Mr. MacDonald-The Brain behind the JV Brawn


Staff Writer

The El Diamante JV football team is lucky to have Craig MacDonald as their head coach for the 2016 season . On September 5, 2016, I had an interview with the head coach for the JV football team. I had seven questions for Coach MacDonald and I got seven answers. My whole point of the interview was to find out how Coach MacDonald will think his season will be.

The captains for the JV football team are Alex Perez, and Michael Alvarez. These captains are followed by Jacob Robles, their starting quarterback . Coach MacDonald is head coach of the JV football team but he is not the only one. Delano Henry, Matthew Tristao, Ryan Hopper, Aaron Thiessen, and Frank Munoz are also coaches on the JV football team. Coach MacDonald thinks the toughest team to beat this season will be Hanford West. The biggest goal for  Coach MacDonald is to improve every week and to turn his players into young adults. I asked Coach MacDonald  why he loves coaching and he answered “ I just love the concept of football and the physical part and I like to work with youth”. Then I asked Coach MacDonald how long he has been coaching and he said “ I have been coaching at EL Diamante for ten years”. This season should be a very good season. The JV football team should have a good record at the end of the season. Coach MacDonald should be proud of his JV team for the season 2016.

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