Will There Be Three California’s?


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California, the United State’s most populous state, is making way to the ballot for voters to poll on the decision to split it into three separate states. The required number of signatures to get the partition on the ballot was 365,000. Over 600,000 signatures were received from voters coming from all corners of California. The tremendous support form the all the voters in California will put this on the ballot next Fall. In accordance to the proposal, splitting California could really benefit the state. It would solve a lot of California’s most pressing issues and also help the central government of each separate state invest more on solving the problems in their regions. One of the three new names of the states are North California, which contains the Bay area and the other thirty-one regions of Sacramento. The next will be called South California, which will contain San Diego, San Bernardino, Tulare, Kings, Kern Counties, etc. The last State of Cali’ will be called California, which will hold Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, etc. All three new states of California will be split equally according to their population. This Fall it will be up to the people of California to decide whether to split their beloved state into three new regions.




By Devin Prado

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SpaceX is a private American aerospace manufacturer, founded by and owned by Elon Musk. Elon is a South-African born Canadian, he runs several companies including SpaceX and Tesla, with a total net worth of around 19.2 billion USD. SpaceX designs tests and implements new technologies to be used for future space exploration. They have several accomplishments under their belts such as the Falcon 9 which successfully launched into open space and landed itself on an ocean platform with near perfect accuracy. They have several plans for the future such as planning to send an privately crewed spacecraft to a distance further than the moon by next year. Both their achievements and their goals shoot for the sky, literally. This appears to be the future of space travel and the future of science in general. It is daunting or scary to some people because change and progress is frankly, terrifying. Nonetheless it cannot be stopped or forestalled, so it will happen whether people want it to or not.

The Wife Beater


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The famous thin white tank tops famously worn by many people seem to have a name that offends many. Now what is the name? These shirts are called wife-beaters.

A search through the web shows that many kids nationwide are wearing these shirts alone or under another shirt. Even adults are wearing these shirts under their professional suits. They come in all different colors and sizes.

People who wear shirts under the age of 25 seem to have no problem with the name of these shirts. Although the cruel stereotypes behind these shirts are obvious, people still seem to have no shame while saying the name, or even wearing them.

The Oxford Dictionary explains the term wife-beater as:“1. A man who physically abuses his wife 2. Tank-style underwear shirts.  Origin: based on the stereotype that physically abusive husbands wear that particular type of shirt.” The World Book Dictionary locates the origin of the term wife-beater in the 1970s, from the stereotype of the Midwestern male wearing an undershirt while beating his wife.

These shirts are known to be popular during the 1980’s. They were worn at many different sporting events.

There has to be a better name for this popular piece of clothing. After all, this clothing item makes both men and women appear more sexy.


Egg Recall



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Over 206 million eggs have been recalled across the United States from fears of salmonella. Salmonella is a type of bacteria that in certain conditions can be lethal, and causes diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pains. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) heard reports of a small outbreak and tried to trace back the source. They discovered that the eggs were produced by Rose Acre Farms in Hyde County, North Carolina. This plant produces 2.3 million eggs every day.  The company claims that this is the first time it has contaminated eggs and worked compliantly and transparently with the FDA. These eggs were sold all over the continental US: Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and California. They were sold under the brands of Country Daybreak, Crystal Farms, and Great Value. So far, 22 illnesses have already been confirmed on the East Coast. This is a relatively small number of infected because this type of salmonella is unorthodox, and could easily and quickly be isolated. This is the largest salmonella outbreak in the United States since 2010.