My Rose

rose-760x380by SAVANNA CORREA

Staff Writer


A rose emerging from a thorny host.

The sweetest part of a rigid cactus.

In soil seared by the scorching sun, you

blossom delicately, bright and beautiful.

Standing out as a single rose, I come to you.

The vigilance in your mind kept your heart from mine.

After some observation, I spot acceptance and permission

Allowing me to bring you home, you finally get to see my heart for who I truly am. Despite being guarded with thorns,

I have grasped the glowing soul I’ve been craving,

for what seems as a lifetime. It is you. And only you that provides immense bliss upon my soul on this burning earth.

Humans are Weird


Staff Writer


“George, what was the hiking injury you survived, again?”

I look up from my packaged cereal. “Broken leg? And an insertion on my back.” My eyes wander down to it again, but now I can’t help but overhear the conversation.

“Yes, that’s correct. While rock climbing, George fell accidentally down the 17 goad hill. Approximate to a human’s 38 foot hill.” R’deel tells the other two of his kind. They stare at him.

“What do you mean? 17 goad? Any one of our R’Oraag would have been enfeebled by 10 goad.”

“Precisely! During the incident, he didn’t die or go into shock. He is healed now only 2 earth months later.” The other R’Oraag drop their moist, untoothed jaws open in awe, and then migrate their gazes towards me. I smile as least awkward as I can.

“Are you one of the strongest of the humans?” R’sakas asks me.

“Not really,” I shrug.

“Modesty is non becoming, surely you must be of the strongest.” The other R’Oraag scoffs.

“I mean, thanks? But really I’m pretty average. Maybe below. Anyone could have survived that fall.” I tell them, scratching my head. “But, there was this one time where Emily, one of my friends back on earth, she was riding a bike down a steep road and fell while going like 30 miles an hour and she cracked a rib or two and scraped up the whole left side of her body. She had bandages for like a month.”

“So she died after a month, I am sorry.” R’deel says consolingly. My eyebrows lift.

“Um… No? She’s fine.” I take a bite of the cereal. “She just had some narley scars, until she covered them with wicked tattoos.”

“Tattoos? As in the color you inject into your skin?” He gasps.

“Yee, she’s got like two tribal ones, one with all of earths continent’s in watercolor, and one pineapple.”

“…Not only,” R’sakas heaves, “did she survive the accident, she healed in only one month and she willingly stabbed herself billions of times on her healed injuries in order to make it look cool?

“Pretty much, yeah.” I grin. They stare, horrid, until they just sigh.

“Humans are weird.”

Keep It Original


by Sharon Adamson

Staff Writer


Everyone in this place we call Earth wants to find who they are, live their own life, and be their own individual. To accomplish this is an extremely hard task because, let’s face it, we are living in a world that is constantly pushing you to be something you’re not. Establishing your own individuality is realizing that no one is you and that is your power. Every human being nowadays is focused on their differences or flaws and thinking how horrible it is to be so different and not fit in, but in reality being different is what makes you who you are as a person. Could you imagine if someone took that away from you? Could you imagine what life would be like if everyone was exactly the same? People would then be fighting and dreaming to be different. People are so invested in fitting in with everyone that being original seems hard, but originality is such a beautiful thing. Love yourself, no matter how different you feel because being unique is the key to life! Keep It Original

Eat, Sleep, Breathe Dance



Staff writer
Dance has a very special place and meaning in my heart. There isn’t a day where I am not dancing! Dancing is my passion and it makes me very calm, and it takes my mind off of things. I can always express my feelings through the dance movements, and it feels good to dance it out. No matter if I am very happy or very sad; I will dance no matter what. I have been in dance since freshman year, and I wished that my parents had put me in dance class when I was little. I think dance makes me who I am today because there’s no place I’d rather be than a dance studio. Dancing makes me happier, and it makes me less stressed. Everyday, every morning, or every night, I would dance before anything else. Dance is good for health, because it helps you be fit, muscular strength, and it helps you get good and stronger bones. I also think dancing will help the weight loss since you would be sweating from the dancing you have done. Workout and stretch before you dance, so you don’t pull a muscle of some sort.



Staff Writer


Black swans fly in the breeze

White swans take in the breeze

Black swans hunt for food

White swans don’t move

Black swans don’t speak up

White swans do the speaking

Black swans feed the children

White swans feed and passes

Black swans sing for freedom

White swans sing for glory

Black swans braid their feathers

White swans don’t bother

For Black swans want to speak

But White swans shut their beaks.

Dark Places


Staff Writer


It seems you have wandered back into my mind, back into this terrible place. Now, why on earth would you do that? Not that it matters, we aren’t on earth anymore no, we are somewhere far darker, far bigger. Since you are here why don’t you dig up all those feelings I had for you? Maybe you will find me buried somewhere along with them.

Visalia Police Explorers


Staff Writer


The Visalia Police Explorers is a program for young adults between the ages of 14-21 who are interested in law enforcement. I have the privilege to be a part of this program, as I am interested in this field. This program encourages young students to participate in competition scenarios.  We train with police officers, attend a one week law enforcement academy, and go on ride alongs. In the program, we are required to memorize military time, phonetic alphabet, 10 codes, vehicle codes, and penal codes.   


Our competitions consist of scenarios such as domestic violence, felony traffic stop, officer down, building search, and a lot more. At competitions, the explorers are role playing as the officers and the advisors will be the role playing as the victim or suspect depending on the scenario. For example, in a domestic violence scenario the officers first need to separate the party. When that is done the officers need to establish who the primary aggressor is by taking statements from both sides. Once the primary aggressor is established, the suspect will be arrested for domestic violence and the victim will be given different resources for help. After completing all the scenarios a proctor will give each department a score and determine who placed 1st-5th in the scenarios.

Man Trapped in Apartment


Staff Writer
According to the New York Post, in California, a UPS driver left a man trapped inside his apartment after leaving his package wedged underneath his door handle.


Jessie Lawrence, the man trapped inside, resides in Dublin and had to call maintenance in order to get out. After he managed to get out, he did something most people would do now after an experience; he tweeted it. Of course it went viral and thousands of people heard his bad luck story.


He found the experience quite humorous, and he did not get angry in any way. He did complain about it, though, since the delivery placement was quite dim witted. UPS did not immediately recognize the problem and people on social media were baffled by their mistreatment to Jessie. He claimed he had to wait until maintenance heard his cries for help to get out since he lives on the fifth floor!


People started complaining and adding scenarios of dangers Jessie could have been involved in. For example, what if the building was on fire? Jessie would not have been able to escape from the fiery pit. This should be a lesson to all delivery workers to be wise on where you place the deliveries. It could place a person’s life on their hands.

The Infamous Mr. Stahl


Staff Writer


Mr. Stahl began his journey at Mt. Whitney High School as a math teacher. From there he then traveled on to Kingsburg High School. It was there he heard about the great opportunity at El Diamante as a Learning Director. He took this job because he had already worked with our dear principal, Mr. Hohne, and because it was beneficial for his family. Mr. Stahl never imagined being a teacher or becoming a Learning Director. Mr. Stahl has taken on the challenge and believes in the students and wants to “encourage and challenge Miners to be servant leaders”. Some things Mr. Stahl would like us to know about him is that he has five kids, four girls and one boy; he was a DJ at Roller Towne; loves Fruity Pebbles, the Dodgers, the Rams, and the Lakers. Be sure and take time to get to know Mr. Stahl.

The Real Ms. Simpson


Staff Writer


This year, El Diamante High School received a new education specialist teacher named Ms. Simpson. Ms. Simpson teaches the Autism class here on campus where she “teaches the students how to interact appropriately with other people.”  She also teaches the students their academics as well as working on their social skills. Ms. Simpson has also taught special education classes at Riverbend School, Veva Blunt Elementary CAP, and Golden West CAP.


Ms. Simpson’s intentions were never to become a teacher when growing up. While she was in college she was planning on becoming a registered nurse and working in pediatrics. In order to pay for college she needed to get a job so she started working with Autistic children doing Behavioral Therapy. Ms. Simpson states that while working with the Autistic children she “just fell in love working with the kids.” That’s when Ms. Simpson decided to become a teacher for special education instead of becoming a registered nurse.


When asked how she has enjoyed her experience so far at El Diamante High School she replied, “so far I am enjoying it, the staff are really nice and supportive. I also like coming here because my nephew attends El D. I like when him and his friends come visit me in class at lunchtime.” Ms. Simpson has also enjoyed working with her new students here at El Diamante. When asked what her favorite thing about teaching was she replied, “I like hanging out with my kids. They are funny, and there is never a dull moment in our classroom.”  This why the students in her classroom are very lucky to have her!