Changing Winter Formal


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Winter formal has many changes this year.


In previous years, Formal has been in January. However, this year, the date has moved up significantly to December 3rd. Because the dance is so close to the beginning of the holiday season, this change could be challenging for some families of kids who want to go to the dance. This puts an extra expense on families around the holidays.


Also, new to Formal, is the location. It will be held at Mount Whitney’s gym instead of the Convention Center, but the ticket prices have relatively stayed the same. Being in a gym poses the threat of a fire hazard because there are so many kids in one place. Sure, schools could sell less tickets, but Winter Formal has a bigger turnout than Harvest or Sadies, both of which are also in school gyms. This makes the dance more crowded than usual, and one step closer to a fire hazard.


These changes bring up problems for students and their families. Students can become stressed because they have to find a tuxedo or dress while worrying about the proximity of finals. In addition, some families may not be able to afford the cost with the date change, unlike when the dance was held in January. Because it is in December, this leaves a short month between Harvest and Formal, and a three month gap in between Formal and Sadies. Overall, Winter Formal should be moved back to January and the Convention Center.

Moana Review


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Moana is Disney’s most recent animation released in theatres; it was released on November 23, 2016. The motion picture features the voice talents of Dwayne Johnson, Nicole Scherzinger, and Auli’i Cravalho.


Moana´s plot stars the main character, Moana, and her efforts to save an island from disaster. She sets out on a voyage to find the once powerful demi-god, Maui, as he is ordered to help return the village to its natural state. He aids her in becoming a master wayfinder, and ultimately restoring peace to the ocean islands, while also helping Moana discover her sense of purpose.


The movie primarily takes place on the ocean and Moana’s home island in the South Pacific as well. Her village itself is shown beautifully with vivid mountainous landscapes. While the main setting itself may seem barren, the scenery and character interactions help it thrive.


Moana and Maui are character foils, and their interactions aid in offering humor and entertainment. The two also add conflict to the plot, with their contrasting goals and mindsets, the pot is bound to stir into a few action packed scenes. While the film offers both action and comedy, it is not afraid to delve into serious, and even sorrowful moments between scenes.


The animation and art direction is phenomenal. Disney never fails to impress with their film’s massive attention to detail, pleasant character designs, and beautiful worldbuilding. The animators put every inch of their focus into creating a film that is more than pleasing to the eye.


Moreover, I commend the fact that Disney exposed a vast audience to Hawaiian culture. It is enjoyable to see diversity in mainstream media, especially in the form of a Disney film. The film’s premise of exploring Hawaiian culture allows viewers to be educated on customs they may not understand. When the Disney tradition of a white female princess is repeated time after time, it definitely proves to be trite. That is not to say all Disney traditions are cliche, of course. The studio always prides itself with its films various musical numbers, and Moana is no exception.


The film is composed by musical talents such as, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina, and Opetaia Foa’i. The songs and music scores featured in Moana are absolutely beautiful, and I find myself singing them from time to time.


Overall, the film in it’s entirety is absolutely stunning and entertaining to watch. It proves why Disney is the powerhouse in the animation business, and for good reason too. The movie is definitely not one to sleep on, and I highly recommended if you enjoy animated films or not.

Delta Airlines Bans Disruptive Passenger For Life


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Delta Airlines has reportedly banned a disruptive passenger who shouted pro-Trump and anti-Clinton remarks at fellow passengers on a flight to Allentown, Pennsylvania from Atlanta, Georgia on November 22, 2016. After the display, a video taped by Emma Baum, a 21-year old woman, was posted and sent to news organizations across America. In the video the man is seen clapping his hands and yelling at other passengers. Although the decision to ban the disruptive man was only considered and finalized after the airline received criticism on social media for its first response to the episode. The chief executive, Edward H. Bastian, stated the fellow passengers on the flight would receive a refund for their tickets.


New York Times news reporter, Christine Hauser, interviewed Emma Baum on the disruptive man and her video. Baum claimed the disruptive passenger was briefly removed then allowed back on before the plane took off. She also stated to have reported him to the authorities once they landed. However, it was not clear that any report was taken into consideration or filed until after the video was posted.


Once this incident was exploited, Delta Airlines took it upon themselves to issue a statement apologizing to customers for the disruption. They stated, “We have followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight.” As a result a file was admitted and finalized by the airline to ban the disruptive passenger for life on November 28, 2016.

U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.6%


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In November the United States opened 178,000 non-farm jobs; these jobs could have been the cause for the unemployment rate that has now reached a drop to 4.6 percent. However, wages have also rose and are the lowest since 2007. The unemployment rate has been at, or just below five percent for close to a year as more people begin to return to the market and hiring has sustained momentum. With more jobs coming into the U.S. wages rose 2.5% in November from a year ago, thus marking a slowdown in October. The November job growth was a major improvement from October’s low amount of 142,000 jobs. Many analysts predicted a growth to 170,000 new jobs with the unemployment rate continuing at 4.9%, which is not at a nine-year low.


The job gains for November came from professional, business services companies, and healthcare. The professional and business services added a major partake in the growth by adding 63,000 jobs, which brings its tally to 571,000. Healthcare, which has added 407,000 jobs, gained 28,000 posts in November.


While job growth extended, wage growth was plummeting. Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday that non-farm job payrolls declined by 3 cents to $25.89, this follows an 11 cent increase in October. In the past year, average hourly wages have risen by 2.5%. However a chief investment strategist at PNC Assist Management Group, Bill Stone, stated the November’s decline should not be anything to panic over at this time.

Suspect Serves as his Own Attorney


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Dylan Roof, a twenty-two year old man, decided to defend himself in court while acting as his own attorney. He not only was charged with hate crimes and violation of religion, but first degree murder for shooting nine parishioners at a Charleston church last year. Although Roof’s lawyers are considering Roof’s decision as reckless, they managed to allow his attempt to act as his own attorney. David  Bruck, a death penalty attorney, let Roof abide by his own decision.


On November 7, 2016, the case was brought into a sudden standstill along with the judge postponing the process of narrowing  the jury pool because of Roof’s inability to understand the case and his situation. His lawyers grew doubtful of his ability to be able to defend himself. If Roof is convicted he will face a possible death sentence. The lawyers question Roof’s comprehension of the charges against him as well as the fact that he is unable to fully defend himself.


Unfortunately, the statement that Roof made to the psychologist had ceased all public, as well as media hearing, because it may not favor him to the jurors. The Judge’s unexpected closure of the release of a transcript of the hearing had created a chaos among the victims because of its secrecy. In the end Roof’s case has received a fair trial because the pre-trial had no basis for the appeal.

Holiday Hole


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On November 25, 2016, Cards Against Humanity dug a hole in celebration of Black Friday. The company called it the Holiday Hole. As long as people pay them money, they will keep digging a hole. The digging lasted until Sunday and the total amount of money the company received  was $100,573,00.


How it works is people pay for time; it started off at one dollar for 5.5 seconds, then on Sunday morning the time went down to 0.4 seconds and ended at 0.3 seconds on Sunday afternoon.


Claire Friedman, a Cards Against Humanity employee and self-described “hole mom,” told NPR on Sunday, “It’s set so time gets more expensive the longer we dig. The first dollar paid for 5.5 seconds, now it’ll only get .3. Basically just reflecting the longer we need to hold crew and equipment here, the more expensive it gets.”


The money was coming in fast for the first day. Then as time passed, the money slowly declined. The location of the hole has not been released by the company. This is not a first for the company to do something like this Last year the company asked if people would donate $5 each for absolutely nothing. They made $17,145. Two years ago they sold bull feces to 30,000 people and they brought in $18,000. You never know what people will spend their money on.

Rainwater and Oranges


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On Monday, November 28, 2016, an elderly couple from California was finally found after an excruciating two weeks in a secluded part of the San Diego County. Throughout the two weeks they ate oranges, pie, and drank rainwater in order to survive; however, that was not enough to save the seventy-nine year old husband.


Sunday afternoon, off-roaders reported that they found a dead body, who was identified as Cecil Knutson, with his wife, Dianna Bedwell, who is 68. They were found near a Boy Scout camp on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, which is about sixty-five miles northeast of San Diego. The sheriff’s lieutenant, Ken Nelson, stated that Bedwell was not able able to inform the authorities about the day her husband died because she suffered some memory loss.


Bedwell told authorities they were trying to take a shortcut back to where their 2014 white Hyundai Sonata was parked, but they got lost in the area. Their car was hidden by trees and surrounded by bushes making it impossible for the helicopters that were conducting aerial searches to see anything, Nelson said. Eventually the couple found their car, but had no way to get out of the area they were in. Knutson’s body was near the car and Bedwell was sleeping inside the vehicle, he said.


“They were really off the beaten path, we were really surprised that the vehicle they were driving, a sedan, was even able to get out there, it was so rural that it took two weeks for off-roaders to even find them,” Nelson stated on Monday.


The family of the couple asked for privacy in a post on a Facebook page made to help with the search. “Please continue to keep the family in your prayers,” it said. With no further comments on the page.  


Unlike the rest of the family, Robert Acosta, Bedwell’s son, talked to the local media briefly. “We loved them so much and I can’t even begin to understand the grieving process,” he the local San Diego news station. “There is no doubt in my mind that my dad kept my mom alive … He was a marine and a hero.” He continued.  “I’m just so concerned with my mom right now,” Acosta added to the Orange County Register. “To be in the middle of nowhere for two weeks is a lot given her age.”


The last thing that Bedwell told authorities is that they collected rain water in cups and scavenged out oranges from the surrounding area as far as they could walk without getting even more lost. On their last day they finished a pie that they had got from the casino they were last at before getting lost.


Bedwell is still being hospitalized and has not spoken with anyone, including her family, since the ten minute interview when she was first found. The husband and wife were also diabetic, which is most likely the cause of the husband’s death. They were last seen on surveillance leaving the Valley View Casino in Valley Center 25 miles west of the camp they were stranded in while on their way to their son’s house in the Palm Springs area.


Sources say, on their way back from their son’s house, they probably were curious as to what the little campsite was, and stopped to look at it. Through their trip, they never got back to their house in Fullerton, California, which then started the search.

Chattanooga Bus Driver Kills Five Innocent People


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Nearly two of the three dozen elementary school students were injured on Monday, November 21, 2016, in a heart wrenching bus crash. In total, there was thirty-five students of Woodmore Elementary School, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee on that bus.


The crash happened around 3:30 PM, a mile from the elementary school. That same night, the bus driver, Jonathan Walker, 24, was arrested on five counts of vehicular homicide, as well as reckless endangerment and reckless driving. Officials are investigating whether or not alcohol played a part in the crash. They know for a fact that speeding did play a huge part.


As for the students hurt, four girls and a boy have died. Twelve are still hospitalized and six are in the intensive care unit. Three of the students who died were in fourth grade. As for the others who were not killed, they were in either kindergarten or first grade.


“They will always be with us throughout our lives,” Dr. Kelly, the interim school superintendent in Hamilton County, said. “This is something that we will never forget here as a community.”


The bus was removed from the scene on Tuesday and crews worked endlessly restoring the utility pole Walker had hit. Soon after, a small memorial site popped up with stuffed teddy bears and flowers. Mr. Walker received his commercial driver’s license in April and soon after, in September, he was in a minor bus crash. His employer, Durham School Services, which holds a contract to thousands of Hamilton County students each day, said in a statement that they were “devastated by the accident”. The company transports nearly a million schoolchildren each day, but it was found that the drivers had been involved in 346 accidents in two years.


This devastating crash comes nearly sixteen months after a gunman opened fire at two military sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing five servicemen. One can only imagine the immense pain the city is going through right now.

Deadly Wrong Way Crash


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On Tuesday, November 1, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, two people were left dead when a vehicle was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes just before 3 a.m. The two cars crashed head-on and burst into flames, both of the drivers passed away at the scene.


The driver of the vehicle that was hit was a 22-year-old man, whose name authorities will not release; the driver of the wrong way vehicle has not yet been  identified. Investigators can not make out the type of car the man was driving.


The crash took place on the westbound loop 101 at Interstate 17, it was closed for 5 hours. Investigators believe impairment is a factor of the crash.

Apple iPhone 8


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It has been rumored that we could be introduced to an Apple iPhone with a curved screen as soon as next year.  Apple is currently testing more than ten prototypes for the new and upcoming iPhone. The technology that creates the curved screen is organic light-emitting diode (OLED), a newer kind of display that has deeper blacks and lower power consumption.


As Apple’s tenth Anniversary approaches, the pressure to create and release a new desirable iPhone, to prevent further sale declines, is higher than ever. The model is expected to feature a glass casing, wireless charging, and a new edge-to-edge screen design, in addition to the latest chips and technologies.


The Wall Street Journal warns that the OLED iPhone could be scrapped before its expected launch next fall. After all, Apple is testing ten prototypes and reportedly killed an iPhone model months before launch in 2016. It sounds as if Apple’s plans will depend on whether the company’s suppliers can provide enough next-generation screens.