Modern day Titanic: cruise ship crash in Italy

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A cruise ship crash off the coast of Italy reminded many of the Titanic tragedy that occurred one hundred years ago. The Costa Concordia, one of the most modern cruise ships of our day, veered too close to the Giglio shores and hit underwater rocks and reef. The passengers aboard the ship participated in a hurried and panicked evacuation, which, according to passengers, took 5 hours. The evacuation efforts were unorganized and chaotic. People had to climb across the halls, fighting gravity, as the ship was sinking on it’s side. Passengers had not yet received training on how to evacuate safely; the evacuation drill was scheduled for that night. Boarding the lifeboats proved to be difficult, due to the extreme angle the ship was laying.

Reports say that the main issue was human error, most likely by the captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino. The captain was navigating the ship too close to land. The Coast Guard ordered him back to the ship, but he refused. He was arrested and may be charged with manslaughter, shipwreck and abandoning ship. He has been placed under house arrest.
Concern over the safety of cruising has come up since news of this crash. Most maritime experts say that cruising is still very safe, although some consumers remain wary. Since the crash, the cruise industry is sure to improve the safety and evacuation procedures on board their ships.

The crash has left at least eleven people dead and numerous still missing. Thirty people have been reported to be injured, most with minor injuries, but a few in critical condition. Rescue crews have been working to find more of the missing.

The benefits of working for Facebook or Google

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Google and Facebook are the two most popular sites on the Internet. Of course without their staff they wouldn’t be able to be their very best. So how do you think their staff gets treated? The benefits they receive from being an employee are excellent. Here are some of the benefits of working for Google:

-Flexible work hours
-Can work from home
-21 days of paid time off
-First class dining facilities
-Laundry and Massage rooms
-Dry cleaning
-Commuting buses

The employees feel that their work is a social environment. There is no cubicles. With an open environment they are able to express themselves with their coworkers. The company is a great opportunity to grab what you can and shine. Everyone seems to genuinely be invested in making the product better. Google’s goal: strip away everything that gets in employee’s way. They help to eliminate stress you have going on outside of work.

Benefits of working for Facebook:
-Pay for medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability coverage
-Pay for 50% of most monthly gym fees
-Free snacks
-21 days of paid time off
-Unlimited sick days
-11 paid holidays
-Discount on: Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and AT&T
-Free shuttle service to and from San Francisco

If you work in the Palo Alto office, the original start location for Facebook, then you get extra benefits. You can get free breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Cafe. If you prefer healthier options, like salads, cuisine from Belize to India, pizza, anything; they can make it! The Purple Tie service also applies for Palo Alto employees. This is free laundry, dry cleaning, photo processing and leather repair service.

Both companies offer great benefits for their employees. These two companies may interest you as a future career!

Words on Robyn Ziessler

Promotions Editor

People search the world high and low for a way to live forever, but often over look the simplest and most powerful of things;  the written word. Words have power. They can start wars, but they can also end

them. They can bring ruin to a man or a nation, but they can also bring glory. They can be used to bring truth, tell of unfathomable beauty and express undying love. To have Robyn Ziessler live on, forever in the words of those dear to her,  is the most powerful  thing they could do.

There is a poem by Linda Ellis which reads “… what mattered most of all, was the dash between those years.” “That dash represents… the time she spent alive on earth and… those who loved her know what that little line

is worth.” These are the words of those who loved her, their memories of her “dash.” The following are from students at El Diamante; those who sat in her class everyday and learned from her.
“Mrs. Ziessler had a beautiful quality; no matter what the situation, she always had a big smile on her face. Her smile was like the sun, so extremely bright [that it] always brightened up the days of people around her. She will be deeply missed.”
– Muhammad Baig

“I learned how to be a world traveler. In my 45 years of living, I have always dreamed of traveling to Europe and seeing where my ancestors came from, but I would never have had the courage to do it on my own. Robyn not only took me there, but showed me how to interact, communicate and explore with confidence. Even though we were on a designated tour with a group, whenever we had free time she encouraged me to seek out the special places, sights and views that were of interest to only me, and go find them. I did just that, and have never felt so empowered in all of my life.” – Nicole Bitney

“Mrs. Ziessler was not just a teacher, but a friend to many. As a teacher she had the ability to drive us to do our best. As a friend she could always make you smile and feel like you deserve the best. She wanted us to succeed. At the end of my sophomore year I had forgotten to turn in my extra credit paper for a book report. I set it on her desk the last day of her class hoping she would still accept it , I had hoped that it would bump me up to an A, but I wouldn’t know my grade until report cards went out. The anxiety it was eating at me. Then, when I was cleaning up at graduation on the field I heard someone call my name. When I turned around Mrs. Ziessler was literally running toward me from a group of people. I smiled and shouted, “Hi, Mrs. Ziessler!” and the first thing she said to me was, “I got your extra credit! Brilliant! You have an A!” and she put her hands on both sides of my face and gave me a giant kiss right on my forehead.  She was so excited  for me and I am grateful to have had her as a teacher and friend. Although she as a difficult teacher, in the end I always came out of her class feeling like I had accomplished something. I thank her for giving me the push to do my best. Even though she won’t be with us in person this year in Europe, she will forever be in our hearts. Mrs. Ziessler you are loved and missed more than you’ll ever know.”


“Mrs. Ziessler was always such a positive influence not only on my life but with many of her students. I remember being in her class sophomore year when I first met her. I was thinking ‘this class [is] going to be challenging.’ Mrs. Ziessler always pushed us to our full potential to do the things we never thought we could make it through. When you did it she made you feel invincible, like you could do anything. Once you got to know Mrs. Ziessler not only as a teacher but as a person it really made you appreciate how much she really influenced you in different ways. She was a great role model, a [great] teacher and a beautiful person.”

– Jackie Santana

“I… always enjoyed being a member of Mrs. Ziessler’s homeroom since i switched to her class sophomore year since I transferred I continued to develop a strong bond with my classmates and Mrs. Ziessler she was always a positive outgoing and funny person whether we were in English or homeroom. One day in homeroom Mrs. Perez’s [class] came over on a reading day,  my friend coughed while reading which set off a chain reaction of the entire class coughing. As we chuckled under our breath, Mrs. Ziessler said, “keep coughing,  you’re losing points.” This threw the whole room into a frenzy of laughter. I could always count on Mrs. Ziessler to make me laugh. She [was] such a positive influence in my life and I’m sure many other’s lives as well. I’ll never forget the lessons she has taught me. She is been such an inspiration. I’m saddened to know that I will not continue to see her face when I walk into homeroom, but I know that she’s in a better place. The memories of her will remain with us forever. We miss you and we love you more than words can say.”

“To the students here who love her as much as I do, if you want to honor the memory of Mrs. Ziessler, go see the world, never stop learning, and find the joy in even the simplest of days.  This is what Robyn did, and this is why we all love her so very much. I wish I still had time to thank Robyn for the joy and friendship she brought into all of our lives.  I will love and remember her every day.”
– Tanya Perez
“My favorite memory of this Mrs. Ziessler was in our Europe trip in the summer of 2010. We were on a buss leaving a carnival in Austria one night. The bus driver turned on some slow jam 70’s American music and Mrs. Ziessler and our tour guide got up and started dancing up and down the aisle. They even took some of the kids’ balloon hats and put them around their waists, dancing wildly. I love this memory because it reminds me of how crazy and outgoing Mrs. Ziessler was and what an inspiration she was to me.”
– Sydney Stephenson

“Once upon a time I went to homeroom. It was homecoming week and everyone was dressing up, including all the teachers. As Joshua, Kassidy, Hailee, and I walked into Homeroom (on Royal Day) and we saw Mrs. Ziessler [dressed] in all green; clovers, shamrocks, the works. She wasn’t upset though; she thought it was funny that she messed up the days and refused to wear the same outfit the next day. Kudos to her for dressing up, bummer it was the wrong day.”
-Katie McKernan

“Dear Mrs. Ziessler,
You have touched my life in no way another human has. Your constant bright spirit, enchanting personality and love of teaching has inspired me to be a better student, a better peer and a better person. You know you have been blessed with a wonderful teacher when you learn more about yourself and life rather than the subject itself. Not only did you increase my English skills but you acted as the best kind of role model. You encouraged my traveling passion and took me to Europe this year, where I had the opportunity to see you in your other element. Your unyielding love to explore the world will always inspire me as I pursue part of my heart as I write an essay, travel abroad, or see a flying butterfly. You were one of the kindest, warm-hearted, and fun people I have met- a person unforgettable. Thank you for coming into my life for a short amount of time and changing it permanently.”
-Kristin Gonzales

“Driving to Mrs. Ziessler’s memorial service, I carpooled with a friend.  I told her that the night before, when we made the flower arrangements for the service at Mrs. Thomas’ house, that I felt strange.  I shared with her that driving home that past evening left me with an empty feeling, as if someone was missing. It’s like when you have a group of friends that always hangs out, and when one friend can’t make it, it changes the dynamic of the group.  Well, our group dynamic changed without Robyn there.  She was a great person to be around.  And even though I only  worked with her for three years, she made an impact on my life in that short span of time, as I know she did with so many other individuals.”
– Angelina Contreras

“I think that some of my favorite memories of Mrs. Ziessler came during the Christmas season. I know that this is one of her favorite times of the year, and as such, she had a desire to make something really special for the ladies in her family. I helped her learn to crochet, and as we were making scarves, we would chat the afternoon and morning away. Her optimistic attitude about everything, and her humor brightened my spirit each day. Her friendship is a real blessing in my life.”
-Sarah Elder

“I knew Mrs. Ziessler for almost 3 years. As my homeroom teacher, my Honors English teacher and leader of the Europe trip I took, she quickly became my favorite teacher. I have always had great respect for her passion for teaching. If you were to ask any one of her students they would tell you how obvious it was that she loved her job. She poured her heart and soul into her job and that passion sparked a passion in me to become as good of a student as she was a teacher.
As hard as is been for El D to lose such a passionate, loving and inspiring teacher, I feel that we can take some comfort in the amazing impact she had here. Mrs. Ziessler preached positivity, instilled a desire for culture and travel in her students, and put a smile on each of our faces with her crazy stories and her amazing ability to laugh at herself. There wasn’t a day that went by where Mrs. Z didn’t poke fun at herself, or a few of her students for that matter, and for that I came to adore her.
Mrs. Ziessler, I will miss you so terribly, but I want to thank you for sharing your loving and adventurous spirit with this school. I know that you will continue to have crazy adventures in your next life.”
-Kassidy Friend

Robyn Ziessler was not a just a teacher to her students though, she was a teacher to her colleagues. She was their friend, an inspiration.  “Robyn was an enormous part of my teaching life.  It is not an exaggeration to say that we would talk ten times throughout the day,” says Tanya Perez, head of the English Department at El Diamante. “The conversations always started the same, “What are we teaching tomorrow?”  We would leave that afternoon with what sounded like a great plan.  However, I quickly learned that Robyn had a creative mind that worked best in, interestingly enough, the shower.  Every morning she would walk into my room and say, “New plan!  I got this great idea when I was in the shower this morning…”  And it always was a great plan.  As an educator, she was invaluable to new and veteran teachers alike.  Many teachers here today will tell you she helped shape their career.  Her willingness to create, share, and collaborate made her irreplaceable as a colleague.  Her ability to infuse fun into everything she did kept us sane even during the most trying times.”

As a teacher, Mrs. Ziessler was more than just about the work. Perez also says that, “Mrs. Ziessler didn’t care if at the end of the year you could remember what a prepositional phrase was, or if you could still correctly diagram a sentence.  She had bigger dreams for you. More than anything, she wanted to encourage her students to see the world and learn about the different cultures and the amazing history out there beyond our own borders. She started pushing her students on this journey through literature: the stories she chose to have you read, the ideas she asked you to explore.”

In the words of Angelina Contreras, an English teacher at El Diamante, “Robyn Ziessler was a dynamic teacher who found her calling later in life.  She was an inspirational woman who was a loving wife, mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother.  She made everyone in her life feel happy to be around her.” To Rebecca Jolly, also an English teacher at El Diamante, “She was an energetic, enthusiastic, person. She truly had a zest for life. She loved learning about new ideas and sharing them.”  Another fellow English teacher, Nicole Bitney, “Robyn Ziessler was a mother, friend, teacher, and traveler. She believed that people, students of all ages, could learn so much about the world if they would only travel the world. Her goal was to take as many people on overseas travel as possible. Her passion was exploration through travel.”

In lieu of all this, what do we do to honor those who have gone before us? Do we forget them because it hurts to much? Do we take the good and the bad memories and lock them away? Or do we remember the good things, the favorite memories, the laughter and the tears of joy? Is that not the best way to honor them – to live our lives knowing who they were and what they stood for and living as they did?

What will you do before the end?

Staff Writer

I asked a couple of students around campus about their own opinions on the 2012 conspiracy. All of them seemed to have the same answer to my questioning whether they believed in the conspiracy or not, which was no, none of them believe the world was actually coming to an end. Although they all agreed on that question, all of them had some pretty interesting answers to the following question:
“If the world were to actually end on December 21, 2012, what would you do before you die?”

Jasmine Lozada (Senior)- “If I believed the world was going to end I would go all out. I would try to do stuff I’ve always wanted to do, spend time with family, and travel. Specifically though, I would want to go skydiving.”

Anissa Perea (Senior)- “I would spend time with family and eat a lot.”

Guillermo Ruiz (Senior)- “Do everything I haven’t done yet. Specifically, I would travel the last few months.”

Jalin Schrank (Senior)- “Easy. I would hijack a tank and drive it through my house, and then I would fill my tub full of jello. Or a pool. Tub, pool…same thing.”

Ryan Rendahl (Junior)- “If the world was going to end, I would commit the rest of my short life to designing a spaceship and fly the moon. I would then take up my career in selling earth rocks to the aliens. If I couldn’t do that…I’d play Call of Duty.”

Brandon Alvarado (Senior)- “I would blow a bunch of stuff up.”

Jovanni Camberos (Senior)- “I would skydive…or rob a bank.”

Jose Asuncion (Senior)- “I would eat…a lot.”

Brandon Sung (Senior)- “I would tell the person I love that I love that person…it doesn’t matter if the person doesn’t love me back. I’m going to die anyways.”


Opinion Editor

The war has raged for as long as nerds have been able to fight each other. Star Wars versus Star Trek. The intergalactic, never-ending feud has raged across the planet, with both sides refusing to admit defeat and yet failing to completely obliterate one another as well.
But which is truly better? Could Luke Skywalker defeat Captain Kirk? Is the Enterprise a better vessel than the Millennium Falcon? TIE fighters or tricorders?
Ultimately, the answer is undoubtedly Star Trek. For one, the universe of Spock is far more realistic than its estranged cousin franchise. The technology in Star Trek has its basis in real science and real physics, unlike Star Wars, which relies on invisible energy and pop-science to fuel its exploits. Furthermore, technology in Star Trek has actually influenced real world technological developments; devices such as the cell phone, scanner, and automatic doors were all created for Star Trek.
In addition, Star Trek’s characters are more lifelike than their Star Warsian counterparts. Captain Kirk, Spock, and Bones have a camaraderie that far outshines the relationships held by Luke, Leia, and Han in the original Star Wars trilogy. These characters have real issues and attitudes that reflect in the way they deal with their problems and interact with one another, rather than relying on an outlandish script and screenwriter to give shape to their dialogue. In a sense, the Star Trek characters seem more true than the Star Wars ones, which are often draped in melodrama and stereotypical cardboard character types.
Even Star Wars’ only strong point, the story, is outdone by the relevance and human meaning that is portrayed in most Star Trek episodes. The tales told about the crew of the Enterprise are not extravagant or fast-paced; they’re honest and credible, believable, and that realism allows the audience to care about the story much more deeply than they would about a story reminiscent of an epic poem.
The fight will continue as long as geeks everywhere draw breath, but there will be an eventual winner. That winner will be Star Trek.

SOPA Controversy

Staff Writer

SOPA,  or the Stop Online Piracy Act, has caused an online controversy. SOPA would severely censor the Internet in America and some websites could even be shut down. The act was first proposed in 2011 by the House of Representatives. SOPA would stop online piracy, such as the illegal downloading of movies and music. It would be a big benefit for the movie and music industry since they would not be robbed anymore, but if the bill were to be passed, the Internet here in America would be greatly censored.
Any websites that did offer pirated works would be shut down and many links on Twitter and Facebook would not work. Many argue that the bill is cutting into our first amendment right of free speech. The bill has also been deemed as too vague and websites would not know if they really were doing anything wrong. They could be shut down without due process of law.
Several websites are opposed to this bill. Wikepedia and Reddit blacked out last Wednesday. Google blacked out the logo symbolically and Twitter had a trending topic titled #stopSOPA. Google even had a petition to stop this bill on the website and offered information on what it would do and how it would affect the Internet.
Another similar bill is PIPA, the Protect IP Act, which was proposed in the Senate. The only true difference from SOPA is that PIPA would only shut down websites whose only purpose is copyright infringement.
The SOPA bill was killed in the House of Representatives by the proposer of the bill, Republican Lamar Smith. The PIPA bill has not been killed, but the voting in Senate for it was delayed. This comes as huge victory for many major websites.

Nutella vs. Peanut Butter

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You’re making your lunch, and you want to make a sandwich, but you don’t know what to choose. Will you choose the thick, creamy, irresistible chocolate spread known as Nutella or will you spread on crunchy, nutty, delicious peanut butter? For nutrition and taste, each have their ups and downs. So before you start spreading on that bread, think about what it is you’re actually eating.

Nutella: for many years, it was an unknown, hidden food product. People would often curl their noses up at the thought of eating CHOCOLATE on a sandwich. All of a sudden, commercials of this new product started to fill screens of many televisions, making Nutella the new “it” spread. Let’s be honest, people. Chocolate on a sandwich doesn’t sound very nutritious at all; however, Nutella proves many skeptical minds wrong. Nutella is made with hazel nuts and chocolate to give that satisfying chocolate taste along with helpful protein for the body.

Peanut butter: according to Jif, it’s the spread that choosy moms and dads pick. It’s been the thing to take in our cute little lunch boxes since were were five and starting school for the first time.This legacy has not stopped. Peanut butter has always been this widely known spread that everybody seemed to use. It is what you take while camping so you can have PB&J. Heck, there are even songs about the spread. To most, it is a delicious spread that is also convenient, whether it is creamy or crunchy. Nutritiously, it offers a good source of protein, just like Nutella. Some peanut butters are healthier than others because they offer a more natural taste instead of a sticky, cornstarch substance in your mouth.

Decision time. Nutella or peanut butter? For just 2 tablespoons, both are about 200 calories. It all depends on what you like. If you prefer peanuts, peanut butter is the way to go. If you like the taste of nuts hidden with chocolate, Nutella is the choice for you. Nutella is a flashy, new tasty yet nutritious snack for you; peanut butter has a legacy of trust to look at. You’ve always used peanut butter, since you were a little kid. So, which one? Pick your spread wisely.

How to personalize a notebook

How to personalize boring notebooks
Staff Writer
As a student, I often call upon my trustworthy notebook for even my most mundane writing activities. Considering the fact that I see this notebook on a daily basis, I might as well make it aesthetically appealing. Why not? So here’s how I made my boring old notebook a little less boring.

What you’ll need:

  • Mod Podge (Or some other crafting glue with a shiny finish)
  • Sponge applicator brushes
  • Cute scrapbook paper, magazine clippings, wallpaper, or drawer liners
  • Glitter and stickers and other cute stuff, just depending on your personal tastes.
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Your wildest notebook dreams

Start by wiping the cover of your notebook until it is clean and free of dust particles or residue from price tags. Select a piece of scrapbook paper that suits your personality, and cut it to fit your notebook cover. (Sometimes it helps if you measure it, or trace the outline lightly with a pencil.) Sponge a thin, even coat of Mod Podge onto your notebook cover using the sponge applicator brush. Place the scrapbook paper onto the cover of your notebook soon after doing this, so the adhesive doesn’t dry. Make sure to smooth out the paper, and get rid of any air bubbles. Sometimes, it helps to lay the notebook under a piece of wax paper and a heavy book for a day or so, to ensure that the edges of your scrapbook paper don’t curl. After your notebook it dry, decorate it as you please and coat it all with a layer of Mod Podge. Allow to dry for several days, then enjoy using for all of your writing desires!

Jobs for High School Students?

Staff Writer
As high school students, we have a lot on our plates. Whether it’s sports, academics, or some other extra-curricular activities, we always seem to be occupied with something. If those activities aren’t  enough, some of us decide to get a job on top of that. We like the idea of getting paid and becoming more  responsible. Although the reward of having a job is excellent, do teenagers need to get a job during high school?

There are so many advantages to having a job and many kids want to prove to their parents they have the responsibility to be able to hold a job. The first major advantage is being able to see the real world for the first time. When you get a job it opens your eyes to the world that has been hidden by your parents secure grip on you. When asked if having a job has opened his eyes to the real world, Mitchell, a Junior at El Diamante, said, “Yes it has. I realized you don’t get everything you want, you have to work for it.” A second advantage is being able to manage money. This is something that will benefit you in the long run because it will teach you how to save and spend money on stuff you need. Third, you will learn good teamwork, because in a job you need to have the ability to work with your fellow workers. Lacee, a Junior at El Diamante, when asked about teamwork in the job she replied, “Yes, because where I work we are basically a team. We all work together.” Finally, getting a job in college looks really good on a resume because it shows your employer that you possess good time management. When you can manage the time to have a job and go to school, you are showing your future boss that you can manage the time for your future job. Having a job can help teens get ready for the future in front of them. With having so many advantages, it is hard to turn a down a job, but at the same time there are many disadvantages as well.

Although the benefits of having a job are great, there are many disadvantages as well. When you have a job you have very little time to do things you need to do, like being able to finish your homework on time. This is a major problem because school is more important than a job. Since homework is the the key to success in school, you need to have time to do your homework if your going to have a job. Next, you won’t have as much time as you normally would have with your family and friends. This can be annoying at times, because when you work you have to now plan your week around your new schedule instead of having time whenever to have fun. Also, when a teenager gets a job the alumni workers are more respected than the immature, irresponsible, teenager you are. Until you prove to them that you are worthy of having the job they will look down on you. Once you show them that you are worthy of having the job they will respect you more, but it does take some time. Lastly, the worst disadvantage to having a job in this economy is that the recession has cut hours and jobs so finding a job is really hard at the moment. Chase, a Junior at El Diamante, stated, “Most people mow their own lawns now because of the recession.” Given all the disadvantages, it’s hard to say whether or not it is good to have a job, but if you can handle all of these things than it would be okay to get a job.

Given the stated above you can decide for yourself. It’s really your choice if you want to have a job or not, but having a job helps you in the long run and also gives you good experience for future jobs.

Tips for successful high school relationships

Tip Writers

Hey guys! Being in high school, relationships come and go just as fast as any fashion trend.  To make the experience fun and easy going, follow these tips and incorporate them into current or future relationships.

1. No Change.  Don’t go into a relationship thinking that you can change the other because they will not change unless they want to. If a girl is known for being a heartbreaker or a guy is known for being a cheater, then you will be the one hurt in the end since you should have seen it coming.  Believing you can break this mold equals disaster for you since you are not Stacy London or Clinton Kelly, you cannot willingly change another person.

2.  Friends.  You know those people who stay by your side no matter what, wipe your tears when you are sad, and make you shoot milk from your nose? Yeah, do not forget about them.  It is easy to engulf yourself in a relationship and alienate your friends.  If you ever break up with that significant other you will regret losing that time with your friends, so keep them nearby.

3. Obsessed.  Do not make this relationship your whole life.  Even though Jack or Susie may seem to be your soul mate, this may not be true since life changes drastically after high school.  Although it is definitely possible to form long-lasting relationships, it is not very likely.  You must not make the relationship your focus for you will miss different aspects of your life.

4. Rules.  Before your relationship gets serious you should give yourself a set of rules and do not allow yourself to break them. Establish these with each other and make sure that they are fully respected. You should not push your boundaries for someone and you should not cross theirs, whether physical, mental, or emotional.

5.  Survival.  Remember, no matter what happens with your relationship, you will live.  Although you may be hurt, want to vandalize the ex’s car, or have eaten a little too much ice-cream, it is crucial to understand that it will pass. Soon you will forget about Jack or Susie and move on to Sam or Lisa. If it does not work out, remember that it happened for a reason and that special someone is waiting for you somewhere.

6.  Have fun.  If you are the infamous couple fighting between passing periods, having late night scream calls, or having frequent symptoms of cold shoulder then back out now.  High school relationships are not meant to find soul mates but to have fun and find out who you are.  As said earlier, it is possible to find your husband or wife, but do not be searching for it.

7. Personality.  Do not be afraid or embarrassed to be who you are.  That boy or girl fell head over heels for you because of the person you are, not the person you think they want. Nothing is duller than a person with no personality, no interests, or no hobbies, so express yourself in every possible way. As Dr. Suess says, “Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

8.  Talk.  Whether you are in high school or not, communication between partners is essential.  If you have things on your mind that are bothering you or are having problems, it is key to talk to about it.  Bad break ups or fights can be completely avoided if you do not jump to conclusions and instead talk, evaluate, and elaborate with one another.  We were given mouths for a reason, and that reason is to talk.

9.  Jealously.  As Maya Angelou says, “Jealousy in romance is like salt in food.  A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.”  Too much jealously can make the most normal person into a giant green monster as well as destroy relationships, but having a little bit shows that you care.  How you react to jealously is the problem, acting irrationally can be destructive to any relationship so be careful.

10.  Options.  Keep your options open.  You never know, the cute nerd in the front of the class may turn out to be your knight in shining armor.  Do not think that because you always go for the jock means you have to. Mix things up a bit and surprise your peers as well as yourself.