Presidential Candidates


Staff Writer

Presidential elections are swiftly coming up, and the candidates are quickly stamping their mark on every American. The Republican and Democratic parties are fighting each other to reach the very top to win 2016’s election. Top of the polls for the Republican party is Donald Trump and the top of the polls for the Democratic party is Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is a well known Republican throughout America. He is known for Trump Entertainment, his best selling books, and his vacuous remarks over social media and some political turnovers. He has been in and out of presidential elections since the late 1990s and has increased his beliefs on the Republican party. He announced that he is pro-life and against gun control, as well, he also announced on the Republican presidential debate that getting rid of Obama-care is at the top of his list.

Hillary Clinton, married to former president Bill Clinton, is a very prominent woman in U.S. history, especially since the presidential election of 2008. She is the first woman to have ever run for presidency and she is running again this year in hopes of fulfilling her dream of becoming president. She is hoping to increase the middle classe’s incomes, fix racial discrimination in America, and to pass a comprehensive immigration reform.


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