Wrestling – Home 1/14


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On Wednesday, January 14th, Miners took on Hanford West Bullpups and Redwood Rangers in a match for wrestling. The Miners beat Hanford West with a score of 56-3 and lost by 14 points against Redwood with a score of 44-30.

This last weekend on January 17th, El Diamante took second at the  Kern County Invitational. “We kicked butt this past weekend” said Coach Garland.

Jacob Delgado took the championship at 128 pounds while, Enrique Padilla and Josh Sanchez took 3rd at 160 and 170 pounds respectively. Carlos Villegas took 4th at 115 pounds and Mariano Aldama took 5th at 145 pounds. In all, “The season is going good, we have a strong team this year” said Carlos Villegas.

Girls Soccer 1/15


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Zoe Perez and Ariana Gomez Soccer 1-15

On Thursday, the fifteenth, the Lady Miners shutout Hanford West 4-0. In the 29th minute of the first half, Brooke Rivas scored a goal, giving the Miners an advantage at halftime. Rivas scored again in the second half, keeping the Miners ahead by two.The keeper, Shelby Jehle, who played the majority of the game, blocked all shots keeping the Miners in a shutout. Lizangel Calderon scores a third goal on a free kick just outside the box. The final goal is was scored by Taylor Woltring, giving the Miners a 4-0 lead. The Lady Miners play against Golden West at 6:00 p.m on Wednesday.

Pitbulls and Their Bad Reputation


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The American Pit Bull used to be the sweetheart breed before the mid-80’s. Before that time these dogs could walk around without provoking any potential threat. Now these breeds are even illegal to have in several states.

The origin of pit bulls dates back to be a useful dog during World War I. Pit Bulls translated is “Bull Biter” which means that the Pit Bull was responsible for biting the bull on the nose until the bull was subdued. This was trained unto the Pit Bill until it was banned. Now they are using this behavior to become working and herding dogs. Pit Bulls became mascots for many different things like sports, shoes, and in movies.

Then came the first few dog bites that were reported around 1986. Dog fights were growing popular and the Pit Bull was the dog of choice. Dog fighting became banned so that meant the dog was banned as well.

Currently people are fighting to overturn these laws but every time those who are working to dispose the law, a new one seems to present itself. In Florida things seem to look good in terms of change, but now there is a law in progress in Wisconsin on the ban of Pit Bulls. It just needs to come to realization that it is not the Pit Bulls but the humans that are putting the aggressive behavior within them at an early stage. These dogs need to be trained as a safe dog for children and for the community when they grow up. As long as those who work together to change the image from threatening to loyal it can slowly change the minds arounds us. Then soon owners can have an American Pit Bull in whatever state they want.

The Golden Globes


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It was the night of celebration, a night of awards, and oh, yes, a night filled with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The 72nd annual Golden Globes aired Sunday with none other than Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as the show’s hosts. A perfect night for the everyday entertainment seeking viewer, the event brought light to some of the years most inspirational and high-artistic valued movies and shows. Tina and Amy poked fun at the star-studded guests and confronted the various elephants which struck down towards North Korea and Bill Cosby’s latest actions. However, their best joke would be the jab at George Clooney when talking about his decorated and charitable wife, reaping “Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an adviser to Kofi Annan regarding Syria, and was selected for a three-person U.N. commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip. So tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.”

It’s safe to say the show started off with a bang, and carried fervently throughout the entire event. The nominees for the most popular and overall best movies this year included but not limited to: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman, Boyhood, The Theory of Everything, Whiplash, Selma, and Big Eyes. I myself have yet to enjoy any of these so-called legendaries, but am eager to see them. Each of these films amplified the miraculous taste and essence of the year’s movie choices and set up shop for the incoming movies for next year. Boyhood was able to push past the others and take home the prize of Best Motion Picture- Drama. It is a flick that follows the direct aging of a small boy and his parents achieving a span of 12 years. The Grand Budapest Hotel was able to steal the awards for Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical with it’s innovative and radical spin of a Wes Anderson vision.

Adding to the tremendous list of movies, some television shows were noted and experienced some of the same winnings. These included: Fargo, The Affair, Downton Abbey, Transparent, Jane the Virgin, House of Cards. However, the Best TV Drama was upheld by The Affair.

All in all, the night of stars and spot-lights was one to remember. And I’m sure next year will be of even higher means.

The Evils Behind the Farming Industry


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It’s weird to think that the chicken placed on that plate was once alive. It’s also weird to think that the same chicken and millions of others have been brutally tortured just to satisfy one’s selfish cravings. Sadly, not many people see the abuse behind eating chicken, beef, pork, dairy, or anything else that has to do with abusing animals. I am here to enlighten those who would like to know how horrific and inhumane the farming industry really is to animals.

According to the Farm Animal Rights movement, the amount of animals killed for meat, dairy, and eggs exceeds over 65 million a year, globally. Does anyone know how wrong this is? Yes, there are people who can see how wrong this is, yet hardly anyone ever decides to actually make a change. “People care about animals. I believe that. They just don’t want to know or to pay. A fourth of all chickens have stress fractures. It’s wrong. They’re packed body to body, and can’t escape their waste, and never see the sun. Their nails grow around the bars of their cages. It’s wrong. They feel their slaughters. It’s wrong, and people know it’s wrong” (Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals). Ok, so hopefully everyone can finally agree and be willing to change now knowing killing animals is not a good thing. Who would have known? (sarcasm at it’s highest, ladies and gentlemen)

Knowing this, there is a supposed myth that being vegan does not give all the essential nutrients needed in one’s diet. On the contrary, according to a recent study, “Vegan foods are cholesterol-free, generally low in saturated fat, and high in fiber, complex carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients. They’re often packed with protein and cancer-fighting phytochemicals, and vegans can easily obtain all the vitamins (including vitamins B12 and D) and minerals (including calcium and iron) that they need” (PETA Prime). Moreover, eating meat does more harm than others would think, “Meat, eggs, and dairy products are high in artery-clogging cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories. They don’t contain fiber or various vitamins, and the hormones, toxins, and antibiotics that are often found in animal-based food have been linked to a litany of health problems” (PETA Prime). Yikes! This supposed myth was probably birthed by the farming industry to manipulate people’s mind and to of course boost their earnings.

Another common counter argument people seem to run to is that the animals are killed humanely. Is this a joke? There is no such thing as killing something in a “humane” way. To put it differently, people are saying that killing an innocent animal for a company’s profit is ok? Since when is killing an animal for money humane? Even people like Jeff Lerch who worked at a slaughterhouse can gladly prove that even someone who contributed to an animal’s version of hell can change and prove animals have feelings. “Cows do think and have emotion. I worked the largest slaughterhouse on the planet, Iowa Beef. We killed 200 cattle an hour. When the cattle were moving close to the kill spot, they would weep, crying with big tears trembling with fear. You can smell the blood when you’re getting close, and I am sure they knew what’s up. The unborn baby calfs had the blood sucked out of them before taking a breath, then thrown into what would become dog food. I have stories that can make your hair stand on end. Cows have emotions, just like your dog or cat or farm kids would have them as pets until parents would sell them to make your hamburger”

So, now everyone has finally been educated on some of the horrors the farming industry has to offer. Now, how can we put an end to this slaughter? Stop eating meat! Stop supporting this corrupt farming industry! I can agree to say it is a hard transition to commit to, but if it means saving the lives of animals we share this planet with, I would never regret the decision of saying no to eating animals.

FAFSA Applications


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The thought of the price tag that comes along with college comes with the consequence of a lot of stress. Some think that they can’t pay for college so they are not going to do it. However, there are many ways to avoid the worry. FAFSA is what many rely on to get through college. It is an application (a kind of difficult one to fill out) that applies you to an amount of FREE money that you will need for college. When you have free money, you take it! Don’t be fooled, the application is tricky and you need to make sure you have all your resources prepared! Your family and you need to sit down and view the application and see what questions you have on the application that you might not know. You are going to need your social security number, parents income, and a bunch of other words that don’t make sense. Luckily, there are ways to find the help with filling out the application. This Monday, January 26, El Diamante is setting up “Cash for College”/F.A.F.S.A. Night. There are three sessions in the EDHS Library. Students need to sign up for the presentation in the Student Services office. Seniors take advantage of this help on this application because you will need it!  Even if you can’t make the session, get ahold of family members who have done this before or look at your online resources. There is online help that is beneficial as well. If you want to attend college, don’t let the price stop you. Do your research and put in the time.

So Last Year


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Here’s to the new year and goodbye to the trends that completely took over our Twitter, Instagram, and other social media feeds in the year 2014.

So here they are, the most annoying, long-lasting trends of 2014:

  1. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  2. #ThrowBackThursday
  3. Miranda Sings
  4. Shovel Girl
  5. Flappy Bird
  6. #AlexfromTarget
  7. Mean Girls
  8. Gossip Girl
  9. #Goals – Relationship, Life, House, and even Pet
  10. Retweets for a Prom Date
  11. Ebola
  12. Starter Pack
  13. Bae – Before Anyone Else
  14. The Real MVP
  15. Look at all those chickens
  16. Kermit the Snitch
  17. Taylor Swift 1989 Album
  18. Transformation Tuesday
  19. Glow Up Challenge
  20. #MCM and #WCW

XL Program


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El Diamante’s policy involving PE for athletes is a common issue among student athletes trying to get all of their required classes. It has been an ongoing struggle with the athletic department and athletes for years as to why we are required to take four years of PE. The athletics at El Diamante has been declining at a rapid pace so why continue putting athletes in PE if it is no longer beneficial. The physical education program is specific to the football, basketball, and baseball programs. Weight training has no purpose for golfers and tennis players and running drills are pointless for swimmers and water polo players.

As of this year, El Diamante as adopted the XL program which allows athletes to meet after school with their coaches and teammates to work on sport specific activities. There is an hour provided for exercise and another hour utilized for homework and team meetings. Athletes are given the tools to be successful in not only their sport but their academics. Resources are available if students athletes are struggling in their classes, making them a well rounded person academically and athletically.

The only problem with the XL program is that it requires athletes to weight lift everyday,  and some athletes twice a day,  because they are required to take PE and are strongly encouraged to participate in the XL program. It is scientifically proven that athletes are at a higher risk of injury if they weight lift everyday let alone twice a day. Why do we need both? The XL program is more beneficial to athletes as it allows more ways for them to gain strength and knowledge. The school would see substantial improvements in the athletic department if  the XL program replaced PE. Freshmen and sophomores are required by the State of California to take two years of physical education, so instead of splitting up the classes as core and integrated, they could be combined; the athletes could then receive their requirements and still fulfill their athletic potential by participating in specific activities to their sport.

The athletic department has proved to us that they do not care about whether we are there to improve, they only care about having every athlete in a PE class for show. Injured athletes who may not be able to participate in PE at all are still required to take a PE class and go sit there. Instead of taking PE, they could instead be taking another academic class to improve their chances of getting into college.

The solution is simple: do not make PE mandatory, utilize the XL program differently, and in turn, El Diamante will produce stronger athletes as well as scholars.



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Disneyland-Seth Ruiz

In my opinion I believe that Disneyland is quite possibly the best place in the world to spend a vacation.

Why? The reason is not just the park and rides; it is also due to the fact that the environment is very cheerful. I know most thrill seekers will not enjoy the ride intensity compared to Six Flags, but its not just the rides that makes Disneyland the happiest place on earth. If you are the person that says , “Oh, Six Flags is way better because of the rides and that’s the only reason why I go there”. Then you are not grasping the point of a theme park. Disneyland does it completely right in every way. Even though Six Flags is more of a thrill seeking park; Disneyland has the better memories due to its many activities and environment. You can not go to Six Flags for the environment; it is simply terrible and not as enchanting as Disneyland’s.

Now for those of you that are thinking , “No, Disneyland is lame and for little kids”. You are being completely childish by just saying that. The truth is that Walt DIsney made the park for adults and children to adore. Yes, they have many kid-like stories; but that’s part of the magic of  Disneyland. If you seriously watch Disney movies and love them then do not complain about the park. The park is based and built around those stories. Therefore, by loving the childish Disney movies and hating Disneyland because of the rides based on them, you are very much a hypocrite. In one of the documentaries on Walt Disney he says himself that he built the park to be for adults and children. So why would you say its only for kids when it’s built around the very idea to be for all ages. In the whole entire park there is only one place that is childish. Due to this fact; how is the park childish? When the rest of it is not childish at all. Disneyland is a place for any age to come and have a great time. Let me enlighten you with some of the places in Disneyland.

Every moment inside the park will be remembered. Everywhere you look in the park you can see something that catches your eye. As you enter the park, right away you can notice that the scenery is outstanding. It will definitely be a moment you remember. From just entering the park you will already have saved one memory that you will enjoy remembering. The Main Street U.S.A. is simply breathtaking and you feel completely immersed in the scene. Once you go past Main Street U.S.A. you will find yourself in a fun predicament. There is four ways that you can choose to go and find yourself in different environments. Every environment is completely accurate and will have you saying , “Whoa.”.

If you go down your left path of the four you will find yourself in Adventureland and the path next to it will take you to Frontierland. By taking the middle path you will go to Fantasyland. Finally, by taking the right path you will go to Tomorrowland. Out of all these paths; the best one to take is the right one.

I can write about Disneyland for 100 more pages but i gave the most important reasons why i love Disneyland over Six Flags. You can never have a dull moment; at the happiest place on earth.

Miner Basketball at Lemoore


Staff Writer

This last week our fellow Miners went head to head in an intense battle against the Lemoore Tigers! The entire crowd was on their feet throughout the fierce game and with only seconds left our Miners lost 50-48 in a West Yosemite League matchup. We didn’t hand over the win, our key players fought hard with Matt Boyd scoring 27 points and JC Robles dominating the court with his offensive skills by scoring point after point. The Miners were ahead by 23-19 at break, but the Tigers had a 16-2 run to start the quarter. Roger Wilson continually hit 3-pointers and gave Lemoore a 29-27 lead. They increased their lead early in the fourth to 10 ahead and then held on tight. With the score of 50-46 and a minute left the Miners increased the score to 50-48 with a layup and  a shot off with a second left! Lemoore called a timeout then inbounded the ball and the buzzer rang.

Matt Boyd kept a positive attitude after the loss, “Lemoore is a tough opponent, and although we played particularly hard last  night, we had a few mental lapses in the second half that resulted in a lead. All in all, it was a step in the right direction; competition wise. Now were preparing for our next game Saturday, against another good team.”