Unknown Magic


Staff Writer


Hello, My name is Rylie and I am a freshmen at Harvard University. And if you’re reading this then you must have an extremely boring life because who would want to read the diary belonging to a witch living in the human world.


In the year three hundred, I relocated to planet Earth, and I have been living here for about 1,717 years now; crazy I know! Ever since the human world banned any immortal from entering the planet, I have had to conjure up a human costume spell every morning so people won’t found out who I truly am. I wish I could reveal my true self, but let’s face it how many women do you see walking around with a princess gown and blonde hair that touches the floor.


I remember back home there were dozens of women like me, and immortals of all sorts. I lived in Flower Island on a small planet named Jasmine bloom. It was much different than earth and everyone was different and unique unlike here. I cannot go back though and I can’t speak to anyone from home because most of them didn’t even make it out. The humans tried taking over Jasmine bloom and they started booming us. So many immortals fled to other planets and the rest sadly were killed. I was lucky enough to make it out, but it was hard. I fled to earth, the home of our attackers. This was the only place I could make it too. As soon as I got here, I began working with a older women at a flower shop and sadly she passed a few months back. She passed down the flower shop to me and now I am studying at Harvard. I must say for begin a witch, I have made it pretty fair. Alright, well until next time!

El D Volleyball vs. Hanford


Staff Writer


Last Wednesday, the El Diamante volleyball squad defeated the Hanford Bullpups 3-0 in straight sets.  Although the Miners made some mistakes throughout the game, their offense attack and hard nosed defense ended up proving to be too strong for the Bullpups.  Carli Gordon and Alyssa Stephens anchored the offensive push while Madison Flores and Preslee Nunez provided strong D to compliment.  The Miners now stand at 14-11 (4-4 WYL), and are continuing their uphill climb towards the postseason.  This upcoming week will be huge to figure out how the Miners will stand in the playoff picture.  They still have tough games against Redwood and Golden West, but they have the ability to make a splash and turn some heads.  Now all they need to do is keep up the bulldog mentality and keep winning the games they should win.

Catalonia Independence


Staff Writer


Everyone replace your maps and make space for a new country! Worldwide, there are 195 countries in the world, and a new separatist movement may make this number 196. Catalonia, a province in Northwestern Spain and home to the great city of Barcelona, may soon be their own autonomous country. Its citizens, Catalans, have finally put the independence movement into actions.


Catalans want to break off for many reasons: Catalans don’t consider themselves Spanish and they have a different culture, history, and language from the rest of Spain. Additionally, Catalonia is a very wealthy region of Spain compared to the rest of Spain and their wealth goes straight to the Spanish government to support other parts of Spain. Lastly, the Spanish government gave Catalonia more power and control over its own government but took those rights away four years later.


On October 1st, Catalonia had a referendum or vote whether or not to split from Spain. The central Spanish government claimed that the referendum would be illegal and unconstitutional because of a law that does not allow the breaking off of a province. The main reason for Spain’s objection is that it would have negative implications on their economy. Despite the law, Catalonia proceeded with the vote. As a result, Spain deployed many police to Catalonia to stop the vote from happening. They were very violent. Police closed down hundreds of polling stations. They were seen beating people, using batons, and rubber bullets to stop people from voting. As a result hundreds of people were injured. To defy the Spanish government, people had hidden ballot boxes, took doors away so they couldn’t be sealed, and even put tractors in front of polling stations to ensure that people could vote. Two million Catalans voted.


The result was that 90% of Catalans voted for independence. Catalans have condemned Spain for their violence and has sparked many protests in the province. The Catalan government said it will attempt to declare independence in the next few days.

Tom Petty Dead at 66


By Claudia Villegas

Staff Writer


Tom Petty (October 20, 1950-October 2, 2017) was an American icon who lead the well-known band as Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers(recorded 1974-2000). Petty, who has sang and produced some of our favorite songs, has recently passed away. This Monday on October 2nd Petty was found at home in full cardiac arrest and later that day he died at the UC Los Angeles Santa Monica Hospital. This was confirmed by his manager Tony Dimitriades and The Petty family. Only 18 days away from his 67th birthday Tom Petty passed. A few well known songs he sang are “Free falling” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” with a voice that gave happiness to the ear. His longtime friend Bob Dylan said to Rolling Stone magazine, “I thought the world of Tom. He was a great performer, full of the light, a friend, and i’ll never forget him.” Greatly loved by family and friends he rests at peace, remembered by his family.

Bomb found in Paris


Staff Writer

An upsetting discovery was made Monday in Paris, France when French police arrested five people after a bomb was discovered near a soccer stadium. It comes nearly two years after three suicide bombers hit the Stade de France when France played Germany. A Paris prosecutor launched an anti-terror investigation after a local resident found two gas cylinders inside a building, then two more cylinders were found outside the arena. The device was made of four gas cylinders covered in Petrol and was found near a stadium that was set to have about 50,000 visitors that day. The bomb was quickly diffused on sight with all five of the suspects in custody. This discovery is coming less than a month after a ¨bomb factory  ” was found in a Paris suburb. The country of France has been in a state of emergency since 2015 when the death toll from terror related incidents since the start of 2015 was 241.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting



Staff Writer


On Sunday October 1st, 2017, 22,000 people attended a Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. During Jason Aldean’s performance people started to hear loud pops. Then what sounded like a machine gun. No one could figure out where the shots were coming from. Everyone feared for their lives as they starting running for help.


The gunman was identified as Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada. Paddock was found dead on the the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Authorities believe he killed himself before they entered the room. When police entered Paddocks hotel room they discovered 23 different firearms. Paddock killed 59 people and over 500 were injured in this mass shooting. Authorities claim he was working alone in the shooting.


Officers went to Paddock’s home where they discovered 19 more firearms. Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley – who was out of the country at the time of the attack – has claimed to know nothing about any desired acts of violence.


Many people lost their loved ones in this violent attack. Some of the victims were teachers, nurses, firefighters, and officers.

Humans are Weird


Staff Writer


“Georgiiiee!” Says my little brother Fred. “I’m so happy you’re heeerreee!”

R’deel, right beside me, intervenes. “Surely you know that this human’s name is not ‘Georgie,’ it is George.” He tilts his head.

“Uh… Yea, of course I know that, I just used a nickname?” Fred smiles up at the R’Oraag, who just turns to me.

“You prefer to be called something other than your actual name? What is this name of Nicks?” He asks. Behind me, Pixi and Danny chuckle. I sigh.

“Its, uh, taking a name and altering it or shortening it to be more childish. Most of the time viewed as endearing and enjoyed by the subject of the change. Let’s go inside…” I explain. He still looks confused when I turn away. Fred moves from the doorway and lets in me, the other two humans, and R’deel and R’sakas, who are the only two otherworlders brave enough to get off the ship.

“Man, I forgot how much I missed this place.” My childhood home, the house that my mother and father built, and the house that I had shared millions of memories with my beloved family. The house where my Dad took his last breath, too long of a time ago for me to remember. As far as I’ve been told, he had been guarding a wealthy trader crossworld, and was wounded in an assassination attempt. Dad had spotted the sniper in time to move the Trader out of the way and the bullet shot into his own shoulder. He was deemed a hero, but not likely to survive due to the bullet being too close to his heart. They asked him what he wanted to do, and Dad said the only thing he wanted was to go home. I was only 2 earth-years old at the time, turning 3 in the next month when he died.

Now, I’m 22 years old and I’m an explorer. R’deel made it his mission to explore every habitable world in the entire 7th and 9th galaxy possible and he wanted me to join him. Unfortunately, I’m just a mechanic, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

“Georgie, what are we supposed to do now? We are inside the house.” R’sakas asks.

“First of all, please don’t call me ‘Georgie,’ it’s weird coming from superiors.” I say. “And now, we sit down, and we talk with family, and we eat good food, and we have a good time.”

“I am rather famished.”

“Great!! Here are the top notch orderves of human civilization. Some Christmas Tacos, and vegetables, and then over here we’ve got some turkey and ham, and sweet potatoes and fruit salad.” I grin at him.

“Don’t forget about la Tamales!!” My cousin walks into the house from the backyard, probably from barbecuing and points at his famous tamales. “Mmm make your boca muy feliz! Special recipe, as you know it mi amigos.”

R’deel looks confused.

“What up, Deel?”

“I think my interlanguage translator is malfunctioning. It appears you are speaking two languages?”

“Ohh, yeah that’s not a malfunction.”

“What do you mean?”

“Its nothing much, there’s just hundreds of languages spoken around the world and people normally learn to speak multiple. When we’re comfortable with both languages sometimes we drift between them.” I explain. R’deel looks like he might faint.

“You’re saying that you switch languages mid sentence?” R’deel looks like he might faint.


“And you eat all of this food. There are dozens of animals and plants in this room. You have domesticated them all in order to eat them?”

“Uhh yep.” Maybe bringing them along wasn’t the best idea. Its informal if not anything.

“Humans are too much to handle.”

Look to the Stars


Devin Prado

Staff Writer


Now I’m crying, and it’s wonderful, dear God it’s wonderful. To know that I can feel anything at all. To know that I haven’t reached that critical level. At least, not yet. Although, in this world that is all you can wish for. Our time in this existence is so unimaginably short that we must take what we can get, and wish for the simple things. So go, wish upon your star and I will wish upon mine. What will you wish for? I will wish for love. It is said we do not truly live until we find love, but I am pretty sure this is living. How can I feel all this if I am not alive? Unless, this is love these feelings are love. No, it cannot be. Love is supposed to be happy, perfect, and beautiful. It’s not. Love is messy, dark, and cruel. Yet as humans can we even live without it? We thrive upon it actually. No feeling is one sided, nothing is as it seems. For every cruelty love deals there is a chance to find kindness, you may only have to look around you. Love is found where you least expect it. In the end, if you cannot find love around you, then look up marvel and wish upon the stars, wish for love. Go on, don’t be afraid. Hope for love. Hope for happiness. Because, sometimes all you can do is marvel upon the stars and hope for love to find you.

World Peace


by Sharon Adamson

Staff Writer


Most human beings hope and dream that one day this world will know peace, but will it ever happen? World peace would mean ultimate freedom, peace and happiness among and within all nations and people. World peace would be planetary non-violence by which everyone on earth would be willing to cooperate. Looking at the bigger more realistic picture this most likely will never happen, but it can still be a hope and possibility for our world. Many Buddhists believe that world peace can only be achieved if we first establish peace within our minds. The idea is that anger and other negative states of mind are the cause of wars and fighting, but these are not the only components to the non establishment of world peace. World peace has to begin with inner peace. People need to be at peace with themselves in order to start reflecting that on the world, which unfortunately can be a very hard thing to do. So let’s try and share the peace within ourselves with the world and see where that takes us.

Puerto Rico with Zero Power



Staff Writer


After Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria last week, a Category 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds the island has been left in shambles. After suffering wide power outages thanks to Hurricane Irma the week before, 1 million Puerto Ricans were left without electricity. 60,000 still haven’t gotten power when Maria brought a total island power outage, and severe shortages of food, water, and other supplies. There’s still no power on the island except for a handful of generators powering priority buildings like hospitals. Due to the blackout, many residents are relying on small gas-fed generators, and oil is running out but oddly enough authorities in Puerto Rico insist that it’s a distribution problem, not a shortage. Puerto Ricans are waiting in six-hour lines for fuel, while many stations have run completely dry,and the island most likely won’t have full power for another half a year. In most of Puerto Rico there’s no water either, that means no showers, no flushable toilets, and no drinkable water that’s not out of a bottle. In some of the remote parts of the island, rescue workers are barely beginning to arrive. Nearly every problem typically faced in the wake of natural disaster will be amplified in Puerto Rico thanks to long existing financial and environmental problems and far fewer rescue and relief workers.