Choose You


Staff Writer


Isn’t it funny?

How much you stare at me now that she’s gone?

Like you finally regret leaving a good girl,

Leaving me broken and crying in the dirt.


It takes two to dance, but only

Me to steal the show.

I said there was never anything to fear,

But baby,

Now I’m down below.


They say three’s a crowd,

But I’m wearing the king’s crown.

Kingdoms don’t last,

Only cities run by queens ever last.


I gave you every last piece of my heart,

Every last card was played by the queen of hearts.

You claimed every last piece of my heart,

Let the dust settle on the art.


Just heard you still wish you were mine,

Now just let me remember.

Even after all this time,

When were you ever really mine?


You only wish you were mine because she

Broke your heart.

Think back to when you broke mine.

Remember when you swept me under the rug,

I’ve grown unavoidable after all this time.


I’m still polite,

So please and thank you.

Please go away,

And thanks for turning something broken into something new.


Catch my eye,

And you’ll see me look away.

Try to say my name,

And I’ll leave you with nothing left to say.


So say what’s left,

And just walk away.

I don’t want to do this anymore,

So just throw it away.


Strike a match and set our past ablaze.

Just sew up the cuts and let the rest fade.

If we were meant to be, then let it be.

Look forward and stop looking back at me.


I loved you.

And some days I still love you.

But I’m thankful for me too.

Me over you.


So choose you over me.

Choose new over me.

Choose one over two.

Choose you.



Staff Writer


Pink petals gently falling, the sweet fragrance of flowers tenderly infusing the air;

Only in the spring do the Sakura trees flourish for they are rare.

A season longed by some individuals, a time when the sun shines so bright.

The frigid months of winter, followed by the warmth brought upon by the Tree of Life.


How many times have the cherry blossoms become reality, sprouting their true colors?

Too many to comprehend, a beginning to all of those warm months ahead.

The birth and the end.


Each blossom is a symbol of life – it blooms, it grows, and it eventually dies;

But its delicate beauty lingers by and by.

The brevity of each bud’s fluorescence,

The intensity of each and every shade is the very definition of life.


Generations have passed under the Sakura,

The brief blooming of the blossom representing a life lived meaningfully,

Not just a single soul, but thousands upon thousands living peacefully


Cherry blossoms are the signs of age,

The Sakura is the flow of time,

The seasons passing as swiftly as they came.


The endless flux of hours,

The countless days,

The neverending cherry blossom flowers.


The ephemeral allure of the Sakura, lasting until the end of time.

Lessons of the Sea


Staff Writer


Aspire to be like the ocean, for it is never ashamed of how it feels.

When troubled, it stirs and crashes in riotous, unapologetic waves;

And later, recovers in calming flows of seamless ripples as it heals.


Over the open, undisguised surface, the endless horizon appears desolate;

But beneath the barren exterior teems of aquatic life and unriddled depths

That you will realize once you probe and dive deeply into its innermost workings,

As you reach and uncover the mysteries that rest on the buried seabed.


No king or ruler commands the vast expanse of waters.

Boundless, liberated, free from limitations and expectationsit loosely drifts and wanders.


The ocean does not disfavor land animals over sea creatures;

However, solely befriends those who adapt to its nature, who train themselves how to swim.

So be wary, to fellows who will embark on the abyssal layers on a whim,

For one cannot trust the tides to save the careless, the foolishthose thick-skinned,

Even as the crushing waters stifle their desperate gasps for air for when they plunge and sink.


So learn from the currents of the sea.

Wash away the restless unease, let tensions release, and never appease.

Proceed at your pace, ebbing and coursing as you please,

And then perhaps, within yourself, you will find love and peace.

Your Life Yes?



Staff Writer

Look left, look right, what do you see?

Do you see the hidden tears?

What about the true smiles?

The scars? Broken hearts?

No can you?


Look in the mirror, what do you see

The son that your father wants you to be,

The daughter that your mother prays for?

What about what you want to be?

Smart? Kind?

What do you want?


Face the light, fight the darkness.

Be yourself, love who you love, and believe in who you believe in.

Your life yes?

Protect what is yours and act how you want.

Fix the heart, wipe the tears, smile the true smile,

Heal the scars.

Be grand


Love, fight, win

Face the mirror and love

Face the darkness and fight

See your dreams and win.

After all it is

You life yes?



Staff Writer

Floating in the ever-flowing current

Drifting forever knowing the damage being caused.

The families separated, children kill, dads disappearing.

Forever and ever.

Floating in the ever-flowing current.

Forgotten, but do not worry

I always deliver the punishments

Without mercy.

For that is my calling is it not?

All of my siblings will be here forever and


Y not? I am after all nothing, but





Staff Writer

“Honey, you’re too good for him.”

It’s a lot easier to listen your voice saying advice,

When you don’t have to take it.

I took you at face value,

And you know I’m nothing

Without you.

Dreams don’t seem as good when you’re falling apart in them.

Let’s piss them off for fun.

Brandish their little girl with a gun.

Look what you’ve done.

Their little princess shot out the sun.

Shards of starlight,

Pierce through my blush.

Catch your Z’s in my eyes,

Feel the molten rush.

Lead rain,

Digging into my knees.

Praying for someone to

Replace me.

Dice fall where they may,

Does it really matter when you’re just faking your


Sunshine slices my skin,

Slashing its way from my heart.

Waking me up every inch it travels,

Cutting my ocean apart.

“So that’s what it likes.”

“Waking up.”

“I’m not going to stay like this, you know.”

“Eventually, I have to fall apart again.”

“Just kiss me goodnight. I promise I still feel it.”

“Please don’t go.”

She’s gone.


Twisting veins



Staff Writer

With the pain flowing, the burning raging

The green liquid drips down.

The teeth slide back in and now nobody can tell.

Gone is the monster, gone is the trouble, gone is life.

Known to have hair of snakes and eyes of stone,

All is wrong. They flee in fear

People and monsters

Pain for the blade slicing through,

The golden liquid pooling at my feet.

How can I die?

I am immortal, the immortal monster hunter.

I am




Staff Writer

The mist wafting in through the trees leaving a trail of white/grey along the forest floor. The mist seeps into the bones and absorbs the fears and pain. The screams of horror roaring along the sky. It is impossible to be warned for a creature of nightmares for there is not a way to hide. Born of the pain and anger of man. With the black hair of the dead and the white of the pain of man. The clear body to weave through the bodies of man to find her next victim. Her bloodthirst is unquenchable, knowledge of this is seen through the rivers of red flowing below her feet, kingdoms fear her for she strikes without a warning and without a sound. The blood of gods flow through her veins like the blood she releases from her victims. She is fear and death and famine standing hidden in the flowing grey mist that she mysteriously controls. A goddess of fear cursed to never be able to know loyalty and love. A horseman of the apocalypse, the rider of famine, and the only demon hidden in the permanent shadows. Run men of all kinds for she looks to revenge, runs for she relishes the screams of the guilty. The taste of fear. The mind will fall, the body will tear, and the men will die. One of the five great demon heads, one of mysteriously great power. Run all men for she is a nightmare.

Run for she will haunt you forever.


  • Demon of mist
  • Horseman of famine
  • One of the five great demon heads


  • Mist, ghost, steam, memory, sleep, dream, shadow, and fear manipulation
  • Invisibility, the ability to hide for sensory powers, and enhancements
  • Memory removal

Aura color:

  • Grey

Demon Marks:

  • Black/ white hair and an almost clear body


  • Two longer daggers




Staff writer


With the sky darkening and the shadows spreading to cover all. The city cast in the darkness within their hearts. The shifting of the trees in the night and the howls of the wind echoing in the allies. Let all be warned, no monster is as dangerous as the one that cannot be seen especially in the dead of night. Born out the darkest depths of hell and the swelling fires of the dead. With glowing yellow serpent eyes, the body of the color of shadows he is the dark beauty of death. He wanting is unknown, but his power is not. A destroyer of empires and a runner of blood. The armies fall under his dark, vicious knowledge. Within his veins the souls of the damned cry and the power of the darkest demons. He is the darkness within the hearts of man; the shadows that hide nightmares. The dead rise at a wave of his hand and the fires of hell rain down to vanquish and burn all. A demon cursed to forever cause fear, to never know the joy of love. Only the cruel whip of fear and hate is what he is accustomed to. The sinner of sloth. His laziness resulted in many to meet their ends far too soon at the hands of the silver light. The horseman of death, the original death bringer and he will find all for nobody, not even the gods can escape death. He will come, the hate of man swirling deep inside. Run for he is one of the five great demons. Run all you want; you’ll never escape his grasps.

Run for the Harbinger is rising.


  • Demon of darkness
  • Horseman of death
  • Sin of sloth
  • One of the five great demon heads


  • Dark, shadow, hellfire, dead, and fear manipulation
  • Flight, enhancements, super reflexes
  • Night vision and empathy


  • Black

Demon Markings:

  • Yellow eyes, pitch black skin, shadows swirls around legs, giant black wings


  • Trident