John Young, Ex-Astronaut Who Walked On Moon And Commanded 1st Shuttle Flight, Dies



By JUSTIN EVANS                 

Staff Writer                  


John Young was born in San Francisco, CA and grew up in Orlando, FL. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1952 with a degree in aeronautical engineering.


He joined the Navy, serving on a destroyer before becoming a pilot in 1959. Three years later he was chosen to be a NASA astronaut. He spent a total of 835 hours in space, NASA said. He served as chief astronaut from January 1974 until May 1987. He retired at the end of 2004.


Young, a NASA trailblazer whose six journeys into space included a walk on the moon and commanding the first space shuttle flight, died Friday after pneumonia complications, NASA said Saturday. He was 87 years old.


“NASA and the world have lost a pioneer. Astronaut John Young’s storied career spanned three generations of spaceflight; we will stand on his shoulders as we look toward the next human frontier,” NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot said.


Young, a former Navy pilot, was a member of the second group of astronauts the space agency hired, brought aboard in 1962 to add to the original Mercury Seven who had been selected three years earlier.


He ended up as one of NASA’s most professional flyers, becoming the first astronaut to fly into space six times, and the only one to enter space in each of the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs. He took part in the first manned Gemini mission with Gus Grissom on Gemini 3 in 1965. According to various media reports, Young smuggled a corned beef sandwich in his spacesuit, a move that didn’t sit well with NASA staff in Houston who worried about the crumbs.

Young had later commanded the first space shuttle flight, with pilot Bob Crippen, over three days in April 1981.

Former President George H.W. Bush had stated that Young was “more than a good friend; he was a fearless patriot whose courage and commitment to duty helped our nation push back the horizon of discovery at a critical time.”


“Barbara and I join our fellow Americans and many friends in the space community in mourning the loss of astronaut John Young,” Bush said in a statement. “To us, he represented the best in the American spirit — always looking forward, always reaching higher.

Preview of the 2018 Miner Soccer Season


Staff Writer


The boys soccer team has hit the ground in a dead sprint to kick off 2018.  The boys have eclipsed an overall record of 11-4 and currently have the most wins in the WYL.  However, West Yosemite League standings are decided on league records, not overall.  So with the Miners standing at 1-1 in league play, they sit in 4th place at the moment.  But that’s a very deceiving fact because these boys are winners, and they want revenge at the heartbreak they suffered in last year’s semi final against Golden West.  The boys in green have tallied 48 goals just 15 matches in the season (3.7 goals per match).  That’s by far the most in WYL, another reason why I believe 4th place isn’t an accurate representation of this team.  They’re good, they’re aggressive, and they’re experienced.  That’s a great formula for a championship-contending team.  


They’re anchored by seniors Andrew Garcia (last year’s WYL MVP, Forward), Tyler Esteves (Defender), Connor Lawton (Defender), Bradley Kampen (Defender), Grant Cahill (Goalkeeper), Jacob Perez (Forward), and Alex Saldana (Forward).  Junior forward Dakotah Ybarra is also the team’s leader with 14 goals.  


That’s a lineup right there.  The Miners are flooded with threats up front to compliment the brick wall they have with the big boys on defense.  Personally, I’ve played with a few of these kids back in my soccer days.  And let me say, they’re some animals.  But don’t let my biased opinion do the talking, let the numbers do that.  Numbers never lie, and the numbers are pointing at this team being a real contender.  


But the boys aren’t the only ones making El Diamante soccer look good.  Right there alongside them are the girls, and they too show some signs of greatness.  They sit with a respectable record of 7-4-2 and a league record of 1-1-1.  Just like the boys, they sit at 4th place in WYL.  Although the season is still very early, this is another team that is capable of going on a tear towards the postseason.  We’ve seen stretches like this from El Diamante athletics before, especially this year.  


Brianna Gomez (SR, Forward) and Carli Gordon (SO, Forward) are the teams leading scorers with a combined total of 18 goals.  One thing that will be fun to watch will be the Dwelle sisters.  Makayla has been a proven leader and has had lots of success back in the Fall during volleyball.  And now with soccer, she’s partnered up with her little sister, Maddy.  Although Maddy is just a freshman, she’s tallied 3 assists as a midfielder and has played in all 13 games.  


Maddy Dwelle and Carli Gordon are both two pieces of young talent that will be huge for the Green Sea in upcoming years.  Gordon already proved herself with a strong freshman season on varsity, and with the Dwelle now being given the same opportunity; the Lady Miners have the opportunity to make deep runs for a long time.  With the combination of Gomez, Gordon, and now the Dwelle’s, they can be awfully dangerous.

Girls Soccer: January 9th


Staff Writer


On Tuesday, the 9th, the El Diamante girls soccer team hosted a home game against Lemoore high school. Going into this league game, the El Diamante Miners held a record of 1-1: the Lemoore Tigers were 2-0.


As the game started, the Miners tried to score fast and early because they knew the Tigers had a great defense. The Miners had many opportunities to score in the first half, but the Tigers gave all they had to keep the score 0-0.


Throughout this game there were many chances missed to get ahead for the Miner offense. During the second half the Miners scored in  the last 15 minutes of the game to take the lead.


Just when the Miners thought it was over, the Tigers came back and put one in: making the score 1-1. Since it was a league game, the Miners had to go into two 10 minute overtimes.


No one scored so the game was recorded as a tie. This makes the Miners record 1-1-1 and the Tigers 2-0-1.

Saints Vs Panthers

saints panthers


By: Marcus Garcia

Staff Writer


The Saints took on the Panthers in the Wild Card matchup this past Sunday. The Saints won the match up 31-26, and it was a nail biter the whole way. Cam Newton, the Panthers starting quarterback, took a nasty hit late in the game and was almost taken out due to the concussion protocol. Even though Cam came back there was some controversy over the Panthers putting him back in after such a scary hit. The Saints held on and the next round of the playoffs is going to be all about Brees as they focus on going on the road as they play the Minnesota Vikings.

Oprah Steals the Golden Globes



By Brianna Smith

Staff Writer


Sunday evening, Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at the 75th annual Golden Globes. The former talk show host, actor, and business woman gave a compelling speech that left many questioning a possible run for presidency. The DeMille speech itself is becoming a platform for political discussions. Last year, Meryl Streep gave a full-throated scold to the newly elected president. This year, Winfrey managed to grasp every emotion of those in the room as she discussed the oppression of women and people of color in our country. She proclaimed “a new day is on the horizon”, which sounds like a great campaign slogan. Winfrey has promoted a New York Post column about the possibility of a 2020 campaign, and said that the idea doesn’t seem so crazy to her anymore. After her speech, Stedman Graham claimed “it’s up to the people” and “she would absolutely do it”. Many took to twitter to post “OPRAH2020” and even make merchandise with her non-existent campaign plastered on it.

How Much Does Aaron Rodgers Mean to Green Bay?


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Aaron Rodgers has been the Packers’ quarterback since 2008, and ever since Rodgers took over as the starting quarterback, the team has been a consistent playoff contender. Sadly, Rodgers went down with a severe collarbone injury and the Packers have completely fallen apart. Rodgers went down and their record without him has been 0-5. The Packers have placed Rodgers on IR and he is not set to return until week 15. The Packers are experiencing a significant struggle and hopefully Rodgers’ return can save them.

Egypt Mosque Attack


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Egypt is in a state of mourning currently as over 300 lives were claimed on November 24th in the Egyptian city of Bir al-Abed as attackers barraged a mosque. It was the most fatal shooting to ever occur in Egypt.


The attack was carried out by many men said to be supporters of ISIS. The men positioned outside the mosque, heavily armed, and detonated a bomb. Their intention was to let no people flee, as they began shooting at people attempting to escape. Additionally, they burned cars so people couldn’t abscond and shot at ambulances attempting to aid people.


While most people are puzzled why Muslim radicalists would attack a mosque, there was a substantial reason.  The al Rawda mosque was Sufist,  which is a mystic branch of the Islamic faith. Radicalized Muslims see them as not following correct Islamic beliefs preached by their religion and consider them polytheistic because of their reverence of their saints. Not to mention, this isn’t the first attack on Sufis. Other Muslim groups have targeted their mosques and gatherings before.


Being the worst shooting in modern Egyptian history, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi of Egypt, said that Egypt will “respond with brute force.” This is already evident as Egypt launched airstrikes at several terrorist outposts and the vehicles used in the attack with the people inside.

Gloria House



Staff Writer


There is a new shelter in Visalia for teenage girls ages 14-17 who have been abused, exploited, or kicked out of their homes. This place is called Gloria House.


Gloria House started when Co-Founder Kathy Looper met a teenage girl who was on the verge of becoming a human trafficking victim again. The teenager was not safe at home and had no other place to stay, so she decided to run away and is still missing.


Looper said that there needed to be a place in an event of an emergency where teens can get help. The name Gloria House was named after another teen who took her own life.
Gloria House has showers and beds for the teen girls as well as food for them. This place is designed to give teen girls a place to stay and if they keep returning Looper said they will counsel them, and teach them life and relationship skills. One day they hope to open a boy’s shelter.

Royal Engagement


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Prince Harry of Wales has finally put a ring on it: He is engaged to Meghan Markle. Ms. Markle is from Los Angeles, CA. Meghan Markle has been married previously to man for about two years and then divorced. Markle has some TV background, being a Deal Or No Deal Model and doing a couple TV shows here and there.


The royal couple has been dating for more than a year. Their first outing was in September in Toronto at the Invictus Games. How this royal couple came to be is through a blind date and the only thing she asked her close friend “Was he nice?” and the engagement came to be.  Both families are happy for the royal couple and are wishing them the best of luck. The wedding is set to be in the springtime after Princess Catherine has had her child, the due date is set around April. Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ecstatic for their future and are happily in love.

The End of the Beginning


Staff Writer



Ironically, to every beginning there is an end.

The end of the beginning.

We all finish grade school…

The end of the beginning.

The first day of middle school, new ways of school, and life is changed.

The end of the beginning.

Most go through high school and think life is over, but…

It is just the end of the beginning.

Pressured to succeed in all that we do like failure is wrong, but what is life without adversity.

The period of the end of the beginning is a stress that we go through in all stages of life in one way or another.

In the beginning of the end you have a routine.

You have been there done that and are in the home stretch of a smaller or larger success.

In the end of the beginning you have a task of adversity in front of you rather than behind.

The End of the Beginning determines success

Those who pick up a routine and seem to just get whatever they are doing in the beginning of the end have a grasp and lead.

The faster we adapt and develop ways to succeed in the end of the beginning, setting yourself up for success makes the beginning of the end so easy.