Being on the team.


 S-What it feels like to be on a team-Adam Baker

by Adam Baker

Staff Writer

Being on the basketball team is a privilege in itself. Just think there are somewhere around 10 people on the basketball team, and there are thousands of people in the school. Only 1 percent of those people will be able to make the team. Within those 1 percent of possible people who can play on the team, only 5 of them can be on the court at a single time. Which means that it comes down to barely half of a percent of people can play at once.
What it means to be on the team for me is that I am a part of something bigger than myself. It means that I have been chosen to be one of the select few to represent the school in one of the most magnificent sports on the planet. The most important part of being on the team is learning to rely on others to have your back when you make a mistake, and there is no greater feeling than knowing that you have the support you of every teammate on the team not to forget the coaches.
The coaches play a big role in the basketball experience. Their knowledge and experience of the game can be the difference of being a great team or just a mediocre team that no one is going to remember the day after they play them. As a player of the game, i know that the coach’s rules are final, even if I forget what he wants us to run from time to time. If he tells me shoot the ball instead of driving to the basket: I am going to do exactly that. I sometimes have to remember that there are multiple views to the game, literally. I may be on the court and just picked up a cheap foul that I thought was completely legal. However, my coach is on the sideline and saw exactly what the problem was. So with that, he can help me adjust to the problem and work to fix it.
Basketball is a lot more work than most people would imagine. It’s easy to believe that you just run up and down a court and shoot the ball. That is completely false. There is so much skill involved with the game, that it requires practice beyond what most people imagine. For example, just your basic shot takes multiple steps. First, you must square up your body to the basket, which basically means that you should be facing the rim. Next, you have to bend your knees, and bring the ball to your shooting pocket. Your shooting pocket is between your navel and your chest. After, you must bring the ball up using your shooting hand (which is most likely your dominant hand) and your guide hand (which is the opposite of your shooting hand). Then, using your guide hand to keep the ball straight you flick the shot with your shooting hand and hold your form. A good shot takes many hours of practice, and that happens to be only one part of the game. There are still loads of things that weren’t mentioned like, footwork for moves on the perimeter, and footwork for post moves. The defensive side of the sport  is even more difficult.
The most positive experience of being on team, is the bond that you create with the other members of the team. All the blood sweat and tears, that are shed throughout the season are something that you can never get back. If the team is a team that works hard every day and does its absolute best to become better everyday, it is going to show in the team bond. A team that doesn’t work hard is not going to have as much chemistry as one that is going to strive to get better at every possible day. This bond is not limited to just being on the court. If i see one of my teammates walking across campus you better believe I am going to say hello or greet them in some way. In my opinion, the bond of a basketball player and his team is the strongest connection we have. If I am down in the dumps, I can go up to any one of the members of my team and they will extend some empathy for my situation or at least pretend to for the sake of being teammates. Not only do they show empathy towards me, I also know that they aren’t going to go around and tell everyone what I just told them in confidence.
Being a captain of the team is one of the biggest responsibilities that can be placed on you as a basketball player. Despite the fact that all that responsibility is placed on you, it is still the most rewarding feeling to be one. The feeling that everyone is going to look up to you for advice when it comes down to crunch time. Being a captain you are basically just an extension of the coach on the court. After all, the coach has placed the captains in the spot they are because of the leadership qualities.
Being on the team is a powerful thing. Together Everyone Achieves More. Most people who have played on a team understand that acronym to be true.

Cal State Football Game

S-CalStategame AnnToor


by  Ann Toor

Staff Writer

One of El Diamante’s very own, Kevin Camy, has been selected to compete in the Cal State football game on December 22nd. It is held in Visalia, at the Mineral King Bowl. The game is played between the top 50 high school players of northern California and the top 50 high school players of southern California, Kevin Camy is going to compete on the northern California team. He found his passion in football when he was in the seventh grade, competed throughout high school, and hopefully will go on to compete in college.

The selection process for the Cal State game begins with QT Sports scouts traveling throughout Northern, Central, and Southern California in search of the top underclassmen football talent in the state. The scouts conduct camps, review highlight videos, and talk to coaches, to review the qualifications of the players. Players are then given a rank, and the top candidates are selected as finalists. They are then invited to the California 5 star combine, which hosts the top 250 Underclassmen players in the state. The Top 200 from the 5 star combine will be selected to participate in the underclassmen showcase. After careful selection, 100 of the top players remain.

Practice for the All Star game is held during finals week. Alongside Kevin, will be Mt. Whitney and Mission Oak students. Curtis Allen is the head coach. When I asked Kevin what are his hopes for the game, he replied with, “I hope to play well in the game so I get noticed by a scout and can move on to play football in college.” Kevin’s parents and coaches are excited and proud of him. “When my dad told me I was going to play in the game, it made my entire football career worth it.” He found out in October, however had to contain his excitement so he could play out his high school season.

Kevin’s advice to anyone who wishes to compete in the All Star game is “Work hard and stay determined if you want to compete. And if you want to play in college, you must keep working. Get good grades and stay away from bad influences.” However, Kevin won the gene lottery, standing at 6’6” and 285 pounds. He can bench 305 pounds and squat 365. Kevin plays left offensive tackle. Which means, he’s the one that protects the quarterback’s blind side.

Kevin Camy has been playing football since the 7th grade. It’s ironic that he had to lose weight to play football when he was in the 7th and 8th grade, because there were set weight limits; however to play in college Kevin must bulk up and gain muscle weight. Kevin reflects back on his football career, “My freshmen year me and Jake Modesitt found out we were playing JV football as freshmen. We were excited and scared at the same time. Because we didn’t know any of the older players, and we thought they wouldn’t like us. So we kept to ourselves, however they ended up liking us and we had the time of our lives our freshman year.” Sophomore year he played on the JV for half the season, then got pulled up to Varsity. Junior year, he started every game on Varsity. Kevin liked Senior year the best, because there was an all senior offensive line.

Once again, the Cal State game will be held at the Mineral King Bowl on December 22, at 6pm. Kevin Camy is the only El Diamante student participating in this game. Hopefully, there is a great Green Sea turnout!

Green Club recycling

by Alexis Kline
Staff writer

Green Club has a new project on their hands! This time though, they are teaming up with the Visalia Unified School District. Everyone knows about Green Club’s recycling already; now they are widening their recycling plans. Not only will they be recycling plastic and glass bottles, we will also be recycling paper. The classrooms will soon be provided with a bin for paper to be recycled. In the past recycling at Visalia schools was often supported by students, teachers and  school clubs. Now Green Club is only in charge of encouraging us to recycle, they aren’t in charge of picking it up. The janitors will be the ones picking up the new paper recycling and disposing of it properly.

The Visalia Unified School District plans to implement recycling at all of its school sites and facilities. District Administration has worked with City of Visalia Natural Resource Conservation and Solid Waste to implement pilot recycling programs at four school sites to develop information needed to implement a District-wide program.
Through implementation of waste reduction practices, the District will reduce the amount of mixed paper, California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers, food waste, and yard waste not currently being diverted from other wastes sent to the landfill. The City has recommended that the District implement waste reduction (recycling and organics [green waste] recovery) programs at all applicable District facilities.

The goal is to begin the new district wide program by January 14th, 2013.  This will have a huge impact on each school’s solid waste fees as recycling services are cheaper than trash services. According to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), 47% of what California elementary schools throw out daily consists of various recyclable paper wastes.  Other high recyclable stream s include organics (green waste) and plastics. Fully capturing these materials from a school site will divert an estimated 75% of the waste stream. California Education Code, sections 32370-32376, encourages each school district to establish and maintain a paper recycling program in all classrooms, administrative offices, and other areas owned or leased by the school district. So everyone get out and start recycling to help our school district and environment!

Tips: How to survive the end of the world

Assistant Editor and Promotions Editor

This is how to and not to survive the end of the world.

This is how to and not to survive the end of the world.

Oh no! The world is ending on December 21, 2012. Let’s all scream in fear for our lives! Never fear, the tip writers are here to tell you how to survive the end of the world! How cool would it be to be the last one standing, dancing around saying “OH YEAH I MADE IT!” Yeah, that comes with a lot of bragging rights, so here are a few tips on how to survive the end of the world.
1. Decorate your Christmas tree. Now, you may be thinking, “Um, hello? Why aren’t we running away?” Where are you going to run? Do you have a spaceship in your back pocket? Yeah I didn’t think so. You should decorate your Christmas tree just in case the world doesn’t end and then you will be prepared for Christmas. I mean if the world does end, wouldn’t you want your house to be all pretty with Christmas decorations rather than boring? If you do not celebrate Christmas, just decorate your house with streamers everywhere because you are going to party like there is no tomorrow. (well I guess you would party like there is a tomorrow, since you lived) If you survive,  you want your house to be prepared for a party of a lifetime.
2. Finish your finals. On the day the world ends,  you will still have school, and you happen to have finals. Finish them because you never know if you are going to survive, so you should ace the test to ensure success in case you survive.
3. Carry food and water. Food and water are necessary supplies in all circumstances, especially in the a crisis. You always want to have with you food, water, and a first aid kit. Whenever you are in trouble, you can ensure that you can take care of yourself with the first aid kit, food and water. If you want to survive, carry food, water, and a first aid kit. You won’t regret being prepared.
4. Play Hide and Seek. Zombies are very bad at hide and seek. Challenge them to a game and make them hide. Count to ten, say ready or not here I come, and then just run the other way. This is a flawless plan, and will definitely work in every circumstance. The zombies will be hiding forever, just waiting for you to come and find them, only to find out you are long gone and not even looking for them.
5. Take a picture with your best friend. Say Cheese! Everyone likes pictures because it documents a beautiful moment that will last forever. Wouldn’t you want to remember the time you survived the end of the world? Snap a photo either by yourself or with your best friend and post it on Instagram. Not only will you have that photo forever to cherish this wonderful, rewarding moment that you just survived the end of the world, the whole world will see that beautiful photo of you surviving the end of the world.
6. Sing in the shower. At the end of the world, you will be very dirty and bloody. Find a random shower, stand in it, hope there is water, and take a shower. There is one catch to this situation. The only way the water will be warm and working is if you sing in the shower. Singing in the shower relaxes you and the world ending is a very stressful situation. You want to be clean if you survive, so take a shower, relax, and sing in the shower. You will be relaxed while you put on a concert in the shower for everyone to hear.
7. Carry a stink bomb at all times. If you hold a stink bomb at all times, then no one will want to be around you, not even zombies. Fart at all times, so that you will smell awful everywhere. Roll in skunk spray as well. The stinkier, the better.
8. Wear rollerblades and a shirt that says “I have yucky brains.” This tip is fantastic. You need to learn how to skate, though. If you do not know how to skate, then you will just end up falling down and you will be the next meal of the zombies, which would be quite disastrous. Wearing a shirt that says “I have yucky brains” will make the zombie believe that you are not worthy of eating or chasing after. Just ensure that the shirt is actually cute on you because you want to be stylish as you skate away from the zombie. You must remember to run or skate in a zigzag motion at all times. If you don’t, the zombies could catch up to you. Zombies cannot run in a zigzag path because they can’t move their heads, so if they try, they will fall over and die. Skate fast. Run, run like the wind.
9. Have a dance off with a zombie. Zombies love to dance. Other than eating brains, dancing is their favorite thing to do. They aren’t very good dancers, but they try. Chances are they will ask you for a dance off. Accept, but only in the conditions that you get to live. Be sure to bring out the good moves like the sprinkler, rain dance, moon walk, Gangnam Style, and everything you see on the movie Hitch. I guarantee you will win and then you will live.
10. Whatever you do, don’t volunteer as tribute. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL. Now is not the time to act like you are in the Hunger Games, volunteering as tribute to save your loved ones. Acting out movies can be fun and all, but not when it costs you your life! In the end of the world, be selfish for once. Don’t think of anyone except yourself.  If you wait for others, you might get eaten by zombies. Also, if you volunteer as tribute, then that means you will die, and reading this survival kit will not be worth it. Forget everyone and everything around you. Just think of how amazing and rewarding it will feel to live through the end of the world.
Now I know you’re thinking this survival kit is probably flawed and doesn’t work. However, this has been tested in many end of the world situations, and no one died, so it definitely works. The world has ended many times, and we want to be prepared for every single world ending that we encounter. Remember, the end of the world is coming December 21, 2012, and may actually be real this time, so be prepared. I’ll see you December 22, 2012, Miners.

Once Upon a Time: A show sure to grip your heart

Assistant Features Editor & Features Editor

This apple is cursed.

This apple is cursed.

Emma Swan(Jennifer Morrison) is a bounty hunter. She brings down men who run out on their bonds. She herself, however, in episode 1 of season 1, is found by her son, Henry(Jared Gilmore), who she gave up for adoption long ago. She doesn’t want anything to do with him, but she offers him a ride to his home in Storybrooke, Maine. As its name hints, this town is more than it seems.  Henry is, in fact, the adopted son of the mayor, Regina Mills(Lana Perilla). Regina is a dictator of sorts, and is never re-elected, she simply has always been and always will be, just as the mysterious clock in the town square has been stuck, and time seemingly frozen, for all remembrance. But when Emma Swan arrives, time no longer stands still.

Storybrooke was born of a curse. The executor of that curse was Regina, who was Queen in another world, and the stepmother of Snow White(Ginnifer Goodwin). Snow White is also a resident of Storybrooke, as all(or almost all as Season 2 will show) fairy tale characters are. Snow White is known as Mary Margaret in Storybrooke, however, and her love, Prince Charming(Josh Dallas), as David Nolan. With no memory of each other from their fairy tale lives, they remained apart, for David was in a coma and Mary Margaret was leading a calm and separate life as a teacher. Henry had actually stolen Mary Margaret’s credit card in order to secure passage to where Emma was.
Henry was so distraught as to seek out his birth-mother because of the strange situation of Storybrooke. For twenty-eight years, or to Henry’s knowledge, nine, the town and its people had not changed nor aged, respectively. Henry’s journey was also sparked by a book of “fairy-tales” that Mary Margaret had given him. This was no work of fiction though, for it told the story of all which had happened in the other world, the world where they all came from, the Enchanted Forest.
The amount of characters in this show is phenomenal. So far viewers have seen the classic Disney characters of Snow White, Cinderella(Jessy Schram, known as Ashley Boyd on Earth), King Midas’s daughter(Anastasia Griffith, known as Katherine Nolan on Earth), Belle(Emilie de Ravin), Sleeping Beauty(Sarah Bolger), and Mulan(Jamie Chung). This is no surprise considering that the show is carried by ABC, an affiliate of Disney.
Of all the characters on Once Upon a Time though, the evilest are the most compelling. Rumpelstiltskin(Robert Carlyle), the Dark One, known as Mr. Gold on Earth, is he who developed the curse which Regina cast, and he who helped to lead Regina to the dark side. Cora(Barbara Hershey) was Regina’s mother, the woman who gave her life, and who took away lives when she saw it fit her purpose. Season 2 has brought another villain as well:Captain Hook(Colin O’Donoghue). As with all in this series, however, the bad have good in them, and the good have bad in them.
Other characters include Red Riding Hood(Meghan Ory), Ruby on Earth, the Mad Hatter(Sebastian Stan), Jefferson on Earth, and various other characters ranging from Jiminy Cricket to Dr. Frankenstein, and of course the Seven Dwarves, as well as the dreaded huntsman who was sent to kill Snow White. The characters would be nothing without the amazing writers of this show, many who previously worked on Lost.

The first season saw to backstories and character development, while the second season has seen more to developing the plot. Snow White and Prince Charming are the embodiment of true love, and seemingly the source and cause of everything bad and good in this show, at least on the surface. Yet, below the surface, everything is far more complicated, for these are more than just characters in a story; these are men and women and magical creatures who are loved and have relationships. These characters have feelings, and the feelings of these characters resonate in any and all who watch them.


Tourist Getaways

Staff Writer

There are thousands of places in the world where tourists visit. Tourism brings many people to places such as Los Angeles just because of the never ending lifestyle, and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Living in a small place like Visalia makes LA sound like a fun and amazing place, but there are many more places throughout the world that have not been discovered.

There are many beautiful places in Europe like the rural areas of Greece. We all know Paris is known for its Eiffel tower and romantic sites. It sounds remarkable and extraordinary to see pictures of these places but here in California we have many tourist sites. We have Yosemite National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and many more. You would not think it sounds as extravagant compared to other places but to people outside of California see California as a place full of surprises.


This photo is from .

This photo is from . This is the Alpha Resort Tomamu.

There are some places around the world that you do not know about; here, let me tell you a few places that might be fascinating to us teenagers. The first stop is an indoor beach in Germany called the Tropical Island Resort in Krausnick, Germany. They have created an enormous dorm around the beach to keep everything man-made. The Tropical Island Resort has a hotel, rainforest, and shopping center. The Resort can have up to 8,000 residents at a time. Originally the dome was an aircraft hangar, but due to a lack of funds the aircraft hangar had to be closed down. In all the Tropical Island Resort looks quite exciting for those who love the beach, but do not like the sunburn afterwards.

Our next stop is in Hokkaido, Japan. The Alpha Resort Tomamu opened the Unkai Terrace to the public. Unkai means sea of clouds in Japanese and the title is true to its word. It is for those who love a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the serene view of the clouds and the mountain tops. You can dine out beside the high tops of this mountain and enjoy the beautiful view of clouds looming the countryside.

The last place is not built yet, but it will open to the public for those who just want to see the world underneath us, literally. The luxurious hotel is going to be built in Dubai off the Persian Gulf of Jumeira Beach. The future hotel is to be named Hydropolis, it is planned to be built as an underwater hotel, yes, I repeat an underwater hotel! You would think it would be impossible but it can be possible. Joachim Hauser is the architect of the project who claims, “I have designed Hydropolis with organic structures in mind to remove the sharp edges and harsh architectural design components of land-based edifices”. Hauser wants to build the hotel accommodating the precious sea life without damaging the environment. The hotel is not in the middle of the ocean like the underwater kingdom in the Little Mermaid, it is more complex. Hydropolis is 20 meters or 60 feet in the sea and it is said to accommodate up to 3,000 residents while providing beautiful views of the sea life. Lastly, one of the hotels main goal is to provide more information about the sea life around us.

This photo is from .

This photo is from . It shows the proposed development of Hydropolis.

How to be a cool kid

Staff Writer and Tip Writers


These are cool kids.

These are cool kids.

Nowadays, everyone has this burning need to be cool. If you aren’t cool, you are warm, which means you are hot, except you aren’t attractive. Let me tell you this. When you are hot, you have problems, and then you start singing like a tone deaf, conceited teenager in a limo. Being cool is very difficult, but you don’t need to worry because here are a few tips to follow to be a cool kid.
1. Carry a fan at all times. If you want to be cool, you can never be warm. Therefore, you always need a fan with you in those terrible times you are feeling warm. If you have a fan with you, you can say, “Look, I have fans.” and people won’t know you actually mean an electric fan instead of people who like you.
2. Wear sunglasses at all times, even indoors. To be cool, you must always wear sunglasses wherever you are. If you are seen without your sunglasses, then you will be seen as not cool. Sunglasses make everything look cooler. You can also creep on people more and laugh on the inside because they aren’t wearing sunglasses, so they aren’t cool. No matter how bright or dark it is outside, wearing sunglasses always will make your outfit that much cooler.
3. Wear a bikini everywhere you go. If you wear skimpy clothing, you will freeze your booty off, especially if it is cold outside. This is good because then you will be cool. If you are a guy, you can just wear a speedo at all times to maximize your coolness. You may get a few weird looks, but that’s only jealousy from random bystanders.
4. Move to the North Pole. Moving to the North Pole is probably the easiest tip on this list because it guarantees you 100% coolness. If you are in the North Pole, you will be cool, especially when you are wearing a bikini and carrying a fan with you at all times. The North Pole is a great place, and you will feel so cool being there. Santa also happens to live in the North Pole, so you will be very cool when you help all the children of the entire world get presents and have smiles on their faces.
5. Always drink ice water. You can’t only look cool, but you also have to be cool. To do so, you have to drink ice water all the time. It will make your body cool, making you the coolest kid around. Chew on the ice when you are finished with your water so that your mouth will feel extra cold.
6. Keep shouting “ICE ICE BABY” for no apparent reason. It’s pretty obvious that ICE ICE BABY is a pretty cool saying. If you shout it everywhere, I guarantee you will feel and sound cooler already. Even if there is no reason to shout, do it anyways. The louder, the better. Say your sentences very quietly and then shout “ICE ICE BABY” in every conversation. People will know you are the coolest person alive if you do that.
7. Bust out a high school musical moment every 10 minutes. Singing is what all the cool people are doing these days so to ensure everyone knows you have a singing talent you have to burst out into song whenever possible. Lets say you failed a math test, to ensure you are going to be cool you have to burst out into song and sing about why you failed the math test.
8. Dye your hair white, like Jack Frost. Also, over gel it. Some people think that white hair is a sign of old age. I disagree entirely. White hair is the color for cool people. You want to make sure you dye your hair REALLY white. Dye the ends blue and also over gel the ends so it looks as if you have icicles on the end of your hair. You will look so much cooler than you did before.
9. Chew ice mint gum. Mint gum is amazing as is, but when it makes you cooler, the gum is just more amazing. Icy mint gum makes your mouth feel colder, especially when you drink cold water. Chomp the gum as loudly as possible to advertise to people that you are very cool and amazing.
10. Never turn on your heater. During the winter time people are so tempted to turn on their heater and stay warm, but to ensure that you will stay cool, turn off the heater. Now I know what you are thinking, “Why would I want to be cool in the winter time?” Well the answer is very simple, in order to stay up to date with all the cool kids you have to take it a step further and actually be cool. Plus, you will be wearing a bikini at all times, so your giblets will already be frozen. Now you are up to date on the cool trends. Obviously, we are being sarcastic about these tips. These tips, however, will make you colder. Everything about these tips will make you cooler, but not socially. You will just be cooler in temperature. Please, do not wear your bikini or speedo everywhere, though. You might get hypothermia. Stay cool, Miners.

Best Starbucks seasonal drink


Staff Writer

O- Starbucks Seasonal Drink, LinaWith the season change and holidays rolling in, every year Starbucks brings out their  trio- the holiday trio. Consisting of the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino, Caramel Brulee Latte and Gingerbread Latte, they are only available for a certain amount of time. There is no denying they are delightful and delectable.

I personally am very fond of the Peppermint Mocha and recommend it to anyone who has yet to try it; it is by far the most enriching and refreshing drink you could possibly have, on a cold winter morning, day or night. With a delicious blanket of white, the Peppermint Mocha frap, is blended with a mixture of flavored peppermint syrup, rich mocha sauce, milk and ice. And also to top it off, it is topped off with sweet whipped cream.

When asked what her favorite seasonal drink at Starbucks is, junior and coffee junkie  Celeste Medina says, “The Peppermint Mocha  Frap. I always get it when Starbucks brings them out around this time. I love coffee and when the seasonal drinks are out, I get the peppermint mocha and only the peppermint mocha.” Fellow junior Mykala Vannorsdall, likewise agrees and says, “Yes, the Peppermint Frappe is soo good.” Moreover, Vanessa Culpepper, although not a coffee drinker, states, “I don’t drink much coffee but the Peppermint Mocha  Frap does sound good and I’d be up to try it , since everyone seems to like it.”

Evidently, it appears that the peppermint mocha is a favorite to many. It stands over the Caramel Brulee Latte and Gingerbread Latte and those two have nothing on the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino.  The Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino is a must try and it’s promising that you’ll be satisfied. It is just perfect for this gloomy and somber weather. So go out to your nearby Starbucks and grab yourself a Peppermint Mocha Frappe. It won’t be disappointing and even better, also get one for a friend and the two of you could enjoy your frappes alongside a fireplace or campfire.

Bananas vs. Plantains

by Mason Stewart

Staff Writer

N-PLantain vs Banana=- MSThose long green bananas look good. THEY ARE NOT BANANAS!

If you see a long green fruit on the counter of your caribbean grandmother’s, tread softly. This deceptive plant may not be an overly young banana, it may be a plantain. The plantain is a member of the banana family. Plantains are starchy and firm. They have less sugar than bananas that we know, making them less sweet and fruity. This fruit needs to be cooked before eaten and is not suitable to be eaten raw. It is served similar to how potatoes are and is usually prepared by being fried or baked. Plantains are very popular in  Western Africa and the Caribbean countries.

Plantains are native to India and are mostly grown in tropical climates. Plantains are sometimes referred to as potatoes of the Caribbean. Plantains are thought of to be vegetables even though they are fruit. Plantains taste very different and are used in different types of dishes based on their ripeness. Under the peel, it stays yellowish and sometimes a light pink. Near the beginning of it’s development, the plantain is very starchy. As it matures into becoming brown or black, it becomes more sweet. Plantains are still a firm fruit when very ripe. The plantain is slightly less moist than the banana. Because of this, bananas are eatable out of the peal unlike its green cousin.

Plantains grow best in constantly warm in temperature areas with protection from overly strong winds. They have been grown in varying locations throughout Florida since the 16th century. Because of the occasional freezes, Florida is considered a perfect area for the growth of plantains. They are available all year round at supermarkets all over Florida.

Many people confuse plantains with bananas, some of the differences have already been met. Although they look a lot like green bananas and are a close relative, plantains are very different. They are starchy, not sweet, and they are used as a vegetable in many recipes, especially in Latin America and Africa. Plantains are sold in the fresh produce section of the supermarket, they usually resemble green bananas; ripe plantains may be black in color. Plantains are longer than bananas and they have thicker skins. They also have natural brown spots and rough areas that should not be worried over. Although the two are different, both are super good to eat!