School is Overwhelming


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Is school really overwhelming people? School stresses people out for many reasons. First, kids will stay up late trying to complete their homework, or studying for a test the next day. That is the reason why most kids fall asleep in class, they do not get enough time to sleep. Most kids will vanish or not show up for exams or tests because they are nervous about what the results will be. Next, somebody could have straight A’s and fail one thing and freak out about their grade. Even though they have great grades, they will still panic. Also, nobody likes waking up at 7, maybe even 6 o’clock, for school. We already have to stay at school for 7-8 hours. Nobody likes staying at school for that long. If kids get bullied at school, that is even more pressure for them. Keeping up their grade, and avoiding the bully while at school is challenging. Teachers give out way too much home/school work. They think it is easy because we will only have homework for that class. But really, we have at least 3 pages of homework for each class. The classwork they give out is outrageous. They give you all kinds of homework and expect you not to be overwhelmed. They give out at least 4 papers of schoolwork, and expect you to do it in 15 minutes. It is a good thing that teachers are trying to help us out, but they are also overwhelming us. Some people are even stressed about their appearance because they do not want anybody judging them by what they look like, even if they are confident in themself, they only care about other people’s opinions, not their own. All in all, school is very overwhelming for all students, even straight A students.

Mandatory Weightlifting: Maybe It’s Not the Best Idea


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FullSizeRenderMany athletes across the US participate in weightlifting as a form of training and conditioning for their sport. Though it can be beneficial in helping an athlete’s performance, it should not be made mandatory for students to have to participate in a physical education weight lifting class. Yes it has its upsides, but it also has many drawbacks.

Athletes risk of injury is increased when participating in weightlifting. Having multiple students in one room moving heavy equipment is a high chance of someone not paying attention and dropping a forty five pound plate on someone else’s foot.

Though it is favorable to lift weights because athletes can build muscle and coaches can stack up their teams, students are over working their muscles. The constant agony of the repetition puts a lot of strain on their bodies. Constant soreness doesn’t allow athletes to reach their full potential. You could argue that the mandatory lifting class is contradicting to its intent; hurting instead of helping its athletes.

Weight lifting classes are not fit to every athlete’s needs. There is a diversity in athletes in schools, so that means you will have multiple different types of workouts beneficial to the athlete. It would be more ideal for physical education classes to help build what’s necessary for your sport rather than seeing who can lift the most weight.

Weight lifting leaves the possibility of stretch marks. Though building up strength is ideal for your youth, as age comes it will be difficult to lift. Your body will slowly start to fall apart and sagging stretch marks will replace your once prideful abs.

Most of the freshman class is still at a young age. Their pre-pubescent bodies are still developing. Weight lifting is screwing up the process and their bodies don’t need to be put through that torment.

Though weight lifting has its benefits, like building muscle and stacking up teams, it also has many disadvantages. Over-working muscles, constant soreness and risk of injury is never favorable in any athlete’s career and all this can be prevented by making weightlifting physical education classes non-mandatory.

Does Being Bullied as a Kid Prepare You for Parenthood?


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IMG_2562S.E. Cupp was a victim in bullying. She is currently a political commentator for CNN. In her article,”I was the unpopular kid. Now I’m a parent. Here’s what I learned.”, she states how as a kid she moved to many different schools. She states how she never had a hard time making friends every time she moved to a different school.

At the age of thirteen, Cupp moved schools in the middle of the year. She states in her article when coming to this new school it was “different” making friends. She says how “The girls had long-formed cliques. The boys were in the middle of puberty and couldn’t decide if they wanted to pull your hair or ask you out”. She also states how going to school for the four months she was there was the worst.

Cupp says that she would buy clothes and shoes that looked like everyone else’s just to fit in. She says the reason behind her actions in purchasing clothing as the same as anyone else’s was, “It’s why I tried to befriend the popular girls who then turned on me in the cafeteria and threatened to beat me up after school”. From experiencing similar actions like her; wanting to just fit in is hard. It’s hard making friends, especially when moving to a new school or if you are just really quiet and don’t know how to communicate with people.

Cupp now is a mother of a ten month old son. She says how she doesn’t know how her son will be when he becomes thirteen. Cupp says she talks with her husband, wanting for her son to be “socially-adept”, meaning she wants her son to be good at something that way he can make friends and people will like him. However, she also states that she wants to “raise a child who is happy, comfortable, confident and secure, so he knows he is loved and accepted for who he is, regardless of anyone he meets who disagrees”.

In the end, Cupp ends her article by telling what she would say to her thirteen year old self and her 13 year old son that “it wouldn’t necessarily be that it gets better — adulthood is hard and people are still jerks. It’s that you will get better. Better at coping. Better at not caring. Better at negotiating these challenges. Better at loving yourself. Put most simply, better at being you”. This article means a lot  when reading it. Being able to relate to an article like this is rare, and especially enjoying an article is also rare as well.

New Discovery of Alien-like Worm (P. Manokwari)

By Anayanze Rodriguez

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Beginning around June of 2015, an alien like worm with its mouth found in the middle of his stomach and identified as the flat worm was first discovered in Florida. It has been discovered that the worm is populating around Miami, Florida’s capital. The creature found is only a couple millimeters thick but will grow to be 2.5 inches (60 millimeters). The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has claimed that the alien-like worm is considered one of the top 100 worst invasive species in the world and it has been threatening the snail population. Its way of survival is odd yet interesting to see the specie wrap itself around the snail and ingest the snails soft tissue in a gulp. Although, the specie, P.Manokwari, was not a surprise discovery since it was already discovered in 15 other countries. However, it was a first to see its arrival in the United States. Scientists from the museum National d’Histoire Naturally in France detected two genetic groups of the alien-like worm. The genetics, however, are found as indistinguishable except for the level of their genetic codes. One being identified as the Australian Haplotype, which was found as being only discovered in Australia and other Solomon Islands. The second is identified as the World Haplotype, which is found around the world in areas such as France, New Caledonia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Florida.  Despite the fact that the alien-like worm is not that of a great size it has its threats that many scientists and citizens should worry about. Scientists first believed the P. Manokwari would only be found on small islands and if they for instance tried to populate it would only be on the those small islands where they were surrounded by sea, but its discovery in Florida brings a whole other threat. Scientists do not understand yet how it had spread on to North America from a Island, but suggests It is the fault of  humankind since many of the flat worms are found in plants that are transported around the world, but the fear is of how It could now spread throughout the United States and America’s and their affect on other species.


Meadow Walker Sues Porsche

Aileen Sanchez

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Fast & Furious’ star Paul Walker was killed in a car crash. 16-year-old Meadow Walker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche. The sports car Paul Walker was driving had multiple flaws. Meadow seeks unspecified damage due to defects that contributed to her father’s death. Porsche Carrera GT is a dangerous car to drive. This is a vehicle that does not belong on the street. The car side door reinforcement bars has  defective rubber fuel lines. The Carrera GT should have come with an electronic stability control system to protect against swerving. The roadway conditions were unsafe for the vehicle speed. Mechanical failure had killed the actor Paul Walker. The materials were weaker in strength than what is used in popular mass-market cars, that were designed to be operated at speeds much slower than than the Porsche. Paul Walker’s life ended before the smoke and fire engulfed the car. His body was badly burned. His right wrist and left arm were fractured. He also suffered fractures from his left jawbone, collarbone, pelvis, ribs and his spine. The lawsuit alleges lack of safety features that were found on the Porsche’s least expensive road car’s features. That could have prevented the accident. Paul Walker could have survived the crash.

Paris Bans Cars for a Day


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On September 27, 2015, Paris banned cars for a day.  The day without cars is a campaign against pollution. The city is doing this because they are trying to clean up their air even adding policies to help clean it up.  It also raises awareness.

 When they decided to ban the vehicles the people then got their bikes and scooters and other things to use as their transportation.  There was more room for tourists to visit the places they wanted to without there being traffic to stop or delay them. In the large cities pollution is the main reason for people’s health being at risk.       

The good thing about this is that the people would not  have to wait for traffic and be late to work. The cars were banned from the large parts of Paris. You could  see that many people were riding bikes or walking and enjoying a vehicle free day, there were some exceptions like buses, taxis, and emergency vehicles. This shows that people are not afraid to live without cars to get around to anywhere.

This is a big step to trying to help with pollution, even something little can be really effective. Paris is a really big city and for them to make a big move is going to help the peoples health and the environment even if it is  something not as big as it could be.  There are a lot of before and after photos taken to show the change that banning carts made on the streets of Paris. The people got to experience the breath taking city without motorized vehicles.

Woman Shot By Deputies


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It started with a phone call stating a family had been threatened with a handgun. The Tulare County deputies stepped in at 9:22 a.m. First they contacted the family and discovered they had been threatened by Nova Edgar, a woman in their family at the age of 82. As the deputies spoke with Edgar’s family, Edgar showed up with the handgun and began to make threats. The family was then rushed away from Edgar. Once the family was safe, the deputies started to negotiate with Edgar. They used microphones and a robot whilst negotiating with her for the next three hours. Edgar exited whilst the robot was being set up then returned with the handgun. She was then shot by both deputies in the right arm, and rushed to Kaweah Delta Medical Center. Sheriff Mike Boudreax claims the deputies were forced to use their weapons, but she is currently fine. The wound in her upper right arm was luckily a minor one. Edgar is expected to make a full recovery. However, the sheriff may see his deputies’  actions as reasonable, but Edgar’s family does not.  There have been previous events where the deputies have been called by Edgar’s family, but it never got as serious as the standoff. Edgar’s granddaughter even stopped her car across from the media staging area and yelled her claim that Edgar should not have been shot and only was because the deputies were scared.


One Person is Dead After a Shooting by Downtown Visalia


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One person is dead after a shooting by Downtown Visalia. He was shot as he was walking on the sidewalk near Downtown Visalia. It actually happened outside a home on Highland street, near Houston street. At first, the Police got a call about assault with a deadly weapon just before 6pm on Thursday the 24th. When they arrived on the scene, they found a man dead from a gunshot wound. Police say there are initial reports that there was a man seen leaving the area after the shooting. The violent crime unit were there for over three hours after the shooting, asking the neighbors and anybody else  if they knew what happened. They are hoping someone will come forward with some useful information. Lieutenant Amy Watkins with the Visalia Police Department stated, “one thing I’ve noticed in these neighborhoods is there’s a lot of pride, so if subjects will come forward, it would be in this neighborhood, so hopefully we will get some good information and we can do our jobs.” Police have not discovered if the incident was gang-related, and they are not identifying the victim at this point. This is Visalia’s fifth homicide of the year, but overall Police say violent crime is down all across the city.


Georgia Woman Executed


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Kelly Gissendaner, the first female executed in Georgia in 70 years, was killed by lethal injection on Wednesday morning at 12:21 am. However, she was originally scheduled to be executed at 7 pm on Tuesday, but her lawyers filed appeals to the courts to try and save her life. The state and Gissendaner’s lawyers have been fighting over whether or not to execute her since she assisted in the murder of her husband in 1997. Kelly had been cheating on her husband, Doug Gissendaner, and figured if she divorced him, he would not leave her alone. This happened  in 1993, and the couple ended up remarrying in 1995. Kelly Gissendaner decided there was only one option, and that was to get rid of her husband. She planned out the murder, and convinced Gregory Owen, the man that she was cheating on her husband with, to kill her husband so they could be together. Owen waited one night at the Gissendaner home with a plan and weapons given to him by Kelly. She went out with friends and expected her husband to be home soon. Gregory Owen forced Doug at knife point into a car, and took him out in the woods and proceeded to beat him with a nightstick and stabbed him in the neck eight to ten times. Doug Owen is serving a life sentence and will become eligible for parole in 2022. Kelly Gissendaner was previously scheduled for her execution on February 25th, but it was postponed to March because of the weather, and in March, it was postponed again because the injection drug appeared “cloudy”.  Throughout the entire process, it was a constant battle between life and death with multiple appeals, as well as a heart-wrenching video made by her kids. Kelly Gissendaner’s last meal was cornbread with a side of buttermilk, two Burger King Whoppers with cheese and all the toppings, two large orders of French fries, cherry vanilla ice cream, popcorn and lemonade, a salad with boiled eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots and cheese with Paul Newman buttermilk dressing.


Fair Week Results


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Last week schools and individuals all around Tulare County took to the the fair. The fair took place at the tulare fairgrounds from the 16-20th. In this short week El Diamante FFA members were able to showcase all of the hard work they put into their animals. Within our schools chapter we have pigs, lamb, steers, and dairy cattle that we took to the tulare fair. At the fair members we judged on how well they worked with the animal, as well as the animals overall appearance. Nohelle Marlin, Nathan Toomey, and Logan Dirker all made it to the final drive for hog showmen. Madi Herron got first for her class in market hogs. For lambs we have Caleb Hochhalter who made it to the final drive for lamb showmanship. Fair was incredible for our fellow miners, it was also very bittersweet for those who will be graduating and not showing again. Needless to say El Diamante had a great year at the Tulare County fair.