What’s Up, Miners?


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Upcoming Events You Shouldn’t Miss 

  • September 20 Grading Period 1 Ends
  • September 20 Junior Class rings in homeroom
  • September 23 Academic Award Night
  • September 24 Frosh/Soph Parent Night
  • September 25 Junior/Senior Parent Night
  • September 26 COS Info (Homeroom)
  • September 27 Fall Sports Rally

Mock Trial


Staff Writer 

Mock Trial is having their first club meeting on September 24th. During the meeting they will be discussing upcoming auditions that are on the first week of October, along with this years murder case. The case this year is about Bailey Matsumoto, an ex film director who is now the owner of a self- driving truck company. Bailey’s spouse Taylor becomes traumatized after Taylor’s son dies from a self-driving scooter and decides to join PAAD (Parents Against Autonomous Driving). Tensions between Bailey and Taylor escalate and Taylor is found dead one day. Prosecution argues that Bailey committed the murder, while defense argues that Taylor was drunk, slipped, and hit her head. Make sure to come on September 24th during lunch to know more about auditions, this year’s murder case, and what Mock Trial is all about!