Freedom or Safety?




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Although freedom is an important attribute to society in the United States, when it comes down to choosing between freedom or safety, people tend to pick their own safety above all else. There is a dormant act in the States known as Martial Law in which citizens give up all rights during times of war and though some do not agree with it, we still live under it in order to live under protection.


After the attacks on the Twin Towers, sky travel became a lot more regulated than before. Prior to the attack, we did not have to go through any inspections to gain access to airplanes, but now we are searched and inspected at “random” to keep anything dangerous out of the plane. Before the attacks, any kind of inspection would not be tolerated by people, but now we are more willing to give up rights in order to prioritize safety on the airplane. These are only a few examples of people choosing safety over freedom and even as a sole person, people are still willing to do this for self-preservation.


Tower of Dawn Review



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Tower of Dawn is the small “spin-off” book by New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas. Tower of dawn, it fills the spot of book 5.5 in the throne of glass series, falling between book five and the final book. It follows the story of character Chaol, on his journey to repair his body which was damaged previously in the series, the book primarily takes place during the storyline of Empire of Storms. Overall the book is very well written with Maas’ general flow. The book combines ideas from all the others and sets up several potential love tropes and ideas to be carried out in the final book. I have too main problems with the book, one is that it was marketed as a spinoff when it contains so much vital information. My other main issue is that parts of the book following a certain character were extremely boring in comparison to the scenes following the main character. I would rate this book an 8.45/10 due to it being overall well written but having some dull moments and sections. Still a very good read and a great addition to the Throne of Glass series.   

Daredevil Season 3 Review



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After having finished the third season of Daredevil, I can say that this new season has a lot in store, not only for Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), but potentially the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, otherwise known as the MCU. (Warning Spoilers Ahead). This season follows after the end of The Defenders Marvel series, where to save New York, Murdock sacrifices himself and a building literally falls on him, and he survives as he was swept through the sewer below the building and safely to shore. One found by a random pedestrian, he is taken to the very catholic church that took him in when he was orphaned, and unknowingly reunites with the mother that abandoned him so long ago. The beginning of the season starts off slowly, just as Murdock regains his powers, Vincent D’Onofrio’s amazingly portrayed Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin, begins his plan to manipulate, blackmail, and even control the FBI. Fisk furthers his plan by controlling a sociopath who has impeccable aim, Ben Poindexter (Wilson Bethel) and using both him and the FBI to make both Matt Murdock and Daredevil, wanted criminals. While this plan may seem bulletproof, Fisk overlooked 3 things. Special Agent Ray Nadeem, whose performance by Jay Ali makes him much more than just a side character, the police of New York who hates Fisk more than Daredevil himself, and the power when Matt Murdock, Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson). The season ends after Nadeem gives a testimony to put Fisk behind bars, and  Daredevil wins a three-way fight between him, Kingpin, and the sociopath mentioned earlier, whom after having his spine broken by Fisk in the fight, has X-Men villain Lord Dark Wind (Glen Kubota) fuse adamantium to his spine, officially becoming the villain Bullseye. While that in of itself is exciting for fans, both Lord Dark Wind and adamantium connect the MCU, which Daredevil is a part of, to the X-men film universe, seeing as how Disney is in the process of buying FOX. Either way, the Daredevil series will become much more for fans and the MCU, and perhaps will finally complete the Marvel Universe on the big screen.


Be Prepared to Make All the Mistakes

By Vianca Teo
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Our typical view on failure is a skewed perception: we are prompted to believe that it is a vital element in order for one to learn and grow; however, we likewise strive to determinedly evade it as much as possible. If one constantly sets high (and likely unattainable) standards and refuses to readily accept their faults, one can never effectively master new skills and/or learn information. On that vein, perfectionism is a toxic, self-destructive attitude; it is one that troubles the mind with critical self-evaluation and the pressing conviction that one needs to be completely free of blunder. If one dwells too excessively on such negative thoughts, they become vulnerable to mental health illnesses—including chronic anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and suicide ideation. In order to be able to fulfill and accomplish one’s pursuits,—without the burden of exhaustion or having to potentially harm oneself through extreme means in attempting to reach success—one must, and most importantly, comprehend that it is necessary to generate mistakes again and again and again, until one finally works out and develops the optimal solution. Perhaps along the way of this process, we may acquire new skills and gain new perspectives on how we tackle different challenges. Failure, in this sense, is not contrary to success; rather, it serves as a catalyst and the driving force of it. Hence, toss the perfectionist attitude. This, however, does not justify overweening impulsivity nor complacency. The general idea is that it is okay to be careful in the decision-making, but be ready to encounter and handle missteps and errors. And while it may be dismaying at most times, it will deem helpful in the long run. Mistakes

“What Is ‘My Hero Academia’ And Why Should You Watch It?”

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By now, probably a lot of people already know what an anime is. Some people think of it as weird and obnoxious, while others are completely obsessed over it. Animes over the years have impacted many people’s lives, to the form of cosplay, fanfictions, storytelling, and just having fun with friends and family. “My Hero Academia” is one of those top animes of the year, starting in 2016 and uproaring a massive fanbase with its three most-occurring seasons and action-packed animation. But the question is: what is it really? And why do so many people like it? By all, why should YOU watch it?

To start off, “My Hero Academia” tells the story about the human population with 80% of them wielding some supernatural ability (in the show they are called quirks). Young Izuku Midoriya is one of those who was born without a quirk, yet he strives to become just like his idol, All Might. But after saving a fellow classmate from a dangerous villain, All Might himself grants Midoriya the chance to take on his own power in exchange to take his place one day as the world’s greatest hero. Throughout the series, Izuku Midoriya must train and make his way to the top with the help of his classmates in order to stop a terrorizing league of villains, who want to destroy the almighty All Might.

A pretty good storyline, right? It gets better. “My Hero Academia” has so much more to it than that. It dives deeper into the other character’s backstories and reflects back on their training to become heroes. Characters such as Ochaco Uraraka, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki are examples of that. Although most animes are nothing educational or academic, “My Hero Academia” sparks the next generation of fans across the globe. It has capturing visuals that are unlike most animes, with a rich variety of characters that impact the story as a whole.

What makes the perfect blend of entertainment in “My Hero Academia” is the way that it’s brought out. It’s universal tone with the help of talented voice actors and stunning original imagery makes this anime worthwhile to see. Even a special movie for the anime was aired from September to October of this year, and pretty soon “My Hero Academia” might possibly open up its own live-action film, which is crazy to think about compared to all the excitement for this show.

But still, why should YOU watch it? Yes, the story sounds good and all, and the graphics described from this article seem tempting enough, but that doesn’t mean YOU should watch it, right? Well, that all depends on what YOU the reader enjoys watching. If you enjoy watching characters struggle throughout the course of an anime, or like watching an anime with incredible graphics and carefully-designed characters, or like a scripted story that is different from others and can change the way you view anime altogether, or if you like ALL of that, then I guarantee that “My Hero Academia” is definitely the right anime for YOU.



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Don’t Smile at Me, stylized as dontsmileatme, is an EP by Billie Eilish. This 16-year-old girl has quite the profound mentality about issues that plague us all. In my opinion, this was easily one of the best albums in 2017 when it was released and is still one of the best albums to date. Featuring 9 tracks and totaling 29 minutes, I promise you won’t regret listening to this album.

The review is written as {Song Title – Song elements, what song is actually about. (Lyrics from the song)}

  1. COPYCAT – Heavy bass, About a girl who keeps doing everything she does (“Copycat trying to cop my manner. Watch your back when you can’t watch mine. Copycat trying to cop my glamour. Why so sad, bunny, can’t have mine?”)
  2. idontwannabeyouanymore – soft piano intro. Soft jazz feeling. Quite sad, and instruments recede and come back softer, but with more energy. Billie is speaking to herself about how she doesn’t want to be herself anymore. (“If teardrops could be bottled, there’d be swimming pools filled by models. Told a tight dress is what makes you a whore. If “I love you” was a promise. Would you break it, if you’re honest? Tell the mirror what you know she’s heard before. I don’t wanna be you anymore.”)
  3. my boy – Plays with the listener’s ears, lots of changeups, she’s telling her boy that she’s in charge and that she won’t bend for him. (“My boy’s an ugly crier but he’s such a pretty liar. And by that I mean he said he’d “change”.’ and “You want me to be yours, well, then you gotta be mine. And if you want a good girl, then goodbye”)
  4. watch – opens very softly with piano and Billie’s voice builds with the drums. Recedes and comes back even stronger. She is leaving someone who doesn’t really love her, but who taught her that she deserves more. They started the fire in her. (“I’ll sit and watch your car burn, with the fire that you started in me. But you never came back to ask it out. Go ahead and watch my heart burn, with the fire that you started in me. But I’ll never let you back to put it out.”)
  5. party favor – opens with really beautiful ukulele, soft vocals, she’s telling a boy that they’re over because he’s become possessive of her. Formatted like a voicemail. (“Look – now I know, we could’ve done it better. But we can’t change the weather when the weather’s come and gone. Books don’t make sense if you read ’em backward. You’ll single out the wrong words like you mishear all my songs.”)
  6. bellyache – acoustic guitar with light bass. This song has a very underground indie feeling. Billie has said that this song is about doing something you should feel guilty about aka having a “bellyache”, but not feeling bad at all. (“Maybe it’s in the gutter where I left my lover. What an expensive fate. My V is for Vendetta. Thought that I’d feel better. But now I got a bellyache.”)
  7. ocean eyes – very soft opening, with synth. Drums start, and start a sort of heartbeat in the background. She’s falling in love with someone that she knows she shouldn’t in love with because they’re going screw her over. (“No fair. You really know how to make me cry, when you gimme those ocean eyes. I’m scared. I’ve never fallen from quite this high. Falling into your ocean eyes. Those ocean eyes.”)
  8. hostage – acoustic guitar, very soft vocals. She’s so deeply in love and she just wants them to be all her own. She always wants to be with them. (“And let me crawl inside your veins. I’ll build a wall, give you a ball and chain. It’s not like me to be so mean. You’re all I wanted. Just let me hold you.”)
  9. &burn – sounds of matching striking and someone blowing them out. This is a continuation of “watch” and is much heavier. This is a lot more of Billie’s traditionally darker sound, while still being very mainstream. It also features a verse by Vince Staples, an American rapper. It has a much sharper edge overall, but Billie’s lyrics reflect a much more loving approach. It also features a verse by Vince Staples, an American rapper. (“7-4-2008. I still remember that. Heaven sent a present my way. I won’t forget your laugh. Packing everything when you leave, you know you coming back. Wanna see me down on my knees, but that was made for a ring. I try to wait for the storm to calm down. But that’s stubborn baby, leading a war. We droned down on each other. Tryin’ to even the score. We all been found guilty in the court of a order.”)


What’s Up With That?




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Why is it when dogs ask for food they are begging, but when humans ask for food they are just hungry? We always shame them for asking for food, but we do it more than they do. If I was refused food then I would call CPS, lucky I’m not. I understand that people do not feed them at the table. I get fed at the table, so dogs should also. Dogs are animals. Humans are animals. So, Dog+Human=The Same.

Being LGBT in America


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America doesn’t have the best history concerning the rights of the LGBT+ community, especially in the 60’s. Since then, however, we have been making consistent (albeit a bit slow) improvements towards the treatment of the community. In fact, for the first time since the birth of this nation, gay and lesbian marriage was legalized on June 26th, 2015; a huge victory. Obama’s presidency was, arguably, one of the more helpful in pushing for equal treatment of the community, and it was during his presidency in which gay marriage was legalized. During the current presidency, however, we have seen a sharp decline in the rights of transgender individuals. On July 26th, 2017, Trump released a series of tweets stating that “[t]he United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.” Unbeknownst to most, Trump can’t technically legally do this. There isn’t any constitutional basis or writing that gives him the power to do this. His reasoning for it is mainly the price of hormone therapy/medication for trans individuals, and that they would “impede military implementation” (Memorandum from the President, Feb 22, 2018). But, there is no factual evidence or scientifically backed reasoning provided as to why it is fair to do this. It’s just flat out breaking the law. This isn’t the only instance when the rights of trans individuals are being infringed upon. Quite recently, the Trump administration eyed on defining gender using exclusively biology, effectively writing trans people out of existence. If you don’t legally exist, then you can’t apply for financial help programs like Medicare, or welfare unless you identified as the gender you were assigned at birth. This is another political push that just infringes on the rights of a certain group of people, which, again, is illegal for any administration to do.


“What Happened With ‘Star Wars Resistance’?”



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After the finale of the popular show “Star Wars Rebels”, Lucasfilm Animation promised a brand-new animated series that was going to air in fall of 2018. This show was going to be called “Star Wars Resistance”, and fans across the globe (including myself) were hoping for a comeback on the Star Wars franchise to help the loss of “The Last Jedi”’s failure. Unfortunately, with the trailer of this new show coming across all social media, people were not impressed. The animation looks underdeveloped, the comedy is too modernized and made-up for kids, and “Star Wars Resistance” altogether reminds people once again of “The Last Jedi”, which is the last thing any Star Wars fan needs. So, what happened?

Well, this sort of pattern actually did actually occur with both “The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels” tv series early on. “The Clone Wars” struggled a lot with its stand-alone film and the beginning seasons as well. But over time, it sparked a new era of Star Wars storytelling throughout animation. “Star Wars Rebels” came after that. Not a lot of people liked the first season, and it felt like the show was leaning closer to the kid’s side of television. But in the later years, people actually began to like “Star Wars Rebels” as the new generation of Star Wars fans. I probably won’t have become so enthused into Star Wars if it weren’t for the influence of “Star Wars Rebels”, and it was sad to see it go in 2018. For all we know, “Star Wars Resistance” could just be something that everyone isn’t used to yet, and needs to grow up more as years move on.

Now let’s talk about our first introduction to “Star Wars Resistance”; we are given quick glimpses of the new cast and characters presented in this show, which by all means look completely underdeveloped and just outright silly and dumb. Main character Kazuda Xiono gives the impression of someone that is too energetic and just plain stupid for the genre of “Star Wars”, and as most people know already, “Star Wars” is a very, serious fandom.

My opinion; I’m sure that a lot of little kids will grow up with “Star Wars” in this way, I’m just a little disappointed in the way Lucasfilm Animation went with the way “Star Wars Resistance” was brought to its audience. Most of the young viewers who watched “The Clone Wars” are practically adults by now, and “Star Wars Rebels” viewers are at an early age in adulthood. We need something that reflects off of our generation, and I do appreciate that Lucasfilm Animation is trying to reach ALL audiences, but do the little kids who watch “Star Wars Resistance” really going to see “Star Wars” as a kiddy ride full of dorky cracks? It doesn’t feel right to me, just not “Star Wars”. I myself haven’t watched an official episode of “Star Wars Resistance”, but that doesn’t make my opinion invalid. On Youtube, the trailer for this television show has reached over 100,000 dislikes, and barely any likes. People hate what “Star Wars” has come to in the recent years, and I myself am a little critical of the whole matter, but that does not mean “Star Wars” is a total failure overall. Everyone should enjoy what they enjoy, and perhaps “Star Wars Resistance” just isn’t a show meant for everyone.

Billie Eilish


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Have you ever heard a song that gave you chills and just made you think so much deeper than you ever thought you could? These are the feelings that Billie Eilish conveys with her music. Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell grew up in Highland Park, Los Angeles where she was homeschooled alongside her brother and songwriting partner, Finneas O’Connell. The 16-year-old songstress recently released her debut EP, Don’t Smile at Me, in August 2017. This album features the songs: “COPYCAT”, “idontwannabeyouanymore”, “my boy”, “watch”, “party favor”, “bellyache”, “ocean eyes”, “hostage”, and ending on the extended version with “&burn”. This album is categorized as alternative/indie and has more than 14 million monthly listeners on Spotify. “COPYCAT”, the leading track on the album, is in Eilish’s own words about, “This ****ing girl and she keeps doing everything that I do and I wanna write about it”. With lyrics like, “Copycat tryna cop my manner. Watch your back when you can’t watch mine. Copycat tryna cop my glamour. Why so sad, bunny, can’t have mine?”, it is a very powerful opening to a debut EP. Eilish’s music has been featured on the popular TV shows 13 Reasons Why and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. She is an individual with a unique perspective on love, life, and loss. Her music reflects an old soul mixed with modern experiences. This concoction resulted in an intoxicating debut album and I’m excited to see what she comes up with next.