Joker Trailer




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The first actual trailer of the Joker has been released, featuring Joaquin Phoenix as the clown prince of crime in the film. The premise of the story seems to be at least based on the comic storyline of “The Killing Joke,” featuring the story of the Joker slowly losing his mind from society due to which “one bad day.” The trailer first starts with the Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) ironically in therapy, that is before he becomes the fabled agent of chaos. Our peek into the film continues as the future clown prince of crime slowing walking up a set of stairs, looking even more depressed than I will be after watching Avengers: Endgame. The trailer continues, with the soon to be Joker getting beaten even though he was just simply trying to make a living, failing as a comedian, and some believe it is to be implied that his mother died as well, all just on one bad day. This all follows the storyline of the infamous origin story of one of the most famous comic book villain of all time. As he grows a hatred for Thomas Wayne and is seen putting a smile on young Bruce Wayne’s face, one thing is certain: while Phoenix’s Joker may not be an agent of chaos like Heath Ledger’s amazing performance, but this take of a Joker who went insane after just one bad day, would truly honor him. And blows Leto’s terrible acting out of the water.

World’s Largest Naruto Theme Park Opens In Japan




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The biggest Naruto theme park has just recently opened in Awaji, Japan. The park features multiple attractions which will be familiar to long-time fans. When one enters the park, they are greeted with two scrolls from the anime series. The Ten No Maki and the Chi No Maki, otherwise known as the Heaven and the Earth scroll. Once inside, the scrolls lead the user through the park in a mission style where they must complete the assigned tasks. When completed, the user may collect a prize in exchange for the two scrolls. The park is full of Naruto cosplayers and guides to lead you on your journey. To visit the park an adult must pay ¥3300 or around $30, a teenager or high school student must pay ¥1800 or $16, and a child ticket is ¥500 or free for those under the age of 4 years.

Rotary Youth Exchange


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The Rotary youth exchange is a program that allows students to travel to a different country to study abroad for a school year. The program is sponsored by Rotary international a non-profit organization. Students are connected to host families in their host countries by Rotary, the organization also provides a safety net for exchange students to prevent them from getting lost or endangered. The fun thing about studying abroad is that students are not only attending a different school in a new country, but they’re also endorsing with a new culture and possibly learning a new language. The journey has helped students develop lifelong leadership skills, has helped them become independent and global citizens. Youths from the U.S are not the only students studying abroad, Rotary is international, therefore the Rotary youth exchange program applies to students all over the world. When studying abroad, students will meet other students from different countries who are studying abroad as well, for example, they can be from Japan, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Thailand, and so much more. A day is also organized that allows the exchange students who are a part of the youth exchange to meet and share their stories and experiences. If you are interested in studying abroad or want to study abroad please come to the next Interact meeting in room 308. Interact is a club that is run by Rotary International. From there you can speak to the Rotary advisor, Paul Vargas, and he’ll be able to connect you to someone who is more involved with the Youth Exchange.   

Controversy in Macau: Shark Fin Soup



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In Macau (an autonomous region situated on the south coast of China) the consumption of shark fins remains extensively prevalent, though local residents in neighboring mainland China – in the majority – have abandoned the practice for moral reasons (government legislation banned the serving of shark fins in restaurants). Yearly, hundreds of millions of sharks are captured and slaughtered, threatening the species to approach near extinction. Shark fins, in point of fact, do not provide any special nutritional benefits whatsoever – however – people (particularly the elite) willfully engage in eating the dish as an apparent testimony of their wealth and high status – hence why they sell prosperously in the Macanese market.  In addition to shark fins merely constituting a low nutritive value, the limited amount of remaining sharks pose detrimental harm to the marine ecosystem. In order to prevent further disturbance of the natural environment and to maintain its balance, Macau must initiate halting the practice, as China was able to.

Parker Boswell Named CIF Scholar-Athlete of the Year


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A quarterback in the Fall, a pitcher in the Spring, and athlete year round. ASB President, Parker Boswell, was honored with the $5,000 2019 California CIF Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year this week, becoming one out of 243 candidates for the award. The 243 candidates come from a number of the 1,606 CIF member schools in California, and out of over 830,000 student-athletes throughout the state of California (per With this scholarship money, Boswell will continue to pursue a future at UCLA, where, he says “ my Plan A has been to graduate from UCLA with a major in Business Economics.” With his combination of athletic feats and scholastic feats throughout his high school tenure, Boswell has earned this very desired award. Many of the teachers and administrators at El D respect Boswell, as, according to learning director Larry Buenafe, “Parker is humble and respectful in his dealings with everyone, and that speaks to his high moral character and quality,” With his free time, he devoted himself to El Diamante’s ASB, being voted before the beginning of his senior year as the school’s ASB President. If he wasn’t helping out in ASB,  Boswell was helping out at Valley Children’s Hospital, the Miracle League, Paint it Forward for Heroes, among others. Parker’s devotion to his school, and his community, through academics, through sports, and through the student body, has led him to earn this astounding award.


Google Stadia




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The latest project by Google, the Stadia, is an in-progress device to combat home consoles like the Xbox One and the PlayStation. What makes this system unique is that it can be played anywhere, on a TV, on a monitor, on a phone, even a tablet. The system, if it can be called one, doesn’t have a real body. By body, I mean the actual console, like the Xbox system. It’s more like Netflix, it uses a cloud to store data where players may access it wherever. We do not know yet if players will have to pay for each game, like a traditional console or if it will be a membership where one will pay monthly. Google claims that no game will require a download since everything is already on the cloud. It is said to have more power than an Xbox One X and a Playstation Pro combined. As long as you have a strong internet connection, then you will be able to access a game by simply typing the game into google. This all sounds way too good to be true, but if possible, the Stadia will likely be the end of console gaming as we know it.

Shane Dawson




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Shane Dawson’s name has been all over headlines for these past couple days. Scandals have been released of Dawson saying inappropriate things from his past. Shane Dawson is a YouTuber who makes “conspiracy theory” videos and is famous for his testing out tv products on tv. A recent podcast had been released with Dawson saying a young girl was “sexy”. People had taken to Twitter to say their disappointment in him. THEN, his podcast that he had put out for his fans had him saying that he had a “sexual activity” on his cat from a couple years ago. He had stated on Twitter that he was joking and that he would never do any of those things. Shane had been trending on Twitter while people had begun to make jokes about the situations. March 19th, photos had been released of him and his boyfriend becoming engaged. His fans had defended Dawson through these situations and mistakes that had been made in the past.

Juuling in the Restroom




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Vaping is still quite new, being invented in 2003, it is supposedly thought to help with addiction to tobacco, but it has become quite popular with younger generations and particularly high schoolers. Vape pens still contain nicotine and this could lead to addiction, it shouldn’t be okay for teenagers or really anyone who is just doing it for fun; it could lead to bad consequences later on. The vapes make vapor out of flavored liquid inside of them and usually contain nicotine or marijuana. Marijuana attracts teenagers, but most of the time they use them for the smoke. Walking into bathrooms around El Diamante High School (especially boy’s bathrooms) one can see just how many students hang around in there just to take turns on the pens. Aside from the negative consequences, other innocent students who need to use the restroom must walk through a crowd of those students. Obviously, if they are caught, the innocent kid will get into trouble. This discourages people from going to the bathroom and is overall just a thing that schools should deal with on campus.

The Curse of the Llorona




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The horror and mystery genre for movies has been on a roll lately. Recently, in 2019, six movies have been made. Including “Us” (A family being cloned and also getting murdered by their own clones) and “The Prodigy” (A son whose intelligence is over-developed at a young age but his behavior sensory to be eerie and violent.Which is self explanatory that the son is under a dark and evil supernatural force.).The next upcoming horror film in a few days is “The Curse of the Llorona.” The story that goes is a beautiful woman drowned her children in revenge because her husband left her for a younger woman. Now she cries for them as she also looks for her children. Director Michael Chavez and Producer James Wan are both guys who are into the horror and thriller genre. In truth, the film should be at a rating of an 8 or 7 out of 10. Now the movie may be a bit of a scare and people may not like it, but in the end, it’s a lot of time and money consumed on something that is made to be fascinating. This movie releases on April 19th so don’t forget to buy your tickets if you’re up for a big scare!

“The Shocking Case Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard”




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Gypsy Rose Blanchard was convicted of second-degree murder of her mother on June 14th, 2015, when police found the corpse of Dee Dee Blanchard facedown in her bedroom, surrounded by a pool of blood. Gypsy’s online boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, was arrested of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison for armed criminal action. This tragic story leads the investigation to more concerning matters of the young girl’s life with her mom, and their neighbor’s belief to Gypsy had fallen victim to crime and foul play.

In early childhood, Dee Dee Blanchard claimed that her daughter suffered from numerous medical conditions such as asthma, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, sleep apnea, and many others. She also claimed that Gypsy was mentally challenged, was paralyzed from the waist down, and had brain damage due to premature birth. But doctors who had before examined Gypsy later say that there were no records of these chronic conditions Dee Dee claimed that her daughter had. The mom passing as having Munchausen syndrome by proxy (a mental condition in which a parent or guardian fakes/exaggerates a child’s illness to gain sympathy and praise) made most of her worth through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and Habitat For Humanity.

Gypsy claims that she was abused by her mom whenever she didn’t act the way Dee Dee wanted her to, including smashing her computer using a hammer and threatening to do the same with Gyspy’s fingers and tying her up to the bed for 2 weeks, “She physically chained me to the bed and put bells on the doors and told anybody that I probably would have trusted that I was going through a phase and to tell her if I was doing anything behind her back,” Gypsy explained while in handcuffs. Many times Gypsy was hit with a coat hanger and was forced to sit in a wheelchair for most of her life, though she was fully aware that she could walk. She was also given several medications she didn’t need, was fed through a feeding tube, and even had surgeries done on her many times by doctors. Gypsy also explains that her mother would put food in the feeding tube while she was asleep, so she had no idea what Dee Dee was feeding her on a daily basis. Yet, at the time, young Gypsy Rose thought that this was a normal life for her and her mom.

Dee Dee’s ex-husband, Rod Blanchard, states in Dee Dee’s case, “You can call it Munchausen by proxy or whatever, but you can’t keep somebody like that all their lives. It’s just part of nature, to want to be free. If you think you can manipulate someone all their lives and for them not to bite back at one point when they had enough, then you’re completely mistaken. I think she asked for what she got,” Blanchard said to Fox News. The couple’s relationship was so harsh that Gypsy barely had any contact with her father, thanks to Dee Dee’s manipulation through lying to Gypsy and their neighbors that the dad was abusive. Yet Rod still continued to try and form some sort of relationship with his daughter, such as attempting to call on her birthday.

Before the murder incident, the mother and child were already known throughout social media and through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and was granted a free trip to Disney World after the disastrous Hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005. They were even given a custom-made home for a wheelchair built by Habitat For Humanity.

Throughout Gypsy’s teen years, however, she began to realize that she wasn’t actually sick, but that her mom was controlling her to the point where Gypsy actually believed that she had all these deadly illnesses. She was, in fact, a very normal person. This really affected the relationship Gypsy had with her mother, especially when she found out she was really a grown woman in her 20’s and not a child.

It came to the point where Gypsy wanted to find her “prince charming” and find love. She managed to create a Facebook account behind her mother’s back and first attempted to escape with a man she met online. Dee Dee went out and threatened to call the police on him for kidnapping and molesting a child; she even told the police that Gypsy was mentally incompetent so Gypsy couldn’t trust going to the police of her mother’s abuse.

In 2012 however, Gypsy met another man online named Nicholas Godejohn, someone who was around her age and had talked to on numerous occasions. They met on a Christain singles website and flirted with each other romantically for quite some time, despite Nicholas having some personal issues himself, with a criminal record of indecent exposure and claiming to have a dissociative identity disorder or autism.

When the two finally met in person, they both went to the movies, sneaked into a bathroom, and had sexual contact. Gypsy, unsure of this relationship with Nick, however, still continued her online relationship with him, leading to the idea of how to kill Dee Dee Blanchard.

When the time was ready, Nick came to Gypsy’s house in June of 2015, allowed him in while Dee Dee was still asleep, and she handed him duct tape and a knife. After that, Gypsy hid in the bathroom as Nick stabbed her mother several times in the back. They afterward continued to have sexual contact and then fled to a motel with the hope that they wouldn’t be caught. Nick went onto Gypsy’s Facebook page and posted two statements on it, claiming that Dee Dee was dead and that Gypsy was raped. Neighbors later called the police, where they found the mother’s dead body and the daughter gone without her wheelchair.

Gypsy and Nick were found in Wisconsin a few days later and surrendered, taken for custody of murder and armed criminal action. People were relieved that the daughter was okay, but were later told the true story of what was going on at the Blanchard household. They found out that Gypsy wasn’t sick, didn’t need a wheelchair, could stand up and walk just fine, and that her mother forced her to pretend to be sick and was physically abused. Sympathy for Gypsy was later brought on, as she was considered a victim of child abuse. The prosecutor of the investigation claimed that this case was “extraordinary and unusual”. In July of 2015 Gypsy Rose Blanchard was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Nicholas Godejohn was considered the one who actually killed Dee Dee, and was later found out to have an IQ of 82 and was on the autism spectrum. But in February of 2019, he was actually sentenced to life in prison after prosecutors denied the death penalty.

Gypsy now is living a peaceful life in prison, finally getting the education she’d been lacking for more than a decade, stating, “I feel like I’m freer in prison, than with living with my mom. Because now, I’m allowed to…just live like a normal woman.” She admits to the crime she did and wishes to this day that her mother was still alive. Now Gypsy is eager to support other abused victims, especially victims of parents/guardians with Munchausen syndrome by proxy.