Staff Writer

It was a late Saturday afternoon in Hawaii. The sun was starting to set, creating beautiful hues of pinks, oranges, and yellows. Or at least it was beautiful until the shots went off. Chaos spread like wildfire on the beach; blood splattered across my vision, damaging the spectacular sunset view.

Screams and cries of pure horror were all that could be heard, drowning out the sound of waves crashing against the beach. Then there was a piercing screech of a missile being launched at us again. More cries of terror, mothers losing their children, men losing their wives. This is what became of our world in 2018 after our “heroes” disappeared.

The bombings have not stopped for ten years. It is now 2028, and we all thought we were safe in Hawaii, but apparently not.

These people cannot be stopped because it is our government that is creating a massive genocide of the American people. Our borders are sealed; everything is being carefully watched. There are drones and police forces everywhere patrolling everything and everyone. No one is safe anymore, and to think all of this started because of the election of 2016.

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