Blue and green forever



Tuesday, June 7, 2011 was the big day for the the latest senior class of El Diamante. Poised in their caps and gowns, our soon-to-be graduates paraded down the Mineral King Bowl to their seats. This was the day that they had been waiting for. This was the day when their name would be called and they would finally receive their diploma. Four long years had lead up to this moment, and all of their hard work was about to pay off.

In the moments leading up to the start of graduation, there was electricity in the air. The crowd filed into the Bowl hours in advance to find the best seating in order to see their siblings, daughters, sons, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends make this jump to adulthood. They happily settled in, excited and anxious to watch the event.

When senior class president, Samantha Price, took the podium to begin the ceremony, the crowd went silent. She and our Principal, Mike Waters, spoke about how this senior class of El Diamante had the best of everything: sports, band, choir, orchestra, drama and theater. The class of 2011 certainly has a lot to be proud of, as they have led the school towards greatness in their final year at El Diamante.

When asked about how she felt after graduation, Juliet Dinkins, newly graduated, said, “It doesn’t feel much different. It’s so surreal.” As our seniors move on, they leave the future of El Diamante to the current juniors, sophomores and freshmen. Their legacy is great, and they as well as their accomplishments will never be forgotten.

Though they may have left our dear school, these Miners will never forget their true home. El Diamante is a place that they have learned to love, and can never truly leave. For, as Miners, they will be blue and green forever.

Pictures of graduation taken by Pat Miller are available here, and an online copy of The Dig’s senior edition is available here.