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Vegans are people who do not eat or use animal products. They exist on meats, eggs, dairy products, or sea foods in their life. Vegans basically eat plant-based foods that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, and beans. They either grew up being vegan with their family, or they started being vegan at some point in their life. I would love to start being vegan and see where life takes me eating plant-based foods. I need more positivity in my life and start being more healthy, but it would be hard for me to be vegan. I grew up with a family that eats meat, eggs, and dairy products that vegans are not allowed to eat or use, so it would be hard for me. It would be cool to try vegan foods like pasta or tofu to see how vegan people live and eat. Being vegan has its cons; it is not a good idea to trade in animal products, which contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that provides little nutritional value other than calories. If you are serious about becoming a vegan, you would have to be careful checking food labels. Studies say if you were becoming a vegan or are a vegan you might be happier by eating plant-based foods and you would count that as a good thing. Another good thing is that you would not be spending so much money if you were a vegan. You could consider planting some of the plant-based foods in your own backyard, then you would not have to be spending money at all. But if you are thinking about being vegan, have good reasons to why you want to become vegan, do not just become vegan because you are being left out from being with your vegan friends. Do it because you want to become healthier and you do not want to see animals in harm. My good friend, Olivia, said being vegan was the best feeling in the world. Olivia said, “it makes me feel like I am much more connected to the universe and earth and the other living creatures on it. I feel more filled with love and gratitude! My body also feels cleaner and comfortable knowing I only put plant-based products into it!” So Olivia has a good reason to why she became vegan, and she is happier with the decision she has made!

Miners Bounce Back Against Pioneers


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It is not that often when a game in Week 5 has your entire season resting on the outcome.  The El Diamante Miners entered their clash with Mt. Whitney at a dismal 1-3 record.  After entering the season as one of the most hyped team since the Miners’ valley season in 2013, this year’s campaign so far has been plagued by injuries, and the inability to stop the run.  However, 2 out the last 3 weeks the Miner defense has stood their ground against the ground game.  They limited Monache to just 1.9 yards per carry in Week 3.  And after a setback the following week against Dinuba, the Miners responded again with solid defense against the Pioneers of Mt. Whitney.  


The Miners hung up 30+ plus for the second consecutive week behind a two headed monster attack in Running Back Devontae Freeman and Quarterback Parker Boswell.  Freeman finished with 3 touchdowns and well over 200 yards, while Boswell provided a very efficient and consistent Miner passing attack.  Jayvon Hightower had a big night and we saw a rare touchdown from a defensive player who was getting some snaps on offense.  Junior Linebacker Jake Garbani lined up at Fullback and ran out to the flat, Boswell dumped the ball off to a wide open Garbani who pranced into the end zone, running through a couple of tacklers near the goal line.  


After a late scare, the Miners pulled ahead late and iced the game with Devontae Freeman’s third touchdown, dotting the i on their win and spoiling homecoming night for Mt. Whitney.  The clock hit zero with a final score of 38-16.  The Miners took a step forward and moved their record up to 2-3.  Although it is still an uphill climb, the Miners have not dug themselves in too big of a hole.  Seeding in the playoffs may be rough, but El D still possesses a team that is very capable to do a lot of damage in the postseason.

Is Zeke Bust?


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The Dallas Cowboy’s returning running back, Ezekiel Elliott, is starting this season a lot slower than his remarkable rookie season in 2016. Last year, Elliott was a true rising star in the NFL and was one of the league’s most popular to watch. There is not a lot of room to grow when your first season is such a far stretch. It does not help that the Cowboys took such an immense loss against the Denver Broncos this Sunday. The score was 42 – 17 and Elliot had only 8 rushing yards for 9 carries. The media has not been easy on the young player, even Hall of Famers are giving him a beat in the leg. LaDainian Tomlinson was interviewed by Deion Sanders after the game on Sunday and said that “He (Elliot) absolutely quit on is team…” and that he “didn’t like that.” There is plenty of time left in this season and judging a running back on one bad game is not a good game plan. Zeke is showing to be somewhat of a bust this season but nobody can predict how the rest of his season will go.

Starving Zeke


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Who’d a thunk it? The leading rusher from 2016 with the best offensive line in football goes up against a defense that lost major pieces from the year prior and has young, inexperienced, talent gets held to 8 yards on 9 carries.


Perhaps the most surprising win of week two was Denver (2-0) demolition of the Cowboys (1-1), 42-17. Broncos’ GM John Elway through the first two weeks of the 2017 season looks worthy of his new 5 year contract that made him the highest paid executive in the NFL. His major offensive line acquisitions of right guard, former Cowboy, Ronald Leary, Menelik Watson, and first round draft pick Garrett Boles look like major upgrades to the 2016 O-line that ranked 25th in the league according to Pro Football Focus. Many Bronco fans were disappointed with his decision to cut safety T.J. Ward and worried that it would ruin the defensive chemistry that won the team a Super Bowl just a year ago. But, they have not skipped a beat looking great in pass coverage. After all, Dak Prescott has thrown 33% of his career interceptions to the Denver secondary in only one game.


If we’re being honest Trevor Siemian is leading the NFL’s MVP race. After Sunday he is leading the league in passing touchdowns (6) and total touchdowns (7). He is striving in new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s system that relies on a strong run game to keep the defense uneasy. Siemian allows his receivers, half-backs, and tight ends make plays after the catch. #13 is capable of making accurate deep throws that he was not able to do in 2016 and is more comfortable taking chances on plays like rolling out of the pocket more to make throws on the run. Siemian’s two great first games of 2017 have been at home where the eye test would tell you he plays more comfortable. Although, his passer rating at home in 2016 (86.4) was lower than his passer rating on the road (86.6). HIs first away game of the year will be a major test to prove his doubters wrong that believe he is a tier 3 QB with the likes of older players such as Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers.


The #NoFlyZone defense played lights out with their back against the wall. Even with new defensive coordinator Joe Woods they played as one unit with the common goal of being dominant in all aspects, stuffing the run, rushing the quarterback, and getting takeaways. The front seven anchored by LOLB Von Miller and DE Derek Wolfe so far look like an upgrade from 2016 and maybe even on another level than the 2015 Super Bowl Champion defense. Cornerback Aqib Talib was tasked with covering Cowboy’s whiteout, and notorious pass dropper, Dez Bryant. The real “21 Savage” completely locked him down. Only allowing 7 catches on 16 targets for 59 yards. Talib capped off the game with the third longest pick six in NFL history for 103 yards.


The Broncos will have their first away matchup of the year in Buffalo where they will open up as 3 point favorites (-3). #BillsMafia has the longest active playoff drought in the NFL and are hopeful to squeak into the Wild Card spot with the leadership of fifth year QB Tyrod Taylor. The two teams that do not win the AFC West might have something to say about that.

Support The Dream Act


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With the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) under the limelight, the U.S. is waiting for President Trump’s decision. As of right now, the DACA program will supposedly come to an end, affecting 800,000 young immigrants. As a result, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), have taken action by introducing the DREAM Act in hopes of keeping the young ‘Dreamers’ in our communities. When DACA was passed in 2012 by President Obama, our economy improved, our communities strengthened, and the door was opened for thousands of immigrants. Trump’s looming decision to end DACA will hurt our economy, but the DREAM Act will be a great replacement to keep our economy on the rise and communities strong. More importantly, the DREAM Act will keep dreamer’s doors and possibilities open. This new bill in question is not going to let immigrants have a free pass to become a U.S. citizen: There will still be a process. If a Dreamer wants to become a citizen in America, they must spend at least 8 years as a conditional permanent resident, then 3 years with a (LPR) green card. Only then an immigrant can attempt to become a U.S. citizen. Overall, the DREAM Act will keep young immigrants from the doors closing on their full potential.

“It” 2017 Film Review

By Saul Mendez

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Clowns are creepy; we can all agree on that, right? But Pennywise, the dancing clown, who stalks and torments the children of Derry, Maine, is something straight out of a nightmare.


Seven young children who appear to be outcasts are about to face their worst nightmare: an ancient, shape-shifting evil clown who emerges from the sewer every 27 years to kill innocent children. Coming together over one summer, the friends must overcome their own personal fears to battle the murderous Pennywise.


This film has its moments in terms of horror, but is also a surprisingly funny, coming-of-age story. IT reminds me of another Stephen King novel, Stand By Me, and The Goonies. The movie is a little too long, but director Andres Muschietti did a great job directing, and the actors put on an amazing performance for the film. Without spoiling too much of the movie, IT is an entertaining comedy and horror film that runs a little long. Overall, I would rate this movie as a nine out of ten.

Mrs. Vang


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School is finally starting to flow. People know where their classes are, we have started taking notes in classes, and – to the student dismay – tests have begun as well. Along with the students on campus, the teachers are trying to get this school year rolling.


This year at El Diamante High School, we have a new assistant principal who we all commonly as know Mrs. Vang. Mrs. Vang came onto El Diamante’s staff as the sophomore (now senior class) learning director, and recently was asked to take the step to become the Assistant Principle on campus. I asked our new assistant principal a few questions on how this school year is going so far and how her promotion gives her new ways to connect with students and run this school.


So far this year, Mrs. Vang is confident that the enrollment is bigger than it has ever been and she is excited to learn new things. When asked about what she is excited to see happen this year, Mrs. Vang answered that she is looking forward to seeing a great year of students learning from great teachers and rejoicing in it. Vang took a big step into a different role, and the senior class – and the school as a whole – is excited to see her success. Best of luck, Mrs. Vang!


The Hip-Hop Legend

tupac-quotes-4By PAYTON LOMONACO

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The Hip-Hop legend, Tupac Shakur, was a talented, yet a troubled 90’s gangster rapper who was a rebel with a cause caught in a feud between east coast and west coast rappers. Tupac was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996 at the age of 26. Tupac was born June 16, 1971 in East Harlem, New York City. Tupac came from parents that were involved in Black Panthers. His mother had her name changed from Alice Faye Williams to Afeni Shakur when  she became pregnant with Tupac in 1970 while on bail for being charged with conspiring a race war, but was acquitted that same year when she defended herself successfully. Tupac’s father, Billy Garland, was also a Black Panther and had lost contact with Tupac when he was 5 years old, which left Tupac thinking that his father was dead .Tupac was reunited with his father at age 23.


In Tupac’s early life, he grew up with younger sister Sekiya  and mother Afeni. Being a single mother of two children, they struggled for money and would often move homes and sometimes even stay in shelters. Tupac went to Baltimore School of Art’s where he said “It was, the freest I ever felt”, but unfortunately moved because his neighborhood was so crime ridden. Then they moved to Marin city where his mother picked up a crack addiction.Tupac  started selling the same drug his mother was consuming and also sold it on the same streets his mom would buy it from. When Tupac started music it steered him away from the crime he was brought into.


His love for Hip-Hop overcame the pain and struggle he went through growing up. In 1998, at 17, Tupac met an older white woman named Leila Steinberg at a park and they struck a conversation about Winnie Mandela. She described Tupac “As a young man with fan-like eyelashes, overflowing charisma, and most infectious laugh,” When they met, Tupac was obsessively writing poetry. Though Steinfeld had no experience in the music industry, she would still later become his manager. Steinfeld had gotten a music manager named Atron Gregory in the year 1990. Atron got Tupac a gig as a roadie, and a dancer for Digital Underground. From there, Gregory took over and got Tupac a deal with interscope records, A month later Tupac drops his first album as a solo artist, and he sold 500,000 copies with his popular songs “Brenda’s got a baby”,“Soulja’s story”, and “Blasting”.


Struggles were starting to come back to Tupac in 1994, when he got arrested for assaulting the director Allen Hughes for firing him off a set, because it was said that he was “disruptive”.   Tupac then served jail time for 15 days.Then, another incident occurred involving jealous youths in Marin City. They had a pistol but dropped it, and someone picked it up,and the gun fired, and a six-year-old who was passing by on the scene, Qa’id Walker-Teal, fell to the floor and died on the scene. Tupac wasn’t charged with the death of Qa’id Walker-Teal, but was reported that he was “inconsolable”.  Later on in 1995, Walker- Teal’s family brought a civil case against Shakur Tupac, but he got out of it because of an unnamed record company offered compensation between $300,000-$500,000. Things soon got way worse. Tupac had shot two white police officers that were off duty,  one in the stomach and the other in the butt-cheek, but the charges were dropped because the court was told that the officers had been drinking and one of the officers reportedly had threatened Tupac with a stolen gun.


The death of the hip-hop legend happened September 7th, 1996 in Las Vegas at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Koval Lane. Tupac was shot four times in a drive-by shooting. He was taken to the University Medical center where he died six days later from his injuries.When the incident happened, a police officer had ran over to Tupac and asked “ who shot you?” . Tupac was struggling to breathe and talk, but then took a deep breath to get out the words. Then the officer had asked again and Tupac said his last words that were “f*** you” to the officer.  Tupac, before his death, couldn’t help but feel misunderstood. To write a good album, you have to write about the hard stuff ,the fun things ,and the caring. Some of Tupac’s most sensitive songs go unnoticed. Tupac’s music inspires people, myself included. I love everything about his music, and his death was a shame, but we cherish what we got from him.

8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Shocks Mexico


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An earthquake strikes in Mexico City and went as far as Guatemala City right before midnight on Thursday, September 8th with a magnitude of 8.1, leaving as many as 96 people dead as of Monday, September 11 and several others injured or without homes.


People have reported their houses “moving like chewing gum”, meaning… that their houses are very unstable and ready to collapse at any moment. Mass evacuations have occurred due to the collapsing of buildings in the area. Even hospitals have lost power so helping the injured is now more difficult due to the lack of power. Hospitals are being forced to work off of the light on their cellphone flashlights.


Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto says “This is the worst earthquake to hit the country in over 85 years”, also stating, “We have sufficient funds to pay for a clean-up whether the bond was triggered or not”. It has been recorded that over 5,000 homes in Chiapas have been destroyed and as many as 11,000 either damaged or destroyed in Oaxaca.

Broncos Beat Bolts


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Monday September 11th, 2017 will forever be known as the day that the world was introduced to sideline reporter Sergio Dipp. Dipp took the road less travelled route to reporting and instead of giving the fans a boring stat or injury update he informed the viewers exactly what was happening on their screen and that Denver’s coach Vance Joseph was having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE.


The self proclaimed “mix of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady” Trevor Siemian led Broncos came out shooting as they scored on two out of their first three drives. Denver’s offensive coordinator and the last San Diego Chargers head coach in team history Mike McCoy dialed up the offensive trickery as Siemian hit receivers Demaryius Targaryen and Hemmanuel Sanders for big gains off of play actions. This was only possible because of the mix of power and speed running from CJ “Bash” Manderson and newly acquired half back Jamaal Charles. Siemian showed us his best Michael Vick impression as he broke Joey Bosa’s ankles for a 2 yard touchdown run. Bennie “and the catch” Fowler matched set his career high in touchdown catches with 2. Actually he doubled his career total. Fantasy owners scrambled to the waiver wire to pick up the sleeper, but in reality he probably will not score again for the rest of the year. Late in the game the offense became dormant. Siemian could not find his receivers and the running game slowed down. Broncos fans used to be excited when Jamaal Charles would fumble, but now they throw their remotes at the TV. The Chargers took advantage of this blunders and cry baby Phillip Rivers brought his team to within 3 after being down 17 at the start of the 4th.


The defense looked strong even with loss of major pieces of the 2016 defense Demarcus Ware and T.J. Ward. Ward’s replacement 2nd year player Justin Simmons looked good in pass coverage with 3 tackles. Ware’s replacement Shane Ray will be on IR until week 8, but Shaq Barrett proved worthy of the starting job picking up Denver’s only sack of the game. Free Safety Darian Stewart left the game in the 3rd quarter with a groin injury and is most likely going to return for week 2 against the Cowboys. Stewart being out allowed the “Baby No Fly Zone” consisted of second year players Will Parks and Justin Simmons to shine in their first gig as free safety and strong safety respectively. Before Stewart’s injury Parks would come in, in the Broncos dime package as the fourth corner.


The Broncos are in a three way tie for first place in the AFC West, arguably the best division in the NFL. The odds are against Denver as they have the hardest schedule in the league according to Pro Football Focus. Up next are the Dallas Cowboys coming off a win against the Odell-less Giants. Siemian will have a chance to silence his doubters if he shows up big next Sunday.