Madagascar Vanilla Boom


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Out of the entire world, about 80% of vanilla is grown and produced in Madagascar. The price for vanilla used to be $50 for 2.2 pounds of vanilla but as of 2015 the price is now between $400 to $600 for the same amount of vanilla because of the storms destroyed many of the vines and there has been an increase in global demand. Some people are even now farming vanilla instead of rice, bananas, and coffee because of the profit that they can make. Vanilla is also a very labor-intensive crop to grow because it takes three years to fruit, and each flower must be pollinated by hand. In vanilla season, the villagers patrol their fields with machetes because of how valuable it is and how much people want to steal it. 

The Philippines deports over 300 Chinese nationals allegedly involved in telco fraud


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More than 300 Chinese nationals reportedly involved in telecommunications fraud were deported on Thursday. In a statement, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced it had deported 312 Chinese nationals who were allegedly part of the group arrested in a massive raid of an office purportedly operating a telecommunications investment fraud scheme in October. Last October 9, BI operatives stormed an office in Pasay City and found 512 illegal foreign workers, including nationals from Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. Of the 312 deported Chinese nationals, 21 were said to be minors who have been turned over to the Chinese Embassy. The deportees were flown home via five chartered flights.

E.L.D.S Continued 8 (Third Arc Soldier in District Twelve)


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The Rebel was finishing up his life story when several soldiers from district twelve showed up in the hospital. There were probably about thirty soldiers in the hospital building and way more out of the building. They surrounded his hospital bed and took out their guns all aiming at the Rebel. He didn’t move from the hospital bed. The rebel just sat there ignoring them. The soldiers weren’t given the order to capture and secure. It was a search and destroy mission and the Rebel was the target. 

I knew this was wrong. Killing someone that has been broken by this new society from the very beginning doesn’t deserve death. If he actually wanted to he could take on all the soldiers in the hospital and escape with his current strength.

“I ain’t dying to you weaklings! Thirty soldiers are all you brought? You should’ve brought the entire district!” the Rebel shouted as he stood up from the hospital bed. The soldiers took aim ready to fire.

“Enough! Stand down, soldiers!” I shouted, making the entire hospital quiet. 

“Leave. I’ll take full responsibility of the Rebel,” I said trying to convince the soldiers. They all looked around at each other and started to talk.

“But captain, he is the-” one of the soldiers tried to say before being interrupted.

“I SAID I’LL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF HIM! NOT UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME TOO!” I angrily yelled at all the soldiers. Once they heard what I said they all left the room. 

“I don’t want your pity McArthur,” the Rebel said looking directly at me before trying to leave the hospital.

“It wasn’t pity. It was excitement. I plan to fight you again and prove no one can stand up to a captain. Until then we both got to stay alive in this world,” I said talking to the Rebel getting his attention. The Rebel left the hospital and also left the district. Without saying a word. 

“You think we’re gonna run into him again captain?” Orion asked me while walking around the district.

“That is a good question, Orion. It would be quite disappointing if we didn’t see our third partner to protect district twelve ever again,” I said answering Orion with a little chuckle in between. Orion looked at me with shock and confusion. Orion didn’t respond back to the comment I had just made. I was sure we would see him again. He might’ve not figured it out yet, but he is part of this team now. It is my duty as captain to search for a replacement for the Arc soldier that was taken out. I found the replacement to take his spot. The Rebel is our third partner to protect district twelve whether he knows it or not. I know I am not going to regret this decision.

A couple of weeks have passed since the day at the hospital. The Rebel hasn’t been seen since then which we all knew would happen. I was informed, today in the morning, that our fourth partner arrived but isn’t at the district. He was scoping out the wilder’s capitol from a safe distance. I was told he was carrying an unknown type of sniper which is probably the thing he is using to actually scope out the wilder’s base. I got a radio call from him as soon as I was told all the information. 

“Yajirobe Yamamoto at your service sir. I got something you need to see,” he said communicating to me through radio. I went into my office and set up my helmet to project a live stream to what Yajirobe was seeing through his helmet. The wilder’s were devoted to creating a type of portal at their capital. The portal was already complete and was about to be activated. A huge beam of light came from the portal shooting up straight to the sky. What came out was unidentifiable to anyone. Creatures wearing armor came from the portal. The wilder’s were bowing down as more of these creatures continued to come out of the portal. Then we saw a creature that had to be the leader. As soon as it passed through the portal the power that came with him was tremendous and filled with bloodlust. I felt the power all the way at district twelve that came with this creature. The leader put his arm out and stood there. I gave a thumbs down and seconds after hordes of creatures came rushing from the portal and started killing the wilder’s. The wilder’s put up a fight but was nothing against the creatures. The creatures coming from the portal were nonstop. Endless amounts of these creatures were passing through. In minutes they took over the entire main capitol from the wilder’s, leaving no survivors.

“APPROVAL TO TAKE OUT THE PORTAL CAPTAIN!” Yajirobe asked also trembling from what was taking place.

“APPROVED SOLDIER! TAKE IT OUT NOW!” I said giving him approval for destroying the portal. Yajirobe stood up and took aim at the perimeter of the portal. He took a shot that was faster than any bullet I’ve ever seen. It was a type of laser that destroyed anything in its path. A direct shot at the bottom left of the portal brought the entire thing down. He retreated right after the shot was taken. I turned the live stream off knowing he would make it back at the district. The wilder’s were taken out like they were nothing. We now have a new threat to take down and the power the leader gave off was terrifying. That was the power that would destroy all the captains if we were to fight together and try to take the threat out. I didn’t know what to do and didn’t know how to act. One thing was for certain. Giving up was something I refused to do. If the opponent was stronger than you than there was one thing to do. Get even stronger.

To Be Continued…..

Lady Miner Soccer


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Our first scrimmage of the season was on Tuesday against Sanger. We were ready, but not as prepared as we had hoped. It was 0-0 the first half and then the beginning of the second half we scored one. Towards the end, the other team scored two goals and they beat us 2-1. We were sad we lost but knew it was just a scrimmage and doesn’t count. We have a real pre-season game today against Mission Oak at 6:00 pm, here at El Diamante’s field. Come out and support your Miner Ladies!

UPDATE: Saugus High School Shooter


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A teen, whose birthday was on Thursday, went to a Southern California high school shooting five classmates and then himself in the head, all in 16 seconds. Now two victims, a 16-year-old girl, and a 14-year-old boy died at the hospital. Three students were wounded and taken in an ambulance. The 16-year-old suspected gunman, Nathaniel Berhow, is in critical condition after using his last bullet from a .45-caliber pistol to shoot himself. Video obtained at the scene clearly shows suspect shooting himself and police are working to obtain any other footage from students or campus cameras. Shooting started right before classes started, leaving students to flee or hide. “It was one then four quick ones, so bang, then bang, bang, bang, bang,” a girl said leaving the building. All rumors and threats are being investigated and school is on hold until proven safe for students.

Boys Water Polo Season Recap 2019


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Boys water polo has had a very decorated season with many great wins and many goals that were achieved. But they aren’t done just yet with their recent advancement into the Valley Championship game versus Atascadero! There were defining moments in every game for every player and some games really showed the capabilities of this very talented team. Their journey began with a win in their first pre-seasonal match against Strathmore by a score of 19-6 and they didn’t look back from there. Eventually, they would go on a 12 game winning streak starting with a very intense matchup against San Joaquin Memorial which went into triple overtime and El D coming out on top with a score of 14-13! Within that 12 game streak, El D had the biggest upset in WYL, defeating the favored Redwood Rangers by a score of 11-9 which ended an 11-year losing drought for the Miners rivalry against the Rangers. At the end of the regular season, El D finished second overall in WYL standings. Although they didn’t end their regular season the way they wanted, they put their losses behind them and focused all their efforts towards playoffs.

El Diamante was the first seed that granted them a first-round bye and automatically advanced them to the quarterfinals. There they faced off against Morro Bay (9th seed) and won 13-9. With this win, El D was taken to the semifinals where they played against Porterville (4th seed). They handily beat them by a score of 12-6 with incredible defense and a perfectly executed game plan from El D. Now trying to seal off a win versus Atascadero (3rd seed) to be crowned Division II Champions since their last championship run in 2007 and their most recent visit to the Division II Championship game last year where they lost to Garces Memorial, the boys are ready to redeem themselves and give it their all in the most important game of the season. Show your support on Saturday, November 16th at 1:00 at El Diamante for the Division II Valley Championship game!

Remembering the Legend Eddie Guerrero


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On Wednesday, November 13, marked 14 years of the death of WWE’s best wrestler Eddie Guerrero. Eddie had passed away due to natural causes by arteriosclerotic heart disease. He had wrestled in Mexico and Japan to several major professional wrestling promotions, but in the U.S. he had wrestled with Extreme Champion Wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), but mostly known for wrestling at World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/WWE). He had a catchphrase that went “I Lie! I Cheat! I Steal!”, going along with his entrance theme. In 2004 he was one of the top wrestlers in the Smackdown Brand. Beginning his career in Mexican promotions when he had formed a tag team with Art Barr once Barr had passed away he then later got exposure in the U.S. in 1995 when joining the WCW. From then on leading him to success. 

The Corvid (part one/intro)


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Father was dead. I watched him die. I watched him do it. 

He was my brother. 

I am older now. He was driven out.


Duke is my brother. He is not like him

Duke ignores me. He only cares about wealth. 

All he cared about was power.

That is why he killed our father. 

I have to get stronger. 

I need to avenge my father. I have to defeat him.

What is Sexual Harassment?


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Often times sexual harassment can mean different things to different people. However, when we break it down, what actions qualify as sexual harassment and what resources do we have when it happens? In the dictionary, sexual harassment is classified as “the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances” which can be anything from catcalling, rude gestures/jokes, or touching without consent. A couple examples of this could be a teacher putting his/her hand on your lower back without you allowing them to do so, or another individual whistling and leering at you when you walk by. If a situation similar to this takes place, know that you are NOT alone. It is a sad reality that in America, 3 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men are sexually harassed at one point in their life. That is why resources locally and nationally are so important to assist in helping and aiding individuals that have experienced sexual harassment. If you are being sexually harassed, you can report it to the authorities at your job, school, or local law enforcement. There are also national organizations like RAINN that have a 24-hour hotline and online chat open with trained professionals who are there to help. To look further, go to

The Whole Deal with Sonic


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Many people remember watching the “Sonic: The Hedgehog” trailer released on April 30, 2019. It was a movie no one really expected but were pleasantly surprised to see on their YouTube recommended. However, it received lots of backlash and negative comments about multiple things. But the main thing was Sonic’s character design. He had small hands, eyes, feet — pretty much everything was small except for his head. He also had disturbing human-like teeth, an odd body shape, and his dialogue was milked and childish throughout the whole trailer. People constantly complained in the comments and on other social media platforms like Twitter, begging for this movie to either be canceled or for change to come to Sonic’s design. 
And surprisingly, they listened. Sega had tweeted not long after the release of the first trailer that everyone in the studio had read all the criticism, and that the animators were working very hard to make it so much better. And after almost half a year (specifically on November 12, 2019), a new trailer for the Sonic movie was released, and the change is exceedingly distinguishable.

The new trailer received a lot of positive feedback, and now, fans are feeling excited to go to the theaters on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2020) to watch the film. 
Now, not only was Sonic’s design changed, but many clips shown in the trailer were also different from the first ones shown in the very first trailer, and it all looked genuinely entertaining. This leads some fans to speculate that the entire first trailer and the terrifyingly haunting character design was all a marketing stunt to get people invested in the movie. Now that the animators had spent their precious time and studio money to redo the design completely, fans will feel obligated to see how much was improved on the big screen; overall, they’ll want to support the studio even more. Whatever the case may be, the change was undeniably for the better, and we’re all hoping the movie is as great as we’re expecting it to be.