Another Win for the Lady Miners


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The Lady Miners rivaled against the Hanford Bullpups on Wednesday the eleventh. The Lady Miners went into the game confidently and have no doubt that they could execute exactly what needed to be done. As soon as the game began, the girls put away multiple goals and begin to create a lead. By halftime, the Lady Miners were up 7-0., completely shutting out the Hanford Bullpups. The Lady Miners maintained their lead throughout the entire game and won the game with a score of 11-1. The Lady Miners executed their defense beautifully and ran their offense and put away their shots. The Lady Miners had a great game.

Thunder vs Rockets


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On October 3rd, the Houston Rockets took on the Oklahoma City Thunder in a debut preseason matchup. With the Thunders new additions in the starting line up, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony played a great game. Both put up double digit numbers in points, and with Westbrook sitting the game out, they were able to fully showcase their skills.


On the other side, the Rockets got to see their new backcourt duo in James Harden and Chris Paul. Chris Paul looked at home in his debut with the Rockets, making great passes and scoring 11 points. James Harden had a great game like normal, scoring with ease on any defender.


Both teams played a great game, but the Rockets walked away with the win. In a final score of 104-97, the Rockets were a better shooting team, with more assist, and had more fast break points. The Thunder played their style of basketball, out rebounding and playing great defense. In a night without Westbrook, this matchup is nothing what the regular season will live up to be, and both teams have a great season ahead of them.

Polo Girls take the Win


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The Lady Miners went up against the Blazers on Tuesday the 3rd. The Lady Miners still did not have all of their teammates and were a little uneasy because the Golden West Blazers are a huge rival and the girls of course want to beat the Blazers. As the first quarter begins the Lady Miners put away four goals and take the lead. The girls made great offensive plays and had control over the entire game and could take the win. The Lady Miners and the Blazers were close in score the entire game but our girls maintained the lead throughout the entire game. The final score was 12-7. The Lady Miners maintained their offensive game throughout and played great defense.

El D Volleyball vs. Hanford


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Last Wednesday, the El Diamante volleyball squad defeated the Hanford Bullpups 3-0 in straight sets.  Although the Miners made some mistakes throughout the game, their offense attack and hard nosed defense ended up proving to be too strong for the Bullpups.  Carli Gordon and Alyssa Stephens anchored the offensive push while Madison Flores and Preslee Nunez provided strong D to compliment.  The Miners now stand at 14-11 (4-4 WYL), and are continuing their uphill climb towards the postseason.  This upcoming week will be huge to figure out how the Miners will stand in the playoff picture.  They still have tough games against Redwood and Golden West, but they have the ability to make a splash and turn some heads.  Now all they need to do is keep up the bulldog mentality and keep winning the games they should win.

NFL Power Rankings Week 1


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  1. New York Jets

The Jets have lost a lot of talent this last offseason, and did not even look like a professional team with their week 1 performance. With no real quarterback, the Jets really do not seem like a real football team.


  1. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are missing out on Andrew Luck due to injuries for another season, and the team is scrambling to try to fix their issue. Their backup is not good enough to run that offense and all the talent they have is going to waste this season.


  1. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are doing their best to come back to the super team they were a few years back, but with no true quarterback, it is hard for them to please their fans. Losing key parts of their defense this offseason, the team is struggling after their week 1 defeat.


  1. Chicago Bears

The Bears spent a lot of money of quarterback Mike Glennon, and he did not live up to his paycheck week 1. The Bears lost their first game and trying to rebuild their team with good draft picks and free agency moves, it could be awhile before the Bears are competing again.


  1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns looked a lot more impressive than most teams expected, they held up with the Steelers and only lost by 3 points. They also had to play without their number one draft pick. The team does have a lot of potential this year.


  1. Houston Texans

The Texans realized that Tom Savage is not going to be their quarterback this year, and they went with their rookie Deshaun Watson who had a good NFL debut with a touchdown and one interception. The team can turn stuff around this season after the 22 point loss to the Jaguars.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton threw 4 interceptions in this seasons debut and fans were not very happy. The Bengals have a lot of talent on their roster and they could turn it around, but Andy Dalton needs to be a better quarterback.


  1. New Orleans Saints

The Saints got AP in the offseason and still could not put him to use. No running back really stood out and once again it was Brees carrying the load, doing his best to lead the team. Unfortunately they lost their week one game and look to improve.


  1. Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins had a terrible week 1 performance, posting a 33.8 QBR. The Redskins did not get a win to start the season and the team lost some key players on the offensive side. It is going to be a rough season for the Redskins.


  1. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were not able to play due to Hurricane Irma, but the season is in the air for the Dolphins. Week 2 will show their true talent from their moves this offseason


  1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals lost their number one running back and have lost a lot of hopes as David Johnson played a key part in their wins. The Cards are known for defense and it is going to be a questionable season.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers almost came back from 17 point deficit in the 4th quarter. After getting a game tying field goal blocked, the Chargers left the stadium disappointed. They look a lot better than expected and had a good showing.


  1. Buffalo Bills

LeSean McCoy had over 150 scrimmage yards in week 1 and the Bills got their win to start. While there was some questions about the team as an overall, they started off strong with a win.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars had a 22 point win and had 10 sacks on the defensive end. While Blake Bortles had a terrible game throwing the ball, the team was still able to come up with a big win. The Jags could be on the rise this year.


  1. New York Giants

The Giants lost their week 1 game and lost it bad. With the absence of OBJ, Eli Manning lost his main target and their defense got shredded apart by the Cowboys offense. The Giants need OBJ back and their two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback back in season form.


  1. Tennessee Titans

The Titans took on the Raiders, a team with Super Bowl hopes this season, and they played good football, but in the end the Raiders were the better team. Marcus Mariota looks good and the Titans team as a whole can be a playoff team this season.


  1. LA Rams

The Rams scored 46 points in their season opener and got away with the win, (hopefully with that many points). The Rams are in great form and with wins like that can be a playoff team.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs did not play due to Hurricane Irma, but look to be a playoff team behind Jameis Winston and Mike Evans.


  1. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens defense was alive and played great in their shutout victory. While Joe Flacco only threw the ball 17 times, their rushing offense was another key part of their win. If they get Joe Flacco back and fully healthy, the Ravens can be a deadly team.


  1. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings quickly forgot about Adrian Peterson with the rookie Dalvin Cook putting up phenomenal numbers out of the back field. With Sam Bradford coming from a record-breaking completion percentage season, and the defense stronger than ever, the Vikings are going to be a deadly team this season.


  1. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers won their week 1 game, but Cam Newton still has his non-elite accuracy from last season as he was unable to complete more than 60% of his passes. Their defense played well and their rookie running back, Christian McCaffrey showed played out in a great NFL debut.


  1. Denver Broncos

The Broncos controlled the Chargers the entire game until the 4th quarter when Philip Rivers led a 14 point turnaround, and got his team in field goal position to send the game to overtime. As the Chargers kicker kicked his first NFL field goal, the Broncos special teams blocked it, saving the potential comeback and getting their first win.


  1. Detroit Lions

The Lions started off with a pick six, and fell behind to start their season game off, but last season Matthew Stafford led the NFL in comebacks and that is exactly what he did. He turned the team around and scored 35 points to win them their first game.


  1. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks were not able to put up one touchdown against a surprising Packers defense. It was a tightly contested game and Seattle played great defense as well but were unable to get the win. Do not judge the Seahawks talent or season off of this game, as it was closer than it seems on paper and they played great football.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz is a young quarterback with a lot of talent and potential. The Eagles played a great season opener and Wentz looked great. If their offseason additions can perform, the Eagles can make a playoff run.


  1. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons played the Bears in their season opener and won, they played a good game against a team that could barely keep up. Coming off of the disappointing Super Bowl loss, the Falcons are gonna be a deadly team this year.


  1. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys running back ate up runs and defenses as usual, and Dak had a good game, but Dak is not as good as he is hyped up to be. Dak needs to become a true, elite quarterback if the Cowboys want Super Bowl hopes, and hiding behind Elliott’s greatness is not going to get it done.


  1. New England Patriots

The Patriots got eaten alive in the 4th quarter by the Chiefs, and rookie running back Kareem Hunt proved his spot in the NFL by putting up record-breaking numbers in his NFL debut. While the Patriots did lose, they are the Patriots and have Tom Brady, and will always be in contention.


  1. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders acquired Marshawn Lynch in the offseason, and he made his impact as a big power runner in their first week. He totaled for 76 yards in limited touches and made a big impact against the Titans. The Raiders are going to be a deadly this team this season and Carr has turned into one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers had an impressive outing with their rookie draft picks adjusting to the NFL easily, their superstars playing their normal game, with the exception of Bell having a slow week one. The Steelers were one step away from a Super Bowl last year and may have just took that step.


  1. Green Bay Packers

The Packers played a nail biter against the Seahawks, with neither team having a single touchdown going into halftime. The Seahawks were the leading team at the half, but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers answered back in a big way. Ending with 17 points, the Packers were able to beat the too hard playing Seahawks.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs beat the Patriots in a big upset for week one’s opening game. Their rookie running back set a NFL record for yards in a game on a debut against Tom Brady’s Super Bowl winners. Alex Smith also looked fantastic in his season debut and played a fantastic game, leading his team in a big fourth quarter destruction.

The Miners Lose in a Sweep to Redwood


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The Miners took on the Redwood Rangers on Tuesday, 19 2017 in a WYL league match. The Miners gave a hard fight having all three games be close, but could not pull through in the end. The Miners are a tough team who are in the middle of the pack when it comes to league standings. Redwood won the first game 25-20, then taking the second 25-19, then finishing off the game 25-23. All games were a fight with both schools having live and rowdy student sections. Though the season has been tough, don’t lose faith in the Lady Miners, because once they round their corner, success will be in the front view.

Carmelo Anthony Traded to the Thunder

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Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Thunder this late off-season for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott, and a 2018 second round pick. The Thunder have tried to go back to being a contending team ever since Kevin Durant left to play for the Golden State Warriors. After Russell Westbrook’s amazing season, winning MVP and averaging a Triple-Double, the Thunder have built their team around him. Hoping to contend this year, the Thunder added Anthony and Paul George, from the Indiana Pacers, through very one-sided trades. The Thunder emerged victorious in both trades, dumping salaries and not giving up a lot for these 2 stars. Alongside other free agent signings, the Thunder are a very improved team over last year and are in contention to win this years championship.

Miners Bounce Back Against Pioneers


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It is not that often when a game in Week 5 has your entire season resting on the outcome.  The El Diamante Miners entered their clash with Mt. Whitney at a dismal 1-3 record.  After entering the season as one of the most hyped team since the Miners’ valley season in 2013, this year’s campaign so far has been plagued by injuries, and the inability to stop the run.  However, 2 out the last 3 weeks the Miner defense has stood their ground against the ground game.  They limited Monache to just 1.9 yards per carry in Week 3.  And after a setback the following week against Dinuba, the Miners responded again with solid defense against the Pioneers of Mt. Whitney.  


The Miners hung up 30+ plus for the second consecutive week behind a two headed monster attack in Running Back Devontae Freeman and Quarterback Parker Boswell.  Freeman finished with 3 touchdowns and well over 200 yards, while Boswell provided a very efficient and consistent Miner passing attack.  Jayvon Hightower had a big night and we saw a rare touchdown from a defensive player who was getting some snaps on offense.  Junior Linebacker Jake Garbani lined up at Fullback and ran out to the flat, Boswell dumped the ball off to a wide open Garbani who pranced into the end zone, running through a couple of tacklers near the goal line.  


After a late scare, the Miners pulled ahead late and iced the game with Devontae Freeman’s third touchdown, dotting the i on their win and spoiling homecoming night for Mt. Whitney.  The clock hit zero with a final score of 38-16.  The Miners took a step forward and moved their record up to 2-3.  Although it is still an uphill climb, the Miners have not dug themselves in too big of a hole.  Seeding in the playoffs may be rough, but El D still possesses a team that is very capable to do a lot of damage in the postseason.

Is Zeke Bust?


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The Dallas Cowboy’s returning running back, Ezekiel Elliott, is starting this season a lot slower than his remarkable rookie season in 2016. Last year, Elliott was a true rising star in the NFL and was one of the league’s most popular to watch. There is not a lot of room to grow when your first season is such a far stretch. It does not help that the Cowboys took such an immense loss against the Denver Broncos this Sunday. The score was 42 – 17 and Elliot had only 8 rushing yards for 9 carries. The media has not been easy on the young player, even Hall of Famers are giving him a beat in the leg. LaDainian Tomlinson was interviewed by Deion Sanders after the game on Sunday and said that “He (Elliot) absolutely quit on is team…” and that he “didn’t like that.” There is plenty of time left in this season and judging a running back on one bad game is not a good game plan. Zeke is showing to be somewhat of a bust this season but nobody can predict how the rest of his season will go.

Starving Zeke


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Who’d a thunk it? The leading rusher from 2016 with the best offensive line in football goes up against a defense that lost major pieces from the year prior and has young, inexperienced, talent gets held to 8 yards on 9 carries.


Perhaps the most surprising win of week two was Denver (2-0) demolition of the Cowboys (1-1), 42-17. Broncos’ GM John Elway through the first two weeks of the 2017 season looks worthy of his new 5 year contract that made him the highest paid executive in the NFL. His major offensive line acquisitions of right guard, former Cowboy, Ronald Leary, Menelik Watson, and first round draft pick Garrett Boles look like major upgrades to the 2016 O-line that ranked 25th in the league according to Pro Football Focus. Many Bronco fans were disappointed with his decision to cut safety T.J. Ward and worried that it would ruin the defensive chemistry that won the team a Super Bowl just a year ago. But, they have not skipped a beat looking great in pass coverage. After all, Dak Prescott has thrown 33% of his career interceptions to the Denver secondary in only one game.


If we’re being honest Trevor Siemian is leading the NFL’s MVP race. After Sunday he is leading the league in passing touchdowns (6) and total touchdowns (7). He is striving in new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s system that relies on a strong run game to keep the defense uneasy. Siemian allows his receivers, half-backs, and tight ends make plays after the catch. #13 is capable of making accurate deep throws that he was not able to do in 2016 and is more comfortable taking chances on plays like rolling out of the pocket more to make throws on the run. Siemian’s two great first games of 2017 have been at home where the eye test would tell you he plays more comfortable. Although, his passer rating at home in 2016 (86.4) was lower than his passer rating on the road (86.6). HIs first away game of the year will be a major test to prove his doubters wrong that believe he is a tier 3 QB with the likes of older players such as Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers.


The #NoFlyZone defense played lights out with their back against the wall. Even with new defensive coordinator Joe Woods they played as one unit with the common goal of being dominant in all aspects, stuffing the run, rushing the quarterback, and getting takeaways. The front seven anchored by LOLB Von Miller and DE Derek Wolfe so far look like an upgrade from 2016 and maybe even on another level than the 2015 Super Bowl Champion defense. Cornerback Aqib Talib was tasked with covering Cowboy’s whiteout, and notorious pass dropper, Dez Bryant. The real “21 Savage” completely locked him down. Only allowing 7 catches on 16 targets for 59 yards. Talib capped off the game with the third longest pick six in NFL history for 103 yards.


The Broncos will have their first away matchup of the year in Buffalo where they will open up as 3 point favorites (-3). #BillsMafia has the longest active playoff drought in the NFL and are hopeful to squeak into the Wild Card spot with the leadership of fifth year QB Tyrod Taylor. The two teams that do not win the AFC West might have something to say about that.