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It was as if I was the source of the quaking of the earth.

 It rumbled beneath me as I sped faster and faster, the wind ripping at my face. 

My legs trembled, but my balance was sturdy. 

Every bump in the path was one I already knew; they no longer gave me fear or anxiety. 

I was a bat out of hell, a ferocious force of freedom.

One that could not be caged. 

I had already conquered the wood in the trees and gravity itself.

I was in control of the quaking of the earth and the wind that whipped my face. 

My Love


Staff Writer

When you hear the word love,

What comes to mind?

For some, it’s reciprocated,

For some, it’s blind.

What is love to me?

Why, I couldn’t say.

It’s an assortment of things

That comes to play.

Love is truthful,

It has no boundaries.

The lack of trust, however,

Causes me worry.

Love is comforting, feeling safe,

It’s like a wonderland.

That’s not to say things are complex

And hard to understand.

Love is confusing,

It makes you question many things.

You never truly know

What your future will bring.

Love is breaking,

Why is my love breaking?

Why does it hurt so bad?

Why are my walls shaking?

I thought love was kind,

Truthful, and happy.

I never imagined

That I’d become so… sappy.

What is love to me?

Why, I couldn’t say.

The world around my love

Is becoming so gray.

Police Rescue 23 Children Who Were Held Hostage for 11 Hours


Staff Writer

Children held hostage in Lucknow, India for 11 hours. The man who held them hostage had them over for his daughter’s birthday and continued to hold them hostage in his basement for hours after that. When the police showed up to rescue the kids there were shots were fired between the police and the man, who is identified as Subhash Batham. He injured the two police officers with his firearm but didn’t kill them. Police reported that the man was under the influence of alcohol during that occurrence. The children were rescued but during this incident, Subhash’s wife was killed during the back-and-forth gunfire, she tried to escape and the villagers beat her to death. Subhash was also killed during this incident but the children are safe.

Picture of police officers rescuing one of the children

Source: USA Today

Proud Of Myself


Staff Writer 

What I will be writing about is my 4.0. Lately, I have been very proud and just simply happy because I have an A in all my classes. Senior year started off very rocky but I’m so glad I got my stuff together. I’m truly thriving and cannot wait to graduate. It feels like it was just yesterday I was walking into my first day of freshman year. Time just goes by as fast as any senior my freshman year said it would. I will admit I think a part of me will miss some parts of high school and the teachers, but I’m ready to say goodbye to these four years and start my real-world life.

Lady Miner Soccer


Staff Writer 

This week we played the Lemoore Tigers on Wednesday night. It was a very aggressive and eventful game. We scored a goal in the first half as it was 1-0 and then they scored and it was 1-1. The second half is when it became wild. We almost got into a fight with the other team but the ref stopped it. Everyone was pushing each other. He gave out 5 yellow cards. Many girls got hurt, but we still had to go into overtime. We go into overtime and I tell myself we can’t tie, I need to score. About five minutes in I shoot from the eighteen-yard box and I bombed it to the top right corner. Scored the winning goal as I felt so good and accomplished.  

E.D.H.S Part 11 (Defense)


Staff Writer

There was only one way to get out of the twelfth district and that way was called the bullet train. The bullet train is an indestructible one-way train shaped like a bullet. The rails are made up of a type of magnet that slowly reduces in height when heading towards the destination. The train, when it makes contact with the rail, takes off at an unbelievable speed. Rumor has it that the train beat a bullet thus giving it the name. Once aboard the train, the door will remain locked, making it unable to get out until it has completely stopped. In our case, the bullet train connected to district twelve will take us to district eleven. The next closest district.

         Me and Orion knew exactly where the bullet train was and made our way there instantly and cautiously, trying not to draw any attention to us. As we moved closer to the area of the bullet train the sound of gunshots filled the air. When we arrived at the location the general of the twelfth district with a group of maybe a dozen soldiers were there as well guarding the train with their lives. 

“Where the hell have you been soldiers!!,” the general yelled at me and Orion.

“Get your ass in the train!!,” he added knowing it won’t be long until they were taken down by the approaching ravengers. Once all the soldiers were inside the train, me and Orion made our way inside as well. The general was making his way toward the entrance of the train when I noticed a smile appear on his face. At that moment I knew something was off. The general stopped right before getting into the train and looked up and smiled bigger than ever.

“A captain goes down with his ship,” he said as a single tear falls from his left eye. He slams the bullet train door shut, locking us in and locking himself out. The general pressed the activation button from the outside that sets us on the rail as hundreds of ravengers rush to him. He pulls out his gun, shooting an assault rifle into the crowd of ravengers approaching him killing some of them. They quickly overpowered the general as soon as he ran out of ammo, swinging at him inflicting deep and deadly gashes with their sharp, enormous claws on their hands. They piled on him and started eating his body. While through all that, he found the strength to pull the clip from one of his twelve grenades from his vest causing a gigantic explosion where he laid. He took out about ninety-three percent of the ravengers who were near the explosion. The general of district twelve refused to leave his home. The place where he was born. The place where his family was brutally massacred by the ravengers on the attack. The place where he avenged them. The place.where he now lays a hero. The place known as district twelve.

          As this all took place, I tried breaking through the door of the bullet train repeatedly wanting to save him. Wanting to do something…. Anything. All I could do was watch.

Black History Month


Staff Writer

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history. It can also be known as African American History Month and starts February 1st and continues throughout the whole month. The story of Black History Month started in 1915 after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery across the United States and since 1976, every American president has designated February as Black History Month and endorsed a specific theme. This year’s 2020 theme is “African Americans and the Vote”. It is honoring the Nineteenth Amendment anniversary, granted in 1920 granting women’s suffrage and giving black men the right to vote. It is important to understand the history behind this month and why it needs to be honored and understood many years later so we as a society can focus on what we need to improve upon to make America a safe place for every single individual.

What else can make me happy when I make myself Proud?

By Nandhika Kamalakkannan

Staff Writer


Guess what?…………….what?

I’m proud!

Proud of what?

I am proud of myself,

I am proud to be a daughter,

I am proud that I can play basketball,

I am proud that I can write essays,

I am proud that I did 300 hours of volunteering,

I am proud to be an exchange student,

I am proud to be an Indian,

I am proud to study in America,

I am proud that I am a gymnast,

I am proud that I am still alive,

I am proud of whatever I do,

And Finally, I am proud to be a woman!


7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Near Cuba and Jamaica


Staff Writer

On January 28th, 2020, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit between Cuba and Jamaica. The earthquake was strong enough to be felt in Miami causing some buildings to evacuate people. A tsunami warning was issued for Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Honduras, and Belize. Fortunately, the tsunami never came. There have been no reported injuries in any of the countries affected. There were aftershocks, but only one struck significantly at a magnitude 6.1. Three weeks before this earthquake a magnitude 6.4 hit Puerto Rico. People in the surrounding countries are on edge but will recover. 

Kobe Bryant


Staff Writer

This past Sunday we lost an icon, a legend, we lost Kobe Bryant. He, his daughter GiGi Bryant, and 7 others died in a helicopter crash. The pilot was flying in unsafe conditions and the helicopter did not have the correct safety equipment that could possibly have saved them. Kobe’s death shook the world, he had an impact on so many people all around the world. His “Mamba Mentality” being rejoiced all around the world as people explain what they remember Kobe for. He was only just starting the second half of his career, retiring just a few years ago in 2016, ending his career the only way Kobe could, going on to score 60 points. When I heard the news I first saw it break from TMZ so I assumed it was fake, then more reports started to come out. His death hit me hard, it was unbelievable, people like Kobe seem invincible to us. I grew up watching him, idolizing him, trying to perfect the Kobe fadeaway. I wanted to play basketball just like Kobe, a ruthless scorer who could not be stopped. I was lucky enough to see him play in a few regular-season games and a few playoff games. Every game I went to they won. He left an everlasting impact and his memory will never be forgotten. I hope Vanessa Bryant and her daughters can somehow see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t even fathom what they are going through. I hope that they can heal from this terrible event and always stick together as a family.