The Dig Staff



 Advisor: Carla Moore 

Head Editor in Chief: Makayla Dwelle

Editor in Chief: Ashley Beal 

News: Ashley Beal

Opinion: Rebekah Zalewski

Features: Carmina Faustino

Sports: Trevor Kapigian

Graphic Editor: Nate Brandenburg

Staff Writers:  Celina Arzola, Marissa Ayala, Caitlin Carlton, Emily Carrillo, Emily DeMello, Adam Escobedo, Khalani Garay, Marcus Garica, Savannah Garza, Jake Gonzalez, Ximena Guzman, Seth Hall, Kobe Hernandez, Victoria Javier, Trevor Kapigian, Jennie Lau, Scott MacDonald, Natalia Maldonado, Mariah Martinez, Rose Mendoza, Chris Nava-Romero, Justin Rivera, Kameron Robertson, Kieryn Ruby, Hannah Saucedo, Karis Taylor, Jessica Yu

Mission Statement: The Dig continues to shine as El Diamante’s news diamond, capturing the issues of campus life and the world stage with dedicated excellence. We seek to inspire interest and involvement from the student body within our school, while displaying the achievements, power, knowledge and talents Miners bring to the community. With enthusiastic writers, creative artists, and committed photographers, The Dig strives to separate fact from fiction, make bold statements and represent El Diamante with the utmost pride and spirit. We will dare to bring the latest, supreme news surrounding our generation. The goal is to inform and encourage Miner minds, to “dig” deeper into the many diamonds sparkling as current events today. We are writers, we are Miners, we are ready to tell our school’s story one edition at a time.

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