Is there such a thing as a Volcano insurance in Hawaii?


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In Pahoa, Hawaii, volcanoes are changing neighborhoods forever. Many homeowners are concerned about the volcano damage, would the damage be covered? It all just depends on the homeowners insurance policy and how bad the house was damaged. Jerry Bump, Chief Deputy insurance commissioner at the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs said, “There’s no such thing as volcano insurance or lava flow insurance”. If the homeowner had purchased a policy that covers all risks, the damaged would be covered. Bump said, “People who live in designed USGS lava zoned areas, trying to get coverage would be difficult. For insurers perspective, the risk is too high. The people who are buying houses in dangerous areas realize they are putting their lives at risk”.


About 1,700 people had to flee away from their homes because of the volcano and many don’t know if they are still standing. Steve Gebbie was forced from his home on Leilani Estates after the volcano erupted on Thursday. He said, “most people in his neighborhood don’t have insurance that would cover the lava damage.” For people who don’t have insurance, the Hawaii Insurance Division advises removing belongings from their homes and making plans for where to stay. And for people with homeowners insurance, they recommend keeping the policy in a safe place, and removing as much from your homes because the lava flow could cut off their access.

10 Things to do After High School


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  • College


  1. Strive toward higher education to better your life and be stuck in debt for the rest of it.


  • Junior College


  1. Make your debt a little better by going to a college just a step above high school.


  • Travel the world


  1. Assuming you have the money, why not see the world, make new experiences and new friends.


  • Charity


  1. Help out with your local charities, engage in something altruistic to benefit the needy.


  • Travel the world through charity


  1. Help out with organizations that go around the world and specialize in natural disasters or war aftermath.


  • Find work


      1. Go straight into work. Find a good job that’s above minimum wage and start saving up for college or otherwise.


  • Find your passion


      1. If you’re a talented artist or a less known writer, who is financially stable, find yourself in your work and take that time to master your style.


  • Start something


      1. Whether it be a business or anything, start something you know you can stick to but can also stay a legacy after you leave.


  • Military


      1. Be part, officially, of the governments military. Learn to fight and understand the intricacies of the political world.


  • Focus on relationships


    1. Live, learn, and love. Invest yourself in those around you, and make them your top priority. Start a family and socialize with everyone.

Second Teenager Raped in India


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In the Indian state of Jharkhand,  two teen girls were brutally raped. In response to these incidents, thousands of people started protesting demanding for a change. A 17-year-old girl was raped but also severely burned which resulted in 70% of her body becoming badly burnt. It was said on the news that the 17-year-old girl was at a relative’s house when her rapist came in and raped and burned her. Neighbors heard her cries for help and immediately rushed her to the hospital. According to the hospital staff, she is responding well and her organs are functioning normally. A local man was arrested because he is believed to be connected to the brutal crime. The first attack that occurred in the village was of a 16-year-old girl that sadly died by cause of fire. Women and even men are outraged at the heinous crimes that are happening and demand justice for the poor victims.

This is America Review


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Donald Glover, or better yet known by the persona of Childish Gambino, announced earlier this year that he would in fact, be retiring the persona. Yet on May 6th of 2018 he released a new track titled “This is America”. Stylistically, the track strays way from Gambino’s older style to a more modern or trap style. But a bigger topic is the cultural aspects the song brings up. This song is a masterpiece of production through and through, beginning with a calm almost reggae beat and then being thrown in a line discussing what America is really like. This song as a whole aims to discuss the harsh reality of society compared to what it appears on the surface. Gambino also released a stylized music video to accompany the song in which it depicts several scenes regarding the topics the song speaks of. If I had to rate this song I would give it a 4.5/5 because while the song itself doesn’t specifically stand out in a mix of modern music, the production and topic of the song allows it to be unique and heavy.

200 Horses Found Dead in Arizona


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In Arizona, 191 wild horses have been found dead on federally reserved Navajo land. It is believed that the horses suffered nearly fatal levels of exhaustion and dehydration. As the herd was on its way to a stock pond or dried up water hole, they were accidently burrowed in mud. Due to the large amount of malnourishment the horses had suffered, they didn’t have the energy to eject themselves out of the mud.  As a result, some large horses were found submerged all the way down to the neck. Several officials put hydrated lime on the horses to make their bodies decompose quicker.

The death of these horses highlight the brutal conditions hitting the Southwestern United States, which has been battered by a terrible drought. This is because of a dry winter and not much runoff water. The Navajo Nation reservation has experienced the worst of this situation with not even having a potable water source. The reservation in total has tens of thousands of horses, and are looking for ways to properly manage their horses, so less die.

Lady Gaga’s Secret


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Lady Gaga tells one of her biggest secrets. She announces that she goes through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She revealed this to a group of young LGBT people in New York. She also spent a few hours talking about her own struggles and experiences, including her battle with mental illness.

In 2014, she revealed that she was a rape victim when she was 19. She brings about the situation in her song, Till It Happens To You. She says, “My own trauma in my life has helped me to understand the trauma of others, I told the kids today that I suffer from a mental illness. I suffer from PTSD. I’ve never told that to anyone before, so here we are.”

She copes with her stress by just thinking positive. Gaga did a meditation exercise with the young people to show them how she deals with stress.

Although she’s gone through different types of therapy, she states, “I think kindness is the best way.” Gaga finds ways to live happy and be relaxed, even though she lives with PTSD.

Holocaust Survivor Stabbed


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Mireille Knoll, an 85 year old French Jew, was stabbed and burned to death by 2 men in late March in eastern Paris. One suspect, was Knoll’s neighbor who was earlier charged with sexual assault. The other suspect was a violent homeless man. Besides having 11 stab wounds, her apartment was later torched. This crime is believed to be an anti semitic attack as exactly a year prior to the date of the murder, Sarah Halimi-Attal, another Jew who was brutally murdered.

She was a young child during the dangerous times of World War II and the Holocaust. While thousands of Jews were rounded up by the Nazis, Knoll and her mother quickly fled to Portugal. After the war, she returned to her hometown of Paris, and later married another Holocaust survivor. French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the incident, sadly commenting “I reaffirm my absolute determination to fight against anti-Semitism,” he said. Leile Dessante, a friend and caretaker of Knoll’s said, “She survived the Holocaust in the last century, I think she had a happy life, and yet she was killed at home in 2018, frail, and defenseless. What world are we living in?”In Paris, thousands of supporters marched in honor of her and other anti semitic victims.

Movie Production


By Devin Prado

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Almost everyone in our society likes to experience and enjoy a good film, but what defines a good film? Production, is what defines a good film, and also a good film from a great film. There are an immense amount of components that go into producing a movie. From lighting and set design to sound design and special effects. Movies can cost thousands or sometimes millions of dollars in production fees, and those prices escalate even more after they pay all the hired hands and actors. The film industry is high risk high reward. So, as our society watches movies we must learn to appreciate not only the actors and the fine work they do, but also the work behind the scenes. The makeup and costume design, to the foley artists who make almost all the sounds you hear during the movie. Films are the blending of hundreds of different talents and ideas, the cumulative work of many people all put together to produce a single object.



Syria Human Bomb


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Earlier this week, a Syrian soldier was tied up tightly and was kept straight up with wooden planks. Then, an explosive-filled helmet was placed onto his head that was topped by an impact fuse. He was then thrown into ISIS territory where he exploded. This brutal act was retaliation for the airstrikes that were sent to Syria. Apparently, the jihadists have held onto several areas and Security-General Antonio Guterres claims that ISIS is still a threat in the Qadam neighborhood. It is heartbreaking to read that incidents like this are occurring in the world. Violence occurs so much and hatred lives in mostly everyone’s’ hearts

California Man Fatally Stabbed while Dining with his Daughter on his Lap


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Anthony Mele was dining at a steakhouse in Southern California with his daughter on his lap when a homeless man allegedly stabbed him in the neck. Jamal Jackson, 49 years old, was arrested shortly after attacking and stabbing Anthony Mele. Jamal has been charged with premeditated first degree murder. Mele died the next day, but his daughter was not injured. “The two men did not know each other,” the Ventura Police Department said.


Hours before the attack, a bystander at the steakhouse called 911 to report Jackson for “yelling” and other disruptive behavior. About three hours later, before Jackson was walking away from the restaurant’s security camera, the authorities determined he was not a threat. Jackson then stabbed Mele in the neck while he was dining with his daughter in his lap, which was at a beachside restaurant across the promenade where Jackson was spotted. Mele went into surgery, but was removed from life support on Thursday, April 19. “Jackson was arrested after a group of bystanders chased him to the beach, he was initially charged with attempted murder and child endangerment,” Ventura police said. “A motive is unclear,” a police said. If convicted, he faces up to 55 years of prison, but information on his attorney was not available.