The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly





This fun 1966 spaghetti western film has honestly won my heart. I love everything about this fun and adventurous film. I think this movie has created its own personality.  This movie has become my favorite…so far. I really enjoy how throughout the movie there has been a spark of comedy in such serious situations. The movie is about three men going after the same thing… a secret treasure full of riches and they all attempt to get to it by going through each other. In the film, it seems that Blondie and Tuco are ‘business’ partners. While Angel Eyes seems to be on his own as a mysterious hitman. The movie is about three characters, The Good- Blondie, The Bad- Tuco, & The Ugly- Angel Eyes. I think the title speaks for itself when it reveals who is who in the movie. I love how there is a bit of everything in the movie besides romance… but romance sucks. My favorite character I would have to say is Blondie. I really enjoy how he is a very clever and mysterious person throughout the movie. He has no connections… He has nothing, but he still manages to get the better of everything throughout the movie no matter what he went through. He wasn’t completely an ‘angel’, but a man who had good intentions and morals for himself and can leave others alone. ‘The Bad’ who goes Tuco is the complete opposite of who I was favoring. He is a man of no good intentions or morals, but I like how he can spice up the movie with his goofy and negative personality. He always seems to be the character that brings out the fun and comedy throughout the film. He’s like the bitter taste in things and has dumb luck. In the movie, Tuco and Blondie seem to work and be forced together to get what they desire… and that is money in the “Great Unknown”. ‘The Ugly’ who is known Angel Eyes is the suspense in the film. I feel like his personality and presence in the film seems to be suspenseful and nerve-wracking. Angel Eyes is an unknown hitman who seems to know the tea about everyone. I feel like in the film he is intimidating and questionable. He is also going after the same treasure and seems to be competing with Blondie and Tuco. I really enjoy how in the film, it shows many and different perspectives of the characters and their actions. I really do think that this movie is something to see when you are looking into something new. My most favorite part of the film is the ending. At the end of the film, it shows all three men standing in the middle of the cemetery waiting patiently for someone to make the first move in their battle of shooting. Blondie quickly got his gun and shot Angle Eyes and spared Tuco and split the money with him. I just thought it was so clever the way he parted with Tuco which was the way they did business, shot his noose for him to escape death. I loved the irony and metaphor to the ending. Basically… This movie was all that & a bag of chips.

Migrant woman injured trying to climb at the U.S. – Mexico border

US-Mexico border



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Authorities said a migrant woman was injured after trying to climb a fence at the U.S. – Mexico border with her two small children. Border patrol agent Tekae Michael says the 26-year-old Guatemalan woman fell near the San Ysidro Port of Entry Friday night and landed on pieces of rebar that pierced one side of her body. Paramedics took her to a hospital for treatment. The children that were present were not hurt. The ages were 3 and 5. The woman told the agents that she was not part of the migrant caravan that traveled from Central America to the Mexican border city of Tijuana

The Houston Texans Ride Win Streak



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After going 0-3 to start out the 2018 season, everyone in the football kingdom was doubting the quarterbacking skills of DeShaun Watson, which were adored in his rookie season before he tore his ACL halfway through it. Then, after going on a 6 game winning tear before their week 10 bye, they have themselves in major playoff contention and knocking on the doors of home-field advantage. They are facing a relatively easy schedule for the rest of this season, the toughest test left most likely going to be in Pennsylvania when they take on the Eagles in week 16. So, as long as they’re healthy, they should be able to make it to a comfortable spot in the playoffs, maybe receiving a top-2 seed and a first-round bye. The Patriots, who have been faltering as of late, are part of the competition for a high playoff spot with a record similar to the Texans, with 7 wins and 3 losses, their bye week coming up in week 11. In the AFC West,  the Chiefs (9-1) and Chargers (7-2) fight for a top spot also, which isn’t terrible for the Texans, for both can’t be in the top 4 seeds because they’re in the same division. The Chiefs have a tough remaining schedule, too, visiting the Rams and taking on the Chargers in the next 4 weeks, and later playing against the Seahawks in Seattle, which is always a struggle for any team. The last team the Texans have to worry about is the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team 0.5 games ahead of them (6-2-1), and still have to face the Chargers, Patriots, and Saints, all teams that could potentially beat this solid Steeler squad, who officially won’t have Le’Veon Bell this season, for he didn’t report to the team before the deadline this Tuesday, though they are not freaking out, because they have young running back James Conner, who has been playing with Bell-like talent. Potentially, after winning their next 7, a task they could very well complete with ease, and with help from losses by the Steelers, who face both the Chargers and the Patriots, potentially knocking one of the three out of top seed contention, the Texans could, even if the Chiefs win out, have a Wild Card Round bye in the playoffs, and if the Chiefs choke, as they have done many times in the past, the Texans could receive home-field advantage. Who knows? Maybe this season will end in an improbable super bowl between the Bears and the Texans! With a solid, smart young quarterback in DeShaun Watson, arguably one of the best receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins, and a top 5 defense, with enough pass rush and great coverage to make any quarterback sick, this Texans team could be the next great dynasty.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer Review


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As strange as it is intriguing, the era of Pokemon reaches a live-action phase in which the adorable little creatures are made lifelike. Following the now detective Pikachu, the trailer shows a young man going on adventures through Ryme city meeting realistic creatures many of which the original character Ash has come across through manga, television, cards, video games, and now is passing on to the real life, which was recently released through new AR technology in an app called Pokemon Go. While a movie like this has never been anticipated, it is a welcome surprise to fans of all ages. As novel as it is adorable, this may be the movie of 2019 that we did not want but need. The voice of Ryan Reynolds of Pikachu is another surprise that no one has expected, but may prove to be entertaining. After all, didn’t parents ask for a family friendly Deadpool? Yes, this trailer was jam-packed with firsts, but now the anticipation will build until its release in May when we can truly judge this film in all of its new found glory.

Toxic Masculinity




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Toxic masculinity is one of the most unrecognized controversial topics of today, every single male has, at one point, felt the oppression of toxic masculinity. Those boys raised in a religious or even simply a strict home are taught that they should grow up to be perfect men. Crying, or anything usually seen as feminine is not tolerated.

Feminine characteristics are often confused with homosexuality by religious persons, even though characteristics are not to decide sexuality or anything of the sort. Toxic masculinity is just tradition and will likely not be going away anytime soon.

Men are taught from a young age that this is wrong and femininity should be viewed as a flaw, somewhat like introversion. As males are raised like this, they encourage it later on, then starts the cycle. Often times, men are ridiculed about things that are gender specific and should not be taken advantage of, men can be exploited in society, but it doesn’t really matter because they aren’t of the female gender. Men in rape situations are stuck, on many occasions, they are not taken seriously or are seriously ridiculed, as said earlier. This is toxic masculinity.

“How Scary Is ‘Coraline’ Really?”




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The movie “Coraline” became a popular fandom when it was released, and it still is today. The thought of humans with button eyes and a hidden world trying to trap you forever can still be appealing to even a younger audience, for “Coraline” is supposedly a kids movie. Yet, how scary is it really? Why does it seem to be in the category of children’s horror films?

To sum it up to those who have not watched “Coraline” yet, it is about a young girl named Coraline who moves into a new apartment with her parents, who don’t really pay attention to her. But when she finds a hidden portal behind a sealed door, Coraline comes across a world where everything is the same, except everyone has button eyes, and Coraline’s “other mother” is wanting to keep her there forever. Throughout the movie, the parallel world becomes more twisted and dark the more Coraline learns the truth and must escape in order to save her real parents, and get back to the real world.

The story gets pretty creepy from there. In the first scene, it shows the other mother stitching a doll up to make it look like her next victim, which in the movie is Coraline. But we do know that Coraline wasn’t the only one. Three other girls come to Coraline as ghosts warning her of what the other mother’s done to them, sewing buttons into their eyes and taking their lives away after the other mother got bored of them. She just wants to have someone that can be a child to her, so that she can be a mother. But she does it in the most twisted, darkest way possible by copying, manipulating, and revealing her true identity near the end of the story.

The reviews for “Coraline” are a little all over the place, with parents claiming it to be “too inappropriate” and should be rated PG-13. Some of the kids neglect this idea, for their arguments contain the fact that it’s a horror film, categorized to scare people. If this type of movie earns the distrust of parents this much, then should it really be brought to a more mature audience? Parent viewer aspiring-writer feels this unnecessary, “Some of these reviews, I can’t even stand it. Yes, it’s a darker movie. Yes, it can get a little scary at some parts. But being scared is part of the fun, and the story is brilliantly told!”

In all honesty, I believe that “Coraline” is a great horror film for kids who are not ready for the really scary stuff. It also brings kids into a reality, not just cooped up in some sugar-coated wonderland. By all, it is a unique, extremely well-written story that both kids and adults can enjoy. But based on the storyline and what parents and kids have to say, do you feel that parents should let their kids watch this?





Noel Brito

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Wildfires have taken a toll on California. Los Angeles and San Diego have been affected by these fires for the past week. People have had to evacuate from their homes including celebrities. Animals are also being affected by having to leave from where they live. People have found animals ended up by their houses because they are trying to escape. In Los Angeles, they have named the fire, Woodsley fire, while in San Diego, they named it Camp Fire. 630 people have been reported missing while 66 are dead. The fires are still spreading while firefighters are fighting for their lives. People drive into these fires praying for their life, either saving animals are going back for something they need. Celebrities Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had their house burned down completely and are involved in donations to help others who are suffering. While on the other hand, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hired private firefighters to protect their house from the fire. People who are being affected by these fires are praying for their lives every day hoping this would all end soon.  

Caravan migrants and worried families try to stay in touch




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A caravan is a vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car used for vacations. There was a cake at little Brithani Lizeth’s third birthday party, and also tears. She missed her parents. Orbelina Orellana and Elmer Alberto Cardona were hundreds of miles and two countries away in a small town in southern Mexico, making their way toward the United States with thousands of dollars in the desperate caravan, leaving their loved ones behind. Like thousands of others, Orellana and her husband have relied on social media, text messages and brief cell phone calls to connect with worried loved ones back home as they traverse a country that can often be deadly for migrants.

In these brief moments, neither side tells the whole truth for fear or worrying. Orellana and her husband have been stranded for a while on a desert highway in a dangerous part of Mexico, where migrants often fall prey to kidnapping, extortion, robbery, and murder. Their loved ones didn’t mention that some days they were low on rice and beans because the family’s small pineapple farm wasn’t producing anything to sell. Orellana and Cardona are convinced that they made the right decision in leaving their children behind and hope to reunite with their little ones if they make it to the United States and find work. “Whenever I felt like returning, I told myself, ‘Damn, I’d be going home to the same misery as always’”, Orellana said. “If I came this far I have to face whatever comes to provide a better life for my children.”

Nearing Tijuana, the couple said they were still undecided whether they would try to cross into the United States or ask for refuge in Mexico.

The History of Poetry




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Poetry is one of the most popular ways that people express themselves, myself included (If you’d like to read mine: Poetry was originally sung or recited as a way of capturing historical events. For example, the religious matter was often written and recited as poetry. African poetry goes back thousands of years, usually being accompanied by a kora, xalam, mbira, or djembe. The oldest epic poetry is Iliad and Odyssey. Humans are actually exposed to poetry much earlier than in high school or middle school. Many children’s nursery rhymes are actually poetry set to the tune of a song. Rap music is also quite heavily influenced by poetry, from the rhyming to the measures of silence to let you ponder. While everyone has their own version of “good” poetry, lots of professional poets follow the rules of the greats. Shakespeare had iambic pentameter, Edgar Allan Poe has his gothic nature, and Homer had grand stories to tell. So keep writing and express yourself. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO WRITE POETRY!!!!!!

The Passing of Stan Lee




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The passing of Stan Lee broke the hearts of many on the last Monday morning. Social media, artists, actors, and fans all over the world let their hearts out. The man that has created such a spectacular universe, purely for the entertainment of the fans of Marvel. Not only that, but he also encouraged those fighting for equal rights.  In the 60s during a civil rights revolution, Stan Lee had written characters like Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow, he gave stories for young girls and/or African-American kids to look up to in a time where they needed encouragement most. He gave his life to entertaining the world so that way we wouldn’t go off the deep end. He believed in and cared for fans he had never met.As a little kid, the stories of Spiderman cracking jokes and saving the day even though he’s just a skinny kid helped me be more comfortable with being a skinny kid that has an number of health problems. The infamous, endless tales of the Avengers, the X-Men, and even Spiderman, were all written for our enjoyment. Stan Lee is not just a comic book writer. He is not just the co-founder of Marvel. He is not just the king of cameos in movies. He is not just a hero of America’s history and culture. Stan Lee is a legend. And legends never die. Legends are forever.