The true meaning of beauty


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What is the true meaning of beauty?  Based on, beauty is a beautiful person, especially a woman. However, beauty means something different to everyone: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  The meaning of beauty is influenced by a person’s surroundings, society, media, peers, culture, and past experiences.


For many reasons women tend to struggle with the idea of beauty.  The media happens to be one of the major reasons for this struggle.  Through various types of advertisement, it has been made apparent that it is expected for a woman to hide who and what she really is. The media has set a great amount of  pressure on women and the idea of what they need to look like. When people think about beauty, they tend to think about the physical visual appearance of a person. The media and society tend to teach about beauty using visual examples like body image. We all know what beauty is but do we understand what it means?  Beauty affects every single person’s life, yet it is filled with a tremendous amount of mystery for most.  What gratifies an individual to be called beautiful? Why are some individuals seen as beautiful while others are sought to be ugly?  Are beautiful people born or made?  Is beauty essentially an appearance or a feeling?


Beauty is a process, journey, and adventure that we experience.  The more life experience you gain, the more answers you find. Your personal interpretation of beauty may still continue to develop as you gain more life experience.


Beauty is not only pleasure to the senses; beauty is being pleasant on the inside which transfers to the outside.  One example of this:  have you ever met someone who looked physically attractive at first and then once you got to know them better, they turned out to be cold hearted and insecure on the inside, then you suddenly saw this person in a whole new light, not seeing the beauty only the ugliness. Why does this happen? First of all, every person living on earth has flaws whether they are visible to the eye or not. People who are insecure and negative on the inside will make people look at them in a negative way and notice their flaws more.


Beauty is accepting and embracing one’s unique interior and exterior qualities.  It is human nature for people wanting to belong and to fit in into a crowd.  People who are different have a hard time feeling like they belong.  Unique qualities are most beautiful, however, and most people are self-conscious about being unique when they should not be.  The most beautiful flower is the one that is rare. A flower does not compare itself to the flower next to it. It just blooms. This concept is one of my biggest struggles in several people’s aspects of life growing up.  Most feel very different from their peers, because of their physical appearance, personality, and the way that they think.  The more you embrace your unique qualities, the more you feel beautiful. “Beauty shouldn’t be about changing yourself to achieve an ideal or be more socially acceptable. Real beauty, the interesting, truly pleasing kind, is about honoring the beauty within you and without you. It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of pretty has no hold over you.” ― Golda Poretsky

Pros and cons of online shopping


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online shopping- Janet

This photo was put together by JANET BONILLA.

Given that most of ones time is spent behind a computer or phone screen, it is no surprise that most of their money goes into online shopping. Online shopping is much more convenient and it can save you the stress of looking at clothing items one by one at your local mall. However, it can also lead to long waiting periods and the possibility of the item not fitting you or not being to your liking after all. From Amazon to Zappos, there’s a whole range of companies dedicated to making online shopping easy and relatively cost effective.


Despite the tremendous amounts of online shopping people do in their daily lives, you can agree that malls are still pretty packed on a Friday night. Is it better to shop online or simply go to the mall? Here’s the breakdown.

Pros of Online Shopping:


1. Save Time & Be Hassle Free!- Most people can agree that they go on bombing mission shopping trips. Which are (get in, get what you came for, get out) trips. Not many people have the time and energy to do this. It takes a little over an hour to get your car into the mall, find parking, and search for the item you are looking for. It can be quite ridiculous if you are looking for one single item. When this happens, you may feel the need to compensate yourself the amount of time taken out of your day. Ultimately, buying more items than you need. Shop online and there’s no need to go through that much stress! Simply order something ahead of time, and Walaa! It will get to your house before you know it! Saving you time, and money!

2. Save Gas- Everyone knows gas is pretty expensive right now. A significant amount of ones monthly budget goes into gas. Every cent is important and burning more gas for recreational shopping trips just is not a viable option on a weekly basis. Shopping online means absolutely no gas required!

3. The Ability To Price Compare- When you are shopping at a convenience store, it is easy to gather all of the cutest items and simply throw it onto your “getting this” pile. You are in shopping mode and it is easy not to put much thought into whether or not you could get it for a better price at different retailer. You are there. It is cute and relatively cheap and you are going to get it. When you are shopping online, you can simply search the item and find the best price instantly. More than likely, you will find the exact same item just relatively cheaper!

4. Shop 24/7 (and be lazy!)– This one is pretty self explanatory. Try doing THAT at your local Forever 21!

5. Unlimited Sizes/Color Options– A major downfall of traditional retail shopping is the extremely limited sizes and inventory. You have found the cutest top ever that goes perfectly with your high waisted shorts but sadly, they only have it in a size XXS when you are a size medium or large. Darn. But usually online, you can will be able to find the exact shirt for a size that fits right.

6. No pushy salespeople- “Hi, welcome to ____!” “Hi!! Everything on the racks are 70% off!” “Hi!!! That is a cute blouse. Can I get a fitting room started for you?!” You know you have heard these all before. Sometimes you just want to quietly peruse racks of clothing without being bombarded with questions or energetic greetings if you simply want to get in and get out. If you want solitary shopping, online is the place to go!

Cons of Online Shopping:


1. Shipping Costs- It is pretty easy to fall into the trap of paying more for shipping than for the cost of the item itself. Many sites have free shipping if you spend a particular amount. Definitely check what the shipping cost is before you punch in your card number. It is easy to let the excitement stop from letting you think correctly. If the shipping costs less than you would spend in gas going to a physical store, then you have definitely won!

2. Wait Time- Convenient stores grant you instant gratification. If you buy something online, you have got to wait at least a day or two to receive your items in the mail. But in a world where instant gratification is pretty much the only kind, maybe we could all do with a little patience now and then. It will certainly make you appreciate the item that much more.

3. You Can Not Try It On- This is probably the biggest con for online shopping. Everyones body type is different. What works for someone else, might not work for you. This combo does not cooperate well with quick online purchases for jeans, skirts, or even dresses. Plus, you can not physically touch the fabrics to see if it is worth the money, if it will hold up through multiple washes, or if the color you are seeing on your computer screen is even accurate.

4. Hassle of Sending It Back- Many stores will give you a return label to ship the item back if it does not fit or it is not what you thought it would be. Those are the stores that are worth your money. If the manufacturer does not provide a return label, sending something back can be a true pain, especially when the issue could have been avoided in the first place if you would have had the opportunity to try it on before purchasing.

5. Payment Insecurities/Hackers- The internet is prone to hackers and your credit card does have valuable personal information. If someone gets their hands on it, it could cost you more than your whole shopping experience times two! Be careful online and what company you authorize your card to.

6. Damage- When you are dealing with shipping, damage is always a great possibility. Obviously, there is not a whole lot you can do to avoid it. Just hope that the company you are purchasing from is reliable.

7. No Cash Option- If you take cash out at the beginning of the month and set that aside for clothing and accessory purchases, it is basically impossible to use that online. When you are online shopping it is  incredibly easy to go over-budget with just a few clicks. If you know you are going to buy something online, check with your bank account first. Take less cash out to compensate for the card purchase.


All in all, online shopping has its share of advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are the type of person who can not buy an item without trying it on, online shopping is definitely not for you. It will lead to a series of complications wasting your time and money. If you are the type of person who would rather stay at home and shop instead of going out into a crowded mall, then online shopping is definitely for you! If you are comfortable with the factors of online shopping, you should definitely do it!

Generous tipping


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What is generosity? Generosity is helping out your friend when in need, or even donating some clothes to a shelter. Generosity can come in thousands of ways, and for waitress Christina Summitt, it came by saving her companion’s life. Tucker, her beloved dog, was in desperate need of surgery after swallowing a hard plastic ball. The veterinary had estimated the surgery to cost about $2,700, and she had no idea on how she would be able to pay it, to save Tucker’s life.


While serving at a bar at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, New Jersey, Summitt had the opportunity to meet a friendly couple she attended. The man was interested on asking Summitt if she had any dogs after spotting her paw-print tattoo on her wrist. Quickly, the conversation on animals began. Summitt shared her love for dogs and how she spends her time volunteering with a pit bull rescue group. She then told the couple about Tucker’s medical situation and how her income would not be enough to pay for the surgery’s cost.


When Summitt collected their signed $80.26 check, she noticed they had added a $1000 tip for her. The couple thought she deserved to save her pet, especially for all the hard work she puts in to make ends meet.


Another generous tip was also given, this time to a waitress. The bill was of $60.42, and the tip the waitress received was of $1000. The waitress and customer got into conversation and he found that she was hoping to go to Italy because of the family she has there, but she did not have the money to do so. So on the bill, the customer wrote, “Your ticket to Italy! Enjoy!”


Generosity can be in the smallest of things or the greatest things. And it is always important to return generosity with generosity. In the end, one must express their thanks to the amazing people out in the world.

Is gluten-free the new thing?


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This photo was taken by Maddy Heeszel.

Lately, gluten-free food products have become more popular over the past few years. Before this trend, gluten-free foods were mainly consumed by those who had celiac disease or gluten allergies, in which they cannot consume gluten. After discovering the benefits of a gluten-free diet, many others have participated in it. This diet excludes grains such as rye, wheat, barley, spelt, and kamut that may be potentially be harmful to your health. Since breaded food products contain gluten, including pizzas, pastries, and pastas, many chefs over time have found ways to cook and serve alternatives to gluten-filled foods to accommodate those who want to participate in a gluten-free lifestyle.


Now in grocery stores, you can almost always find at least a few gluten-free products on the shelves. Before, you were lucky if you found gluten-free at all. Becoming more and more popular, many people around the world find it easier to partake in a gluten-free diet, regardless of whether or not they have celiac disease or a gluten allergy. The best part of this diet is the fact that there are several health benefits coming from switching to gluten-free.


Why is a gluten-free diet so important? Well, gluten can cause just about anyone to have more fatigue, bloating, abdominal cramps, and other unwanted symptoms. Gluten is also seen as an additive that may be linked with autoimmune diseases and brain disorders such as autism, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. After switching to a gluten-free diet, many people have found that they improved mentally and neurologically, decreased in bloating, had less digestive issues, and had more energy.


Gluten-free products can be found easier than ever before. This new trend is skyrocketing, causing more restaurants and grocery stores to contain gluten-free foods. Gluten-free diets seem hard to maintain, but they are pretty simple. Just be sure to look out for any labels containing “gluten-free.” Many gluten-free products can be found at just about any grocery store, but Trader Joe’s is a huge seller of these type of products. Even if you do not feel that a gluten-free diet is something that you would be interested in participating it, at least try to consume as less gluten as possible. Remember that your health comes first!


Relationships: making it work through college


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When you begin to select a potential college or university, you begin to envision how life will be in the fall. It can be both exciting and frightening at the same time. It is up to you to prepare for all of the changes coming your way. Many changes will be taking place in your life in a short amount of time. For most high school seniors, one of the biggest challenges they encounter is saying goodbye, or maybe an “I will see you later” to their significant other. Should you try and put effort into making the long-distance relationship work? Take a “break” from each other? Or maybe even separate from one another and stop speaking altogether? There is no easy solution. It is an inevitable truth that needs to be addressed sooner than later. Knowing how to prepare for it, is something you need to know how to do.

How do you feel? Are you sure about the emotions you are feeling?

Before you begin talking to your significant other, figure out exactly what you want in your life. When you are so caught up thinking about leaving, you tend to make promises just to make the other person feel better about the situation. Figure out if you are really up to the challenge of staying in a monogamous relationship with someone who is not there with you. When you imagine yourself in an open relationship, how does it feel? Listen to your heart.

Is this really a serious relationship?

Determining whether you are really in a serious relationship is not an easy task. Staying together all throughout college is possible when theres no doubt in your mind that you are in love with that person. If you are just in a relationship with someone because you do not want to be alone, college just might be the best excuse to part ways.

Find time to talk to your significant other

During the summer, find times to sit down and talk about college to your significant other. If sitting down and feeling bad for yourself is all you do, you are wasting valuable moments in your relationship. Instead, you can be celebrating the accomplishment of graduating and enjoying the summer. Make the best out of the time you actually have with them. If you do not speak about what is bound to come, it is going to hit you like a brick wall.

Figure out how both of you can keep in touch

Getting your significant other on the same page is something easier said, than done. An important thing to establish is a schedule. Make time for your studies, as well as for your significant other. Things are going to be tough alright, but there will always be time to visit one another. Plan ahead of time how you guys will be seeing each other and how often. This way, you know what to expect.

Take social media to your advantage

Maybe while you were in high school you were not a huge fan of social media. However, now that you are in college you can use social media to your advantage. Social networking sites can really help you guys stay together. Some say, that a relationship where you two are far apart, has many more benefits. Today, many people are meeting online and forming connections before they even meet. Keeping a deep relationship with someone who is far away is essential. You can even schedule to see each other on Skype. Skype dinner dates are great! Plan to eat dinner at the exact same time so that it is almost like sitting in your dorm eating in front of one another.

Get away from potential “breaks”

There is no such thing as “taking a break” when in love. If your partner suggests to take a break from each other to go out and enjoy themselves while seeing who else is out there, they ARE NOT the person for you. Find someone who never wants to lose you. A break only means keeping someone around just in case you do not find any better.

If you do end up breaking up, set the boundaries

When calling and texting, there is too much room for misunderstanding. If you are both trying to separate but you are still communicating with each other, it could lead to jealousy and a whole lot of fighting. If you guys do end up breaking up, make it a point that you both are free to do anything you please. There is no reason to keep on talking to that person right after a breakup.

Your education comes first

Your freshman year is when you are going to meet different types of people that will most likely be your friends for the rest of college, and sometimes for the rest of your life. College is such an important time of your life. If you spend too much time talking to your boyfriend or running to him every weekend, you may not be able to have the full on freshman experience.

Understand that its a major adjustment for the both of you

A successful long-distance, freshman-year relationship will acknowledge that there is a new thing in your significant other’s life, and that is college. Do not see your significant other’s college experience as a threat to your relationship. Work with it, not against it. When you start to get angry about your significant other’s new friends and obligations, you put that person in a position of having to choose between college and you, and you are not going to win.

This list will help you when trying to decide what is next in your relationship, when taking a big step onto college. This year is almost over and this is a problem that needs to addressed sooner than later.

Upcoming drama spring show


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This coming weekend, El Diamante’s Drama Department is putting on The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, a comedic play by Don Zolidis as this year’s annual spring show. Miners, be sure not to miss this darkly funny show featuring all the famous fairy tales told in their original form…with a twist! Audience participation is a must and there will be something for everybody.

Tickets are on sale for seven dollars at the door, for two performances. One in the evening on Friday, May 2nd and a matinee on Saturday, May 3rd, each at our theater.  After several weeks of rehearsal, set building, poster promotion, and much anticipation, drama instructor Robert Young and his performance class are very excited to debut their play.

Vanessa Culpepper is a senior at El Diamante and has participated in drama all four years of high school. For this production, she plays the role of Cinderella. “It’s a pretty good show and I hope the audience enjoys it,” she says. “Honestly, the cast is really nervous, but from my experience I’ve seen that theater literally is magic. You start with nothing and pull out this great big something. Even when it seems like no one is prepared, everyone pulls it together opening night. It’s this great big effort to not be terrible where everyone can see you: the open stage. So with that kind of pressure it usually works out. And if we’re all making that effort then it should work. That’s been my experience every time. No one wants to put on a bad show, so even our gross inaccuracies with timing and preparation, we could still put on a good show.”

This will be the third production put on by the drama department, under new direction by Mr. Young. The fall comedic one acts, [Insert Pun Here] and the annual Improv Show were both very successful and received much laughter and praise. Even with all the pressure put on him, Young remains confident. “I’ll admit, I’ve been losing sleep over this show. Playing out scenes and scrutinizing minor details in my mind. But my class hasn’t disappointed me yet and I’m hope we hit another homerun on this one.”

If you have been enjoying drama’s productions all year so far and want a night of fun and laughs, grab some friends and definitely check out the show!