Staff Writer

FullSizeRender (1)Happiness by definition is a mental state of joy or gladness. Happiness is not controlled by others, it is controlled by you, and only you. No one has the power to take your happiness away without your consent. So be happy and be you. So many people say they are in a state of sorrow that is just a mental state of mind you created for yourself because society said it was okay or you felt sad and you dwelled on that emotion. Give your thoughts up, they do not need to be a part of you. Never give into your fear whether it be sadness or something else. Happiness gives us hope; it is what keeps the world grounded. Without happiness, we would all go mad. There would be raging fires and bloody wars, all because someone dwelled upon something they should not have. Happiness is not governed by what the world thinks, but by how you think. Stay strong, have confidence, and most importantly, do not sweat the small stuff.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world would agree. People in Russia and most east Asian countries have a lower rate of happiness. When the first McDonald’s opened in Russia they had to train the employees how to be more happy. People do not understand that life is fleeting, so enjoy life and ignore what everyone thinks.

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