Vaping in Bathroom Stalls


Staff Writer

Alabama High School Removes Bathroom Stalls

A high school in Florence, Alabama on September 9th has decided to remove the public school’s bathroom stalls. The high school principal, Gary Horton, told NBC affiliate WAFF-TV this month that he decided to remove some of the stalls in the boy’s bathrooms because two weeks ago there was an incident in which a student was vaping and passed out. The principal told the station that the issue became so pervasive that students every day would go to the bathroom stalls and vape. Principal Horton said the bathroom stalls removal is temporary while the school finds a permanent way to prevent students from vaping in the bathrooms. Reading this article made me think that the Principal’s idea to remove the bathroom stalls is a good temporary solution, but how would the students that don’t use the bathroom stalls to vape be able to use the bathroom with no stalls. A solution I would use is detectors specifically for vape pens. 

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