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Pinterest- JanetMost people around the world are without a doubt, addicted to pinning images on Pinterest. Pinterest is an excellent resource to have for future projects or simply just when you are seeking inspiration. However, there are still people who simply do not see the beauty behind the app. Some people refer to Pinterest as either “Pinsanity” or “Pointless”. Pinterest is undeniably one of the greatest social networking sites of 2014, however, some still fail to acknowledge it. The site first launched in beta-mode in March 2010. And now, four years later, it has become one of the best apps on the market. Pinterest’s user base has soared tremendously since 2010. What is the beauty behind Pinterest and why are some still reluctant to see it?


Pinterest is a very clever visual inspiration site that is useful for individuals of all ages. It can be used for all different kinds of purposes from bookmarking articles, collecting images as inspiration for projects and just looking at places you would like to go to. Some of Pinterests most popular categories are the Do It Yourself and recipe category. There you will find ideas on how to make just about anything and ultimately, saving you some cash! Instead of looking for items one by one on the internet, you could easily see neat ideas all on one page! Pinterest is a time saver, and if you are not using Pinterest, you are surely missing out!


As hard as it is to believe, some people hate Pinterest when they first see it. The reason being that they simply do not understand how to work the app. The site lets you “pin” linked images from the web onto personal pinboards, and follow your friends’ pinboards as well. To some people, the homepage looks like a messy collage— ultimately feeling overwhelmed by the barrage of food, clothes, and chic-looking room photos spread across the screen. The primarily reason why some people are not on the Pinterest database is because they don’t understand how to function the app. The app isn’t very complicated to use. Once you learn how to function it properly, Pinterest becomes a great resource to have.

All in all, Pinterest is a wonderful app to use. It saves you a great amount of money and time in the long run. There are more positive than negatives for Pinterest. Miners, do not forget to give Pinterest a try!




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ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder. What is ADHD? It is a condition that can complicate your everyday life, making it hard for you to do certain tasks that other people wouldn’t find difficulty in doing. It is commonly diagnosed in children and can continue throughout adulthood. The symptoms of ADHD are the following: Poor attention, excessive distraction, impulsivity, difficulty getting started with tasks, chronic procrastination, disorganization, (losing things often), poor management with time, being chronically late, and excessive forgetfulness, and in addition, memory problems.


ADHD makes you different, not defective. People can thrive and be successful with this disorder. It is not a disease, but it can have something to do with your genes. The disorder can run within your family. People who have ADHD and decide to have children, more than likely will be prone to inheriting it as well. Some base it on environmental factors, others think it can deal with development while you’re still in the womb.


There are brain changes that occur with ADHD. Studies show that children and adults with ADHD tend to have abnormal functioning with everyday activities. This means a lack of regulation of certain brain chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, and tend to be abnormal functioning in the nerve pathways that regulate behavior. Children with ADHD may have certain parts of the brain that are smaller or less active in children who don’t have ADHD. Individuals who have ADHD do struggle and find it a lot harder to do simple things and everyday tasks compared to people without mostly because of the lack of long attention span. They find themselves hyper and jittery and wanting to jump to one thing or another without fully completing whatever they were first doing. They can also get frustrated quickly with something that have trouble understanding. They might blurt out inappropriate things due to impulsive urges.

Just because you have ADHD doesn’t mean you’re defective at all. You just need a little boost or push to keep yourself going. Some people who are over hyperactive and have an attention disorder turn out to be one of  the most successful kind of people. Their capability makes them unique. They are just different, not defective.



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Yoga is a international mediation method that works wonders for your body. Although it is shown as a series of different and unique positions and focused mostly on your breathing, it is known for curing many diseases and bringing peace to a person’s soul. Yoga is a great activity to participate in.


Yoga is good for many reasons, one of which would be to relief stress. It uses various methods that calms your mind by having you focus on your breathing. According to “Health and Fitness Travel,” studies show that practicing yoga boosts oxygen in your brain, resulting in happier moods. Removing stress from your life strengthens your metabolism which is how Yoga has been known to help with weight loss.


Another reason why Yoga should be practiced is because it gives you strength and lowers your risk for injury. Exercising involves rapid repetitions which can result in many different kinds of muscle injuries. However, Yoga unites your body and your mind which lets you move your body without getting injured.


We all need a boost or self confidence in ourselves once in a while, and what better way to do so then by spending an hour doing Yoga? Yoga releases tension from your mind in order to feel comfortable with your body. Without any anxiety, you are able to open up and feel better about yourself and improve compassion and awareness.

Alot of people may stray away from yoga, because they don’t have the flexibility to be doing it. However, it does not matter how flexible you are.You can still do Yoga, in fact, it safely stretches you which results in flexibility. Muscle tone is another reward from practicing Yoga. Yoga includes many different positions that use a lot of upper body strength. If practiced in the right way, it can strengthen any muscle in the body without putting stress on specific muscles.


Yoga is one of my favorite activities to do. Meditating feels so amazing. Not only me, but El Diamante Junior, Lizangel Calderon, agrees that “Yoga is so relaxing and easily puts me in a good mood. Its really good to do if you have a lot on your mind or if you’re tense about something.”. Originating in India, Yoga has made it’s way all around the globe. It is also offered  in most gyms. I definitely recommend you to attend at least one class of Yoga just to hear what all the hype is about.



Weird Weight Loss


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For years men and women everywhere have been used strange technics in the hope that they will be able to lose weight and have the “perfect” body.

A new weight loss method has been invented so individuals may reach their goal of the “perfect body”. The procedure involves a plastic mesh, originally intended for hernia repair, that is sewed onto the tongue to make it painful when patients eat solid food. The procedure costs 2,000 dollars and has an estimated weight loss of 18-20 pounds among patients.

It is shocking that people will go to such great measures to achieve what they believe is perfection. Beauty pageants and almost any model in a magazine sets an unrealistic standard for men and women everywhere. This isnt one of the first situations where someone has crossed the line in what procedure can be done, but should not be. People have used many different methods such as: using only a feeding tube, wrapping their body in plastic, placing staples in their ear to reduce hunger, wear special diet sunglasses, eat a weight loss soap, use special utensils that tell you when to eat and when not to eat, and people have also consumed pills containing tapeworms that will help patients rapidly lose weight.

One of the patients, Lysander Lanuza, is now fearful of eating the foods she used to consume. “ I am actually terrified of eating solid food, just thinking about having that much pain”.

Having all these new, crazy weight loss tricks has made people more focused on losing weight than actually being healthy. Sure, weight and health may go hand in hand, but there is no way to substitute or cheat your way out of nutrition and physical health. These procedures were meant to aid those who are trying to be healthier. Instead, they are being used to make people look malnourished. There is nothing beautiful or perfect about being unhealthy. The way to look and feel your best is to not cheat yourself and live a happy and healthy life. It is sad to see that the only way these women can feel confident is to take extreme measures. Confidence has to come from within and all these procedures do is create impossible standards for women to try to follow.



Celebrity Sucicides


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Suicide is a thought nobody is immune to. Millions of people go through serious thoughts of depression that can lead to suicide, especially the famous and rich. They are affected by it more than others because with all that money they have because they are never sure who is their real friends and who simply wants a taste of their money. Some become so successful they just no longer feel that life really has meaning or they get so bored that they have nothing to do and start to contemplate suicide to essentially aleve their life issues. Others may feel overwhelmed and like a failure after a serious loss of money similar to the famous fashion designer L’Wren Scott, girlfriend to Mick Jagger since 2001, the famous designer Scott company had lost 5.9 million dollars from a 2012 revenue report. However it is not said that was the definitive reason for her suicide however it can be a symptom of why she possibly felt it necessary to take her own life.

She isn’t the only one either, multiple actors or just general famous people have ended their lives in this sad way. Philip Seymour Hoffman recently committed suicide as well. He however took a different approach to it as he overdosed on heroin along with a deadly combination of cocaine, and amphetamines to go with it making a deadly cocktail of drugs. The final ruling was that it was simply an accidental death. Despite the fact he was taking a heavily dosage of three of the deadliest drugs it couldn’t have been an “accidental” death when you mix drugs like that. The truth of the matter is these are not the only two celebrities to commit suicide and that many fall to severe depression and cannot cope with their sadness so they kill themselves. It truly is a sad thing that people perform these selfish acts and its even harder when its an idol to millions of people.



The Bachelor Finale


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“How many bachelors does it take to piss America off? Juan.” Comments, tweets, mentions, and so much more including these surrounded the social medias Monday night. With one of the most shocking The Bachelor finales on ABC after 18 seasons.


The past couple of months were filled with comments surrounding Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, who was a former suitor on the previous season of the Bachelorette. Galavis was known for his latin roots which woo’d the ladies, as well as with his phenomenal soccer skills. When Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock, sent Galavis home hearts were broken all over the country. Yet with the finale, came the great selection of Galavis as the next Bachelor.


The 18th Bachelor had a different way of finding his lover, when asking for a “besito” here and a “besito” there from each of the girls. Juan Pablo Galavis immediately began getting criticism of how he was the “worst bachelor yet”, kissing all the girls on the competing for his love. Comparing Galavis to previous Bachelor, Sean Lowe, he didn’t do the job that was expected from millions of fans. You can’t expect to ever fall in love with a girl when you’re out kissing all of them. Lowe on the other hand actually was there for the love, not for all the girls.


As the season was trolling to an end, Juan Pablo Galavis was in quite a tough spot when having to choose between Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell. Everyone was pretty sure that Galavis would hands down choose Crawley as his winner from looks of how he would choose her over the others. Crawley even came to cause such controversies on how she would get extra time with the bachelor then others did. Yet it was until the last episode that Crawley had an eye-opener, exclaiming that Galavis only had a “physical attraction” for her. It had been time she noticed that, after episodes of her just loving his flirtatious ways. After that, Juan Pablo Galavis was left to give Nikki Ferrell the winning rose, but no proposal.


Yes that is right, no proposal or an “I love you.” As he handed Ferrell the rose he was quite straightforward with her, as he said he did have a diamond ring in his pocket, but wasn’t going to use it, for he only “really liked” her. Ouch. So we watch a whole season of The Bachelor to see no proposal? A proposal is the whole point of the show! Juan Pablo practically went against nature, and defeated the purpose of the show!


On the same night of the finale, it was the traditional “After the Final Rose” showing, where Galavis would showcase his thoughts on the entire season. Host, Chris Harrison, became very frustrated, like thousands of viewers, with the little feedback Galavis told. When Harrison asked if Galavis loved Ferrell after days of giving her the rose, all he would answer was “that’s private.” What? You expect to have your personal life private after signing up for a reality television show? Yes love may take time to come, but don’t expect your life to suddenly become private. And to practically insult his winning lady in front a large audience only made him seem like an even more worse guy. But in the end it almost feels Nikki Ferrell was the worst of the two. If you’re boyfriend straight up tells you he doesn’t love you, walk out. She shouldn’t of even be as happy as she seemed to be.


Days after, sadly for Juan Pablo, he has become the topic for most magazine covers and social medias. With debates whether his attraction, not love, will last for Nikki Ferrell. Until then we will be sure to hear more from Andi Dorfman, the new Bachelorette.

GM’s fatal overlook


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GM ignition issues - Chandler DarlingGM, also known as General Motors, is one of the top producers of cars in America. They are responsible for millions of cars nationwide. Their cars are constantly being modified and changed to be better as they progress through the years but with their progressions come new complications with designs and electronical glitches so to speak. For example some of the newer cars’ dashes are electronic, causing the possibility for them to fry and become obsolete. Now with the vast amount of electronics and wires in these cars, there are likely to be, like other computers, some “malfunctions”. The biggest problem lately is the lack of airbag deployment and issues with the ignition switch in the Chevy Cobalt, which has caused multiple peoples deaths, resulting in these cars are being consistently recalled for their safety issues.

The issue with the ignition is that a heavy key ring or a “sudden jarring” of the ignition can suddenly shut the car off. This was something that 18-year-old Natasha Weigel and  15-year-old Amy Beskau weren’t aware of when driving home one night. Granted, no one was wearing their seatbelts, but the police discovered that the airbags were never deployed and that the ignition was in the accessory position meaning they had no power steering and no power brakes when they hit.

The car that they were driving was a 2005 chevy cobalt that had just been in a massive 700,000 car recall. And theirs weren’t the only deaths to happen due to this malfunction that GM supposedly has known about for the past 10 years. Luckily with only 13 deaths linked to this defect in the cobalts, it has been reported that GM has known about the issues for over 10 years now, since the cars were first created. These chevy cobalts are compact economy cars with one fatal flaw that has been overlooked for years. With this new discovery of the issue, hopefully all of the cars will be recalled and repaired.




Japanese super suits


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The Japanese have always been associated with the samurai, godzilla, and robots through American pop culture. And in what’s happening with recent events, robots are not all that far off of a dream. A lot of Japanese companies like Honda, Cyberdyne with the HAL suit, and the latest is Yaskawa Electric’s working with exoskeletal rehab developments. This brand however, team Skeletonics, is 5 people from an Okinawan (which is a 5-6 year school/college combination). These students were able to build these exoskeletons that are said to be 8 feet 2 inches and only weighing 55 pounds, that are even able to compete with some of the bigger companies suits.

Not just that but the suit does not require a vast amount of servo motors like some of the other Japanese exoskeletons. The skeletonics is completely powered by the human being, which is also known as a “passive” exoskeleton compared to a “active” exoskeleton which uses servo motors to move. So in a sense, whatever physical strength you have is transferred into the suit since you are powering the suit. Then additionally, the suit amplifies a human’s movement. The leader of this group is a man named Reyes Tatsuru Shiroku, and when he was asked what the purpose of these magnificent robots were for by reporter Jordyn Taylor from Betabeat news, Mr. Reyes responded, “This is exoskeleton for entertainment”. Instead of letting the military use their technology for new weapons and having exoskeleton soldiers they would be used for family entertainment. The exoskeletons are soon going to be able for renting or buying for an estimated cost of $49,000 and they include a 1 day training lesson that is apparently all that you need to master these giant suits. The students are continuing to travel to different invention conventions all over the world to show their exoskeletons.


Frivolous Lawsuits


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Frivulous Lawsuits- Madison SolteszRecently a man in Pacoima, California received one napkin at his local McDonald’s. He felt this was an injustice and is now suing McDonald’s for 1.5 million dollars. Any logical person would question the man’s actions in suing for such a high amount of money, but does it mean that there should be a standard in modern day lawsuits?

Of course, there are always two sides to every story. In the case of the man who received one napkin, he claims that when he went back to the counter to ask for more the manager of the restaurant refused to give him another napkin and also made racial slurs directed toward the african american customer. Still after hearing more of the story we still wonder what drove this man to think that 1,500,000 dollars was an appropriate amount for only being given one napkin.

However, this is not one of the first instances where a ridiculous lawsuits has been made. In the state of Ohio, a teacher had sued the school district because she had a fear of children. This woman claims to experience stress, anxiety, chest pains, vomiting, nightmares and high blood pressure when she spends time around children. She had accused the school district as discriminating her by moving her from teaching high school students to teaching elementary students. In the eyes of the district she is simply a teacher and a teacher’s job is to educate young people.

Yet another situation in New Jersey describes a lawsuit for 50 million dollars made by a man who was angered by his son getting kicked off the track team as a result of his son being absent to too many practices. The father claims that they had a family death and his son had also had a leg injury accounting for the abstinences his son had. Some of these reasons may be valid, but there are many elements of being on a team and attendance is a very important part of performance. Many people would view the coaches decision as appropriate and the son and his father may not like the decision, but they should respect it. In addition, the boys father sued the county for the ridiculous amount of 50,000,000 dollars. Someone should have spoken up in this mans decision and reasoning behind his actions.

Sure people can sue what they want, when they want, and who they whenever, but a logical approach should be taken to each scenario. There should be standards of what is correct and what is inappropriate. In america we live in a free country, but that doesn’t mean we should be irresponsible with our rights and waste people’s time.



Sbarro files bankruptcy and closes in the Visalia Mall


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Sbarro bankruptcy by Maddy Heeszel

This photo was created by MADDY HEESZEL.

The company owning the pizza restaurant in the Visalia Mall that many of us enjoy, Sbarro, has filed bankruptcy as of March 3rd, sadly causing them to close out at our location. This is the second time they have declared to be bankrupt in less than three years. Just last month, the owners of this fast food Italian chain have decided to close 155 out of about 800 of their restaurants all across the world, including ours. With the Visalia Mall already closing out several restaurants in the food court, including McDonald’s, Hot Dog on a Stick, and Rick & Nachos, Sbarro was next to leave. After struggling with debt, will Sbarro find hope, or will they close out all their locations for good?


Opened since 1956, many people would agree that a restaurant lasting this long would be successful. Unfortunately for Sbarro, times have been difficult within the past few years. While dealing with these troubled times, Sbarro has tried to raise their sales by switching up their recipes and adding new dishes to their menu, but still no luck. “Its biggest shortcoming is that it sells food that has been sitting out for a while, and more people want food made to order,” said Michael Whiteman, a restaurant consultant of Brooklyn, New York. While this may indeed be true, there are those out there who enjoy fast-served meals, especially in places such as malls, airports, and other locations where fast-served meals are preferred.


On a brighter note, Sbarro is doing everything they can to stay open at other locations while closing out at locations where sales are not so great. While on the verge of their company completely closing out, Sbarro still remains and will continue to pay off their debt as well as they possibly can. “The way to turn the company around in the short haul is to get out of money-losing leases and close stores, which it has been doing,” said Whiteman. Unlike Hot Dog on a Stick, which also filed for bankruptcy months before, Sbarro is finding every way to get back on track to a successful business. Even though we no longer have a Sbarro, we can only hope the best for this company and give them thanks for the great food they have given us for the past five years in the Visalia Mall food court.