Realistic Barbie Figure


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Young girls have been playing with Barbies since 1959, but critics reported saying that Barbies do not give the realistic figure of a woman’s body. In January of 2016, Mattel distributed three different types of realistic Barbie bodies.

Buzzfeed had children review the new types of Barbies and their opinions. In Buzzfeed’s off branch channel called “Buzzfeedyellow,”  kids examined the petitie, tall, and curvy models with various ethnicities and hair styles. Many of the volunteer children were able to relate to the different types of bodies, instead of the white, blonde-haired, and unrealistic Barbie. “Oh, so they’re not as tall,” a girl said, “ Yay! Because I’m, like, really short.” Another girl said, “Oh, she’s like me – very tall,” while she examined the doll.

Some of the children reviewers had different reactions to the new changes of Barbie dolls. One girl said they appeared, “ really strange, but normal, sort of.” A little boy described the curvy Barbie as “more fat,” even though the Barbie doll is pretty thin. Another girl liked the African Barbie doll because she was able to relate to her skin and hair. The original body of Barbie can even influence little children as the ideal figure of a woman. WIth the new Barbies, kids will understand that people come in different colors and shapes, but they will be also be able to accept themselves for who they are, instead of thinking they need to have a perfect body.

One little boy summarized it the best: “People now can see the resemblance of them in these types of Barbie dolls.”

Natural Beauty


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Whether you wear makeup or not, you are still beautiful in your own way.

In my personal opinion, I feel like women should not apply so much makeup on their face. Although the makeup makes them look 10 times more stunning, it can cause your skin to react to the makeup.

I am the type of girl who does not wear too much makeup. I am more of a simple person who only touches up her eyebrows. On special occasions, I wear a more natural look when it comes to eyeshadows and other makeup items.

Face makeup is the makeup that make women’s face react poorly to the product, depending on their skin type. Foundation and contouring your face makes you look beautiful, but why highlight your face? Your natural skin is beautiful without it.

Makeup makes a huge difference depending on the way you wear it. For example, contour makeup adds a highlight to your face causing you to look more tan  than natural. Eye makeup can be placed dramatic ,and it can also make a difference. Even though you will look beautiful either way, do not apply your makeup to the point you look like a whole different person.

Celebrities are ones who mess up their natural look overall by getting surgery done to their body. Let’s take Kylie Jenner. For example, she is only 18 years old and has already done surgical changes to her face. Also,  Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Angela Raiola, and other celebrities have done major surgical changes to their bodies.
Makeup does make changes by making you look even more beautiful, but all of us gals are gorgeous in our own way.

The Walking Dead


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This past weekend, every Walking Dead fan was so excited to see the second half of season 6 of The Walking Dead. It premiered this past Sunday, and it was definitely a favorite. Everyone was  on the edge of their seat when the episode began. Here is a brief summary of what happened before the show’s hiatus. Everyone at the Alexandria Safe Zone had been pushed inside of their houses for safety, due to the walls being taken down by the herd of zombies right outside the walls. While mostly everyone was inside of the houses, the show turned their attention to Rick, Jessie, Father Gabriel, Michonne, Carl, Ron, and Sam walking through the herd, cloaked in bloody “walker” guts, trying to make their escape. That is where the episode 8 ended. However, beware of spoilers below! If you have yet to watch the episode, do not read ahead. Lets begin.

The episode started off by show Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham came in an altercation with a group called “The Saviors”. As one of them was about to kill both Sasha and Abraham, Daryl used a rocket launcher to kill the group of men on motorcycles.

Back at Alexandria, while Rick tries to lead Jessie, Michonne, Carl, Ron, and Sam out, a scared Sam stops moving with the group and begins to cry and ends up getting devoured by the walkers. As Jessie watches her son get eaten, the walker turn their attention to her, and devoured her next. An astonished Rick standing their watching her get eaten, Jessie’s grip is still on Carl’s arm, which ends up Rick having to cut her arm off. Ron watches his family get eaten, as Carl’s gun falls. Ron then tries to shoot Rick, but resulting in Michonne killing Ron and the bullet hitting Carl’s eye. Rick then runs and carries Carl to the infirmary, as Michonne follows.

The Wolf and the captured Denise, who runs the infirmary, are trying to escape the safe zone themselves. Denise then almost gets bitten by a walker, however, the wolf ends up saving her and he gets bitten instead. Carol sees them both and shoots the wolf as Denise heads for safety.

Glenn and Enid finally get to save Maggie as Enid climbs up the pillar to get her. However, Glenn distracts the walkers to get them away from the pillar. Walkers had gotten Glen surrounded (most likely every Glenn fan was on the edge of their seat); it was until Abraham and Sasha saved Glen that the fans could relax.

Rick finally gets to the infirmary, and goes back outside to take his anger out on the walkers. As the people of Alexandria see what Rick, Michonne and a group of others killing the walkers, the Alexandria residence finally work together to take on the herd of walkers. The episode ends with Rick talking to his injured son. Carl moves his hand to let his dad know he is still alive. This was one of the best episodes this season.  Who knows what will happen next.

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Rows upon rows of colors is all you see as you walk down the deserted street; the once stunning architecture is littered with graffiti. After the attacks, my town is severely damaged and  very few citizens remain. Besides myself, there are about ten others that refuse to be scared into submission. Even now, a year after the attacks started, we see new people invading and tearing down my once beautiful home.

I step up to the one that was most recently done. Its simple yet serious, commanding yet calm, a portrait of this town’s nightmare. Vicrum. For a year now, he always shows up and tries to scare everyone out of town- about twenty of us are left, if that. Vicrum always wears the same thing: a simple black cape with intricate designs going down the hemline, black combat boots, a dark blue henley tee shirt, and a dark blue mask. He may not sound like much, but he is the most ruthless person that I have ever met, and I have met many terrible people in my time. At one point I used to trust him; back then he wasn’t Vicrum, he was Jay. That was the past though, and if anyone thinks of the past that is all they become, a shadow of the past.

I keep walking towards the end of the street to my home. As I pass by one of the abandoned buildings, a shadow shoots past me, but I think nothing of it. Looking back at it, I probably should have paid more attention to my surroundings rather than the past.

“Hey Aliah,” he said.

A chill ran down my spine, dreading everything and my mind telling me to just run away, I turn around. I thought I would be face to face with death, but I guess it’s not time yet; it is just the past visiting again. So as I turn with Jay right in front of me, I break. I fall to my knees ready to crash and burn.

“You O.K.?” He asked, like he actually cared.

“Just fine,” I replied.

I got back up,  thinking that death would be better than this. So instead of reverting to my past, I just turned and away from that wretched street, escaping to my hiding place.

Boys Soccer 2/18


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On Thursday, February 18, El Diamante’s boys soccer team played their first round of playoffs against Reeley at home. The boys lost despite having a home field advantage. El Diamante and Reedley exchanged 2 goals each in the first half. In the second half, El Diamante scored again and put themselves up by one. However, Reedley scored another two goals and finished the game 3-4. El Diamante was unable to move on to the next round of playoffs and finished their season in an upset.

Girls Basketball 2/17


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unnamedLast night, on February 17, the Lady Miners took on Golden West at our home gym for Senior Night. Our senior girls, Camille Panggat, Kasandra Medina, Kayla Bryson, Alianna Garcia, and Cindy Salazar, played a great game against the Trailblazers. The game had moments where it was a little intense, leading to a lot of fouls on both sides due to the tension between the two teams.  The match was great to watch, but unfortunately it was not enough to beat the Trailblazers. Golden West left victorious with a score of 63 to 55.

49ers’ New Coaching Staff


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Jed York, the owner of the 49er franchise and the 49ers team, decided to take a new direction again for the coming up 2016 season. Last season, the 49ers fired Jim Harbaugh and gave a huge promotion to the LB coach Jim Tomsula. Everyone had high hopes for him, but he came up short with a season record of 5-11. But it was not just the coaching that ended up in the 49ers having a horrible season, there were many other factors such as some of their star players retiring like the vets Patrick Willis and Justin Smith, and after just one big season during his rookie year, the high hoped Chris Borland also retired. With all of these factors playing a part with the new coach, it was a bad equation from the start. Now for the upcoming 2016 season, Jim Tomsula has been fired along with most of the coaching staff. Now, the prolific coach Chip Kelly will take the stand with his new coaching staff to try and bring the 49ers back and championship ready. Chip Kelly is a well-known coach all around the NFL, but mostly known for his days as the Giant’s head coach. He hopes to leave that shadow behind him and start a new legacy in San Francisco with the 49ers.

Rio Carnival


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Rio Carnival takes place every year in Rio de Janeiro. This year, the carnival went from February 6 to February 10. It is a festival held before Lent and about two million people attended every day. The first Rio festival goes all the way back to 1723. The parade is filled with revelers and floats and adornments from any Samba schools around Rio, and more than 200 schools participated. Street festivals are very common during the carnival and are populated by locals. A lot of the events can only be accessed by buying a ticket. Some tickets range  from $55 to $3000 US dollars depending on the ticket type and sector and season. The cheapest tickets are on sectors 12 and 13.  There are  four different types of parades in Sambodromo. Samba school in the first league.  This parade is the one everyone wants to see because it is the best. The second parade is the champions parade. The top six of the samba schools show up again but with more fireworks and more shows. The third is the preliminary parades of the second league schools. There are 14 samba schools here following 12 schools that  came from the first league and whoever wins gets to join the first league next year.  The fourth parade is the children’s samba schools.  This one is free admission. These are branches that the children of each community have created.

Two Stabbed at Froggie’s Super Bowl Night

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unnamedSunday Evening, it was Super Bowl Sunday. Football fans get siked out about the big game. People begin to make big or small money bets, or bet on other things as well. People smack talk  each other about who is going to win the game. Others even say that the game is rigged.

Everything about the Super Bowl game or when rival teams play against each other, people get siked out about the game and it can turn into a fight. During Super Bowl 50, a bar fight nearly turned deadly.

The stabbing took place at Froggie’s Pub and Grill  located on Mooney in Visalia, CA; it happened right after the Super Bowl ended at around 9:30pm.

According to the Visalia Times Delta, the Visalia Police Department were called after the three men had fled the scene following an altercation at the bar.

The two men who were stabbed described the weapon  as a “cutting or stabbing instrument”.

The two men who were stabbed were rushed to Kaweah Delta Hospital for their injuries.

The have not yet released the condition of the two men. However, they are expected to survive.

The case was handed over to Mona Whaley, a violent crimes unit detective, who was asked to take on the case from the incident that happened on Sunday’s big game.

There were no descriptions of the suspects from the evening.

Also, it is unknown if the bar has surveillance cameras or what had caused the stabbing and fight.

Girls Soccer 2/3


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On Wednesday, February 3, El Diamante’s girls soccer team played against Redwood at home. The girls lost, leaving their overall record at 6-12-1 and league record at 2-6-1. Both teams struggled in the first half to put points on the board. However, despite not scoring, the girls performed a dominating first half. In the second half, Redwood scored 4 consecutive times. By the time the whistle blew to end the game, the girls lost 0-4. The girls will play against Lemoore on Friday, February 5, at Lemoore.