Raider’s New Look


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The Oakland Raiders(4-1) entered the 2016 season with high hopes, and so far they have not disappointed. Coming off another close win against their divisional rival, the San Diego Chargers(1-4), it placed the Raiders, along with the Denver Broncos(4-1),  in first place of the AFC West. All of the Raider’s wins this season have been 4th quarter comeback wins, except for one. Derek Carr leads the league in 4th quarter comebacks with three this season.


Carr and the Raiders are on pace to make the playoffs for the first time since 2002. 2002 is also the last year they went to the Super Bowl and is the last year they had a winning season. In that season the Raiders also started the season off 4-1.
The Raiders have been waiting patiently for their time to come and it looks like this season  is the season they can make deep run in the playoffs. Led by Carr, Khalil Mack, Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper, and Reggie Nelson the Raiders look like a real threat to the NFL.

El Diamante Girls Golf October 10th


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The girls golf team played in the Hanford tournament on Monday, October 10th, and came in with a 6th place overall.


Alexis Leon shot a nice sixty-seven, while Sami Angel put up a sixty-nine. Natalie Marsh came in with a seventy-two, and Courtnie Cooper hit a seventy-six. Taylor Stout fell slightly behind Seraya with a seventy-seven, and Seraya Sanchez came in with an amazing sixty. The girls finished 6th in league, and they have Area playoffs on this Thursday, October 20th. Good luck to the girls and their coach, Mark Abbott.

Lady Miners take on the Lady Pioneers


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The Mt. Whitney Pioneers arrived in the El Diamante gym on Tuesday, October 11, in an attempt to redeem their title in girls volleyball. The ladies battled for a lengthy first match, loaded with plenty of rallies.


The tension grew and the scoreboard became very close at the end, leaving El Diamante with the win at 25-23. Makayla Dwelle says it best, “We fought the entire time [and] we kept the intensity up throughout the whole game.”


During the second set, the Pioneers struggled to keep up while the Miners took a strong lead upon their opponent. Mt. Whitney attempted to make a comeback; however, it was too late. The second set ended with a score of 25-18.


The Miners took the lead in the third game with a handful of kills and blocks. The Pioneers creeped up last minute, but the Miners left them in the dust with a score of 25-21.
Jazzy Robles spoke on how when they “all do [their] jobs” and when things “begin to fall into place, it motivates [them] and makes things a lot easier.” The Mt. Whitney Pioneers and the El Diamante Miners are done battling for League of 2016 and the Lady Miners have set the tone.

Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized and Regulated

By Jessica Mark

Staff Writer


The social construct of prostitution is a heavily debated issue. At this point in time it is knowingly illegal. Like with most unethical issues – drugs and illegal firearms, for instance – prostitution will always remain an ‘under the table’ exchange between people.


Knowing this, a better effort should be made to regulate prostitution. Legalizing it will reduce the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancy, and it will aid the economy with its profits.


If prostitution were to be regulated through certain organizations and locations, it could be safely managed by people in the industry. Employees and officials would be able to manage the activity safely at the location, regulating who comes in and out.


Those choosing to participate may be subject to an STD check, as well as background check on their history regarding rape or sexual assault. Private rooms will be available for consenting men and women that are working in the prostitution industry.


Women engaging in sexual activity will be required to be on some form of birth control or pregnancy prevention, unless the consenting woman states otherwise. Men will be required to wear condoms, unless the consenting women say differently.
It can be assumed that people would pay for sex. The sex market could rise in popularity, and could help aid the economy’s growth as a new industrial business. It would be a safer, regulated construct than it is now, if these changes were to be made.

Blue Lives Matter for an Alabama Teen


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Brian Ogle, a seventeen year old from Sylacauga, Alabama, was badly beaten by four black men after making a “Blue Lives Matter” comment on social media on September 30th. Sylacauga Police Chief, Kelley Johnson, said that the four men were finally arrested on Wednesday, October 12th.


Brian Ogle was found in the parking lot at his high school homecoming game, almost beaten to death. Sylacauga police department has  confirmed that all four of the black men knew where he went to school, but that none of them attended the same high school as Ogle. All of the suspects are adults. One 18 year old, one 19 year old, and the other two are 20 years old. One of the men has been charged with assault in the first degree and three have been charged with assault in the second degree.


Some people, including the mother of Ogle, disagree with the charges against the men that beat her son, as it has left Brian with a fractured skull and brain trauma. Quartez Lamar Walker, the 20 year old, is being charged with assault in the first degree. He is the one who was armed with a gun, which is what Ogle was reportedly beaten with, the result is that he faces more serious charges for using an illegal firearm in the attack. Walker’s bail was set at $20,000.


Bobby Ronchea Brown, the 19 year old,  La Noah Grant Ealy Jr., the 18 year old, and Daveon Shamareya Nix, the other 20 year old, were all charged with assault in the second degree and their bail was set at $15,000.
Brian´s mother, Brandi Allen, is not satisfied with the ruling and argues that ¨It is a hate crime, and should be treated like one, they should have been charged with attempted murder, by all means,” she said. A Blue Lives Matters representative is working with Allen, in order to receive justice for Brian.

Orange Sheep, You Say?


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Have you ever seen a bright orange sheep? This sounds extremely unusual, but an English farmer had a brilliant idea to paint his entire flock of sheep orange. The outstanding color of the sheep is a smart way to make sure that if they are stolen, they can be easily identified.


What better way to make your sheep unique than to paint them orange? The color of the sheep has a whole meaning behind it. The farmer, Pip, has experienced sheep getting stolen in his area. Pip says, “more than 300 have been stolen in the last few years.” Now that they are all orange, there should not be a big problem with them being stolen. Who would want to steal an orange sheep?


The paint might seem to hurt the sheep, but the farmer makes sure to use safe paint. The color is safe and will last for about twelve months.
It is a unique idea that nobody has came up with. Pip says, “I’m hoping that whoever is pinching them wouldn’t be able to hide them, because they’re luminous orange.” After all, who would want to steal them now?

Vermont Car Accident


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Vermont State Police arrested Steven D. Bourgoin, of Williston, on Tuesday, charging him with reckless or gross negligent vehicle operation, manslaughter, and operating a vehicle without owner consent after he allegedly slammed into a total of eight cars late Saturday night.


Bourgoin, 35, was driving northbound on a southbound lane of Interstate 89 and crashed into a car filled with five high school students. Mary Harris, 16, and Cyrus Zschau, 16, of Moretown; Janie Cozzi, 15, and Liam Hale, 16, of Fayston; and Eli Brookens, 16, of Waterbury. They had all been students at Harwood Union High School in Vermont, police said. All five students were killed at the scene.


A Williston Police officer arrived at the scene shortly after the crash and tried to extinguish the fire after pulling out one of the victims and attending to them. Bourgin allegedly took his cruiser turned around the car and sped away in the wrong direction again striking seven other vehicles. He was thrown from the car, which then burst into flames, in the final crash.


Bourgoin, who was seriously injured in the crashes, is being treated at the University of Vermont Health Center. The warrant was served to his hospital room and he was immediately placed in the custody of the Vermont Department of Corrections.


At least four of the cars hit by Bourgoin were totaled. Police reported that residents from Vermont, New York, and Georgia were hit while passing through. There were 14 people injured and 5 were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
There was a memorial held on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, at Harwood Union High School for the lives of the students they lost. They were all in their junior year. “This is an unprecedented tragedy; we have suffered a tremendous loss. These students were vibrant members of our school community, actively involved and all with a promise for a bright future,” Principal Amy Rex said in a statement. Bourgoin, who would face 20 years to life in prison on each murder count if convicted, is to be arraigned Friday in a conference room of the hospital. His condition has been upgraded from critical to good.

Victims of Pakistan’s “Honor” Killings


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In Pakistan, the ancient code of conduct required a woman to be wedded through the decisions of the family, but more specifically, the parents. An 18 year-old woman, Tasleem, was shot by her brother because she defied the code of conduct by marrying the man of her own choice.

In previous years, three people a day were murdered in the name of “honor” in Pakistan. A variety of Pakistani news channels announced the death of girls who were killed by the hands of their family. Both genders will experience severe consequences, especially the female, if they challenge the code of conduct. Many girls were reported to have been shot, strangled, or burned alive, usually by the ones they lived with all their lives.
The Pakistan’s conservative Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, announced that legislation should eliminate the dilemma that the family of a murder victim pardon the murderer. The fact that the government often overlooked the honor killings is to prevent any prosecution. In this uncompromising system dominated by males, females face constraint that specifically chain them to the law of society. If any citizens, especially women, dare to revolt against this honor code, they will face severe, sometimes unthinkable consequences that may lead to death.

Vikings 5-0 Start

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imageThe Vikings have started their season on fire! They have won five straight games and are undefeated! What makes it even more unbelievable is the fact that their starting quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, tore his ACL and Adrian Peterson, one of the best running backs in the league, is also out. The Vikings have gone on this magnificent run, and nobody saw it coming.


While the Vikings have started off with a relatively easy schedule, a five-zero start is still quite impressive. They started off week one by beating the Titans twenty-five to sixteen, and had a three point victory against the Packers week two. Week three they took the Panthers out twenty-two to ten, which was the truly surprising victory. Week four, they ran over the Giants by fourteen points, which led to last weeks victory, which was a blowout! They beat out the Texans thirty-one to thirteen.


The Vikings defense has been playing very strong, only allowing an average of 12.6 points a game, ranked first in the NFL. Not only that, they have allowed an average of 287.6 passing and rushing yards combined a game, which is ranked fourth in the NFL. They have six fumbles and two interceptions as a team, which is not too bad as a whole.


Their offense, as a whole, has been the only concern. Ranked fourteenth in points per game, and averaging 23.8  is not bad, but this is not great either. However, they did discover that Stefon Diggs, their new star receiver, has a lot of talent and potential. While he has only played in four of five games, he has twenty-five catches, one touchdown, and three hundred-seventy-two yards. He has easily become their main guy and is proving the critics wrong.
While no one can tell how long they shall stay undefeated, they are the last remaining team in the NFL with that title. Only time will tell how far their talent and luck will take them this NFL season.

The Candidates Have Claws

by: Esmeralda Molina

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The arguing continues between the two candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. At the presidential debate on Sunday, Donald Trump responded to the questions asked and fulfilled his promise to bring up some of Bill Clinton’s actions. One question continues. Will the Republican party continue to be by his side?


The second debate opened with the topic of how both of the candidates treat woman. Anderson Cooper brought up the fact that the bragging Trump has done is relates to sexual assault. Trump continues with his defense that it was “locker room banter”.


Clinton broadens the use of the video by using it as ammunition against Trump by using it to her advantage by bringing out her opinion of him being unsuitable for the presidency because of his past of abusing people. That’s when Trump brings in Bill Clinton. His ammunition is how Clinton treated women in the past. He continues to try to get the attention off of him by letting the public know he is not the only one that has been involved in a sexual assault scandal.  


Then comes in the actual topics for the debate. When Trump is asked about the immigration of Muslims, he fights with Islamophobia. He comes to the conclusion that Muslims must spy on one another. That is his solution. Later when Anderson Cooper asks Trump about his taxes, he openly admits using the loophole to avoid paying taxes and blames Hillary’s Senate seat for it.


Clinton was less dominant in this second debate than the first but still made her points across, but all eyes were on Trump. Clinton was more in the background while the public watched for Trump’s next move.
Once the drama between the two candidates dials down a notch, the public will be more open to both of them instead of just one. The presidential debate continues on October 19, 2016.