Walmart’s Bad Rep


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Wlamart Article... Shelby Jehle

So where is the one place that we all know and despise yet secretly find it fun to go to? WALMART!! Thats right, Walmart, the store known not only for its cheap prices and large amounts of products available, but also for its customers. The main thing we associate with Walmart is hilarious people that enter that store giving it such a bad reputation.

With things like a website completely devoted to the People of Walmart, it is no wonder that we judge this poor store so harshly. Approximately 300  pages of people from all walks of life, maybe with purple afros or possibly short shorts and knee socks with six inch heels, really make Walmart an interesting place to be. No matter the look or the situation, we judge so harshly, when in reality we should be supporting and feeling pride for a place that we can all enter in our scuzziest pair of pajamas to buy a random waffle maker at 11 o’clock at nigh,t like I have done for no apparent reason.

Another thing to address is the fact that we all shop there. I don’t know a single person that hasn’t been to Walmart at least once in their life. It is a store that all types of people of all different lifestyles can go to and enjoy the good deals and the freedom to look terrible and have nobody caring, yet we do care. People judge when Wal-Mart should just  be a place of freedom. Therefore, I say, we all shop there and usually come out with a little regret, but also a little extra cash in our pocket, so nobody has the right to really hate or judge Walmart, unless they have a viable reason of course.

I know that every single person that shops at Walmart looks at it as the lesser sad version of Target, but in all reality if you have to shop there it is really not that bad of a place at all. Now even if you’re still a little skeptical about Walmart you can’t deny that if you are just looking for something interesting to do with your friends one night at 2 am, going to our 24 hour Walmart on Mooney and seeing what or who you can find could be fun. It might be a crazy looking’ person in cat tights or it might be an amazing deal on frozen dinners, either way it’s going to be fun and rewarding. So take in that free layaway and love Walmart for all it has to offer instead of judging it and feeling ashamed to shop there.

The Text Neck Epidemic


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We all know technolText Neck Kayla Yasudaogy has its negative aspects on how it affects the world today: miscommunication, a gap between generations, and laziness. Although, a new set of problems have surfaced this year effecting our health physically. The Text Neck epidemic. Text Neck is diagnosed as an excessive amount of pressure on not just the neck, but the shoulders and spine area. This is caused by the neck being held in a downward position for a long period of time putting strain to your posture.

There has been a new addition to the App Store called The Text Neck Neck Indicator which lets you know when you have been looking at your phone for too long. It works by when the phone is held at an unacceptable viewing angle, putting the user at risk for text neck, a red indicator light is visible in the top corner and an optional vibration or beep notification can be added.

Regarding the seriousness of the Text Neck epidemic, some people feel that the whole generation of technology has its negative effects and putting emphasis on just Text Neck serves no purpose. Others feel as though we should address the problem head on. My position in this issue is a little bit of both. The neck is held in a downward position not only for phones, but these paragraphs are being typed as well. Reading a book, typing on a laptop, or writing an essay are all things that could put an excessive amount of stress on the spinal cord. Many other things can cause bad posture to worsen, but I do believe that it is something to be aware of. Of course being on an electronic device excessively has many consequences, and Text Neck is just something to add to the list.

Movie Review: Dumb and Dumber Too


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Movie Review Kaley McLain

Well it finally happened, Jim Carrey could sway the want for another movie no longer. The fans were unyielding and the result of such a burning desire ended with a terrible storyline conjoined with below-par humor. Bluntly and sadly to say, this movie does not live up to its former glory, in any way. I hate to see such an admiring star like Carrey fall into this downward spiral, but this doom began with the choice of creating a movie about penguins. It’s not his fault, he knew it was going to be bad, but he thought what the heck, I’m going to go through with it because I have nothing to lose.

This dynamic duo had the spotlight back then with their outrages jokes and uncanny outfits, and usually I would appreciate their art to the fullest extent, but in today’s time, they just look like a couple of geezers who are trying to get a small chuckle out of the mouths of their hard ball grandchildren. It was outdated and natural unauthentic for the most part. By attempting to revamp that old spark, they just ended up looking like a couple of sad lonely guys with too much money.

Accompanying the rubbish of laughter would definitely be the plot. The two are sentenced on a journey to find one of their presumed daughters and ask her for help. It’s filled with predictable wisecracks, and at times becomes an annoying look at the lost art of comedy. Needless to say, they had lost their touch. The daughter herself was, in nicest terms, an irritating mess. She couldn’t act for the life of her but she is not to be blamed because the script alone played a large role in ruining this movie. It was back and forth banter for no apparent reason, and I presume thats what the creators intended. Might I just add, for my last and final opinion, that this show was a sure fire mistake, for which I had high hopes in watching with my father on a warm Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t anything close to the original masterpiece and regretfully left me with a terrible taste in my mouth and the want for my money back.

Couple who Weds in Hospital


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Couple who weds in hospital ALEENA BEIG

A Texas couple married Tuesday, November 18th in the neonatal intensive-care unit with their prematurely born son serving as ring bearer.

Justin Nelson and Kristi Warriner wed Tuesday, November 18th  in the NICU of Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, where baby JJ has been since September. He was born 15 weeks early on September 2nd; his twin, Colt Austin, previously died in the womb.

Dressed in a tuxedo onesie, JJ slept through most of the ceremony. He is being monitored for chronic lung disease.

“He has been struggling, but has made great improvements,” Warriner said. “We still grieve but keep strong for JJ.”

The couple postponed their wedding plans when Warriner became a high risk pregnancy because of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a rare condition that occurs in identical twins who share a placenta. Warriner went to the emergency room on August 31st and discovered baby Colt had passed away. She started having contractions on September 1 and JJ, which stands for Justin Jr., arrived the next day.

With the help of Cook Children’s staff, the couple wed in JJ’s room, surrounded by family and their 8-year-old daughter and invited local media to witness the event.

“Our mission behind sharing our story was to let those that have been there, are there, or unfortunately could one day be there, that they are not alone.” Nelson and Warriner state.


Obama announces new immigration plan


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Obama Immigration - Ruby

On Thursday, November 20, President Obama declared his plans for immigration reform for the nation. Congress has failed to pass a comprehensive reform bill on the issue, which led Obama to make necessary changes to the immigration system without consent from Congress.

Rather than ordering mass amnesty or mass deportation, Obama’s new plan protects law-abiding undocumented individuals; immigration authorities will be instructed to target dangerous undocumented immigrants instead. Undocumented immigrants must meet certain criteria and can temporarily reside in the nation for three years; however, they must pass background checks and pay back taxes. Even though immigrants who meet criteria and abide the guidelines can stay temporarily for three years, they will not be provided a road to eventual citizenship and will be considered ineligible for health care programs and federal benefits.

Other changes to the immigration system in Obama’s order include offering papers and work authorization to undocumented parents of legal citizens, as long as they have lived in the United States for at least five years. Obama’s order will also remove the upper age limit from a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Any immigrant who arrived in the country before 2010 will be covered by the program and receive a three-year guarantee of relief, instead of the previous two-year guarantee.

Obama’s plan has been met with mixed responses from various political leaders; while some may disagree with the current order, nearly all leaders and citizens feel that changes must be made to the immigration system.


Cross Country CIF Sectional Championships


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On November 20th Cross Country raced in the CIF Sectional Championships.

The boys team finished 7th out of 17 teams overall. Jacob Bilvado stole second place by two seconds earning him the opportunity to run in the state meet.

The girls team finished 12th out of 15. Kelsay McClendon was the top runner for the El D team. She also achieved a personal record of 20:58. She finished 27th place overall.

Sydney Scott-Hyde also achieved a personal record of 32 minutes and was the third top finisher for the El D girls team.

Miklo Delgado was the second top runner for the boy’s team and finished 38th overall.

Jacob Bilvado raced in the state meet on Saturday the 29th and came in 6th place, and will be continuing on in other state meets.

UConn’s 47-game win streak ends


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The two-time defending national champions, Connecticut Huskies, lost 88-86 on Monday, November 17 in double overtime, ending their 47-game win streak. The 9-time national champions were defeated by the Stanford Cardinals at Maple Pavilion, and for the second time the Cardinals have ended a historical streak by the Huskies, the first being in 2010, ending a much longer 90-game win streak. With this loss, Stanford has taken over the Huskies’ #1 ranking national ranking, a spot that the Huskies have kept since April 2013. Connecticut is now down to #4 in the rankings behind Notre Dame and South Carolina.

Other than All-American and National Player of the Year, Brianna Stewart’s 23 points and Saniya Chong’s 20, the Huskies got very little help offensively. Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, another All-American, struggled all night, not making a field goal until there was 9:40 left in the game. Mosqueda-Lewis, along with the rest of her team, were contained by Stanford’s defense. Coach Auriemma also admits that his guards were outplayed by Stanford on both ends of the floor and that his team needs to address the loss of his two first-round WNBA picks, Bria Hartley and Stefanie Dolson, to be able to support Stewart and take some pressure off of her.

Still, in spite of the tough loss, Coach Auriemma hopes to continue playing with the Cardinal, a task that could prove difficult as the two are in different conferences. Coach Auriemma says, “I’ve always had a lot of respect for Tara. It seems like there’s a lot of teams right now that are looking for reasons not to play us, and they’re always looking for a reason to stay in the game…” He goes on to say that, “These games are important for women’s basketball. I wish some of the other coaches in the country would understand that.”

Luckily for the defending champions, it is only November. There is still time for the team to grow, improve, and prepare for the latter part of the season and the all-important NCAA Tournament in March.

Girls Water Polo vs. Tulare Union


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Number 5 seed, El Diamante, defeated the number 4 seed Tulare Union in the first round of playoffs last Saturday. The Lady Miners dominated the game and finished with a 13-8 lead. The girls held at least a three point lead throughout the game. Rylee Pierce was the leading scorer, earning 6 goals for the team. Brenna Hatcher followed with 4 goal; Brooke Rivas, Andy Morales, and Mandi McCaslin each had one. Hatcher and Rivas had three steals each and Courtney Berk finished with 7 blocks. The girls will advance to the semi finals to play the number 1 seed Garces; this will take place on November 20 in Bakersfield. If they pull off another victory, the will have a shot at Valley on November 22.


The Hobbit- The Battle of the Five Armies


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The time is almost here. It is The Hobbitgoing to be the very last installment of not only The Hobbit  but anything related to The Lord of the Rings. So I’m going to try and hold myself together while writing this article. The movie will be released on December 17 and as expected the premiere is scheduled at 12:00 am. Many expectations are set for this movie: some dwarves, a dragon, and lots of tears.

The book The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is about 300 pages long, or should I say short. That means each movie is broken up to 100 pages and each movie is approximately three hours. By the judge of the given information anybody could conclude that the trilogy is a bit elongated.  There are some parts in the previous movies that feel dragged out with added useless scenes. Extra situations such as a hopeless romance, a set of new characters, and distorted character developments. Other complaints surround the fact that this book is more for a child’s pleasure but in the films the scenes portray as much more violent. Despite these cons it just adds to the feeling of a love/hate relationship.

On the love side, there’s the fact about how amazing the soundtrack is. A selection of songs are re-done for it being the last addition to the series. Hearing a song that you have heard all the way back to The Lord of the Rings personally is very sentimental, and the most heartbreaking news yet is that Billy Boyd is singing the very last song on the soundtrack.  Billy Boyd plays one of the hobbits named Pippin in The Lord of the Rings. Pippin has a scene in The Return of the King where he sings a song called Edge of Night which is also part of The Walking Song– a poem in the books. It is like having an old friend coming back, but instead of making you feel alright it just makes it much more tragic.

Conquering the SAT


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The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a common source of stress amongst high school juniors and seniors planning to apply to colleges and universities. The test consists of ten sections: one twenty-five minute essay, six twenty-five minute sections (mathematics, critical reading, writing), two twenty minute sections (mathematics, critical reading), and one ten minute section (writing). Two five-minute breaks are given between various sections; overall, the test will take three hours and forty-five minutes.

The first step to preparing for the SAT is to select a testing date and center. The test is administered in October, November, December, January, March, May, and June. In order to register on-time and avoid paying a late registration free, be sure to register for a date and center as early as possible. After registering, the registration ticket must be printed out with all correct information to bring to the testing center.

The next step is to make a schedule. Each student has different strengths and weaknesses, but the key to mastering the SAT  is to cover all topics that will be tested. By taking a diagnostic exam prior to studying, it will be clear what needs to be studied in greater depth. After determining which areas to focus on, plan which sections and practice tests to take leading up to the test.

In order to stay focused during the long test, be sure to get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast the morning of. It is recommended to pack all materials needed for the exam the night before to avoid stress in the morning. Without a registration ticket and proper identification, individuals will not be allowed in the testing room; a test-day checklist is also available on the CollegeBoard website to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Even though it is normal to be nervous for an important test, try to remain to calm and confident; if you have prepared for the exam, you will be prepared for it. After taking the SAT, scores should be available within three to four weeks on the CollegeBoard site. Happy testing!