Mock Trial – For the Students



Teacher Coach

No one knows how much time and energy goes into preparing for Mock Trial, except the students, parents, and coaches involved. The students that I have coached these past two years show a tremendous amount of poise, courage, and intelligence to take part in what can be a rewarding, but grueling experience. They work for months on memorizing the case, getting their own parts down, researching different actual court cases, and watching hours of YouTube to get the feel of what is expected of them, and then possibly only having 4 nights of competing. If they are lucky, they might have 5, 6, or more if they make it to State.

This is not only learning a part of the judicial system; it is having to know the art of objections and rebuttals and having to think quickly on your feet. I would not have been able to do this when I was in high school. These students are admirable and deserve to be recognized, which is why last night’s competition was disappointing. Both of El Diamante’s teams have won their two competitions so far, but the end of one of the team’s competition showed the students how difficult and ugly things could get. The opposing team tried to wiggle their way into winning by being petty and mean. Luckily the judge used the lack of evidence that is required in any real trial and showed our students that truth prevails.

El Diamante has two more regular nights of competition at the Tulare County Courthouse on Tuesday, January 29th and Thursday, January 31st and the teams would love to have you present. It goes from 5:15 p.m. and is finished by 8:00 p.m. Your support is greatly appreciated.



Visalia Mall Shooting

By Carissa Esqueda


This incident took place on January 10th, 2019 in the Visalia mall parking lot. Richard Sylvester Garcia, 36, is accused of driving a stolen vehicle and carrying a .22-caliber handgun when police say they tried to stop him. Officers opened fire when Garcia reversed his vehicle toward the police according to the Visalia police report. Garcia is facing many counts for assaulting a peace officer, two for resisting arrest, driving a stolen vehicle, possession of a firearm, and being a felon with possession of a firearm. According to the officer that was involved in the shooting, claims that Garcia was trying to harm law enforcement officers in patrol vehicles that he knew were blocking his path, were included in court documents. If Garcia is convinced of all counts he may face 18 years in prison.     

Spider-Man Far From Home



The teaser trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home has been revealed, and within a day, the nearly 3-minute video had over 20 million views. With the movie occurring right after Avengers: Endgame, the trailer was surprisingly well concealed and only revealed facts about the movie, while still keeping it interesting and full of hype. It’s later revealed in the trailer that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will be fighting the elementals, a group of people who have the power of the natural elements. Many believed this would include the likes of Sandman, Hydro-Man, but those famous characters are not the ones shown in the trailer. Sandman is only related to sand while Magnum, the earth elemental, is related to not only rock and sand, but any form of the matter referred to the element of earth. The elementals seem to not be the main villains, but rather the reason for the team up of Spidey and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). The main villain, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) may already be playing an illusion on us already. It seems he will be attempting to make the world he believes that he’s a hero, most likely as a smokescreen for whatever evil plan he has in mind. And with Mysterio already tricking viewers just from a trailer, Spider-Man Far From Home will be a masterpiece and will help me get out of my newfound layer of depression, thanks to Avengers: Endgame .

Gillette Ad


Staff Writer


With over 20 million views and #50 on YouTube’s trending list, the “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” Gillette ad has been seen as highly controversial by portraying men as toxic bullies that sexually harass women. The ad begins by depicting men in a negative light, saying that they need to modernize and change their pernicious ways by “saying the right thing”, “acting the right way”, stopping bullies, and overall, handling situations without violence. They stereotype men and attack them at the beginning of the ad, to praise the true men. The true men are the ones who stand up for the right thing. Gillette is trying to promote a positive change as they state at the end of the ad, “It’s only by challenging ourselves to do more. That we can get closer to our best.”

The ad has quickly racked up much dislike, posted on January 13, 2019, it has already received over 1 million dislikes and 555 thousand likes on YouTube. The backlash it has received has caused many to boycott Gillette products, as well as all products made by the company Proctor & Gamble. Many men do not appreciate the fact that they are being attacked and stereotyped for the malicious ways of some men. However, they do not see the fact that women, on a day to day basis, are stereotyped and told to be a certain way, in order to fit in with society.

This generation is a generation eager to accept change for a better tomorrow. Gillette says that its, “setting a new standard for [its] brand … to encourage and inspire the next generation to be its best.” a positive purpose for its ad, that should not be seen in a negative light.


Disneyland Ticket Prices Go Up



Staff Writer


The happiest place on earth… home to thrilling rides, all your favorite characters come to life and some of the best food around! Disneyland is known for being one of the hottest spots in California, but it’s also one of the most expensive. And the happiest place on earth has raised ticket prices once again. I mean, if the shoe fits, right?

In just one month, single-day tickets to Anaheim’s most iconic theme park have increased almost 9%, going from $124 to $135. As stated on the Forbes website, “ The price hike will vary with each park, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, will see the highest increase…”. Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger said this to The Orlando Sentinel, “Given the small percentage of guests that purchase a one-day ticket at Walt Disney World, extending pre-published, date-specific pricing to multi-day tickets will further advance our efforts to spread attendance throughout the year and ensure all guests have a magical experience no matter when they visit…”. If you were as confused by that statement as I was, let me simplify it. Basically, Disneyland is trying to prevent overcrowding at certain times of the year, so that every guest can have a good experience. It is a dream your heart makes to not have to stand in line for hours, after all.

The ticket price increase in Anaheim specifically may have something to do with the anticipated opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the reopening of Pixar Pier, previously known as Paradise Pier. This new land from far, far away will cover 14 acres of land and be home to a ride like none other in the park… Millennium Falcon. This ride will place you in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. This ride has a special touch though… you are who controls the ride. Guests from all over the galaxy are excited about this new adventure, so many are flocking to the park to strut their stuff on this new ride.

So if you want to visit Cinderella’s castle, you’ll want to save a few extra dollars. And don’t forget when you go, don’t forget to…


JV Girls Soccer: El Diamante vs Redwood




Staff  Writer


El Diamante’s JV girls have stayed strong with their record of zero losses until their tragic lost against Tulare Union over a penalty leaving the score 0-1 on December 18th. Two weeks later on January 3rd, starting their first league game, the girls came across with a loss against Hanford with another penalty also leaving the score 0-1. A few days after, on January 9th, they took victory against Mt.Whitney winning with a score of 2-1. Most recently the girls faced off Redwood leaving the score at a tie 0-0. Our defense held strong letting no ball get through them and with our spectacular goalie blocking every shot, from reaching to top corners tipping the ball over the net, to failing and blocking the bottom corners. The offense did their best to take some opportunities to take some shots at the opposing team. The team’s record is 6 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. In trust, we hope the girls stay strong and finish the season off with wins and confidence.


NFC Championship Preview



Staff Writer


Rams vs. Saints. The top two teams in the NFC. An earlier record will show that the Saints have the upper hand, as they beat the Rams 45-35 in a back-and-forth shootout back in week 9, but this may not be the case. The Rams will come into the game Sunday with a chip on their shoulder, giving them extra motivation. They haven’t been to the Super Bowl since Kurt Warner was under center, and the loss to the Saints in week nine threw their home-field advantage hopes off the rails, giving them an angry edge against the Saints this week. Still, this Saints team has a bond that some good teams, such as the Steelers, don’t. They have an excellent leader, someone anyone can trust, in Drew Brees, and an top-notch motivator in head coach Sean Payton, who, in the week leading up to their divisional matchup against the Eagles, rolled in their potential Super Bowl bonus under a Lombardi Trophy, and told them to win 3 games to earn all of it. This will be an interesting matchup and most likely high-scoring. If the Rams can get the running game going, they will have the upper hand, and vice-versa for the Saints, as both teams have explosive running backs, effective play-action quarterbacks, and an arsenal of weapons to choose from. Expect a high scoring game, with 30+ points coming from both teams, as they both have mid-power defenses, ranked around 16 over the whole season, and are both in the top 5 for total offense during this whole season. Both teams have lost big games, and both teams had their moments of weakness during the season, but these two teams definitely deserve the titles of the top 2 teams in the NFC. With high-level quarterbacks, the Rams possessing Jared Goff, a young, solid quarterback with a strong arm and good mechanics, and the Saints with Drew Brees, an older, proven, and consistent quarterback, whose leadership inspires many on his team. Both teams also have explosive, two-headed rushing attacks, the Rams, who have Todd Gurley, one of the best running backs in the league, and CJ Anderson, who went from team to team this season before proving his own on this Rams squad, acting like a human bowling ball, knocking through defenders in their 30-22 rout of the Cowboys last weekend. The Saints have a similar attack, a young, quick running back in Alvin Kamara, and an older, stronger power back in Mark Ingram. It seems that the last team with the ball could be the winner of this game.

Conference Championship Preview


Staff Writer
Four will be two by Sunday night. Those two will be heading to Atlanta to play in SuperBowl LIII, or 53.

The two top seeds play the two-second seeds in both Conference title games, something we have expected from these four from at least November.

#1 Seed(AFC): Kansas City Chiefs 12-4

Notable Wins: @ Los Angeles Chargers 38-28

Baltimore Ravens 27-24

Notable Losses: @ New England Patriots 40-43  @Los Angeles Rams 51-54

  Los Angeles Chargers 28-29     @Seattle Seahawks 38-31

The Chiefs may have lost all but one of their notable games this year, but something to think about is that all but one of their losses were on the road. Second, they were all by one possession.

#2 Seed(AFC): New England Patriots 11-5

Notable Wins: Kansas City Chiefs 43-40    @Chicago Bears 38-31

Notable Losses: N/A

I can already hear you thinking, ”how can the Patriots be 11-5 and not have a single notable loss?” It is simple really; when the Patriots played a meaningful opponent, they won. They had slip-ups against teams like Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh; talented teams that missed the playoffs. They were fairly consistent throughout the season. Shocking.

1 Seed(NFC): New Orleans Saints 13-3

Notable Wins: @ Baltimore Ravens 24-23  @Minnisota Vikings 30-20

Los Angeles Rams 45-35     Philadelphia Eagles 48-7
Notable Losses: @ Dallas Cowboys 13-10

The Saints are easily the most complete team left in this year’s tournament; having a great defense and a great offense. The Saints have an explosive offense that hasn’t been needed recently, with their defense playing all-world football. They can score 40 with the best of them.


#2 Seed(NFC) Los Angeles Rams 13-3

Notable Wins: Los Angeles Chargers 35-23   Seattle Seahawks(H 36-31)(A 33-31)

Kansas City Chiefs 54-51

Notable Losses: @ New Orleans Saints 45-35  @Chicago Bears 15-6

Philadelphia Eagles 30-23

The Rams are playing some of the Best Football in the league right now. They are gonna be a tough out for New Orleans because of their talent and multi-headed offensive attack.


New England Patriots 34 Kansas City Chiefs 28

Los Angeles Rams 35 New Orleans Saints 41

Boy’s Basketball


Staff writer

This past Tuesday the boy’s basketball program faced a fierce opponent by the name of Redwood. The varsity team has faced much this season, they have made school history, fought back from tough losses, and had an outstanding pre-season. During tournament season, pre-season, the boys faced teams like Tulare Western, Tulare Union, and a variety of coastal teams. Before this past Tuesday, they were 0-3 in the season and seemed to be losing all momentum from the wins. That all changed Tuesday.

Having already beaten Redwood twice, there was a sense of confidence and unity within the air. All players knew that if they did not win then the season would be over. This game was going to be a true test to see just what this talented group of boys could really do. This team had the possibility to beat every team that they have played, but after losing not only three straight league games and a tournament game they were really being put in the corner. However, the boys would not give up. They came in after a devastating loss to Mt. Whitney knowing they could win. If that was the case then what was the problem, right? The problem is consistency and all of the teams in their league know this. However, with their backs to the wall and in jeopardy to lose all of the hard work being flushed away they rose to meet the challenge head-on. Coming together as a team, focusing on defense, and keeping things simple on offense the boys came into their own house and took something they have not had this season. A win at home.



Kendall Jenner Gets Hate For Lying




Staff Writer

Kris Jenner, Mother of the model, Kendall Jenner, shares an Instagram post saying her daughter Kendall is “brave” for her story that she was about to share with the world. The world was in suspense about what it was, people had begun to think she was coming out as bisexual. As dramatic as the post Kris Jenner had shared, the meaning behind it wasn’t. The big news was that Kendall Jenner had suffered acne at her age. She then went on to say that she was the new face of Proactive, products for people who have acne. People began to say that she was lying because of the dermatologist she can afford to pay for. Not only that had upset fans, but also the fact that they thought her news was about something more important.