Best Summertime Activities for Graduating Seniors


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With graduation just around the corner, many seniors are wondering how they should spend their last summer before having to go off to college or do other things to start the next chapter of their lives, so I will be listing some things that I think are good ideas for graduating Seniors to make the most of their summer break.

  1. Beach trip

I’m sure this idea is obvious as everyone does this during their breaks especially when the weather is nice and warm in California and we have access to some of the nicest beaches this country has to offer. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the house with friends or family and spend the day relaxing and having fun on the beach before the stress of college or full-time work starts to set in. So even if it’s a no-brainer, beach trips should be at the top of your list of things to do this summer.

  1. Travel Abroad

Many people will go their whole lives not traveling to different countries and experiencing new cultures. Traveling out of the country and going somewhere you’ve always wanted to go would be something that anyone would love and enjoy. Sometimes traveling can be pricey, but there are lots of cheap ways to get around and travel minimalistically so that you can still have fun and enjoy the culture that wherever you travel has to offer. So if you’re feeling particularly adventurous this summer, consider traveling somewhere you’ve always wanted to go!

  1. Picking up new hobbies

Many of us will have a lot of free time over the summer, so why not put it towards something new and productive. This is a great chance to pick up new hobbies and try new things you may like so that you can take those new things into your life as an adult. In a generation where most of our time is poured into our phones looking at mindless media, it will be nice to have a change in scenery and start putting your energy into something productive that you love to do during your free time.

  1. Trip to Six Flags

Most of us seniors received season passes from the grad night trip we participated in earlier this year, because of this all of us have the option to go whenever we want throughout the year with no cost at all! This is something I’ll definitely be using a lot this summer and a good excuse to get out and have fun.

Harry’s House 



Harry Styles released his third studio album this last Friday and it did not disappoint. Harry’s House was released May 20th and earned the most first-day streams for a pop album released in 2022 in the first 2 hours of its release. While I enjoyed all the songs on the album, my top three songs are Late Night Talking, Cinema, and Daylight. Although I did not like the album my first time listening to it, after the second listen I was in love. I would recommend everyone listen to this album even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Harry Styles because there is for sure at least one song on the album that you’ll enjoy. 

An Overview of the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During WW2


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The internment camps that captured the Japanese during World War 2 were widely debated as to whether or not it was a justified action. As a result of the attack against Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, virtually all Japanese Americans, about two-thirds of them being United States citizens, were taken from their homes and forced into internment camps, much like the ones that were being instituted in Germany around this time period. Pearl Harbor was located along the coastlines of Hawaii, where Japanese bombers attacked the United States naval base, landing themselves as the most hated country in the eyes of America. It didn’t take long for white Americans to recognize anyone of Asian descent as an active terrorist. 

Even before the attack, the Office of Naval Intelligence, as well as the FBI, had been carefully watching the Japanese citizens of America since the 1930s. They rounded up about 3,000 people they suspected to have anything to do with the bombing of the naval base and half of their suspects were Japanese or of some sort of Japanese descent. Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation had deemed the rest of the citizens as safe and harmless, the white public had no issue or hesitation in taking matters into their own hands. Their assumptions towards the entire Japanese race were those of hysterics and aggression. Not only was their hatred directed towards Japanese citizens, but they also ended up targeting citizens of any Asian descent since they couldn’t tell the difference. In the eyes of the average white American, any Asian person walking along American soil was a confirmed terrorist. 

Just a few months later on February 19th, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 9066, in which the War Department was ordered to create what were called military areas. This order granted the military permission to remove anyone for any reason from the coast of the United States. It was their intention to revert America into a “white man’s country”, placing Japanese immigrants and citizens into internment camps for the remainder of World War 2. The camps were given names to mask how awful they were such as “relocation centers” or “assembly centers”. The camps were written off as a national security measure, regardless of the fact that they were stripping American citizens of their constitutional rights. 

The living conditions of the internment camps were, as to be expected, terrible. Most of the camps were created at a fairly last minute and because there was no respect for their future inhabitants, they were also created intentionally poorly. The average family lived in a horse stall with a dirt floor. 

Even with the way they were treated, the Japanese who were living in these camps did what they could to feel even slightly more comfortable and more civilized. They took it upon themselves to create town-like things such as schools, newspapers, and police and fire departments. Making the best of a bad situation helped them grow closer together and manage to survive through such abusive circumstances. 

The end of the internment camps was in December of 1944 when Roosevelt realized the criticism he would receive if he continued to punish Japanese citizens past the end of the war. They were released and allowed back along the coast. 

Top 5 incantations Elden Ring


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Incantations are easily in my opinion the best part of Elden Ring as a whole, they provide the player with a vast amount of utility and damage types with varying effects and ranges. But because of the player’s limited amount of spell slots they can utilize in the game, many players wonder which incantations are the best to run in your faith build. Despite the fact that there are different types of faith builds that you can use and you can focus on one type of damage for more effectiveness, I’ll be ranking these spells not based on the builds they go with but instead on their overall individual usefulness in a general build.

5. Flame Cleanse Me

This spell would likely be considered lackluster or not as useful as many of the other damage-based spells on this list, but this spell is the only spell that alleviated the player from one of the most annoying things in the entire game: scarlet rot. Scarlet rot is something the player gets afflicted with quite often throughout the game and without the ability to fend off this brutal affliction the player can easily find themselves dying either directly or indirectly from Scarlet Rot. Many of the hardest bosses in the game also afflict the player with Scarlet Rot, and it is extremely detrimental to the player if they’re stuck in a boss fight while constantly losing their health. So because this spill simply lets you completely negate scarlet rot, I think it deserves a spot in the top five just because of its usefulness. Oh, and it also gets rid of poison (you’ll maybe get poisoned twice in the whole game it’s very non-consequential)

4. Flames of frenzy

This spell is really consistent and is easy to get early in the game. With a widespread and honestly massive damage output for what would seem to be a low tier spell, it can easily be used in the endgame as a crowd clearer as well as in PVP for its difficulty to dodge and massive DPS. It does fire damage which many enemies are weak to as well as stacking up the madness effect on enemies, which if an enemy is consumed by said madness then they will take even more damage. Although there isn’t anything crazy special about this spell, it is just all-around an extremely good pick and is always a consistent damage dealer and crowd clearer.

3. Golden Vow

Golden Vow is in my opinion an absolute MUST for anyone running a faith build in this game. It is incredibly simple, by using it you boost your attack and defense by a significant amount. It is very cheap and allows the player to have a constant solid buff on if used properly and is just overall insanely useful and is always worth taking up a slot. Although there isn’t really much else to say about it, I feel like anyone would take a spell that makes them just overall stronger whenever it’s used it’s just quite simply a no-brainer.

2. Ezykes Decay

Ezykes Decay has easily been one of the most useful and my favorite incantations to use on this entire list. This spell allows the player to shoot a wide range of dragon’s breath that can cause scarlet rot on its victims. Scarlet rot will slowly eat away at the target’s health for a certain amount of time, meaning that if used on bosses that are susceptible to Scarlet Rot the player can sit back and watch as the effect kicks in and drains their health bar without the player even moving their finger. Although it’s sometimes difficult to pull off if done well this spell can easily be the most devastating in your whole arsenal/

1. Lightning spear

The lightning spear takes the number one spot because of its consistency, it’s truly the workhorse for any faith build. It does solid damage with a great amount of range and allows players to charge it for a longer draw but higher damage output as opposed to the fast drawing but still moderate damage it would normally put out. Many enemies are weak to lightning damage, meaning the lightning bolt is massively effective against a multitude of different enemies. Also, it has no arc at all so you will always be throwing it in a straight line meaning that it’s very easy to hit fast-flying enemies that you would normally be unable to hit with spells. Because the spell has really no downsides and can single-handedly carry you through the game, I believe it deserves the number one spot.

Being Alone


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You suffer in silence,

The world is quite loud.

There is nothing so lonely,

Feeling alone in a crowd.

The laughter is deafening,

Knowing your voice isn’t heard.

You can’t sum up the feeling,

Can’t assign it a word.

There is no fault to be placed,

No blame,

No intent. 

Hammerhead Worms


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Hammerhead worms are an invasive species of worm that had originated in SouthEast Asia, and soon traveled everywhere else. They can be identified by their spade-shaped head. Their scientific name is Bipalium sp. These worms are one of the only species of worms to produce the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin. Hammerhead worms are technically immortal, the only way to get rid of this invasive species is by putting them in a jar with salt or vinegar and putting them into a cold area like a freezer. They will liquefy, and that in turn kills them. You may ask why can’t you cut them in half? They will regenerate, instead of having one worm, you will now have 2 invasive worms. Hammerhead worms are invasive because they destroy our soil integrity and kill our earthworms by turning them into a liquid and they slurp it up. This neurotoxin is also found in other poisonous animals like the pufferfish. If you see one, don’t hesitate to kill it. 



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Right now is about the time of year seniors start to get senioritis and they tend to want to do nothing as the school year comes to an end.  Senioritis is the loss of motivation to do your studies. It’s because we start all wanting to be done. It’s the final days and we slack off. Another thing that causes us to get this senioritis is mainly stress. We, seniors, are constantly being asked “ What are you going to do after high school” and getting asked that is so stressful because what if we don’t even know what we want to do yet. And if that is your answer you feel judged because you don’t have a plan yet. But not everything has to be set in stone. It’s okay to not know what you’re going to do yet, it’s not the end of the world. Also, you have to think a lot of us seniors have part-time jobs that we go to right after school that work us to no end. We start to really get burnt out because of the stress of having enough energy and time to do work and school and homework and all these senior activities and deadlines really makes us sweat. And then we have all these teachers in our ears encouraging us to finish strong and keep turning in assignments, but it’s so hard when sometimes all you want to do is sleep because you’re so tired from juggling all these things in senior year.

Senior Year Movie 


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If you love the 13 going on 30 movie, then this movie is right for you. Senior Year movie is about a cheerleading stunt gone wrong that landed her in a 20-year coma. Now she’s 37, newly awake, and ready to live out her high school dream: becoming prom queen. There were things that the 90s and the 2000’s people can relate to so anybody will be able to watch it. You can watch the movie on Netflix, it’s the second movie in the top 10 in the U.S today. So if you don’t know what to watch on Netflix then I suggest the movie Senior Year. 

Pan Am flight 914


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In July of 1955, Pan Am flight 914 left New York City airport en route to Miami; however, the flight never made it to sunny Florida. No distress signal was ever sent out and none of the pieces of the wreckage were ever recovered. The plane and its 57 passengers seemingly vanished into thin air. As the years went by no signal of the missing plane was ever found; people began to assume that they had all died and that the mystery would never be solved. Then 37 years later the impossible happened. One morning in 1992 at an airport in Caracas, Venezuela air traffic control noticed something strange, even though their radars showed an empty sky they could see a plane hurdling in the direction of the runway. As it got closer they noticed that the plane looked out of date and was propeller-driven, a model that had not been used in years. After attempting to make contact with the pilot and asking them to identify themselves the pilot replied that “this was flight 914 ready to touch down in Miami”. When air traffic controllers informed the mystery pilot that this was an airport in Venezuela they said his demeanor changed completely. He was 1200  miles away from his intended destination. When the plane landed witnesses could see passengers pressed up against the window, they were dressed in old-fashioned clothes and staring at the modern aircraft on the tarmac in confusion. In a hoarse voice, the pilot of the plane asked him to confirm the date, after sharing that it was May 21, 1992, the pilot began frantically waving away the ground crew screaming that he needed to leave as he was yelling a paper flew out of the cockpit window. He then flew away with the mystery plane leaving everyone on the tarmac confused. A security guard picked up the fallen piece of paper left by the pilot, it was a calendar dating back to 1955. Aviation Officers were able to surmise that the unexpected runway visitor was indeed the mysterious flight 914 that had disappeared back in the 50s.