Zombie Attack

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom far far away named El Diamante, zombies attacked the Journalism class. When the first horrid shell of a human steeped over the threshold Miss Elder ran screaming from the room, taking her coach purse, phone and laptop. The zombie ripped out Liz Iaquinto’s brain and ate it with gusto. She turned to Christian, and said, “Hold my purse. I said hold it!” Christian, terrified, took it, and when her hands were free she consumed his brains. Ethan seized the fire extinguisher and beat them over the head with it. Courtney pushed them back out the door and they held it shut.
Hannah yelled, “Staff writers barricade the door! Photography committee take pictures so we can report on this later, Editors meeting now!!!”
Maren, Alex G., Macky, Austin and Sabina joined Garima and Hannah that the table. “We need layout too!” Garima yelled.
Sam, Morgan and Ryan S. also joined the table.
Hannah took a deep breath and started to speak, “I know we have incurred a great loss with Christian and Liz but-“ she stopped talking, staring at Morgan. “Are you okay?” she asked.
Alex looked over at Morgan and pushed her chair away from the table abruptly. He was flaring his nostrils, raising his eyebrows and moving his ears all at the same time.
“Totem,” he said in a flat voice. “Totem.”
Maren stood up and backed away slowly.
“I think we have a live one.” Austin said.
“He’s dead. Technically.” Macky said.
In a fast movement Morgan stood and kicked Sabina in the head, punched Sam in the jaw, karate chopped Ryan, used a spinning kick on Hannah, and elbowed Garima at the top of the spine. Then punched Maren and Alex simultaneously and knocked Macky and Austin’s head together.
Ginsberg yelled, “Dare to be beautiful!” and ran at Morgan. Morgan decapitated him.
Juliet walked over to Heather and said, “Distract him, I’ll come from the side.” Heather started to dance to Thriller and Morgan stared at her perplexed and Juliet kicked his head. He teetered for a moment before falling to the floor.
A third of the class sat stunned, a third ran screaming and the rest remaining devised a plan. Those that were running and screaming provided the perfect distraction. Meanwhile the recently turned zombies began to rise behind Ryan S.
“May I leave the room, may I leave the room,” he yelled repeatedly. Theo, Micaela, Ethan, Chris, Alison S. gathered behind Dani.
“Grab some desks,” she yelled. Everyone grabbed a desk and began to form a giant shield. As they proceeded to build the shield Chris and Dani were viciously attacked by zombies.
Chris’s last words were, “Hey guys welcome to sports. Today the zombies attacked the journalism class. Here are the scores-“. They were gone. All who was left fend for the class was Ethan, Michaela and Alison. They were backed into a corner vulnerable and defenseless when suddenly goldfish busted through the door.
“Down with cornuts,” it yelled as it stabbed several zombies in the neck with giant needles. Suddenly all the stabbed zombies grew 80 years younger, and their cloths returned to normal. As we calmed and the panic cleared we saw that the goldfish was none other than Mrs. Elder.
Morgan began to rise, “I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you and your meddling goldfish!” he said.

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