Varsity Girls Water Polo


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Last week the girls played a physical game against Lemoore on Wednesday, October 16. The girls won the game in the last quarter with a score of 8-4. This week coming up on Tuesday, October 22, the girls will play Mt. Whitney at 5:30 at Mt. Whitney. The girls also play against Redwood on Thursday, October 24, at 5:30 at Redwood. Come support your girls’ water polo!

Red Hat Society


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While teens in the late 1990s may have been concerned with the invention of the iMac computer and the MP3 player, a different generation was focused on another invention. In the year 1998, the Red Hat Society emerged. The Red Hat Society is a society created to empower women over fifty years of age and is still in operation today. It was founded on morals such as friendship, fitness, fun, and freedom. This odd, yet compelling group is known for attending organized events wearing red hats and purple clothing. Now, while the society originally aimed support towards older women, those under fifty are still welcome. To create unity in the separation of ages, the younger group wears pink hats and lavender clothing. This unique group of women support each other and give meaning to the process of aging. Through conventions and lively trips, women who normally wouldn’t think about venturing out of their comfort zone are given a space to interact and explore life freely.

The Life of Joaquin Phoenix


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Son of John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Dunetz, Joaquin Phoenix has made quite the name for himself in the entertainment industry. Joaquin is one of a family of seven. His real name is not even actually Joaquin. Before being called Joaquin, he went by Leaf.  He is a Golden Globe winner and a three-time Academy Award nominee. Though he may seem to have a great life now, he certainly had to pay a price. Suffering a lot of trauma and battling alcoholism and drug abuse throughout his life.

Joaquin grew up with a weirdly religious family. He was born in Puerto Rico where his parents were hippies, essentially. He began acting as a child. He would ultimately get discovered by doing shows on the street with his siblings. He not only did this because he enjoyed it, he did it because the cult his family had joined was not able to provide a whole lot for the family. Joaquin’s parents joined The Children of God cult. A lot came out about the cult. The cult believed in a lot of bad things and the Phoenix family, thankfully, left the cult. 

Joaquin’s older brother, River, would ultimately become the family’s breakout star. Joaquin and his brother River were very close. Unfortunately, River’s constant drug abuse lead to him overdosing at the famous Viper Room in Los Angeles. Joaquin had to make a 911 call to save his brother but at that point, it had already been too late. Joaquin lost his older brother and this event surely had an impact on him. He took a two-year break from acting.

In 2005, he would be cast as Johnny Cash for a film called Walk the Line. Joaquin became emersed in the role. He was not just portraying Johnny Cash, he became him. This led to Phoenix relying on alcohol to make him feel better. After filming for the film was over, Joaquin faced his own demons and checked into rehab. According to Phoenix, it was “the best thing I ever did”. He would go on to act in other films.

In 2010, a mockumentary titled I’m Still Here was released. It followed the events of Joaquin seemingly having a public meltdown and midlife crisis. He would sport long, unkempt hair and a scraggly beard. Prior to the release of the film, everyone believed the bizarre events that took place were real. Joaquin had lost it. He had “retired” from acting to pursue a career in hip hop where he was helped by Diddy. Let us just say, he should have stuck to acting. The most memorable event had to be the David Letterman interview. He seemed nervous and on-edge while on the show. David ripped into him. Cracking many jokes at his look and appearance. He ended the interview with, “and Joaquin, sorry you couldn’t be here tonight”. Saying that Phoenix clearly was not himself. One thing Joaquin Phoenix had no trouble with is accessing that dark place in his mind to play a role. He lived through a lot and has had his problems with substance abuse. He is one of the most critically acclaimed actors of today and comes from a dark background. He survived a lot. Because of this, he is perfect casting for his latest role in Joker. It is perhaps the perfect role for Joaquin given his background and his prowess in modern cinema.

A Battle With A Cause


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Last Friday was a great day full of school spirit. If you didn’t already know, El Diamante and Mt Whitney faced off in a Cancer awareness game promoting those who struggle with breast cancer. The energy from both sides was great. There were tons of really cool pink posters and decorations on both sides. I noticed that there was not one person in our student section that was not wearing a shade of pink. The energy on our side was amazingly strong and loud. Our talented Varsity football team also got their first win against a fierce rival. Our cheerleaders had all teams performing great stunts and chants for our student section. Our pregame tailgate was a success too. We had hot dogs, drinks, and other goodies to offer. Overall the day was full of school spirit and resulted in happy faces, fun, and awareness for breast cancer. I would like to point out our ASB staff and students for helping set up and clean up the game, Mrs. McBride for helping organize posters and other special ideas, the cheerleaders for keeping us energized, the Varsity football team, and Coach Frankland for leading our school to an outstanding victory!



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We sit here and stare 

Forgetting about everything we worried 

Showing every care 

We wanted to just let this love stay buried 

We never realized how we would be affected 

Laying on your chest so close to your heart 

We are so connected

We have this feeling of never wanting to be apart 

Our thoughts are clouded 

Nobody knows we are this real

But one day we will be steady and grounded 

And the thoughts will be ideal 

I will always know where to go 

With you it’s home 

Together we will only grow

You’re full of wisdom and just simply great, so for you I wrote this poem

Even if we are distant 

Close or far 

You’re the one I go to in an instant 

Forever I am your star

Being Alone


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Most Americans claim to be lonely. Some people can be around hundreds of people and still feel like they are alone. I feel loneliness does not mean you are all by yourself but you could be surrounded by many people and if one of those people were your best friend you will not as alone because that one person is close to you. Loneliness is usually found in younger people because they usually have fewer relationships compared to those who are older. Loneliness may seem as big of a deal, but it does begin to become big. In America, one of two Americans are most likely lonely, which can cause huge problems for their own health. As studies have been shown, loneliness can cause people to become drug abusers, depressed, stressed, and many more health problems. Most people will spend their time inside, not wanting to go outside, which was a study that Japan has done. As a result, I believe that loneliness is something that should be a topic talked about because it is causing us Americans and the world to become more and more bad. We need to be able to interact with each other than not wanting to.

Ordinary People


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El Diamantè’s Miner Diamond Players put on an amazing show Friday, October 17th and Saturday, October 18th. They worked incredibly hard to put on an amazing show for everyone who came to support and succeeded in doing so. Thank you to everyone who came and was able to share this moment with all of us and an even bigger thank you to Mr. Toon for believing in us. 

Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships


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Many people won’t relate to this topic right off the bat. We’re all at school, and most of the time, our best friends or significant others are here at the same school with us, hanging out during lunch and talking during the passing period. Some people aren’t as lucky. Whether it be they live on the other side of town and go to another school in the district, with strict parents who don’t let them go out, or they live in another state, or perhaps a completely different country that make traveling to see them expensive. People who are lucky enough to have the most important people to them by their side may not understand the pain that other people have — people who have to make certain schedules to get a little call or text from that certain someone. Some of those people are new to that feeling and others aren’t; but even if it isn’t a new feeling, it can still cause a lot of pain when something happens that reminds someone of that person so far away.

Being able to maintain long-distance relationships has definitely gotten easier throughout the years. We have technological devices that are able to help us get into easy contact with someone at a single touch of the screen. Back in olden days, people didn’t have that; however, some people may still not have a device today, making communication a bit harder than what the social norms are these days. When it comes to maintaining a long-distance relationship, communication is key. Without it, you completely lose touch with that person, just as you would lose touch with anyone around you — at school, perhaps — if communication’s gone. Except if that person lives too far away, you can’t talk to them in person. Texting, calling, letter writing, those little things can mean a lot, even if a conversation only lasts 30 minutes a day. Trust is extremely important as well; when it comes to a relationship, it’s easy to backstab and date someone in real life while talking with that other person across the world. I personally believe that if you love someone so much, distance doesn’t matter, and you’ll do whatever you can to make that person happy and valid even if you aren’t physically there. When you see that person in real life, for the first time in a long time, the moment is extremely special and to be cherished. And it can bring you more realization and more proof that no matter what, that person means so much to you, and life wouldn’t be the same without them.

I’m doing my part in maintaining a long-distance relationship at the moment. My best friend lives in Hanford, which isn’t too far away, but this school year’s been tough without her. But with strong communication, we haven’t lost touch. It’s undeniably hard for both me and her, but we aren’t giving up obviously, for that would hurt much more. We have a lot of trust, talk, and love between one another, so even with the pain hitting me once and awhile, things are going pretty well.

Earthquake in the Philippines


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A landslide and building damage caused by a strong earthquake in the southern Philippines that killed four people and injured dozens.

A reporter stated that on Thursday morning, two people died and 18 were injured in a landslide set off by the earthquake in Davao del Sur province. A network also reported two or more deaths elsewhere, including a girl hit by a collapsed house wall.

The Philippine Institute Volcanology and Seismology stated the 6.3-magnitude earthquake Wednesday night. More than 200 aftershocks have been recorded.

Schools in the quake that hit areas, including the President’s hometown of Davao city, suspended classes on Thursday so the buildings could be inspected for damage.