Hares in Ireland being Sucked into Plane Engines


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There have been 54 incidents of animals being “ingested” by plane engines since Jan.1 of this year. “Bird strikes” accounted for 43 of those cases. 11 hares living in the grassy areas near the runways accounted for the rest. Hares were considered more dangerous than bird strikes since the remains of the fluffy animals could spread over a large area of the engine. Airport officials said they have taken measures to uphold high safety standards and prevent aviation risks.

Koalas Must Be Saved


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Koalas are likely dying by the hundreds of Australian wildfires tearing across their habitat. The wildfires in Southern Australia have wiped out much of the koala population. As many as 350 koalas have perished. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital said, “In what is a national tragedy, bush fires in and around Port Macquarie in November devastated a genetically diverse Koala population.” There are fears that the koala population could possibly go extinct. 

Why Turkeys?


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There are many things that are certain in life. Death, taxes, and your trash cans eventually getting full are three of them. In November, three more are added – at least, mostly for Americans. These are corporate parades with fun balloon renditions of famous characters and Goku, a football game you’ll never finish because you fall asleep during the 3rd quarter, and, most famously of all, turkey. But why does Thanksgiving center around the admittedly quite tasty flesh of a carved up Meleagris gallopavo? Who decided that that was a good idea?

According to many, the person we can blame for this is the same person who gave us Mary Had a Little Lamb. You see, before she wrote that chart-topping masterpiece, Sarah Josepha Hale wrote a book called Northwood: Life North and South in which she describes a seemingly traditional New England Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey at center stage: “The roasted turkey took precedence on this occasion, being placed at the head of the table; and well did it become its lordly station, sending forth the rich odor of its savory stuffing, and finely covered with the froth of the basting.”

So what does this have to do with the price of tea in China – or indeed, the price of turkey in Maine? Well, Mrs. Hale was also a staunch believer in the idea that Thanksgiving should be celebrated by everyone in the United States, and so wrote letters to 5 successive presidents. She told Lincoln that “…each State should, by statute, make it obligatory on the Governor to appoint the last Thursday of November, annually, as Thanksgiving Day…”, and that managed to get through to him – and so, Thanksgiving became a national holiday. And it only makes sense for us to honor the person who got Thanksgiving this far by using her book as a base mark… right? But hang on, why would she have turkey take precedence on that occasion? What was her thinking?

Well, there’s a lot of turkeys in New England. A lot. According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, there were 39,060 turkeys there by 2014 – and this was AFTER a massive effort to bring back the turkey following its fall a mere 20 years after Hale debuted at number 1 on Ye Olde Billboarde Hot 100 (I swear). So it makes sense then that turkeys would be the meat of choice at plain old any time of the year, and doubly so on Thanksgiving! Right? Surely, the settlers must have eaten turkey when they had the first Thanksgiving, right? I mean, surely.

Well, the first documented Thanksgiving happened in 1621. Edward Winslow, a leader on the Mayflower, had this to say about it; “…for three days we entertained and feasted, and [Native Americans] went out and killed five deer, which they brought to the Plantation and bestowed on our Governor, and upon the Captain and others.” William Bradford, the governor of the Plymouth colony, had this to say, however; “…others were exercised in fishing, about cod and bass and other fish, of which they took good store… And besides waterfowl, there was a great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many, besides venison, etc…” So it seems that the first Thanksgiving, while still having turkey, was much more varied than the plain white meat and dark meat we ended up with on our dining room tables.

So why turkey? Well, because there were a lot of them. And even if cod or ducks weren’t available, people could always rely on turkey to be there for them. And this Thanksgiving, me and everyone else here at The Dig hope that you can rely on turkey to be there for you as well – and maybe even a fish or two this year.

Eye Disease App


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Bryan Shaw, a scientist, has a son named Noah who lost an eye to cancer. When Noah was diagnosed with retinoblastoma the doctor shined a light into his eye and got a pale reflection from the back of the eyeball which indicated a tumor. Bryan wondered if he could see the same reflection in flash pictures of their son because parents usually take a plethora of pictures of their kids. He found out he could, and then he developed software called CRADLE that uses artificial intelligence to scan an image and detect signs of serious eye diseases. It does have a 1% false-positive rate, but it will continue to get better and more accurate as the days go on.

Boys Water Polo State Playoffs


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The Boys water polo team ended off their season better than anyone anticipated and set high standards for years to come. On Tuesday, November 19th the Miners traveled to Merced to play the El Capitan Gauchos. A close contest was held with the Miners winning by a score of 14-12 which advanced them to the state semifinals round against St. Ignatius in San Francisco. 

The Miners played great and gave it their all against St. Ignatius. Unfortunately, they lost 7-12 in a game that still had the Miners showing people that they were a championship-caliber team with even more to prove next season and the years that follow. The support for this team was phenomenal this season. They went further than any other sports program at El Diamante has ever gone and they’re well prepared to do it all over again next year.



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The great serpent lies in wait

Of the one destined to slay him.

Within the ocean deep,

It festers and hisses

As the earth shivers in fear.

The venom ridden maw of the titanic beast

Longs for the death of its slayer.

Surrounding all of the earth,

It lies.

Lurking, hissing, hating.

It lies.

Talent Show


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For my article, I will be writing about the talent show that took place last Thursday. There were so many amazing performances, a lot was singing. Out of all the amazing performances, my favorite performance would have to be when Aiden played Bohemian Rhapsody. He played the full song on the piano!! My mind was completely blown away, he made no mistakes and just played his heart out. My second favorite performance was Topanga, she sang When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. That was another performance that blew me away. Hearing both performances gave me literal goosebumps it was so crazy. And another performance that completely blew me away was when a kid from another country had rapped in his language and I thought that was just cool because we have our own rap here so hearing it in another language was just interesting. The El Diamante talent show was definitely great, for this being the first talent show I have ever gone through out of all my four years of coming here, I was really impressed.

Police Brutality


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There are many cases where a police officer kills an innocent person over a foolish excuse or lie for doing it. In the month of October, this year, a woman from Bakersfield named Leticia de la Rosa has her own story with the law-enforcement. Her son James was shot and killed by the police. He wasn’t causing any harm, nor was he armed. Leticia stated that she kept asking the policemen why they shot James and they continued to not give any logical answer. Another unfair incident is about a 24-year-old man named Ryan Twyman, who’s a father of three, got fired at 34 times. He was in a parked car, unarmed. This all took place in Los Angeles this year. Before Ryan’s death, there were about 5 other people who were killed by police officers in the last 24 hours. Ryan’s family was very hurt and they questioned why there needed to be violence when in the footage he obviously didn’t do anything that needed to be dealt with crazed gunfire. There are many families that deserve justice due to their loved one dying because of police brutality. 

Being in a society where citizens are scared of the police due to how they take advantage of their badge, how they take advantage of their power, and how they take advantage of their firearm. The fact that people who aren’t even criminals fear them due to their skin color… something that no one has control over. Not all cops are like this, but police brutality has always been a big problem and it has been continuing. It will continue to increase unless the government puts a stop to it. The government has the power to make it decrease. Will they make it happen? Will they help make today’s society feel safer? Will they make citizens of any color feel safe when encountering an officer? If police brutality doesn’t decrease soon, it will just continue to get worse and there will be more families will never get the justice they deserve. 

Lady Miner Soccer


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Our third preseason game against the Hanford West ladies. We traveled there to play on Tuesday afternoon. JV girls smashed them with a win of 9-1. We then played after them and got a win of 6-1, with a goal by me. It was a great way to start off the week for soccer. 

I’m My Own Therapist


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I am the most honest person I know, 

Most are indifferent, 

They lie with no reason,

Hard to trust… 

Always avoiding issues of deceptive people.

That’s why I like to have a conversation with myself sometimes,

I think it helps me when I’m contemplating about my life,

I just wonder would I do something different if I,

Understood the consequences every time I lied.

Would I be entrapped into a cycle?

Convinced that lying is the goal,

Never knowing the damage caused by my actions.

That’s why I am the most honest person I know,

It’s hard to trust anyone else.