Facet Night

As the school year comes to a close, Miners are once again given the opportunity to attend Facet Night and reminisce in their past year at El Diamante.  Facet Night is a time for students to sign yearbooks and for seniors to come together for Senior Sunset, an event to symbolize the end of their journey here at El Diamante. Join the class of 2011 in reflecting on their journey with the Senior Slideshow following Facet Night and enjoy the memories that are held in our memorable El Diamante yearbook.

More Information: The Senior BBQ at school begins at 5:00 PM and yearbooks for seniors will be distributed beginning at 5:30. All underclassmen can begin collecting their yearbooks starting at 6:00 near the cafeteria. All students can finish payments for yearbooks or purchase additional autograph pages or other extras at the event. Following Facet Night, the seniors can attend Senior Sunset to reflect and represent the closing of one chapter of their lives along with the presentation of the Senior Slideshow to celebrate and remember their experience at El Diamante High School over the last four years. Don’t miss out!



Staff Writer

Congratulations to our Lady Miner softball team on their valley title!

It was a great game for the lady miners on the field as they battled the Mustangs’s of Stockdale High School and won the valley title. Sierra Highland, a sophomore at El Diamante high school played on the mound gaining several strike outs, as the rest of the team played a great defense. On the plate Highland also took control of the game with the one and only RBI, only with the help of her fellow teammembers. It was a good game as the final score reached 01-00 in the final inning.

Desperation calls for fortification

Staff Writer

For the past few years America’s economy has been struggling financially, making it difficult to find jobs. Out of desperation, many Americans are resorting to more drastic means and are beginning to steal precious items from unprotected vehicles in order to sell them to make currency. Many students on El Diamante’s campus have experienced the devastation and financial hardships from having their cars broken into, needing to replace not only their stolen items such as backpacks, guitars and spare house keys but also needing to repair broken windows on their cars. Here are a few tips to help prevent these unexpected thievery’s from happening.
First and foremost, be sure to park your car in a protected or surveillance area. It is best to park close to your destination because robbers on the lookout will more likely choose a car that is isolated and far away from any busy area. Try to park under a street light if you are driving at night. Thieves will not want to be in a spot light if they are going to commit a crime. If there are any gated lots around, try to park in one. Cars in open areas are greater targets. When at your house, it is better to park in the garage or in the driveway. If you are parked in the street, it makes it easier for suspects to do a drive by rather than walk up to your house where they are heard easier.
Improvements on your vehicle will also aid in protecting your car from the outside. When someone is looking for a car to break into, they usually look into the windows first to see if there is anything worth stealing. A trend that helps with this problem is tinting the back windows of the car without going beyond illegal limits. This makes it harder to see into your windows, especially when it’s dark, which is when most break-ins occur. A car alarm is also a good investment and will scare away any thief while also bringing attention to your vehicle. If it was broken into, everyone around will know. The most obvious precaution for your car is to REMEMBER TO LOCK YOUR DOORS. If your car is unlocked, any robber will go for it hands down because there is no way anyone would catch them. It will not look like they are breaking into your car if it is already open.
The last and most important way to protect your valuables is, of course, to not leave them in your car. No one wants to break into a car if there is nothing to even steal. So do not leave your two thousand dollar guitar lying on your back seat to tempt someone to steal or your expensive leather jacket on the dash board for someone to glance at and want. If you just HAVE to leave any expensive item in your car then HIDE IT. Put your spare keys under the seats or in the glove box and hide your backpack in the trunk of your car if you have a coupe or sedan. Do not just leave everything out.
Immoral and desperate people do not just break into anyone’s car, they select their targets carefully. So do not put yourself in this unfortunate position and protect your vehicle.

Jealousy is the ugliest trait

Photography Editor

In the media, people sell their products by saying, “Come here, buy this and ‘be envied’,”  but in reality, that wouldn’t be a good thing. Perhaps one might want to be admired but not envied. Jealousy is an awful emotion that doesn’t only ruin relationships but ruins yourself as a person also. Any dramatic soap opera would confirm that jealousy kills, but when a person envies what someone else has instead of being thankful for their own possessions, they’re “killing them self”. One is so focused on they want and trying so hard to achieve what others have that in the process they ruin their own gifts and are blinded to see how blessed they are. Our life can only be fulfilled through our own talents and treasures not someone else’s possessions .
Insecurity causes jealousy. When we are insecure about ourselves we come up with foolish questions like, “How is it that she’s so pretty and I’m not? Does she flirt with anyone else in her other classes? Does he think I’m prettier than his ex?” These questions wouldn’t come about if self-confidence is present. One needs to believe that there is no one like them self. Once these questions come about, relationships start to fail. With a jealous partner, things start to go down hill. Your friend puts her boyfriend on “lock-down” where she doesn’t allow her boyfriend to talk to other girls. If the guy is still her boyfriend, that means he still wants to be only with her or else he would have ended that relationship already. There is no need to compare youself to others.
Jealousy between friends can break relationships even if you’ve been friends for a long period of time. Friends start to act differently with each other and all of a sudden, it’s as if you don’t know that person.Or perhaps out of nowhere your friend treats you as if you did something wrong when you haven’t done a thing. That’s because they’ve had emotions bottled up inside and are insecure about themselves. This is because jealousy makes them feel lousy.They might even be angry by the fact that they don’t have what you have and can’t get it, so they take it out on you. In a true friendship, jealousy should never exist, in fact, friends should be happy for one another.
Some ways you can prevent/deal with jealousy is to start being grateful for what you have and to never compare your self to other people. Never believe you are “below” or “above” anyone for this can cause insecurities and another ugly trait- arrogance. The most important thing to remember is to be confident and content with what you have.

Simply in love (PCP against extravagant weddings)

Business managerFor centuries, weddings have been significant events created to bring families and friends together to celebrate the union of two hearts.  They symbolize a physical declaration of devotion, affection and commitment.  Tradition used to control wedding ceremonies, but now our consumerism culture determines what an acceptable wedding looks like: flashy and over indulged.  Large weddings often take away from the intimacy that should be synonymous weddings and can cause unsettlement and disconcertion, even before the marriage even starts.

The average “modern bride” spends about $26,327 on a wedding, not including the honeymoon or engagement ring.  Since 1995, wedding costs have gone up tremendously.  This can be attributed to wedding reality television programs.  Modern society has distorted this marital perspective and created unnecessary expectations of what a wedding should include.  Countless reality wedding shows such as Bridezillas, Wedding Bling and Four Weddings encourage competition, consumerism and extravagant weddings that take away from the most important part of a wedding:  the bride and groom.  The planning of the ceremony becomes about out-doing a friend or family member or just displaying a person’s financial ability to hold an over the top wedding.  A marriage is about the covenant being made, not if making it in style.  Many lose sight of this amidst planning a wedding.

Large, out-of-price-range weddings can cause turbulence in the very beginning of a marriage for a bride and groom.  Money is the number one instigator for argument in American couples and no one wants to start a new life with debt.  A small and intimate wedding avoids the outrageous fees and stress that were made for one single night of magic.  Of course, it is important to have family and friends there to support the bride and groom, but it shouldn’t be solely based on trying to impress them.

The big day is stressful.  There are a million things to take care of and the less guests and details to the wedding, the happier the bride will be.  Of course, she will be nervous, but the comforts of a small ceremony can reduce that stress level, making the day more memorable and anxiety- free.  The couple can focus on the event of the ceremony, rather than the logistics.

A wedding is a day of love and bliss, joy and liberty, affection and matrimony.  It should focus on the bride and groom, not what they are wearing or who they invite.  This day should be the most important day for a couples relationship and should symbolize their undying and simplistic love for another.  Love isn’t expressed in material items, but in the pure happiness derived from a single human being.

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Something blue, borrowed and something new (PCP in favor of extravagant weddings)

Staff WriterOnce upon a time there was a beautiful bride and it was the day of her wedding. She had been preparing for months, to make this once in a lifetime occasion perfect. She prepared everything the way she wanted: she made reservations at the church where her parents were married and arranged for the priest who baptized her to preside over the ceremony. Her favorite flowers were all along the inside of the church and the decorations were beautiful. Of course she found the perfect dress, it was a Cinderella dress. The train of the dress stretched out behind her and the veil fell over her face perfectly. She wore something blue, borrowed and new. Her family and friends were present for her big day, to finally see her take this next big step in life.

Before she knew it, it was time for her to walk down the aisle. Her father stood next to her remembering the little girl she once was. As the doors opened, she saw what was soon to be hers, and realized it was perfect. The flowers laid among her and all twelve of her bride maids stood at the alter waiting for her arrival.

As a little girl she would play dress up and imagine what her big day would be like; so far it was completely enchanting. This day is the most important day of a girls life and it holds great value for girls. Every girl looks forward to her big day and dreams about it her entire life. From the point before a girl gets married she is one person and when she finally does, she is a new person. This step requires a huge wedding because it’s a step that distinguishes you from everyone else. The ring on your finger no means they have a life time partner; their soulmate.

A wedding is the celebration of two lives coming together forever. Its about enhancing the other persons thoughts, dreams and ways of living. Having an extravagant wedding is necessary; its the traditional way of having a wedding. Couples only get married once so why not have an elegant wedding. All of your family and friends come to this special occasion to be apart of the bride and groom’s new life that is about to come. Your family has seen them through out their whole lives, at each stage from when they were a babies to a toddlers, to teens and then your final step into  adulthood.

Having a small wedding is degrading and its almost as if your not proud to be getting married. A big wedding shows how happy you and your new life partner are and having this wedding starts off your marriage off on the right step. Why would a person not want a big wedding over a little one, money should not be an object when concerning love. Extravagant weddings are a must! Having a big wedding leads to the happy couple living happily ever after and riding away in a horse and carriage.

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High school relationships are not the best idea (PCP against high school relationships)


Staff Writer

Any student’s high school career is supposed to be filled with fun, friends and just quite possibly a special someone. All of these things are supposed to make high school the best four years of your life, except for college. Yet the sad truth is while fun and friends are a guaranteed source of happiness, a boyfriend or girlfriend is not. High school relationships are often filled with the ups and downs of the emotion rollercoaster, that awkward moment when an ex boyfriend or girlfriend still sits  beside in class despite the fact that the break up was a month ago and rumors and gossip moving faster than the speed of light. If this has not happened yet, just wait as any of these complications may be headed right for you. The frantic and frivolous life of a high school relationship is tough on both parties, and the fact that most are often short lived, one or two months begs the question why invest the time, better yet why invest yourself? The simple answer is; don’t.

Problems ranging from not texting your current girlfriend back fast enough to your boyfriend refusing to walk you to class seem like petty issues to the single boy or girl, but when your in a relationship it’s a completely different. High School girls have either yet to mature, cannot decide what the really want out of their boyfriend, or would rather talk to you the guy she is in a relationship with while texting three hundred other guys who are “just friends”. Many boys of the same age would definitely rather have three girlfriends than one, are more worried about what their friends say about their girlfriend than how they feel about her, and do not see the need to spend most if any time with their girlfriends when other things they could be doing. Both parties are not old enough, experienced enough, or mature enough to deal with the tolls a relationship comes with, especially when the happy couple’s relationship has gone south, fast.  Breaking up is hard to do and when its done over the phone, through Facebook or even with a text message as some relationships end, the lack of dignity in these acts may send one party or the other into a depressing spiral which will affect their lives, schoolwork and after school life for however long it takes to get over someone.  Along with detracting from school some students in relationships shy away and even lose some friends over being so in “love” with their new man or woman, and when he or she leaves you, their friends might have already left them.

Most relationships don’t last, and even though high school sweethearts are cute to look at, the reality is that most likely the relationship will not continue to exist in a few months. Thus why invest time money and much more importantly your heart into something which can cause your grades to slip, your friends to leave and to leave one horrible memory that defines your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year: that terrible break up.

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Can they last? (PCP for high school relationships)

Staff Writer
Can relationships last out of high school? Over the four years that most of us have been here at El Diamante many have had one boyfriend or girlfriend and some have even had too many to count. If two people want a relationship to work, then they can withstand anything high school throws toward them. If the couple can hold onto what they’ve got through the chaos of friends, grades and family then maybe the can make it in the real world. Everyone wants the fantasy of marrying their high school sweetheart and living happily ever after knowing that one person has known them through the worst and best times. After high school, the world pushes obstacles that reveal how keeping a high school relationship could help.
In high school almost everyone wants a relationship and preferably one that lasts. With a little help and determination they can have this. Each partner should be giving 110% to the other. Having someone that understands all the problems can help make the relationship last. Trevor Ludlow, a sophomore says “people can always keep their relationships after high school because its not high school that makes the relationships, it’s the people having a good friendship! High school is just a test of that friendship for the future. If you’re able to find someone who is a true friend and can make it through the hard times of high school with you, I’d says she’s a keeper!” There are some couples that we see around campus that stop in the midst of the crowd just to kiss each other good bye or hold hands and stare at each other like it may be the last time they ever see each other or until  the next bell rings. Does this PDA help the relationships blossom? I believe so; I think relationships need that excitement, the so called “high school” romance if you will to keep the butterflies flying around. Statistics say 8 to 11 % of high school relationships result in marriage. Why not try and prove the statistic wrong and try to make the relationship have a future that is ready and will last. In high school a lot of us make decisions based on what is important now, so relationships should last if we all keep that mind set. Sure it will be difficult but if we truly want something to last and want to be with that one person who knows what it was like certain classes in high school we can make it work. Wouldn’t it be great if they were able to be in the same spot seeing what it’s like buying a house or getting your dream job? High school relationships can last and should; it’s just a little more work that will be totally worth it in the end.
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Necessary attendance policy (PCP in favor of policy)

Graphics Editor
El Diamante’s attendance policy took a toll on its students since cutting class became a serious problem, especially for the seniors. The new policy requires all students to attend the school year 94% (169 days) of the time. Though this upsets many students, especially the seniors, it does nothing but good.

As the end of the year approaches, high school seniors are the most vulnerable to slacking off and cutting class. Many get caught up and fall below the 94% rate. As a result, few seniors have not been able to walk. In other words, a few have not been able to participate in their own graduation. “If someone works hard in the class and passes they deserve to walk with the rest of the graduating class.” says Jacob Ruvalcaba, a senior. Though students hold strong opposing opinions on it, it will not change the policy. This new policy will help keep students on track and well on their way to success.

The policy does more than just help students come to class but it teaches them commitment and responsibility. When students cut class, their ability to be responsible and committed to their job [school] diminishes. By pushing students to come to class, it makes them stay on top of their work. They learn to put education as their first priority and that it is a reflection of the real world. “I feel that it eliminates the tardy or ditching excuse most seniors want to use. By being in school more, they learn how a job in society works with having to be at a certain place for a certain time.” says Brannon Parish, a junior. Students will understand that attending school is just like showing up for work. You can’t be late and must show up more than 94% of the time.

The new attendance policy only benefits the students. For those that choose not to abide by its rules, the opportunity to better one’s future is disappearing. The school created this to teach and prepare its students for the next level after high school. By ignoring it, one is hurting them self.

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94% Irritating policy (PCP against policy)


Staff Writer

In an attempt to minimize the occurrences of Senioritis throughout the district, a new policy has been set forth in which seniors in high school must maintain at least a 94% attendance in order to partake in the graduation ceremony at the end of the year. This policy, however, has good intentions, yet is nothing but obstructive, annoying and a huge waste of time.
The first main offense of this policy is that it is too specific in its calculations. Much like how a computer can only respond to numbers, the attendance policy doesn’t respond realistically to real events. Evan Hatfield, a senior here at El Diamante responded to this claim with a real life example. “I slept in until 9:30 on a Tuesday in February, and I decided to get up and go to school anyways. Upon my return I was threatened with a Saturday-School for ditching my Pre-first and First period classes, and had reach a “milestone” in my absences. If I was ditching First period, why would I bother to show up for the rest of the school day?” Many seniors have run into this problem, and it is time for a reprieve.
Besides being too specific, the punishment for a violation of the policy is way too harsh. Being restricted from participating in the ceremony is a cruel punishment for seniors. This may be the most memorable day in our young lives. We have worked hard through 13 years of our lives, just for this one day, where we can have our name called and receive our diploma in front of every member of our family. Not being allowed to walk is like saying, “We’re sorry, because you missed 11 days of school, the last 13 years of your life has been a waste.” Not only that, but telling our family is dangerous because they might die of a heart attack. Please don’t kill our parents, we love them a lot. Change the policy before it is too late.
The final flaw to this attendance policy is its fear factor. Seniors are too afraid to miss any school and risk losing the greatest moment of their lives. Due to this underlying fear, seniors will show up to school sick rather than staying home, and because they are all showing up sick, they will get everyone else sick. Not everyone has a strong immune system. Genetically, some students will get sick more often than other students, that is just a fact of life. There is no way to change that. Sometimes, a virus will mutate and cause widespread epidemics, If someone caught the Swine Flu we might be expected to stay home. Should we be punished for this?
I do not think that the attendance policy should be abolished completely, but it needs to be drastically altered. Perhaps an extra curricular assignment could be the punishment. Something that is time consuming and punishing but not strongly traumatic and horrifying. Besides, every senior that passed all the required classes deserves to walk in the ceremony, regardless of the absences they have; they earned it. If a student ditches class so much that they fail a required class, then that is their fault. Dedicated students will always make up their work.

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