Principal Sanchez: Connecting with the Green Sea


Staff Writer

Although an interview was made last year about Mrs. Sanchez, we chose to do a follow-up interview to catch up on other happenings into her second year of being principal for El Diamante. In this new year, Mrs. Sanchez described her beginning as “comfortable” and “used to how things go”. She also exclaimed that things feel in-place rather than out of place because when she began her career, she jumped in at a time of most chaos. She later explained about the acronym P.I.C.K. and how it’s expected to help us guide our school and help students to accomplish more, all while helping those around them. Mrs. Sanchez and I also discussed how her and the district are showing gratitude towards students who do well in school and will push those who are not, in order to better themselves.


Mrs. Sanchez also exclaimed  how she is connecting herself with students around the school. She shared a story with me of when she entered a classroom and the teacher asked the students a question. It was a new subject to her so  she looked around the room to try and make out the answer. Once she finally understood, she raised her hand. The teacher then proceeded to let her answer and as she answered, she found herself connecting with the students as they listened to what she had to say. Overall, Mrs. Sanchez’ second year as principal has been a world of spreading strength and knowledge, but also making connections with students.

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