Defending Champions Struggle


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The 2016-2017 season has not gone as planned for the defending NBA Champions. Although the Cleveland Cavaliers are in first place in the Eastern Conference, they are only ahead of the second place Boston Celtics by 2.5 games. Missing a key defender and shooter in J.R. Smith, the Cavaliers hold a 36-16 record.


An addition that seems to be finally falling in place is the addition of veteran shooting guard Kyle Korver. Over the span of his previous five games, Korver is averaging 16.2 points per game and a field goal percentage of 63. Also during his last five games, he has had two twenty point games. One of these games included a twenty-nine point performance with eight made three pointers. His ability to attract defenders because of his ability to shoot the ball opens up driving lanes for players such as Kyrie Irving and LeBron James to drive to the hoop. Once these players drive to the hoop successfully, this forces defenders to over help off of Korver and give him open jump shots.


Social media has played a role in causing rumors to spread involving the Cavalier’s roster situation. King James has complained to the front office about wanting another playmaker and a backup point guard on the roster. Columnist Scott Polacek reported that LeBron James was okay with trading key player Kevin Love away in order to acquire small forward Carmelo Anthony. After LeBron heard about this report, he immediately shot down the report calling it “trash.”


Basketball critics and fans are heavily doubting the Cleveland Cavaliers’ chance of repeating as NBA Champions. With the Golden State Warriors having another impressive season, they are the clear favorite to win. Cleveland is hoping to play to their full potential to prove all doubters wrong, yet again, and repeat as champions.

Falcons Choke, Patriots Take Home 5th Championship


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The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI. In an unexpected turn of events the Pats came back from 25 points down. In a span of 11 minutes, the Tom Brady led the Pats offense, scored 31 unanswered points. He also picked up his fourth Super Bowl MVP.


Patriots future Canton bound quarterback, Tom Brady, set the Super Bowl record for most completions as well as most attempts. The Pats offense heavily relied on Brady since their run game was getting shut down by the quick and strong Atlanta front seven. This season’s touchdown leader, LeGarrette Blount, ran for a meager 31 yards on 11 attempts and no touchdowns with a long of 9 yards. Brady lit up the Falcon’s secondary with 466 yards and 2 touchdowns on a 69% completion rate.


This was the first Super Bowl to go to overtime, but if you looked at the time of possession and number of plays ran by each team you would think the Patriots absolutely destroyed the Falcons. The Patriots had the ball for 40 minutes; Falcons, 23. The Patriots had 37 first downs; Falcons, 17. The closeness of the game was mainly due to the follies of New England’s offense in the first half, losing two fumbles as well as 6 picks.


In one of the worst football losses of all time, the Patriots outlasted the Falcons to win their franchise’s 5th championship. In the Falcon’s second visit to the big game, they once again came up short.


Stranger Things


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During Super Bowl Sunday, there was a Stranger Things commercial for season two. This commercial made Stranger Things fans go wild over it. Because the commercial was so major, there are even reaction videos circling.


The commercial included many sneak peeks for what is to come in season two of the show. The new season will be airing on October 31st, and the fans have become impatient. The commercial included many images of Eleven, a character who disappeared in the last episode, implying that she will be making another appearance.


In such a short amount of time, many people have already been analyzing the commercial, trying to find out more about the second season. You can find many videos on YouTube discussing the theories they have. This fandom is so huge that there are already so many theories and videos on them, even though the commercial was only about 30 seconds long.


The viewers are extremely excited and that commercial is all they have to go off of for the rest of the year. Until that greatly-anticipated night,  fans will be left in the dark. Perhaps more trailers will be released before then, so keep an eye out until then. We have a long way to go until our questions are answered.

Spring Split: Week 3


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Another week down, and the teams are beginning to spread out and are giving some perception of how the rankings are going to turn out. At the moment, every team has won at least one series and only one has the chance to score an undefeated season. Currently, the standings are as follows:


1.Cloud 9: 6-0

2.FlyQuest: 5-1

2.TeamSoloMid(TSM): 5-1

4.Phoenix 1: 4-2

5.CounterLogicGaming(CLG): 2-4

5.Echo Fox: 2-4

5.Team Liquid: 2-4

5.Immortals: 2-4

9.Team Dignitas: 1-5

9.Team Envy: 1-5


Once again, Cloud 9 takes two wins for the week, dominating Team Envy and Echo Fox with 2-0 victories. As Cloud 9 accumulates more victories, already getting past some of the strongest teams like TSM, CLG and Phoenix 1, they’re showing very promising signs to take the championship and get to represent North America at the Mid Season Invitationals. Only Flyquest remains in Cloud 9’s list of teams to prove themselves against, and they’ll have the chance in the upcoming week.


Close behind Cloud 9 are TSM, Phoenix 1, and FlyQuest. TSM had an uncharacteristically solid loss against Cloud 9 during week one and started to make people question if they could make it without their attack damage carry Doublelift. It seems after their initial loss, they’ve regained momentum and have gone on a five game winning streak, keeping close to the tail of Cloud 9. Along with them is FlyQuest who, despite being 5-1, are victim to skepticism as a result of not facing any of the top teams yet this season. This next week, however, will be their chance to prove themselves when they match up against the powerhouse Cloud 9 and strong front runner Phoenix 1. On the topic of Phoenix 1, their record does not represent the skill of their team. The team has looked very strong in all of their matches, and the two they lost had been very close, one of those being against the very dominant Cloud 9. Interestingly, Phoenix 1 has actually won the same amount of total matches as TSM and have lost less, so the fact that they are behind TSM might have been a fluke and might go in the favor of Phoenix 1 when they come into another match up.


Meanwhile, in the back of the list are two teams that are going to get the chance to pull themselves back up the ladder. CLG has been set to the lower end of the standings, but in their defense, almost all their losses have been to the top tier teams, TSM, Cloud 9, and FlyQuest. Next week they’ll be against Phoenix 1 and Echo Fox, and if they can pull a 2-0 out of it, then they’ll have a chance to pull themselves into the top tier teams. Echo Fox also has a shot at rising in the rankings, getting the chance to beat CLG and TSM. With wins on a top three team and their current main competitor, they’ll reach the top tier and have a shot of making it to playoffs.

Renovating Mickey D’s


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“People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it.” We often take things for granted, and that often leads to losing things we love. With this in mind, everyone loves how cheap McDonalds is, and the convenience of having it right next door to El Diamante. However, starting this month, it will be closed for approximately three months.


This will affect school kids that walk there during lunch and after school. They will be closing this store to remodel. In this remodel, they will make a two lane drive thru instead of just one. It should only take six weeks for the drive-thru part, but to be on the safe side they are expecting the unexpected. As a result, they are giving it a time frame of three months.


Even after they reopen, young children under the age of 12 will still be affected because Playland is going to be knocked down and rebuilt with a more modern look.  I happen to work at this location, and all the employees will be dispersed into six different locations, stretching from Visalia all the way to Tulare. The last day we will be open is March 22nd.

CHD Awareness Week


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What is CHD? Many don’t know the answer to the question, but for some, CHD is something no one wants to hear. It stands for congenital heart defect. The term “congenital” means existing at birth,and “defect” is a bit more accurate. There are a million different types of defects, but it’s up to doctors to rule out the possibilities affecting a heart with CHD.


So what’s going on in the heart? A regular heart has arteries, valves, and chambers that carry the blood in a pattern. However, when a heart is affected with CHD, the pattern will most likely be interrupted, causing the heart to work harder than it should and ultimately leading to heart failure. Most of the time, doctors don’t know why the heart defects occur, but eight out of 1,000 babies will have some type of congenital heart defect. Many take on the risk of open-heart surgery to fix the problem and hope to live a normal life afterwards.


When a child is born with CHD, Mended Little Hearts is there. Starting in 2004, Mended Little Hearts is a non profit organization that provides support to families affected by the disease. They reach out to families to hear their stories and share journeys with others. Today, there are over 10,000 members, and it has 80 chapters in the U.S. and Mexico. Their mission is to help every child succeed in life with CHD, no matter what it’s taken from them.

Trump’s Travel Ban


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Terrorism is a word that America knows all too well. Some Americans shame others for being a certain religion due to the fact that they fit the ideal image of a terrorist. Despite fighting for decades to gain racial equality, it only brought along more victims. Trump’s declaration to ban some, but strictly seven, Muslim countries aroused controversies; some even going as far as proclaiming it as unconstitutional.


Lawyers from Washington and Minnesota appealed for Trump to eliminate his restrictions on seven Muslim countries. Instead of preserving safety and defense of Americans, it will only create spite and hatred from these countries. In other words, the politicians believe that it will only escalate the chaos. The appeals court challenges the administration’s claim that Trump’s ban on those seven countries was not out of safety, but instead by the thought of terrorism and fear.


Not only did Trump’s order advise the banning of the seven countries, he also advocated to suspend the nation’s refugee program and immigration from these seven Muslim countries that seem to be under the suspicion of where terrorists reside. The hearing began on Tuesday  and it captivated a wide audience since it is conducted on mobile. Judge Richard Clifton, a George W. Bush nominee, requested a Washington and Minnesota state representative attorney to present evidence against the ban that they have assumed was based on religion. The two states who are suing the ban are expected to present the evidence that the government’s ban on those seven nations correlates to terrorism.


The case is escalating, yet the government has not included any evidence concerning the ban. Some evidence supports Trump’s motive, believing that the President is given the power to decide for the United States who enters or stays in the country. However, others believe that it is considered unconstitutional. The travel ban expires within ninety days unless there is an unexpected shift that may change the course of the case.

Paramore’s New Album


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Paramore fans are excited to hear that the well-known rock band is on their way to making their new album even better than the last. The band has been working hard on their upcoming fifth album, and the band has even reunited with Zac Farro, their original drummer. Over the past few years of not releasing any new music to the public, fans have been eager to hear what the band has come up with.


Paramore first formed as a band back in 2004 in Franklin, Tennessee and currently consists of their lead female vocalist Haley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro. The band has a very dedicated fanbase due to the band’s positive vibes and popular songs such as “Misery Business”, “Ignorance”, and “Still Into You”. The band’s live shows are electrifying and give the fans an amazing time with the crowd and the music.


Subway Graffiti


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According to CNN, a subway located in New York contained hateful comments painted on most of the surface of a subway train. Erin Logan, a passenger, boarded a number one train at Times Square-42nd Street. He then noticed the hateful comments written on the walls and windows. The comments consisted of, “Jews belong in the oven”, “Destroy Islam”, and “Heil Hitler!”.


Jared Nied, a chef at a Manhattan restaurant, claimed that hand sanitizer removes sharpie. Passengers then started gathering napkins and hand sanitizer and started removing the rude comments. This went viral all over social media. The New York Police Department has yet to identify a suspect. This shows the true nature in society and how we value other people. We have been taught not to judge people based on their race, but on their character.

A War Between Church and State


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The war between church and state has gone has been going on for quite some time, and the war is still going on, especially concerning teaching evolution in schools. In 1981, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law that banned public schools to teach evolution without using “creation science.”


The creationism act was later challenged in 1986 by pro-evolution scholars that stated that this was an effort to force religious beliefs into the science curriculum and struck the act down.


After the act was struck down, Justice Antonin Scalia asked his colleagues, “ What can we really know for sure? Pointing to ‘ample uncontradicted testimony that ‘creation science’ is a body of knowledge, rather than revealed belief.’”


Justice Scalia was in the court for thirty years, and was often wary about science related  topics. However, in the past he was responsible for finalizing the 2008 case District of Columbia V. Heller that allowed citizens the right to burn flags. His other colleagues state that he had been known to interpret the constitution very carefully, but when it comes to science, he had been known to be skeptical.


Justin Driver, a law professor at the University of Chicago stated, “The justice who was more conspicuous than any other was invested in trying to make legal interpretation objective sometimes seemed to be skeptical of science itself, the best means we have of pursuing objectivity.”


For example, in an argument in 2006 at the Supreme Court on climate change, a majority of the justices recognized that it was indeed a serious problem. Scalia, on the other hand, believed that global warming may or may not be justified. Scalia even refused to settle with same-sex marriage even though evidence proves that children raised by homosexuals fare just as well as children raised by heterosexuals. Scalia still tried to defend his religion despite the fact that he was a Supreme Court Judge. In time though, the world will have to wait to see how this war all plays out, especially since Justice Scalia has passed away.