‘FROZEN II’ TRAILER – Feature Paper


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At last, the day has finally come for the official trailer of “Frozen II”! Most of us are very familiar with the overwhelming popularity of the Disney animated film “Frozen” from 2013. It was ranked very high in popularity and won many awards as well as millions in the box office, and rumors of a second film were spread around for the hope of bringing these beloved characters back on the big screen.

Now the fateful day has come at last on February 13th, 2019 with the trailer reaching #1 on trending on the Youtube platform. People are already beginning to decipher the hidden meanings in the trailer to figure out the plot and what Disney Animated Studios has in store for one of their most famous films in history.

The trailer reveals to the audience much more than any fans have expected from the original film. The animation is beautiful; very detailed and almost realistic. Although the character designs have altered a little bit, we can still see the familiar faces of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and of course Olaf. We even get small glimpses of some new characters that will be featured in “Frozen II” as well as a magnificent concept a lot of people are hyped for. Taking that “Frozen” was themed around the season of winter, the sequel appears to be transcended into an autumn-like climate, a theme that looks overwhelmingly creative and designed very well. Although there isn’t much to go off of from this first trailer, people can already tell that this is hopefully going to be a winning film for 2019.

Release for the upcoming movie will be in November of this year and fans have high expectations for “Frozen II”, which will be up against another film Marvel fans have been waiting for: “Avengers Endgame”. Disney has been releasing a lot of trailers and content to keep us entertained and on the edge of our seats, but “Frozen II” will definitely be the all-time blockbuster animated sequel of 2019.


Mac Miller Grammy’s



By: Noel Brito

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The 2019 Grammy’s were this Sunday, February 10th. The nominations for a Grammy had come out in the past couple months and the late Mac Miller was nominated for Best Rap Album. The people holding the Grammy’s had invited Mac’s family all the way from Pittsburg and had a tribute video if he had won. All in all, he had not won and lost to Cardi B who won for her album Invasion of Privacy. Fans of Mac Miller took to Twitter to express their anger for the fact that he had not won a Grammy but they flew his family out. Mac Miller had been nominated 11 times through past years and has never won a Grammy.

Two hackers charged with making false bomb threats to hundreds of schools


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Two computer hackers have been charged with sending false bomb and mass shooting threats to hundreds of schools in Britain and the United States, including dozens in southern California, according to a federal indictment unsealed Tuesday. Timothy Dalton Vaughn, 20, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina who, according to the indictment, used online handles that include “WantedbyFeds” and “Hacker_R_US” was arrested Tuesday by the FBI agents. The second defendant named in the indictment, George Duke-Cohan, 19, of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, who used online handles included “DigitalCrimes” and “7R1D3N7” is currently serving a prison sentence in Britain for making a hoax threat targeting an airliner. Vaughn bragged in an online forum that Apophis Squad had targeted more than 2,000 schools in the U.S. and more than 400 in the U.K., according to the indictment, which details threats about imminent shootings and bombings being sent to school districts across Southern and Central California. Duke-Cohan allegedly posted a message on Twitter taking credit for the hoax emails on behalf of Apophis Squad in which he said, “We are OPEN for requests for school lockdowns/evacuations”.


Vaughn is expected to appear in a North Carolina court Tuesday afternoon. If convicted of all 11 charges in the indictment, he faces up to 80 years in federal prison. His lawyer was not immediately available for content. Duke-Cohan faces up to 65 years in federal prison if convicted of the nine charges in the indictment in which he is named.




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EPIK is a program in which teachers travel over to South Korea to teach English to Korean children or even teenagers. There are other options all around the world, such as JET in Japan for those who wish to teach elsewhere. Meeting the requirements may not be very easy, the applicant must have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject, must be a citizen of an English-speaking country, and must have their TEFL Certificate. Four years of college is more or less the minimum to get a bachelor’s, while a TEFL requires an intensive four-week course which can be taken online or in-person. The course is a bit expensive as it will cost anywhere from $1500 – $2000, depending on where the course is taken the price may differ. After achieving all the requirements, one can now apply to EPIK. Applying can be done in multiple ways, the simplest being on their website, where the application form can be downloaded through a link. Once this is filled out and ready, it can be emailed to EPIK along with an attached image and a letter of recommendation.


An interview date must be sent in order to move on to the next step, this can take up to weeks. If the interview is successful, the applicant must send all necessary documents and contracts to the EPIK office. Now it’s time to go, after getting the E-2 Visa of course, which is needed to grant foreign entrepreneurs access to the country. Your flight to South Korea is already paid for by the EPIK program, after arriving in South Korea the applicant, as well as all the other applicants stationed in your area,  will be placed in orientation together where everyone will be taught the basics of teaching in Korean schools for about a week. Completion of the orientation will then lead to the applicants being sent to their locations (anywhere from Seoul to Busan), where they will be introduced to their new officetel. This officetel is paid for by EPIK, with the exception of utilities and the deposit. After moving in, the new teacher is left alone to figure everything out, so at least elementary level Korean would be helpful with day to day life.



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So the late, frustrated, sleep-deprived nights of googling for stress reducers has led you to the new Instafad: self-care. Now you might be like me and be kind of confused by what self-care actually is. When I think self-care, I think of baby pink smoothies at 7 am, face masks with all your gorgeous model friends, and laying on a therapist’s couch talking about how you accidentally “booked your Dubai trip on the same weekend as your Paris trip!”. Okay, yeah, maybe that’s a little much, but the point is that most people’s idea of what self-care is does not apply to most people’s real daily lives. I mean, if your biggest problem is that you double booked yourself for two amazing trips on the same weekend… what’s your secret?! Alright, alright… maybe some people are just luckier than others. Orrrrrr perhaps they practice good, healthy, realistic self-care.


Some examples of self-care are:

  • Take a warm bath! Add bubbles and light some candles! Read a good book while you’re at it, although maybe don’t read on your phone. I don’t think even rice could fix that one.
  • Play your favorite music and have a one-person dance party! You’ll lift your mood AND get some exercise in! #killtwobirdswithonestone
  • Clean your room and move your furniture! I know, I know. “I came here to get good self-care tips, not to be nagged! You’re just like my mom!” However, cleaning your room can have beneficial results, such as reducing allergies, improving sleep, and making it easier to focus on things like school or hobbies!
  • Sleep!!!! Lack of sleep is very hard on your body, leading to things like weight gain, high blood pressure, and just overall attitude. It’s super hard to be excited and prepared for your day when you’re yawning every ten seconds!
  • Eat the right foods! Not only does eating the right foods keep you healthy, but it also provides your body with the fuel necessary to complete all the tasks you have in a day! Which as a high school student who never has time to eat breakfast, it was a strange thing to find out that not eating actually RAISES your blood sugar, which isn’t ideal. Obviously.
  • Take care of your skin! Now I’m not saying drop a few thousand on some snail mucus facial or anything gross like that. However, some six dollar face wash can not only reduce acne but can also leave your skin looking more glowy and fresh! (I highly recommend Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash for any of my fellow acne sufferers. I promise it’s good for people with sensitive or dry skin! #ihaveeczema)
  • Talk to yourself! I get it, you think you’ll sound crazy… and you might. As someone who is very weirdly proud of the fact that she talks to herself out loud every second of every day, talking to yourself is actually really helpful. It helps reduce stress, helps you remember the events of your day, and opens up your communication with yourself. It also makes the bad days seem less daunting when you rant to yourself because no one else has to hear what you say! So let your freak flag fly!


And finally,


  • It’s okay to take time for yourself! I often have to take breaks from social situations for hours, days, and even weeks at a time. I personally need that time to relax, refresh and remind myself of why I do things I do. Excluding yourself from a get-together with your friends or asking your parents if you can just read in your room for a little while is always okay, as long as you are doing it for the right reasons. Mental, emotional, and social breaks can often change your perspective on things that you would have reacted to differently had you not taken time to think them through. So if you don’t want to go to that big party this weekend, or hang out with your friends next Friday, don’t. Maybe use that time to catch up on a little self-care! #memyselfandi


I hope these self-care tips help life be a little less scary, and remember, if it helps you be a better person for yourself, it’s self-care in my book!

Your Life Yes?



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Look left, look right, what do you see?

Do you see the hidden tears?

What about the true smiles?

The scars? Broken hearts?

No can you?


Look in the mirror, what do you see

The son that your father wants you to be,

The daughter that your mother prays for?

What about what you want to be?

Smart? Kind?

What do you want?


Face the light, fight the darkness.

Be yourself, love who you love, and believe in who you believe in.

Your life yes?

Protect what is yours and act how you want.

Fix the heart, wipe the tears, smile the true smile,

Heal the scars.

Be grand


Love, fight, win

Face the mirror and love

Face the darkness and fight

See your dreams and win.

After all it is

You life yes?

NFC Championship aftermath


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The New Orleans Saints were robbed. They should have been playing against the Patriots last Sunday in the Superbowl. They likely would have won too, watching the game we saw on Sunday. Overall, the Rams proved why they didn’t deserve to be in the SuperBowl. They looked lost and pathetic, only scoring three points in the whole game. The Saints would have been more experienced, especially Drew Brees, and they likely would have won. But no. We got a boring Super Bowl because the Saints were cheated and the NFL chose not to do anything about it.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t even address what happened until he absolutely had to, the media day at the SuperBowl. The NFL messed this one up. New Orleans will always wear this scar.

Stormi Webster’s Birthday




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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi Webster is officially one year old today. Rumors about Kylie Jenner being pregnant had developed 6 months before she had given birth in February of last year. Jenner had released the news of her daughter being born and she had broken all social media. Kylie had posted a video on Youtube of the journey of her pregnant with Travis Scott by her side. The release of Stormi’s name had also been released along with her gender.

JV Girls Soccer: El Diamante vs. Redwood Round 2



By Miranda Hurtado

Staff Writer

Recently, our JV Girls came back for round 2 with Redwood High School. Their previous game the girls tied 0-0 at their first round of league games. First half was intense, with the team playing with only 10 players with a line up of 3-5-2, while also making goal number one. The girls held strong for about the first 20 minutes into the game until Redwood kept rushing, making goal by goal, leaving the score 1-3 in the first half. Second half was full of hard moments trying to stay strong to prevent the score to get worse, but the final score was 1-6. The offense had a few balls up to the opposing team’s goal, but at the end, our girls did their best to win the round. February 2nd will be both JV and Varsity’s last game, along with Senior Night! Come out and support our girls as they finish their season off with one last win!


New Orleans Harsh Week


by Justin Vink

Staff Writer

A missed call that cost the Saints a Super Bowl trip. The best basketball player in the city asks to get traded. It was a rough week for the city of New Orleans, starting with the NFC Championship. The Saints were up 13-0 in the first quarter, looking solid, when the Rams hit them back with 10 points in the second, sending the Saints to the locker room with a shaky 13-10 lead. They scored first in the second half, but the Rams followed with their own scoring drive, bringing the score back to one touchdown, they traded punts for a while, when, after a Rams field goal, it happened. The Saints were driving. They were tied. Inside the Rams 20 yard line. Drew Brees dropped back on 3rd and 10, saw a wheel route coming open on the right sideline and threw it. Instead of playing the ball, Rams defender Nickell Robey-Coleman laid out the targeted receiver, Tommylee Lewis, before the ball even arrives. Everyone watching knew the flag was coming, it could be both a helmet-to-helmet call, a personal foul, and a pass interference call. The flag didn’t come. Every person around the world watching the game, including Saints coach Sean Payton, was shocked. The Saints kicked a field goal to go up by 3, instead of having a first-and-goal with a big opportunity to score. The Rams drove down the field and kicked a field goal of their own, to even the score and put the game into overtime. Then, disaster struck New Orleans. Drew Brees, a future Hall-of-Famer and one of the best quarterbacks in the league, was hit as he threw the ball on second down, still in Saints territory. The ball went soaring high in the air, picked off by diving safety John Johnson, giving the Rams the ball around the 50. The Saints defense stalled the Rams, but it was no use. Greg Zuerlein nailed a 57-yard field goal to send the Rams to the Super Bowl, their first since 2002. This raised controversy, leaders of the Saints speaking out about the missed pass interference call in the week following the game, including team captain Benjamin Watson sending a message out about how leadership and officiating lacked in the calls during and after the game. The defense to this situation is that the refs not only missed that call, but they missed a couple calls against the Saints, too. There was a few blatant missed facemask calls, one on Jared Goff and one on Brandin Cooks, where both players were outright tackled by their facemasks by Saints defenders, Goff being dragged down by the facemask near the goal line, which would have allowed the Rams to score a big touchdown instead of kicking a field goal in the fourth quarter. The refs of this game blew it for both teams, but the bottom line is that the Saints had the ball first in overtime, and though it wasn’t really one particular player’s fault, they turned the ball over. The Rams won this game, the refs performed poorly, and the people of New Orleans will be heartbroken for a while.

If this loss wasn’t enough, the fans of New Orleans were stabbed in the heart even more with the news from basketball star Anthony Davis’s agent that Davis is searching for a trade. Possible landing spots include the Lakers and the Celtics. Davis’s future in New Orleans is in doubt, and the New Orleans fans can’t take another hit. Hopefully, they don’t have to.