Car Show In Detroit


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The Detroit Auto Show attracted approximately 815,575 visitors this year at the renovated Cobo Center. The Detroit Auto show was held January 11-15 where more than forty cars, trucks, and crossovers were displayed.

The Company, Lexus, showed off the LC 500, a blue shiny sport coupe bringing back an inspirational look from a few years ago. Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota, is determined to insure that the car not be defined as “boring” and to make it a wow factor.The LC 500 intent is to help Lexus dominate other competitors, especially the German luxury company, Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz displayed its all-new improved, mid-ranged E-Class sedan and has been one the leading competitors, distributing most of the company’s popular products in the U.S.

The Best Future Concept award was given to Bryan Nesbitt, the executive director of Global Design, and Elizabeth Wetzel, the Director Of Interior Design and Halt Ware, Director Of The Exterior Design by Nolan Finley, the page’s editor. “This award is special because this is the Motor City and it was decided by people who reside here – alongside many of the men and women who poured their hearts and soul into this concept,” says Nesbitt. Ki-Jang Malone, a student that got a chance to get in an Audi S5 Cabriolet and has been coming to the show consecutively says, “I like the sleekness and the new technology in the cars like the wireless.”

According to the North American Auto Show, the Detroit Auto show did exponentially well this year, finishing with approximately 104,263 visitors on Sunday.

Dan and Phil Gaming Video


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Popular British YouTubers, Dan and Phil, started a gaming channel about a year ago. Dan Howell has been making videos since 2009,  and Phil Lester started in 2006. They had formed a friendship and eventually began making videos together. They also ended up moving in together. Ever since they moved in together they have come a long way. They now go on a radio show, have a book, made an app and they created a gaming channel they share. Since then they have played many different games. Games vary from things such as a Christmas Shopping Simulator to videos like Outlast and Five Nights at Freddy’s. Some of the most popular gaming videos are the series of The Sims 4. Recently they have uploaded their longest video yet. Before Sunday, the longest video they had up was 25 minutes. This is why it came as such a surprise when they uploaded an hour long video. In this game, it was revealed that the two are starting another game series. However, the game of choice is very different compared to The Sims. Dan says he planned on playing this game on his own time, but, seeing as it was suggested so many times, they decided to film it for the channel. This game is none other than the extremely popular Undertale.

Miley & Liam Back Together?


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engagement-ring-cartoon-4Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, again? The two were seen in Australia over break. Miley was hanging out with him and his family, and even extended the trip by canceling a show. Miley proceeded to post a selfie on instagram of her and her ring, most say it is her engagement ring, but some don’t believe so. I think it’s her engagement ring because she was seen in front of Liam’s house with a U-Haul truck, apparently “moving in” with him. I feel this is a good move for their relationship; they both were so in love, but had so much going on. Maybe this will change Miley’s radical behavior. He seems to keep her calm and sane. I’m surprised that he wasn’t sworn off by all the stuff she has done since they broke up. Hopefully this will create a better Miley and possibly more music for her. The two of them fell in love in 2009, on the set of “The Last Song.” Miley is where she has wanted to be for the past two years now. She just needed a little rebellion to find who she is and what she really wanted, and it was him.

This World is Dying


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The World is Dying“Imagine a fish without water. Can it survive? Now imagine a world without trees. Can man survive?”

We are strangling the earth every second that goes by, while our earth is trying to help us achieve our goals. Almost every day, at least in California, there are fires and severe droughts. The fires are mainly due to people starting them, either intentionally or unintentionally, and it needs to stop. We, as humans, expect the world to bend to our every desire, and that can not happen if it is dead.

Try to imagine our world without trees or water, it will become a wasteland. Is that the point that everyone will suddenly care? Is that the point we will get up out of our chairs and do something? Or will the earth have to start running out of food and oxygen for us to care.

There are so many Environmental Issues that we have caused as a society. Deforestation is a large one that is happening every second of our lives. We keep trying to advance and move forward but we are killing the things that makes our lives possible. Another would be Genetic Engineering, we are creating foods that have toxins in them and when animals consume them they are dying. Even if it does not affect humans in general it does affect the things we eat. These are the two of the three most important things that we can change, the third is pollution. For once in your life walk somewhere or ride a bike. Care about the world and change something.

Are Police Being Criticized Too Harshly?


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Ever since the undoubtedly unfair Ferguson trials, police have been under harsh criticism from the public. Is it a cause of monkey see monkey do where everyone is bandwagoning on despising and hating law enforcement while being ill informed on the whole topic in general? Or is it the news fault for demonizing the one who risk their lives to keep our own daily lives safe on a  day to day basis? The public should not look down upon law enforcement because of a few bad cookies in the system. Only 23.8 percent of the law enforcement in the nation is corrupted. The rest of the time media tries to make police look bad. In most cases of police brutality have to be engaged with the perpetrator breaking the law. So many cops are just doing their jobs in an overly sensitive environment, granted, some cases of police brutality are fairly bad and should not be ignored, but the majority of the time the public should think with this frame of mind: If I don’t wanna be treated roughly for breaking the law, then don’t break the law. Law enforcement numbers have dropped drastically in the last few months due to the fact that the police themselves fear for their lives and do not want to run the risk of being put under ridicule for doing their job. Does that not seem backwards? Are we as the public so blind to reality and too sensitive to every little thing that we are scaring the one group of people who are supposed to protect us of the streets and future generations from wanting to join law enforcement? Law enforcement used to stand as a good thing that people used to, and still do, call when in need of assistance, but the media and a few incidents that got milked for all it’s worth demonized and blurred the heroic image that your local police used to stand for. It is time for us to wake up from this nightmare and extend an olive branch to those who we mistreated because a small few corrupting their image.

Escaping ISIS


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A 15-year-old French girl who is going by the fake name of Joanna has recently been trying to use the internet as a source of tracking down a fake passport and a way to Syria. She eventually found herself in direct contact with one of the women involved in the Paris attacks. Joanna says the woman was looking for someone to travel to Syria with her, and was trying to control everything Joanna did. Joanna was brought up Catholic, just like almost every other child in France, but in her teens, she made the decision to convert to Islam. Her mother says, As a baby she was the first one to learn how to speak, to learn her colors. She was very active, and got bored very quickly,” she remembers. “When she was six or seven she was very curious about religion, and decided she wanted to work in a church”. When Joanna converted to Islam, her mother just figured it was a teenage rebellion phase. Joanna’s mother soon found her daughter almost brainwashed by people who were working with ISIS. “They are sneaky because they know exactly how your family is going to react to the situation,” she says. “When you are not from a Muslim family, they know that your parents won’t accept the hijab, or halal food, they know that [your parents] are going to forbid you from going to the mosque”. They want their recruits to be indebted to them and feel as if their family is rejecting their lifestyle so they will make the decision to have no communication with them. Joanna luckily escaped ISIS before she entered their territory, another girl, Hanane, was not as lucky. She was imprisoned by ISIS after being accused of being a spy because she did not want to marry an ISIS fighter. Both Joanna and Hanane are now in a program that works to bring deradicalization to people taken in by ISIS.

Tonsil Removal and the Dangers of It


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Recently, on Sunday January 17, AJ Schlatter past away from an “apparent blood clot” that formed after surgery, according to his father, James A Schlatter. AJ Schlatter was a linebacker for Portland State, and had gotten his tonsil removed on Friday, January 15. Schlatter and his family are getting a lot of support from everyone, a facebook post stated from his dad,” He loved being a member of the PSU Vikings Football team and the players were like brothers to him. I am truly thankful for Coach Barnum and the entire coaching staff and support staff for how they embraced him and provided the opportunity for him to develop and shine.” Schlatter coach had this to say about about him,”We lost a diamond that will never be replaced. He was the definition of what we are about at PSU.”

Removing your tonsils can be good very for health. However, there could be some side effects and it can even be life threatening, like what happened to AJ Schlatter. Some side effects after surgery include ear or sinus infections, dehydration, pain, permanent changes in nasal or voice, or even hindered healing that could lead to being admitted into the hospital in need of fluids.

The question is, Why do people get their tonsils removed? People remove their tonsils because of the constant bacterial infections like strep throat and tonsillitis. Side effects of strep throat are: pain in the ear and while swallowing. Your entire body can have “chills, fatigue syndrome, fever, loss of appetite, or malaise.” You can be nauseated or feeling the need to vomit. Other side effects include “bad breath, enlarged neck lymph nodes, headache, hoarseness, nasal congestion, pus, respiratory infection, swollen tonsils, or tender lymph nodes.” As for tonsillitis, most of the same side effects, but it also adds congestion, runny nose,bad breath, coughing, enlarged neck lymph nodes, excess salivation, headache, mouth breathing, poor appetite, pus, snoring, swollen tonsils, or tender lymph nodes.” If you truly do not want to have surgery, ways to cure these infections are by taking antibiotics or using home remedies that will help make your throat better.

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First Flower in Space


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Astronauts on the international space station have tried to make flowers blossom for about two years but after a few failed attempts they finally made it. On January 16, 2016  the zinnia flowers were made.  One astronaut, Scott kelly, uploaded a photo to twitter of the flower.  He had brought them back to life after some mold started to grow on the flowers because of the high humidity.  It is not the first time a plant has blossomed in space but the first for the zinnia flower.  About four years ago an astronaut named Don Pettit grew many different types of plants on the space station and they labeled it personal biology experiment. Pettit used plastic bags as pots. He grew zucchini, broccoli sprouts and a sunflower.  

Kelly’s flower was not  the very first one but it will lead to other  plant types that will be able to grow and blossom in the space station. The Veggie chamber was first built to test food in space and to grow lettuce but now they are planning to use it for a  variety of plants. The Veggie chamber will allow future missions to have fresh vegetables to eat so they will get enough nutrients.

The zinnias are edible but they were not eaten, they were there to test out if they could plant tomatoes by 2017.The flowers and the lettuce grown were a big leap into finding out how to plant more types of plants for future missions and for other people to know how to successfully plant something in space.

Texas City Refinery Caught On Fire


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unnamedOn January 11, 2016, the Valero Texas City Refinery caught on fire. It was on Monday morning when the fire broke out.  The fire happened at around 2:45am at the Marathon Petroleum Corporation Galveston Bay plant.  

One of the welders was burned in the fire, but was flown by  helicopter to a hospital located in Galveston. The condition of the welder has not yet been released.

Two other welders were slightly burned as well, and were treated at the scene right away.

It was posted on FaceBook by Robert Guzman– welder in the refinery– that the refinery was caught on fire. Then later on in the day, he updated on the fire . Guzman posted “Just a reminder of how things can go from 0-100 in this business, unit caught fire glad my friends made it out safe”.

Investigators are still trying to determine was caused the fire to break out.


Alan Rickman Passes Away


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Alan Rickman, an English actor and producer most notably known for his role in the Harry Potter films and Die Hard, has passed away at the age of 69 after a short battle with cancer. J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, expressed her sorrow

for the actor tweeting “ There are no words to express how shocked and devastated I am to hear of Alan Rickman’s death. He was a magnificent actor & a wonderful man.” Daniel RadCliffe, star of the films also posted a message of remorse for the actor. Rickman was awarded with a BAFTA award for his supporting role in “Robin Hood”, he also won a Golden Globe for best actor in the HBO biopic “ Rasputin” in 1997.  Rickman went on to portray ‘Snape’ in the Harry Potter films, an antagonistic wizard who plays a vital role in the  films.