian Troops in Ukraine


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Russia invaded Crimea, an annexed major landmass, in March of this year and they did so illegally. Russia was assisted in taking over government buildings by Separatists, as well as led by some Russian officers. Russia still remains in the region and continues to occupy Crimea under a cease-fire. In most cases the U.S assisting Ukraine could not only turn Russia away from further conflict, but also help them regain security in terms of serious nuclear challenges. The fact that Russia has broken its Budapest commitment gives little assurance as to whether Ukraine, or anyone for that matter, can trust them in the future. The Budapest Memorandum was created to provide security assurance by stopping the spread of nuclear weapons mainly for those that signed it.

Despite the invasion Ukraine has managed to push back enough to get Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to have a cease-fire on September 5th. At the moment it is unclear what the right move would be to make. Giving Ukraine weapons could escalate the tension or it could give them the security that they need. However, the Ukrainians will take whatever risks they need for the assurance of security. By Russia breaking the Budapest Memorandum Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity has been tampered with. It is only right that those countries that signed the Memorandum on security assurances step in. Those being the United States as well as Britain. These actions are the reason Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, removed about 1900 nuclear warheads. However, the cease-fire has had violations, meaning civilian casualties have been made. This only adds to the 3,000+ people that have died in the conflict since April. Last week an agreement was made to further the struggle for peace. Ordering for heavy artillery to be pulled back and advances to be halted. Even though a cease-fire is in place the struggle still continues as it has for months now.

Meeting Mrs. Koop


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Mrs. Koop is a new staff member to El Diamante this year. She replaced Mrs. Garcia as the junior class learning director. Before coming to El D, Mrs. Koop worked in Farmersville Unified School District for 13 years. Through those years, she created a school council and coached softball. After thirteen wonderful years working in Farmersville, she decided it was time for a change. Mrs. Koop chose to come to El D because she missed the high school age level. Our school was a pretty big change for Mrs. Koop. Her first impression was “It was huge! I kept getting lost my first week here! And there’s so many students here!” However, after a hectic first few weeks, she eventually began to find her way around and her place as a Miner. Mrs. Koop seems to really enjoy being a part of the staff here. She says that, “The people here are really nice and friendly, and the students are so ambitious!” Mrs. Koop genuinely loves her job as a Learning Director. She says it’s “exactly” what she wanted to do. She enjoys helping students find the right path to lead them to a bright future in college and a career. Outside of school, Mrs. Koop has three adorable dogs that she loves to spend most of her time with. In high school, Mrs. Koop played both soccer and softball. She received a full ride scholarship to play softball in college. Mrs. Koop is a phenomenal new addition to the Miner family, and has already impacted many students in her first weeks here.

Meeting Mr.Reed


Staff Writer

Mr. Reed has joined the El Diamante staff as the new Learning Director for freshmen students. Before coming to El Diamante, Mr. Reed was the principal of Laton High School in Hanford, California.

While he did not always plan a career in education, Mr. Reed enjoys his work in school administration. He grew up in Visalia and attended Redwood High School. Mr. Reed taught Spanish for seven years and  became a school administrator thirteen years ago. He says the transition from Laton High School to El Diamante has been smooth and easy, as the school is very well-run and organized. Mr. Reed claims that his experience at the school so far has been wonderful. “The school is very clean, students are well-behaved, few discipline issues have occurred, students’ parents are friendly, and the staff is very competent and professional.”

Outside of school, Mr. Reed enjoys going camping with his family and watching football games with his sons. He enjoys his work in school administration overall and is happy with his new position. “I am very proud to work at a school with such a positive atmosphere.”El Diamante is pleased to have Mr. Reed on campus as the new Learning Director for freshmen.


Club Rush


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This week El Diamante had its yearly Club Rush. A number of students gathered Wednesday, during lunch, to sign up at numerous club tables. With a variety of clubs to choose from, every student can have the opportunity to participate in school activities and find other people who might share similar interests. For instance, there is a bowling club, animal charity club , acoustic club, etc.  Being a member of a club, the participation in a club is very important. It is great to dedicate your time and colleges are pleased to see these kind of students. “Who doesn’t want to be in a club?” says Luis Ceballos as he signs up for the bowling club. Most of these clubs are formed from the students and they run it with support of a teacher. Not only do these clubs show good use of time, but they can also teach good leadership skills. Students can even participate in being an officer. This position can come from being in the club more than one time, which is a great way to show commitment to the club. Ashley Giannadrea exclaims that Charity for Change, “Makes students get involved and get to know each other better.” while she represents the table. El Diamante excels in academics, sports, and performing arts. The students involvement and passion to excel is demonstrated very well throughout the school. With all the clubs that are offered, every student is offered many opportunities to make their four years worth it. There is a place here at school for every person and each one is important. Joining a club can make a memorable experience to look back on.

Cross Country


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El Diamante’s Cross Country team of 2014-15 shows real potential this year. Cross country is known to be one of the most agonizing sports there is. Last year they won every race since the beginning. When it came to WYL last year, the race came so close and El Diamante ended up sharing the title with Mt Whitney. This did not stop Varsity from going on to Valley and winning within the top ten schools around. This year there are a lot of seniors, making up most of the team from last year. Cross Country has a long season ahead of them.

What motivates them to run? “We strive for excellence and to win Valley. I headed towards getting a scholarship. #D1Bound #COS”, said Jacob Bilvado, senior at El Diamante. He plans on getting top three at WYL, win Valley and top five in the state. Jack Perez says, “My teammates motivate me to go out there and run everyday. They tell me to go out there and keep practicing to get better”. According to Jack, the boys and girls Varsity and JV is a strong team and they both should do really well this season. He plans to win WYL and go on to Valley and win at least second place. Sidney Scott stated,”Truthfully, I don’t like running, but my friends out there push me and sometimes inspire me to keep going”.