2017 Grammy Awards

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The 2017 Grammy’s were held at The Staples Center in Los Angeles and shown on CBS network last week on February 12th. This year’s host was James Corden. Amazing performances were given by Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, The Weeknd, and more.


One of the most shocking parts of the night that dropped jaws and sparked a fire on Twitter was Adele’s victory for the Album of the Year Award. The upcoming R&B artist–Chance the Rapper–won the Best New Artist Award. Beyoncé’s “Formation” won the Best Music Video Award.  


Also, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” won the Best Rap Song Award. Plenty other awards were distributed throughout the night. Next year’s Grammy Awards are expected to be held in New York. We all look forward to seeing what our country’s artists will bring to the table and the billboards over the course of this year.

Bus Accident in Visalia


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In early February, an accident between a school bus and a truck happened on Caldwell Avenue and Shirk Road. The bus held over 27 Veva Blunt students. Luckily, none of the students were majorly injured. Only four students were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.


It was a collision caused by a car speeding and hitting a pickup truck, which caused it to hit the Veva Blunt bus. The bus was flung into the dirt while the pickup truck caught fire. The California Highway Patrol closed Caldwell Avenue for two hours the day of the crash while they were investigating the scene.
Parents were not able to get ahold of their children because their belongings were away from them. The students that were uninjured went back to Veva Blunt where they were picked up by their parents without harm. The collision was not major, and everyone was safe.

A Day Without Immigrants’ Has Effects


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On February 16, 2017, many immigrants and immigrant families went on strike, protesting the President’s stance on immigration, by not going to work or school. This day many businesses closed in support of immigrants and because of short staff.


Some restaurants, such as Little Red Fox in Washington D.C., closed down in support of their immigrant workers claiming that their restaurants would not be the same without immigrants. Many workers joined in on this strike, and some even asked their bosses to close business for the day. Other restaurants stayed open in support of the day, like Unum in Washington D.C., to show America how important immigrants are to the United States.


There were also bad effects to the day. Some businesses were forced to close because of their employees going on strike, and employers fired these employees the next day. Many of these businesses warned their employees saying they will be terminated if they did not show up to work, and the businesses followed through with their word by firing these employees.


The day had many effects in efforts to show America what it would be like without immigrants.

Rumor the German Shepherd Wins Best in Show at Westminster


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Rumor was crowned America’s top dog Tuesday night when, a year after a near miss, she came out of retirement to win best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club. Th crowd cheered loudly all around the ring by a packed crowd at Madison Square Garden, and clearly the crowd favorite, she’s just the second German shepherd to win the event that began in 1877.


“Unbelievable,” handler and co-owner Kent Boyles said. In a year that’s seen lots of late, startling twists in sports think Patriots, Cubs, and Cavaliers.  Rumor pulled a shocker. She’d been at home in Wisconsin for months, a house pet headed toward having puppies, when she suddenly jumped back into the show ring in January.


Boyles is a fan of the Green Bay Packers and of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Seeing a pet go from the couch to this top prize, heck, that’s a dog world Hail Mary. Rumor beat out a Norwegian elkhound, a Pekingese, a miniature poodle, an Irish setter, a boxer, and a Norwich terrier in the final ring. The Irish setter, Adrian, finished second.

Kim Jong Nam’s Autopsy


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Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jung Eun’s alienated half brother, was in his mid-forties and had been exiled for years. He was assumed to be assassinated this week in a Malaysia airport as he was waiting for his flight to go home to Macau.


South Korea specified that North Korea purposely hired two female assassins to poison him at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. Kim Jong Nam had said that he was sprayed with a chemical that caused him to become dizzy and in pain which resulted in his death as he was on the way to the hospital. On Friday, North Koreans rejected the autopsy results from Malaysia suspecting that they are using it out of spite against them. North Korean diplomats in Malaysia denied the autopsy results and demanded the return of the body.


Malaysia requested DNA samples from Kim Jong Nam’s family. They discovered that Kim Jong Nam had two children but no one stepped up to claim the body or willingly provided the DNA samples. A senior Malaysian police official declared that if no one provided the DNA to claim the body then he will give up on the case. However, he did not specify how long it will take.

Police Rape


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According to Business Insider, in early February a police officer allegedly raped a young black man. Hundreds of students are now blocking school entrances and have marched after police. Young French students have been conducting violent protests which have resulted in multiple injuries. The victim, Théo, a 22-year-old youthworker, has received severe anal injuries and also head trauma. This was caused by a truncheon during a police encounter. Théo claims that the officer sodomized him, spat on him, and beat him around the genitals. Police officers have recently arrested eleven students for setting garbage cans on fire during a protest.


On that note, most of the people in France have accused the police force of excessive force all over social media. This was because police officers have used tear gas to disperse the protesters. Lately, a lot of events have been occurring with citizens and police officers that have resulted in the citizens accusing the police officers of excessive force most of the time.

A Stand Against Graffiti In New York


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On Monday, February 6, 2017, Gregory Locke went and boarded the No. 1 subway train after eating dinner with friends in Manhattan. As soon as he boarded, he saw that everyone was sitting there stunned. Gregory turned and saw something that was indeed, stunning.


On the windows written in sharpie had the following phrases: “Jews belong in the oven,” “Destroy Islam,” and “Heil Hitler.”


Everyone looked uncomfortable and unsure what to do. This is when a man stood up to deal with the problem. This man was named, Jared Nied, a chef in a Manhattan restaurant. He said, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of sharpie pen. We need alcohol.”


Locke told CNN, “everyone started digging into their pockets and bags for hand sanitizer and wipes.”


Neid and other passengers started to work on getting rid of the markings. Nied said that they were,”satisfied in just doing the right thing.” The incident was cleaned up in a matter of minutes, and an attorney posted an account of the incident on Facebook where it quickly went viral.


After the mess was cleaned up, Neid simply states, “We all just sat back down, glanced at each other, and went about our ride much happier.”


Unfortunately, the New York Police Department was not able to identify the suspect, and the graffiti was being investigated as a possible “bias-motivated incident.”


Also, in a separate incident, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shared a picture Sunday morning showing swastika graffiti that has been turned into a “Love” sign. Cuomo said, “This is what New Yorkers do–we turn hate into love. That is our message to the nation and to the world. And we won’t turn back down– not now, not ever.”

New Super Livestream Feature for Youtube


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Youtube has come out with another feature for their livestreams, called Super Chat. This feature allows a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the rest of the messages on the creator’s board, according to Official Youtube Blog. This feature primarily  benefits the creator since this will bring more money for the Youtuber. In order to submit a Super Chat the viewer is required to donate money, the message will only stay on the chat for a certain amount of time. However, the time, color, and message length strictly depend on the amount of money donated. Viewers can donate with either a desktop or a mobile phone.
In order to send a Super Chat there will be a dollar icon on the bottom right of the screen equipped with a menu pop up, the viewer can then determine how much they want to donate along with the message. The message will be sent after the transaction, and the viewer will get a receipt through their email, also there are no refunds. Embedded into the message there will be a timed countdown. The Youtuber might also end the stream before the countdown ends and  messages will not transfer between streams. The charges does not include time or amount of characters within the massage, the color is also subject to change. The color that correspond with the message are: $1.00-1.99 is blue, $2.00-4.99 is light blue, $5.00-9.99 is green, $10.00-19.99 is yellow, $20.00-49.99 is orange, $50.00-99.99 is magenta, and $100.00 and more is red.

Best Kevin Love Trades


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The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for a spark to jump start their rough 2017 season. Their All-Star power forward Kevin Love is dealing with constant back and leg injuries. A report by the New Yorker magazine proclaimed that Cavaliers GM LeBron James is looking to trade Kevin Love for the Knicks Carmelo Anthony.


LeBron and Anthony are best friends off the court; usually taking vacations or investing in businesses together. Also, in this group of basketball friends is Clippers point guard Chris Paul and Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade. Let’s see if we can get them all on a team together.


Cavs get:

Chris Paul

Dwyane Wade

Carmelo Anthony

Brandon Bass


Clippers get:

Kyrie Irving

Courtney Lee


Bulls get:

Iman Shumpert

J.J. Redick


Knicks get:

Kevin Love

Cavs 2018 Second Round Pick
If this trade were to be accepted by commissioner Adam Silver, it would be the most monumental trade in NBA history. Three future Hall of Famer’s put on the same team would be an amazing feat. Paul, Wade, Anthony, and LeBron are all best friends and would mesh extremely well enough to win a championship.

Boys Basketball 2-15

By: Marcus Garcia

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The Varsity boys basketball team took on Golden West in an away game. The Varsity boys got a big win for their team helping them in the playoff rankings and their league finish. The boys walked away with the W in a great game. The boys finished tied for second in league and the sixth seed in playoffs.
They won 54-43 in an overtime domination. The two guards, Jake and Seth led their team to a fantastic victory. The boys basketball team played their game after at home on the twenty-second where they won. That was their first playoff victory and play Bakersfield on the twenty-fourth. Go Miners!